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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 9, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm lilia luciano, cbs news, new york. it's wednesday, november 9th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." control of congress. democrats and republicans are still fighting over who will run the house and the senate for the remainder of president biden's term. we'll bring you the results of the key races that have been called. runoff in georgia. the hotly contested senate race between raphael warnock and herschel walker is still too close to call. what they're saying about the contest. and bracing for impact. hours after casting their ballots, florida residents are now preparing to be lashed by wind and rain from yet another powerful storm. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this year's midterms have been
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called one of the most important elections in u.s. history. this morning the question of which party will control the house and senate hangs in the balance. it could be days or even weeks before some very tight races are decided. here's what we know so far -- republicans needed to pick up one seat in the senate to take control from the democrats. cbs news is calling the senate a tossup at this hour. 48 seats for the democrats, 47 for the republicans. several seats still need to be decided. and in the house, what was expected to be a so-called republican red wave did not actually materialize. but the gop did flip some seats despite the democrats' better-than-expected show. cbs news estimates the battle to control the house leans republican. skyler henry joins us from washington with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, on one hand this is what was expected, right, those tight key races especially in the senate ultimately deciding the balance of power here on capitol
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hill. that predicted red wave only appears to be a splash, if you will, as these votes continue to be counted. inflation and abortion were the two biggest issues on voters' minds yesterday according to cbs news exit polls. >> horrendous. >> abortion is health care, and it's very important. >> reporter: cbs news characterizes the battle for the house is leaning republican. the senate is still a tossup with several incumbents pulling off projected victories including florida republican marco rubio. >> i believe we're on the cusp of a new generation of leadership in this republican party. >> reporter: and new hampshire democrat maggie hassan. >> thank you for the trust that you have once again placed in me. [ cheers ] >> reporter: in pennsylvania, democrat john fetterman is projected to beat mehmet oz flipping the red senate seat blue. >> we bet on the people of pennsylvania, and you didn't let us down! [ cheers ]
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cbs news has called ohio's senate race for republican j.d. vance while georgia's senate candidates are urging patience ads the vote count continues. >> if you can hang in, hang in there a little bit longer. >> georgia is showing up in an amazing way. >> reporter: historically the party in power loses congressional seats in a midterm election. this year, some top republicans are already conceding that a predicted red wave didn't materialize despite their party's gains in key house races. >> the numbers have been amazing so far. >> reporter: former president trump closely watched returns from florida as he considers a 2024 presidential run. meanwhile, the white house released this photo of president biden as he called winners from his party. a senior white house official told cbs news overnight that the possibility of democrats maintaining control of the house is, quote, a long shot but not a no shot, and the outcome will be very, very close. anne-marie? >> all right. skyler henry in washington.
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going to be a nail biter. thank you. as you heard, cbs news predicts john fetterman has won the critical race for senate in the pennsylvania defeating republican mehmet oz. it is a huge victory because it flips one senate seat from red to blue making it more difficult for republicans to gain control of the senate. jericka duncan was at fetterman's headquarters and has more. >> reporter: it was a big night for john fetterman. you can see some of his supporters still hanging out behind me, taking pictures. john fetterman just left the stage not too long ago, thanking his supporters for all that they did. he believes that as lieutenant governor, he said, visiting those 67 counties is what really helped him connect to people. one voter that i spoke to earlier today, i asked them what's the difference between john fetterman and mehmet oz. and that voter said john fetterman gets me, he lives here. he knows pennsylvania. he gets this community. just before 1:00 this morning,
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john fetterman tweeted out "it's official, i will be the next u.s. senator for pennsylvania," he said, quote, we bet on the people of pennsylvania and you didn't let us down, and i won't let you down." >> thank you. down to georgia now. republicans poured tons of money into the senate race there hoping to steal a seat from democrats. the race between democratic incumbent raphael warnock and republican challenger herschel walker is still too close to call and appears to be headed for a runoff next month. nikole killion is outside of walker's headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. election night ended without victory or concession from either candidate. democratic senator raphael warnock and republican senate nominee herschel walker addressed their supporters overnight with thousands of votes still outstanding. take a listen. >> we know that once again the people of georgia showed up and
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said loud and clear that you want a senator who's going to do the work for georgia. >> we got to end this right here. i can tell you this right now. [ cheers ] because i'm telling you right now i'm like ricky bobby. i don't come to lose. and i told you he's going to be tough to beat. >> reporter: control of the u.s. senate could hinge on georgia. if neither candidate gets a majority of the vote, this race could be headed to a runoff in december. nikole killion, cbs news, atlanta. >> thank you. in arizona, there are two big races that we are watching. incumbent senator mark kelly is facing republican blake masters in a race with huge senate implications. in the governor's race, republican kari lake continues to hint that she may not accept the results of her race. kris van cleave has more. >> reporter: good morning. the vote counting continues in arizona. the races are likely to stay very close for governor and
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senator. that said, democrats feel they d veryl he kari lake, candidate for governor, republican candidate for governor, was pretty good about the in-person voting on election day. still right now she is trailing democratic secretary of state katie hobbs for the governorship. whoever wins the senate seat here in arizona, that may determine which party controls the senate. right now, senator mark kelly, the incumbent, is doing well. he had a good total there in the early voting. he has focused his campaign on protecting medicare, social security, and a women's right to choose. he went after retirees in particular. he found success there in 2020, hoping to do that here as he runs for a full term. his challenger, blake masters, hit inflation hard, targeted
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kelly for voting with joe biden much of the time, and really focused on border security. now there were some voting issues in maricopa county, the largest county in arizona, the phoenix area. it delayed people's ability to vote due to some technical issues with some of the voting machines. the lake campaign has seized on that, some of the speakers here at the gop watch party went so far as to call the vote criminal. one suggesting that the vote may have been rigged. there's no evidence of that. this appears to have just been a technical issue. kari lake in her speech predicted a come-from-behind victory, but she also questioned the integrity of arizona's elections, calling today incompetence and corruption. more votes to be counted before a winner will be clear. kris van cleave, cbs news, scottsdale, arizona. turning our attention now to some of the other governor's
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races across the country. in florida, cbs news projects republican star, governor ron desantis, won re-election to a second term. he defeated former governor and congressman charlie crist. in georgia, republican governor brian kemp defeated democratic challenger stacey abrams. this was a rematch of their 2018 race in which kemp narrowly won. in new york, democratic governor kathy hochul held off a challenge from republican congressman lee zeldin. hochul took over as governor last year after andrew cuomo resigned. be sure to tune in to "cbs mornings" for complete coverage with correspondents in the studio and across the country. they're going to break down the key races and what you need to know. coming up, election scare. a polling place in louisiana receives a bomb threat. we're going to tell you about the young suspect believed responsible. later, florida in the cross hairs of a new storm. when tropical storm nicole is expected to make landfall. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morn news."
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trust coricidin. while there were no major security disruptions to elections across the country, there was a scary incident in louisiana. a bomb threat at a polling place. a school serving as a polling location in the city of kenner received a threat yesterday. there were no children in the school at the time. all the voting booths had to be moved to another school. police say they've identified a 15-year-old from out of state as the suspect. officials do not believe the bomb threat was election related. legal challenges to elections across the country will keep the court system ppre. more than 100 lawsuits were filed before yesterday's elections and are expected in the coming days. more are expected in the coming days. the suits involve a variety of issues including mail-in voting, voting machines, and access to partisan poll -- for partisan poll watchers. the challenges could also delay the counting of votes in some races.
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we are going to step away from election-related news for a few minutes now and take a look at some of the other stories making headlines across the country. a student was shot and killed at a seattle high school yesterday morning. school officials called this a targeted attack. the alleged shooter was taken into custody. it's unclear whether the suspect is also a student at the school. a man has been arrested in mississippi after police say he intentionally set fire to seven structures near jackson state university, a historically black public university. two of the buildings engulfed in flames yesterday were churches. officials say epiphany lutheran church, which is one of the oldest predominantly black lutheran churches in mississippi, burned for four hours before the fire was extinguished. no injuries were reported. and florida is bracing for a possible rare november hurricane that could make landfall on the east coast as early as tonight. tropical storm nicole has been gaining strength and is predicted to become a
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category-one hurricane with strong winds and rains when it reaches the area north of west palm beach. some florida counties have already issued mandatory evacuation orders. nicole could become the first hurricane to strike the u.s. in november in almost 40 years. it was quite the day for powerball players. first an hours' long delay of the drawing, and then a single winning ticket was deemed to be the grand prize winner after the jackpot swelled to just over $2 billion. christina ruffini takes a closer lok. >> reporter: across the country this week, americans exercised their right to hope. >> $2.04 billion. >> somebody is holding onto a very important piece of paper this morning. >> reporter: a single still-unidentified winner purchased the golden ticket at joe's service center in alta dena, california. >> i always say that good luck to the winner. >> reporter: it was true -- >> a dream come true. >> reporter: joe chahayed received a $1 million check for
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selling that winning ticket. a syrian immigrant, he came to the u.s. more than 40 years ago with only a few thousand dollars. money is amazing, but is that important? >> no. the love more important than the money. the family -- family more important than anything in the world. >> reporter: what's your message for the winner? >> oh, man. go away and live your life the best life ever that you possibly can live. >> reporter: now there are also 22 tickets that matched five of the numbers worth more than $1 million each. in california, the winner has a year to come forward, and their name will be made public. christina ruffini, cbs news, alta dena, california. up next, election first. we're going to show you the candidates who earned historic wins in last night's midterm races. dancing is everything. soccer is the best. but her moderate to severe eczema could make it hard for her. my skin was so itchy. and my outfit was uncomfortable.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ as we continue our election day coverage here on the "cbs morning news," we want to tell you about several historic firsts across the country. in alabama, cbs news is projecting republican katie britt the winner in the race for the u.s. senate. she is the first woman ever elected to the senate in alabama. she succeeds republican senator richard shelby who is retiring after 35 years. election history was also made
4:52 am
in florida. 25-year-old democrat maxwell frost is set to be the first member of generation z to win a seat in congress. he will represent the orlando area in the house. he takes over the seat relinquished by democrat val demings who lost her race for the senate to marco rubio. in maryland, democrat wes moore will be the first black governor. he's the third black person elected governor in u.s. history. he replaces republican governor larry hogan. in massachusetts, history was made on two fronts. democratic attorney general maura healey will become the first state governor in history and the first openly lesbian governor. she was elected eight years ago as the first openly gay attorney general. coming up on "cbs mornings," we're going to continue our coverage of the midterm elections, and we'll have the latest vote counts in the battleground states and get analysis of the results.
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from cbs news they area, this is voters decide.
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