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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  November 7, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv a d, this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. ran across the bay area this afternoon, spewing the
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family of an east bay woman speaks of the first time since her remains were found, here how police pieced clues together to solve the case. with one date of the election, how bay area candidates for mayor are vying for your last-minute vote. good afternoon, let's start with the first alert weather, another round of rain making its way to the bay area, looking outside you can see heads up if you are traveling on bart, there may be a 10 minute delay for you, people say wet conditions, chief meteorologist paul with a closer look. >> scattered activity right now, there's plenty more in the forecast tonight and tomorrow, we will focus on when the heaviest rain is following right now, which is not a surprise typically we tend to overachieve on rainfall amounts compared to the rest of the bay area but this is moderate and heavy rainfall, no cloud to ground lightning strikes but our odds of seeing those will go up as we had through the rest of tonight. this first batch of rain is heavier and will continue sliding across the santa cruz mountains, it
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will hold down much more widespread rain in the forecast, late tonight, most of us will fall while we are sleeping, the rain changes ramp up but it's likely to still be wet, for tuesday morning's commute, something to keep in mind as we are planning our day tuesday. i wind advisory goes into effect, along the coast, where the winds will be gusty potentially up to 40 mph, some downed limbs, will be continuing to keep an eye on that, and the winds gusting up helping to produce high service, big northwest swell, making its way toward the coast and you can see the large breakers along the coast earlier today, other factors to keep in mind make sure you respect the water it will be anywhere close to the beach as we had through the next 24 hours. we will come back and look at future cast in a few minutes. >> grateful relieved and shattered, those were some of the words alexis father used to describe other families feeling this afternoon after her partial remains were found, and
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maka the joins us from the newsroom with this devastating update. >> an emotional morning as we heard from gabe's father, she's been missing since january, visiting an ex-boyfriend, he was later killed by police as they tried to arrest him near seattle. she had never been found until last week, t■hat's when these partial remains were found in amador county. today police put puzzle pieces together for us, the handwritten note from the ex-boyfriend marshall jones giving turn by turn directions to an area near the town of pioneer, plus cell phone and surveillance video tying him to the area two days after alexis went missing. and the spot where her remains were found. >> while it was with we were praying to find alexis and labor to rest, the reality was devastating, here. our hearts were shattered even more, than what we thought possible. deep
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inside, we were holding on to hope that she is okay. and that she is out there somewhere, waiting to be rescued and reunited with us. >> the family says they will not rest until all of her remains are found, but because of the conditions of those remains, police say there may never be a full recovery. police confirmed today that jones was the sole suspect in the murder. >> this full reaction from the father, thank you much. bay area headlines, days after twitter started mass layoffs, the wall street journal reports that meta is also planning large-scale layoffs as soon as this week. the layoffs could affect thousands of jobs and would be the first large-scale reduction in the company's 18 year history. a company spokesperson refused to comment on the report, but pointed to founder mark zuckerberg's recent comments that some teams will grow, while others would either stay flat or shrink in the next year. meta-stock gained 6 1/2%
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today. twitter is doing somewhat of an about-face, twitter is asking some of the 3700 workers it laid off to come back. the report indicates that they were either fired by mistake or they need their expertise to build new features. other twitter news, maybe you saw this today, new owner elon musk says the platform will permanently suspend anyone to impersonate another account. to keep from being suspended he wants you to know that users have to declare the impersonation as a parody. comedian kathy griffin's account was to suspended after she changed her accounts display name and photo to elon musk, mocking him. the stock market was up today, dow gaining 423 points, the nasdaq up 89, the s&p up 36. check your watches and
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calendars, one day till the election and four candidates are looking to replace libby schaff in oakland, she is termed out as oakland's mayor. kpix 5 talked to them about their biggest goals, for the town. >> reporter: doorknocking, shaking hands, passing out campaign flyers. and connecting with voters, each candidate putting mileage on the walking shoes today, as they canvas neighborhoods to solicit votes. >> we will let you be on your way. >> reporter: the top candidates say they are focused on crime and homelessness, east oakland councilmembers lauren taylor and reid are moderate democrats who have formed an alliance. ignacio del fuente is an old-school democrat who is coming out of retirement. and the councilwoman is considered the progressive candidate. >> i am the unity candidate in the sense that i have this strong support of my counsel colleagues. >> reporter: she said she will focus on violence prevention, intervention, and make sure police have the resources to fight crime.
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>> people are dying for change, so i am the change agent. >> lauren taylor. >> reporter: councilman taylor says his track record of getting things done is why people should vote for him. >> thank you for the support. we focus on delivering results over rhetoric, making projects instead of playing politics. >> reporter: he says on top of more resources for youth, he will hire more cops to address violence. >> voting for lauren taylor number one will ensure that oakland does move forward addressing tough challenges. >> reporter: councilman reid says the other candidates can talk about crime, but her personal experiences why she is dedicated to fighting crime. >> public safety comes from a deeply personal place, we lost our son brandon to gun violence, 2013 halloween night, otpeople en safe. >> reporter: she says she will work with the community and the police. >> we've been in multiple churches this morning, a big push with souls to the polls with a lot of our faith leaders
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here. >> former council president says he is tired of the shootings and the lawlessness in oakland, that's why he's back. >> now the personal experience in the background and the political backbone to get the city back on track. >> reporter: he blames city leaders for failing to enforce existing laws. >> i'm going to train our police officers, given the political backing to do their job. >> reporter: all candidates admit changing oakland will be easy and it will take time. but they are ready. in oakland, kpix 5. >> a scramble for votes over the weekend, lauren taylor held a get out the vote event well he was at a phone bank event with planned parenthood. wilson walker will have the latest on the oakland mayor's race coming up on kpix 5 at 5:00. alameda county is bringing a level of transparency to the vote count, unveiled three live
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cameras to show the valid tableting process in real time, if you have questions log on and watch. people worried about election security or tampering can watch workers open ballots, and verify the signatures. >> we see what's happening nationally, people's concerns about running their elections. this is another way for us to provide transparency to the process that we do at alameda county. >> people are not feeling that their vote is being protected, it loses the confidence of the ability for people to participate in the democratic process. >> the cameras are live, more will be added tomorrow night after the polls close, that link is. we've got you covered on election night, national races and results, local races on kbcw, and streaming of course on cbs news bay area, our coverage with our entire team against tomorrow at 5:00. we will break down the ballot measures aiming to improve our top housing markets. why a lot of housing advocates say they
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are going straight to voters. plus, not a jackpot but the bay this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stoigti our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> housing always a big topic in the bay area, voters are increasingly being asked to make decisions as faith in elected officials seems to be tapering off in that regard. john ramus explained.
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>> reporter: san francisco's housing shortage is bad and feels like it's getting worse, housing activists have lost patience and they are taking the proposals directly to the voters. jake pryce spent his sunday going door to door in the sunset district in a last-minute effort to get out the vote for san francisco proposition d. on great highway, other activists were also pushing the same measure. it says if the projects are following all the rules, that it gets automatically approved. it takes the board of supervisors out of the process. >> reporter: supporters of a computing initiative say there's is what's needed to address the bureaucratic process standing in the way of more affordable housing. >> this would bypass that, streamline it, and make it much more efficient, and lead to more affordable housing production faster. >> reporter: another housing measure is proposition m, which would impose a tax on investment housing units if
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they sit unoccupied for more than 182 days. >> they are not interested in being landlords or interested in living there, they are interested in appreciation and leaving it empty. >> reporter: a similar measure is on the ballot at berkeley as well. what's going on here? why is so much housing policy being put up for a vote of the people? kevin zwick with united way bay area thinks he knows. >> there's a lot of frustration in a lot of places when it comes to the situation around affordable housing in the bay area. when people get frustrated and they are not seeing legislation passed by the state, or by local city councils, people go to the ballot and i think that's a good, a good sign. >> reporter: it's probably not surprising, whatever's been done so far hasn't brought prices down. residents have lost confidence that government has the ability to create the volume of housing needed. they are engaging in ventilated
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sheet vigilante policymaking. citizens are banding together and saying, our elected officials have failed us and they are grabbing the rain, something like we are going to solve this problem through direct advocacy. what will happen is as these measures are more and more popular, and successful, the elected officials will follow behind, citizens are going to be leading on addressing our affordability and his placement crisis. >> reporter: legislative the ballot box can create its own set of problems. for better or worse, california gives citizens the power to take government into their own hands when they get mad enough, and few things are more maddening than trying to find a place to live in the bay area. in san francisco, john ramus, kpix 5. voters in sonoma county can get a free ride to the polls tomorrow, santa rosa city bus, and sonoma county transit are letting passengers write for free, the whole day. every few days we wonder how much higher can the powerball jackpot get,
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get this, it just grew again to $1.9 billion. if you win, that's $929 million in pocket before you write a check to uncle sam. over the weekend nobody matched the numbers but three tickets in california including one in stanley matched five of those numbers, just shy of hitting the powerball. when that happens, those winners will get $1.12 million each, tonight's drawing happens before it:00, good luck. the 49ers are getting ready to host the chargers, and our vern glenn explains how one minor spent his bye week. >> this is the volkswagen red and gold report. >> 49ers back to work on monday, george kittle spent the bye week in lake tahoe with his wife and dog. kittle is now in his sixth season with the 49ers, time flies, i asked what it was like the first time, met kyle shanahan prior to the 2017 draft. >> i showed up he was in a
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baggy white t-shirt and shorts, i don't know what you're supposed to wear. everything for 2 minutes, they had the right mindset, we are excited to have you and that was it. >> with the red and gold report, vern glenn. >> heading to week 10, don't forget to recognize your 49ers super fan, scan the qr code on your screen to nominate members of the faithful. we highlight the super fans all season long. time for a look at our forecast of chief meteorologist paul hagan, lots of plans in my backyard that said thank you. >> and more to come, we will see this wet weather pattern continuing another 36 hours or so, evening showers giving way to heavier rain, steady rain, more widespread rain, into the first half of the day tomorrow, a wet and windy tuesday morning commute, plan ahead for that, down to an off and on pattern and then taking over through
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the rest of the work week, let's look at first alert doppler hd have showers widespread across the bay area but is not raining on everybody, zoom into the north bay for a closer look, light showers at the moment over sonoma and napa counties including rain falling right now in santa rosa, rain moving out of napa for the moment, more to come. rain in the east bay hills of the moment, and plenty of dry breaks in between these waves of mostly light rain, but heavier rain that is climbing over the santa cruz mountains, trying to make its way to the santa clara valley, that's a fair amount of moisture, that's moving in the direction of the san jose, and more to come is we head through's night, let's look at future caste, a good handle on where things are, the more widespread rain moving in, just in time for the start of the 11:00 newscast, we will track that including the potential for rumbles of thunder, the widespread and heavy rain continues to early tomorrow morning, a few breaks here and there in the north half of the bay area might have more breaks between the heaviest downpours, and more rain tomorrow morning before we get to the off and on
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pattern during the afternoon, sunshine between the showers, or lingering showers through tomorrow night and early wednesday, by the time we had lunch time wednesday we should be drying out across the entire bay area. on the low end, around half an inch or so, this forecast model saying the north half of the bay area might get less than the southern half of the bay area, over an inch indicated, close to an inch and a half in san jose, we will see how much that rain over the mountains has to say about that, there will be snow falling in the sierra, the winter storm warning continues through wednesday, 124 feet of total snowfall and gusty conditions, challenging travel conditions on i 80 and u.s. 50. plus, breezy, tonight winds will pickup, wind advisory into effect, strongest gust along the coast, the 30 to 40 mph range farther inland in the 50 to 25 mph range, that's why the wind advisory is in effect along the coast. right now ominous looking clouds, temperatures mostly in the mid
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to upper 50s, 61 in san jose, where the rain is falling it's only 49 degrees, chili. temperatures tonight dropping to the mid to upper 40s, with clouds and showers we aren't going to warm up a lot tomorrow with highs only reaching into the middle portion of the 50s across the entire bay area, not much change from spot to spot, our climates are only going to be cool, same thing for temperatures wednesday and thursday as we dry out back to 60 degrees by friday, high temperatures in the low to mid 60s for the second weekend in november, with a chance of showers headed our way sunday night into monday, something that we will focus more on once this active weather pattern moves away from the bay area. >> still ahead, dozens of firefighters needed in one bay area department, we will look at the efforts to help more women see if this is a career for them. you can watch us anytime, anywhere on our streaming service, and catch our live broadcast plus news and weather updates throughout the day, you can find
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vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions. vote yes on 30.
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agencies need a lot of what you see behind me, new recruits. the camp in whim is [ indiscernible. ] for a test drive. got to climb a six story building with full turnout gear, that's not easy. they operate a fire hose while advancing into a burning building, and handle a 24 foot ladder all by themselves. these
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women are trying to decide if this is the right career for them. >> as an only child i want to be part of a team. but as a woman, i've never thought that i couldn't do it, i thought maybe i had more insight. >> representation matters, i see a woman i'm thinking she's a firefighter? i can be a firefighter, absolutely, if she can do it i can do it. >> the department is set the higher 65 new recruits in march. coming up, it's going to be a show in the skies, we hope, details on tonight's total lunar eclipse. >> coming up on the cbs evening news, the final pitch to voters on the eve of the midterm elections as republicans grow increasingly optimistic they could take back the house and the senate. that's all coming up from here, cbs news election headquarters.
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coming up, for the first time since the brutal attack on her husband at their san francisco home, house speaker nancy pelosi is talking about how she learned the news. plus, stargazers will be looking up tonight for the last total lunar eclipse until 2025. the lunar eclipse is from the path of our nearest neighbor in space enters the earth's shadow during a full moon phase. that causes the light from the earth sunrise and sunset to be cast on the moon, causing it to temporarily appear to be red. paul? >> you're not going to see it tonight because of the rain. >> log on and watch from another camera from another
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place. we will have that video all over social media, that's it for kpix 5 news at 3:00 , cbs evening news is next, we will be back with more loca news this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. vote yes on 31. vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air.
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prop 30 taxes the wealthiest 0.2% to reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. some say we shouldn't act. tell that to our kids. this is about their future. kevin: calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. yes on 30. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products.
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yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. >> o'donnell: tonight, with one day to go before election day, our new reporting on the issues that matter most to voters, as republicans grow increasingly optimistic they'll have a good night. >> we are going to have a red tsunami on tuesday. let's go vote! >> o'donnell: the final pitch to voters -- our team is out on the trail, covering the key races, talking to the american people. >> if you don't vote, you can't talk. >> o'donnell: the latest from the battlegrounds of georgia, pennsylvania, and arizona. trump ready to announce? >>we are going to take back that big, beautiful, magnificent white house. >> o'donnell: cbs's robert costa on the signs the former president is looking to capitalize on republican victories. "eye on america" -- pre


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