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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  November 7, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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wants answers. it's a race to the finish line with just hours to go election day. we take a closer look at one big issue of californians who will be weighing in on. banning flavored tobacco products. what would you do with all that dough? >> i would buy a house and hide out for a little while and travel. thank you for joining us. scattered showers hitting the bay area right now with a heavier wave of wet weather still on the way. taking a live look in your evening commute. we are still seeing mostly dry roads, but the morning commute could be a very different story. first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen joining us now with more on the timing of this storm. paul? >> reporter: that heavier rain is moving in tonight and still with us for the morning commute. i think it will be challenging
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on tuesday morning. plan on some extra time and some extra patience if you could build that up. a look at that right now. the rain still in the future, scattered shower activity across the bay area. it's been raining over the past few hours. it'll continue to rain right now. the band of moderate to heavy rainfall will extend from bodega bay into northern napa county. there is another narrow band of heavier rain that will extend from around mill valley and san rafael acrossen is a pablo bay into southern western county and a couple of more cells developing just off the coast of san francisco. it looked like this was initially going to miss san francisco just to the south to travel into san mateo county. now it's building just a little bit further north. i do think there will be brief downpours rolling through the parts of san francisco within about the next half an hour to 45 minutes. the rain chances really ramp up though overnight. the most widespread and the heaviest rain that we'll get moving in by midnight, sticking around into early tomorrow morning. and it is going to be windy. so not only are the roads going to be wet, but the wind is going
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to try to move you around on the road. the wind advisory along the coast to go through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and gusts around 45 miles an hour, which juliette, it isn't strong enough to do any significant tree damage, but strong enough to affect your drive. you'll have to watch out for any down branches or power lines tomorrow morning. it will likely be dark outside. >> pretty ominous out there right now especially with the hour change. it's darker right now. thank you very much. every drop of rain is welcome in the drought. it's especially satisfying to our fire prone community for sure. kpix 5 devin fehely continues our coverage from the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: it rained so infrequently in the bay area today. the amount of rain in the forecast is a welcome sight. now we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. this is not enough rain to end the drought. but it is a good storm. >> i think it's a promising start, right? i mean i don't think last year we would have gotten anything. [ inaudible ]
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. >> reporter: both the drought and fire danger. >> there were a few weeks in there where it felt like hell on earth, that type of thing. smoke in the air and everything else. this year i feel like we got out pretty easy. i'm happy to see the rain early on. >> reporter: we have not gotten nearly enough rain to erase the deficit created by years of drought. but every drop does count. the water district says residents have done a good job of using less water in recent months. usage is down 16% in july and august and 13% in september compared to 2019. >> people see rain and they may think the drought is over, but the drought is not over. this is really just a small drop in the bucket of what we need to see to get out of the drought. but really long term we're asking everybody to live. >> reporter: cal fire says the well timed rain will give us a good soaking. a fact not lost by people who hike and bike in this area.
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>> the vegetation is not as dry as it was back in november. we got lucky. >> reporter: we're off to a good start, but we will need many more storms like these in the months ahead. he's not opposed to breaking out the rain dance, but would need a little coaxing first. >> i agree with you. normally i would help you out on that, but i need a couple of drinks before i'll get that going. >> reporter: the hope is with more rain in the forecast, we will not only lessen the fire risk, but effectively end it for this year. in the santa cruz mountains devin fehely kpix 5. san francisco's shelter in place has been lifted at union and fillmore after a gas and water main break. you can see the mess left behind. people were told to clear out when the problem first surfaced. no one was hurt, but one building reported flooding in the basement. and while it has been capped, crews are still in the area doing repairs. no word yet on what caused the
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problem. we are getting ready for coverage, electing a new mayor tomorrow. it would be a while before they know their final choice. there are ten candidates on the ballot. two of the front runners were out today making a final push to the polls. they held a get out the vote event while the fellow council member was scheduled to work a phone bank with planned parenthood. >> you have to vote otherwise you're giving up the power to vote. >> we are excited to hit them again. >> oakland has a ranked choice voting system. that means voters will be able to rank their top five
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candidates. reaching the majority without the need for a separate runoff. and at the other big mayor's race that we're following, the political veteran, cindy chavez, and relative newcomer in san jose. both candidates say they have plans to address the homelessness and crime as mahan says he is running to give local governments a wakeup call while chavez claims she's the person who could hit the ground running on day one. they show a razor thin margin between the candidates. prop 21 will hold up a 2021 banning the tobacco products. now they say they will support kids from harm and addiction while they claim it will harm small businesses in the process. we have both sides of the debate. >> that's why i had to push it so far. >> reporter: a student at uc
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berkeley from the east bay. short on this fall as they approach. using a chance to spread the word on voting yes for prop 31. >> they will help prevent cancer in kids. >> the college sophomore has been passionate since they first got involved with the fundraiser back in high school. and today she is talking about the youngest voters to stop the tobacco products in stores, keeping them away from people in her age and even younger. >> if it is not there, it is not something on the back of students minds. and supporters will point to health officials calling young people, using e-cigarettes an epidemic. >> a lot of young people don't have the education on how this will lead them to cancer. >> reporter: but they come to this issue from a different perspective. the smoker from 20 years,
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eventually quit cigarettes and uses vaping products. the impact on his life would lead him to open that lip shop in southern california. many communities in the bay area banned flavored tobacco locally, it's in an area where it is still legal for now. >> all this law is going to do is make it hard for people who are buying into the legitimacy. >> reporter: he believes it will only encourage the legal sales of the product and create more crime. he says right now regulations in place will make these products safer when sold at businesses like his store. >> you know, we could make a lot of people go back to smoking cigarettes again. as well as putting us out of business for no reason. >> reporter: he says adult customers enjoy flavored products and doesn't agree the options are targeting underage users. opponents of prop 31 also say it will lead to a loss of $1 billion in tax revenue over four years. but supporters say almost the same amount of money could be
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saved by voting yes with a drop in tobacco related healthcare costs. >> it's an easy way to prevent kids from preventing the sales. >> if i don't have juice and flavors as you would call it to sell, then what am i going to put on my stores to sell? >> reporter: putting on the argument of prevention. shawn chitnis kpix 5. we've got you covered on election night. national races and results on kpix 5. local races on kbcw and streaming on cbs news bay area. our coverage starts at 5:00. . still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area. a bay area missing persons case reaches the conclusion that everyone's fearing. the road map alexis gabe's suspected killer left to her remains. i was thinking my children, my grandchildren, i never thought it would be paul. >> an emotional interview from house speaker nancy pelosi. the first time she talks
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publicly about the moment she found out her husband was attacked in their san francisco home. domestic battery. embezzlement. misuse of public funds. lily mei not only stood by fremont's disgraced city manager instead of the victim. behind closed doors, she brokered a deal giving him hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars. we can't trust lily mei. aisha wahab is a leader we can count on to improve public safety, invest in schools, and lower costs for families. she's endorsed by the democratic party and planned parenthood. aisha wahab for state senate. okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates.
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yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. . police in oakley say the man suspected of killing alexis gabe drew a nearly perfect road map to her remains. now gabe went missing in january. her partial remains were found thursday along highway 16 near the town of plymouth. volunteers had searched that area before after investigators found notes from her ex-boyfriend, marshal jones, with handwritten turn-by-turn directions to an area that was not far away from where she was actually found. they were then able to use his cell phone data and gas station surveillance video to prove that he was there two days after gabe went missing. >> based on all the evidence and the surge evidence, we believe the crime occurred in antioch. we do not believe alexis left
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marshal's house alive. >> members of the gabe family also attended today's news conference. coming up at 7:00, the questions they still want answered tonight. we'll have that at 7:00. in other news we're following for you around the bay area. expected tomorrow on whether former ufc star, cain velasquez, will go to trial for assault and attempted murder. now prosecutors say velasquez chased and shot at a cardell waters ring harry goularte, wounding goularte's stepfather. he was accused of molesting a young relative of velasquez with his own pre-hearing trial next week. house speaker nancy pelosi gave her first televised interview since last month's brutal attack on her husband in their san francisco home. she got emotional as she told cnn's anderson cooper how she first learned a man broke into her home and beat her husband, paul, with a hammer. >> i was sleeping in washington, d.c., getting in the night
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before. and from san francisco. i hear the doorbell ring and think it's 5:00 something. i look up and see a sign. they must be the wrong apartment. it rings again and then bang, bang, bang, bang, bang on the door. >> reporter: paul pelosi underwent skull surgery back home recovering. the suspect is being held without bail in san francisco facing a series of state and federal charges. he has plead not guilty to all of them. and san mateo residents are on alert for mountain lions with three sightings in the city in the past nine days. one was spotted yesterday near the creek along a hiking trail at the park. a few hours before that, one big cat would a chicken from the backyard. the other was spotted jumping into a different backyard about a week and a half ago. residents are urged to keep a close eye on their kids and
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their pets. all right, the planets have aligned for a spectacular view on the sky. coming up at 7:00, we will talk with bill nye the science guy about tonight's total lunar eclipse. >> and it is a big deal. you may not see it ever again in your life. >> all right, but the question tonight, will we be able to see it at all or will rain clouds eclipse our view? for that answer, paul, it's on you. >> in all likelihood you won't be able to see it. because we have a lot of cloud cover and drafting some showers north of the golden gate for another little clusters of showers moving through san francisco. we'll track that
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. all right back to our first alert weather. wig swells over the high surf in san francisco. mt.
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rose ski tahoe says they will open up the skiers and snowboarders this friday. get ready and get those skis ready or whatever you need. and i guess pass along the chain. do some stretches, exactly, yeah. >> and some time working on the hips. >> yeah, right. it's the first skiing of the season. >> a little extra sore after that. we'll pick up more rain. we'll start with what you expect over the next few days. the heaviest rain is still several hours away from moving to the bay area. that'll be with us. it will be wet windy tomorrownd a morning, a few rums of thunder. continuing all the way into wednesday morning. the forecast dries out through the rest of the workweek and even into the weekend. we'll zoom in for a closer look at northern sonoma county. santa rosa on the edge of the
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heavier rainfall that's falling right now. another band of heavier rain that will extend through parts of marin and sonoma counties, and also into southern napa county. heavier rain showers to the west of vallejo. heavier showers taking shape off the coast of san francisco and moving in. one of those moving into the mountains right now. this rain is going to be moving directly over the city within the next 30 to 45 minutes. keep these umbrellas handy or really a rain jacket. it will turn in some document scattered activity right now to give way to more widespread rain into tonight. the more widespread rain moving through this evening, continuing to fall overnight through the morning rush. on tuesday some gabs here and there. we get into the off and on showers, continuing through tomorrow night into the first part of the day on wednesday. but by about the day wednesday, we'll be drying out with new lingering clouds, staying dry through the rest of the week.
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futurecast indicating an inch of rain, but heftier amounts to the farther south you go and the way the system is oriented. that's where the heavier rain will move in tonight and early tomorrow. talk about another inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains. that'll be fantastic on top of what we have received. but it will be breezy out there with those winds gusting up into the coast. some of the strongest gust around 45 miles an hour, which is certainly strong enough to move you around. both hands on the wheel tomorrow morning as you're heading out. those winds should relax into the afternoon. for the sierra, picking up close to two and a half feet of additional snow. looking outside, well it's dark already. not seeing any cloud-to-ground lightning for it. temperatures for most of us where it has been raining in the past few hours, the temperatures
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in the upper 40s. it is not going to be an odd deal day, which is unfortunate news for the alumnus to get towed around whatever contraption that is. it'll be a good day to stay inside and limit the outdoor time especially when that rain is more widespread. but scattered showers will be around during the afternoon. temperatures topping out in the 50s, the cool and wet day. more gaps in between the showers, during the afternoon. once we dry out, we don't exactly warm up a whole lot. temperatures will be warmest over the weekend. even then we'll reach the low to mid-60s for highs. another chance for showers will head our way with a lot of questions about that one. we'll be able to focus on that once this system moves out. >> pretty ominous those clouds. it looks a little scary. paul, thank you. and coming up, some
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excitement growing for tonig this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes those making over $2 million a year. no one else pays a penny. 30 will reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. this is about our kids' future. omar: prop 30 helps contain fires and combat tailpipe emissions.
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vote yes on 30. domestic battery. embezzlement. misuse of public funds. lily mei not only stood by fremont's disgraced city manager instead of the victim. behind closed doors, she brokered a deal giving him hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars. we can't trust lily mei. aisha wahab is a leader we can count on to improve public safety, invest in schools, and lower costs for families. she's endorsed by the democratic party and planned parenthood. aisha wahab for state senate. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction.
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vote yes on 31. . here we go again just about 90 minutes away from the record setting $1.9 billion power ball draw. you have about 30 minutes left to go buy a ticket. now if you didn't know, no one has won the big jackpot since august 3. today we caught up with some people who are buying the tickets from east and south bay
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liquor stores. >> so this is maybe about 50 of my facebook friends. what will i do? i'll split it with the 50 people. >> that's a good idea. one man in san jose bought several tickets not just for himself, but relatives in texas, louisiana, and florida. >> everybody chipped in. >> reporter: what will you do if wuotyo oinf money t. >> i think it's life changing. could be life changing. >> reporter: what would you do if you win it? >> definitely take care of family. take care of my sister, my brother-in-law, move them out here to san jose. they're actually here visiting. >> it definitely would be life changing. the odds of winning the jackpot are one in 292.2 million, but at some point someone's got to win. we'll have those numbers for you. let us know if you win. cbs evening news is next. be back here in 30 minutes with cbs news bay area at 7:00.
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it's how it brings us together. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, >> o'donnell: tonight, with one day to go before election day, our new reporting on the issues that matter most to voters, as republicans grow increasingly optimistic they'll have a good night. >> we are going to have a red tsunami on tuesday. let's go vote! >> o'donnell: the final pitch to voters. our team is out on the trail, covering the key races, talking to the american people. >> if you don't vote, you can't talk. >> o'donnell: the latest from the battlegrounds of georgia, pennsylvania, and arizona. trump, ready to announce? >> we are going to take back that big, beautiful, magnificent white house. >> o'donnell: cbs's robert costa on the signs the former president is looking to capitalize on republican victories. "eye on america." pressured parents.


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