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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  November 8, 2022 9:00am-9:30am PST

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election day is here. voters are going to the polls across the bay area and at stake is the control of congress and a host of state and local races. >> i think it will be very big wave. i hope so. >> no matter where you are in the bay area, you're feeling -- we are tracking how long this will all last. you still have a chance with the drawing. first, our big story this morning. that rain sweeping through the bay area. you are looking live at the conditions
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across the region right now. we are seeing flooding concerns and water spout warnings in our roadways. they are a mess with a lot of crashes. oakland fire was busy this morning responding to the semi tractor accident on eastbound 80 at the berkeley curve and the macarthur maze. they got the driver out with what is being described as non-life-threateni ng injuries. the chp is urging drivers to slow down. let's go over to meteorologist jessica burch with why we declared today a first alert weather day. >> it has been such an active morning for many of us. there have been power outages, a wind advisory and daytime highs for election day are only getting into the mid to low 50s. the wind advisory will stay in effect until 10:00 this morning. for another hour, we have been dealing with gusty conditions all along the coast and a flood advisory issued by the national weather service for the santa clara valley and throughout the santa cruz mountains. we have been dealing with heavy, heavy downpours all morning long, especially in the
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south bay. santa clara is already close to two inches. in the past 12 hours. as we get closer to home, it looks like we are seeing a break along the south coast, anywhere from san francisco down along half moon bay but it is still packing on hard in the mountains, closer to san jose. for our friend to live throughout the tri-valley area, we have seen hit-or-miss showers. we will see this develop as it pushes off the last, it has been a very active morning at the futurecast is showing the same trend with the circulating systems going off to the east with hit-or-miss showers around 4:00. the clearer conditions are here. we will talk about it in a bit. over to you, amanda. >> thank you, jessica. our other top story today, it is election day and the polls have been open for about two hours in california. the white house is calming down
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any election security concerns, saying there are no credible threats. with millions of pallets being cast across the country and control of congress at stake, we have you covered. debra alfarone is following the federal races in d.c. but we first begin with -- jocelyn? >> reporter: we are at the register for santa clara county. there is still a number of ways for people to vote today. we are going to show you one of those ways. this is a ballot box. there are more than 100 located throughout the county. this is the registrar of voters. you come in and there is a small opening for you to drop off that ballot. that is one way. there are more than 100 located throughout santa clara county. there are more than 100 vote centers throughout santa clara county as well. you can also vote in
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person. to find those exact locations, you can go to they tell us they are expecting about 55 to 65% voter turnout. they want to see that higher but we will have to wait to see . for example, at the register of voters, they have a drive-through outside where people can drive through, drop off their balance, so it makes it easy for them to avoid the rain as far as getting outside of your car. that is an option here at some of the vote centers. plenty of options for people, amanda. >> no reason to not be able to vote today. nationally, control of congress is at stake. the final battleground tracker gives republicans the edge to win the house, while the senate is still considered a tossup. democrats asking voters to see
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the election as a defense against what they call a potentially destructive republican majority. republicans are optimistic voters will blame democrats for decades high inflation. the party is also aiming to flip both chambers of congress. >> why is it competitive? cost of living. crime. inflation. covid. >> the path to the house majority actually could be up to california in the end, as many as 10 races are up for grabs here in our state. just a few seeds will determine if nancy pelosi will keep or lose the speakership to a republican counterpart. the local resident kevin mccarthy is who he is. she has been in the headlines because her husband is recovering from being attacked in their home. she told anderson cooper from cnn what happened that night could change the course of her political future. >> there has been a lot of discussion about whether you would retire if democrats lose the house. have you made a decision in your mind, whatever that decision might be? >> i would have to say my
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decision would be affected after what happened the last week or two. >> will your division be impacted by the attack? >> yes. >> debra alfarone is live in washington, d.c. with a look at just what the election could mean for the white house. good morning, deborah. >> pennsylvania voters are streaming into the polls. >> all eyes are on pennsylvania today. >> the senate -- >> i am extraordinarily concerned about the state of hate in this country and in the state. >> reporter: john fetterman is fighting for an open seat against republican mehmet oz. >> we want less radicalism and more balance. >> reporter: it is the palace of congress at stake today. trump that candidates for those in georgia and ohio.
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>> people are not happy with the direction of the biden administration. >> if you like ohio wants to move in the destruction of sanity and healing and reconciliation. i want to be part of that. >> we need to win five states to -- if they get those victories, this will complicate things for president biden and his agenda. democrats picked up so momentum after the supreme court overturned roe versus wade but many voters have shifted their attention to issues like inflation and crime. that has turned the new york governor's race into an and effectively close contest. >> i want to leave this state in the next four years and beyond with that sense of optimism that we have not had in a long time. >> they said -- they hope to prevent voter intimidation and to watch for signs of disruption at the polls. >> stay with us tonight. we will have all the big national races and results on kpix 5 and local races on kbcw. coverage
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begins tonight at 5:00. let's look at this morning's other top stories. the family of alexis gabe is finally getting closure after her remains were found. they believe her ex-boyfriend killed her in january at his home in antioch. >> he was obsessed with her. we know why he did it. the last time they broke up in november of last year, that was it for alexis. he did not like that. we did not know he was planning something. >> marshall curtis jones was killed in june during a shootout with seattle police as they tried to arrest him for her murder. he left behind written directions that led investigators to -- the man using a metal detector found her remains near a highway and dental records confirmed it was alexis. former u.s. -- he could find out today if he will go to trial for assault and attempted murder. prosecutors say he chased and shot at a car -- he
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is accused of molesting a young relative of his and has his own pretrial hearing next week. >> it is official. you have a chance to become a billionaire. there were no tickets that matched all the numbers, so that means you have a chance to win the jackpot wednesday night. that does not mean there would not any winners. check them. the numbers are 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and powerball number 10 the final jackpot jumped from $1.9 billion to more than $2 billion. the drawing had to be postponed because of a tech nickel glitch. one of the participating lottery needed more time to complete necessary security protocols. those numbers are on your screen but i will say them for you again. 10, 33, 41, 47, 56 and powerball number 10 . the next drawing is wednesday night at
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8:00. i will get me some tickets. the polls are now open. we will take a look at some of these big issues on the ballot here in california. november is national alzheimer's month. we are speaking with a senior editor to learn more about the effort combating the cognitive disease. before we go to break, it is a first alert weather day. jessica burch is here, tracking that rain for us across the
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november is alzheimer's awareness month and it is a progressive and deadly brain disease that currently afflicts more than 6 million people in the united states. joining us is a clinical professor of psychiatry at stanford university and the senior editor for the journal of alzheimer's disease. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. i'm coming to you as the chair of an advisory board. >> got it. thank you for that. it seems to be -- people call
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it mild cognitive impairment. it can be early signs of alzheimer's. what are some of the symptoms of that that we should be looking out for? >> the initial sign of alzheimer's disease is difficulty with memory. then you have to look at it because -- whether it is something other people recognize. if you are losing -- if you are losing your keys because you do not remember having them, that -- it is really a memory problem. as it progresses, you forget how to do basic things and activities that -- you have difficulty remembering appointments and balancing a checkbook and that goes into more basic activities like keeping yourself clean and
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dressing. >> when you see a loved one having those symptoms, it might be time for a conversation? >> yes, but it is a very difficult conversation because -- it is really something. we are recommending here is annual memory screening. this is part of the national medicare annual wellness visit. it should be done. we need to educate doctors and physicians to do that screening. people do not want to deal with this measure. it is very difficult to deal with this. >> it is also so devastating for families. we do know this disease is most prevalent in women and african-americans. we know why that is? >> i do not think it is that much of a mystery. one of the things people do not like to deal with is that women live an average of more than five years older than men and they double every five years, alzheimer's. you have women living older and that is why they get it more. if men took care of themselves, they might almost match women. african-americans are more
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complicated. the most important things is more than 50% of it is related to genetics. only 67% are just genetics. most important -- it is maybe 50% of alzheimer's something called -- this is something that africans have a high proportion of. there are other things like education. people with more education, they have -- education is very important in particular communities that have less education. >> thank you, doctor. thank you so much for your time. as we look into alzheimer's awareness during this month of november, definitely the signs and symptoms to look out for,
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to start thinking about with your family. we appreciate it. it is a rainy day in the bay. this is a live looking you can see it coming down. we have seen wind advisories and flood advisories, so we will get right back to jessica burch to explain the impacts we are seeing now on this red first alert day. >> it has been such an active morning throughout the bay area. the drive into work was not an easy one with the wind throughout the bridge . i am sure you at home, you have been thinking about this. with all that rain falling outside, this is the front leading edge of a cold front. it is continuing to circulate into the bay area. it will start lightning up this afternoon but let's zoom in closer to home. notice how that moderate pockets of rain started dissipating with that hit the mountains? we are seeing a light drizzle through the bay with scattered showers definitely in the forecast as we head into the afternoon. this is just around 11:00, all the way into 1:00. we might see a little bit more activity close to san jose and even livermore. as we extend into the evening, it is hit-or-miss
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showers the north bay or east bay and even the peninsula. those offshore showers stay a little bit stronger as we head into the morning and by the afternoon, it is a completely set up, even into thursday. daytime highs are chilly. especially closer to concord. about 15 degrees below average there. 10 degrees below average in oakland. no matter where you live, it is 50 for us today. this is one of the coldest days of the week. after that, we will see a warm up. let's get a good look at the next seven days. sunshine in the forecast around the corner as we head into thursday and then diving back into the weekend, partly cloudy skies returned and then we go to the inland east bay and north bay, with daytime highs the warmest it will get, into the mid-60s. go to the doctor one more we extend into the next couple of
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hours. the showers look like they will really taper off. we will see some light drizzle here and there but san jose, for the first time in sometime, we are seeing more of a clear setup. we are seeing some light drizzle and a moderate pockets of rain just east of nevada and petaluma. that will track off to the east but, nonetheless, it has been a very busy morning for us in the bay area. it looks like more showers are starting to formulate and push out closer to santa cruz. amanda? after that bucket, the warriors never looked back. we will show you how steph curry pushed back the kings. a windy, wet night. do not worry. we have more (vo) a medicare advantage plan should come with all the benefits you want and zero compromises. with anthem blue cross, it can. just go to or call 833-797-4179 for a free one-on-one medicare plan review. ask about our zero dollar monthly premium plans that include dental, vision and hearing coverage
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along with transportation, a gym membership and zero dollar copay for prescriptions all for zero extra cost. plus, you could be eligible for extra benefits to help you save even more. we have plans with up to twenty-three hundred dollars a year to help you pay for over the counter health items, groceries, and living expenses like cell phone, electric or water bills. all on a single prepaid mastercard you can use at thousands of locations nationwide. call anthem blue cross at 833-797-4179 or visit and get a medicare plan with zero compromises for you and your wallet.
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over to the warriors. the big win last night it was a long time coming after five losses in a row. steph curry can't -- he did what he's does best. he scored a season-high of 47, 17 of them coming in the fourth quarter. he won the
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game for them, 116-113. they will have time to rest. they do not play again until friday, when they play the cleveland cavaliers. the game is at 7:00. the 49ers next two games are in prime time, beginning against the chargers. this is the volkswagen red & gold report. >> reporter: three key players on injured reserve are coming back. leinbach azeez al-shaair, running back colton mckivitz, and offensive linemen elijah mitchell. he expects to play sunday against the chargers .stayed in santa clara to continue rehabbing his knee injury. it was an exciting time to have more company in the locker room monday. >> it feels like the first day of school, when you get back from summer break or something. everyone is ready to get out there. that is how it felt, speaking to everybody. he is getting turnt up. >> with the red & gold report,
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and vern glenn. >> who wants to be a millionaire? the numbers are now in after an overnight delay. we have them for you coming up. we are raising awareness about an epidemic affecting millions okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪
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uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪
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area, almost positive you missed the lunar eclipse. it
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turned an eerie red color. it looked pretty neat. a lunar eclipse is when the pack of our nearest neighbor in space enters the earth's shadow during a full moon phase. a total lunar eclipse occurs once every 1 1/2 years. unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses last a long time. the next total lunar march 14th, 2025. that is it for the news at 9:00. coming up on the drew barrymore show, pete buttigieg is in studio and he is talking dating apps? from all of us, you can join us on our streaming service, cbs news bay area. we will see
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secretation transport-- [laughter] [beep] secretary of transportation pete buttigieg, you need a ride in the drewber? ronnie-- we're going to pick you up. [theme music] oh, my god. it is so wild. welcome to our show. ross matthews, are you ready to hit some good news headlines? you know i am. bring it on. i got to stop, though, for a second because you're wearing a tie. i know. i knew you'd say something. i bought it today. hi. [applause] i got a six pack. they were on sale. really? yeah, yeah yeah. it was a bargain.


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