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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  November 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the country's history. >> mehta is the latest victim in the trend but we have seen with a lot of companies. >> it is their most prized possession for a lot of families at this point. >> a lawyers advice for the two billion-dollar powerball prize and how the record jackpot could benefit california's schools. this is a cbs news bay area, with the juliette goodrich. >> thank you for joining us. the results are still rolling in on some of the bay area's most important races. right now, voters in san jose and oakland still don't know who will be there next mayor. but, new numbers released in just the last couple of hours show a growing gap in the race for san jose mayor. city councilmember matt mahan has widened his lead over city supervisor cindy chavez. matt mahan has 52% compared to chavez's 48%. no
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word on a possible concession. katie nelson is live of the county registrar's office to show us how the process takes over, now. katie? >> reporter: workers here are just wrapping up for the night. i want to show you what they are dealing with. these are still all of the uncounted ballots, they worked 17 hours yesterday, 12 hours today, and they are going to be working 12 hour shifts for the next few weeks. trying to get through all of these ballots. today, they are trying to process 61,000 ballots from across the county, 7000 of those cast in the san jose mayor's race where matt mahan widened his lead by only about 100 votes with the release of today's numbers. last night, as his lead was increasing, opponent cindy chavez blasted current mayor sam accardo , who endorsed mayhem. >> i hold meryl accardo responsible for two things, number one for trying to damage my reputation in the
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community, but second, for bringing the discourse to an incredible new low in san jose, his pack and a couple of others spent $1 million telling people that -- really distorting my record and trying to damage my reputation and my character pretty directly. >> i can't speak to all of the negative ads out there, i was so frustrated to see my positions on a number of issues being misrepresented and you can know that will happen. you do your best to stay on message and keep pushing for the solutions you are operating. >> both campaigns are saying this race is still too close to call and you can see why, because of all of these ballots that have yet to be counted, here, in santa clara county. but, workers here say they are trying to get to them as fast as possible, because they know that this democratic process is incredibly important to everyone involved . the next batch of members will be released sometime tomorrow night around 5:00. lives in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix 5.
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a critical vote count. katie, thank you. critical there and critical and oakland. we will be waiting a while to find out who is replacing libby schaff as a glance next mayor. the next round of results does not come out until tomorrow evening. as of now, lauren taylor is leading his fellow city councilmember sheng tao right there. lauren taylor has 53.3%, sheng tao has 46.7%. that is after factoring in ranked choice voting for these early returns. but, as wilson walker explains, this race is far from over. >> the last batch of numbers released about 1:00 this morning, it has been quiet for a while now, we know that 35,000 votes have been counted. the sheng tao campaign another 71,000 votes remain uncounted. there is still a lot of work to be done. >> it looks like we will be here for a long night, and a long few days until we get the final results of the ballot, of the vote being counted. but,
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right now, we are ahead. >> reporter: speaking like a candidate confident in the taylor, lauren taylor announced it might take days to announce the race for mayor, that will be something the town has seen before. the first mayoral race to use french choice voting was 2010. that year, don parada held about a 10 point lead on election night. >> this is the closest race for mayor in the history of oakland. >> reporter: it took a week to count all the votes, and in the end, jean quan was testing victory. 2014 would be a different story. >> this was a campaign fueled by love for oakland. >> reporter: by comparison, libby schaff won in a landslide, declaring victory around 2:00 a.m. the day after the election. 2022 is going to take at least a couple of
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days. >> i will be up with butterflies in my stomach just to see the results come in. we ran a great campaign, and i am very optimistic about the results. >> reporter: both campaigns issued statements, today, encouraging the counting of all of the votes, but will resume tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon. we will probably start seeing more of the processing of the rent choice voting here in oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> thank you. now to the tight race for the top spot in the city of santa clara. just 166 votes separate incumbent mayor lisa gilmore from her challenger. 49ers candidate anthony becker. the council provides oversight for levi stadium. and, the race for sheriff, santa cruz county, we have new numbers showing bob johnson is pulling away from former sheriff captain kevin johnson. they are running to fill the spot left by former sheriff lori smith, who is under a civil grand jury indictment.
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sentences go da, brooke jenkins is declaring victory in her race after three rounds of ranked choice vote counting. jenkins has more than 56% of the vote, and she leads challenger john howe masaki by 17,000 votes right now. all right. the most expensive telephone and telephone history was a big bust. voters crushing the two propositions to legalize a sports betting. they also voted down proposition 30, the tax on millionaires to fund electric cars, which was blasted by governor newsom as a handout for a list lyft. we continue to closely follow election results as they come in, you can find updates right here on kpix 5, cbs news bay area, and at onto our other big story, another bay area tech giant announcing mass layoffs. this time it is meta-. facebook parent company laying off 13%
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of their staff, the most significant job cuts in the company's history. meadows major job hubs are here in the bay area with its headquarters in menlo park as well as offices in sunnyvale, fremont, and san francisco. as john ramos reports, ceo mark zuckerberg is taking the blame. >> is not an argument for us. >> reporter: in the movie, the social network, there was a scene in which the facebook founders argued over what advertising should be on the website. >> you don't want to ruin that without because ads aren't cool. >> it's like you're throwing the greatest party on campus and someone says it has to be over by 11:00. >> at the headquarters at facebook's parent company meta-, it sounds like if it is not over, the party is not what it is used to be. mark zuckerberg says today, i am sharing some of the most difficult decisions we have
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made in our history. decided to reduce the team by 13% and let 11,000 of our talented employees go. tech industry expert ahmed says the problem was the company began a massive recruitment effort during the public's online buying binge during the pandemic, hiring more than 30,000 new workers. >> started hiring and disputing the demand would stay the same after cove it because people get used to a new lifestyle, but that is not the case. >> reporter: unexpectedly, the public's buying habits reverted, and then the economy started going south. the advertising that once seemed so uncool began drying up, and meadow lost billions of dollars in revenue . >> there is inflation, so households are probably scaling back consumption of things. and, so, when the overall economy slows down, these companies are effective because they make revenue through advertising and other means. >> reporter: lots of other tech companies are shedding workers as well. tens of thousand jobs
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have quietly been trimmed as of october. he expects more to follow. >> once you see the big company's laying off people in these kinds of numbers, then everyone will start to worry about it. >> reporter: zuckerberg is betting big on what he calls the meta-verse, a virtual world of work and play but there will be fewer people in the rest of the company and while that is certainly tough news for those laid off today, this probably does not spell the end for them. or, for the bay area's tech economy. >> the silver lining is that silicon valley's job market is very tight at the moment. with low and implement. so, is placed workers will be in demand for many new roles and positions. >> reporter: companies at once thought the party would never end are turning down the music and sending people home. in menlo park, john ramos, kpix 5.
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investors approved of meadows plan to cut costs. shares closed 5% on the news and it has been rough news, mehta has lost more than 71% of its value this year. the layoffs, after twitter slashed roughly half of its staff following the law musks $44 billion takeover. teslas stock is down after musk sold nearly $4 billion of his shares since closing the twitter deal. musk has seen his net worth cut in half from last year's peak, though he is still the world's richest person. >> reporter: must himself admits the twitter takeover has not been smooth. he tweeted today that twitter will do lots of , prose, dumb things in the coming months. he says, quote, we will keep what works and change what does not. this comes after twitter rolled out and then deleted a gray twitter tag for some users in government, media, and other public figures. musk is still pushing for an eight dollar per month subscription to get a
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blue verification checkmark. in another sign of the wider tech trouble, salesforce announced it is laying off hundreds of salespeople today. it is unclear right now how many bay area employees will be affected. let's take a live look at sfo. the bay area news group is reporting that american airlines is closing its flight attendant base at the airport which would mean more than 400 workers losing their jobs. now, we have reached out to the airline for comment, and have not heard back yet. coming up, still ahead, former ufc champion caen velasquez, free on bail in his attempt at murder case. his message as a judge decides whether he should face trial. >> loved ones, family, friends, and bring something positive from this whole situation. >> reporter: plus, how your pocket change is honoring the legacy of a trailblazing asian american actress.
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the rain has moved out, cool air is sticking around. it will be chilly in land, tonight, or a frosted visor is
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and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at former san jose ufc champion caen velasquez facing the court fight, but, for now, he is free on bail after spending eight months in jail. a judge released him after ruling there is enough evidence to bring him to trial on his
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attempted murder case. the mixed martial arts fighter is accused of shooting at a man he claims molested a young relative. it happened during a february car chase that left a second man wounded. velasquez spoke briefly after his release from jail, overnight. >> thank you to everybody who has my support, i love all of you . yeah, always continue to be better as a person, always do good things. just make something positive of this terrible situation. my family and i are going to do that. >> the trial is expected to start sometime next year . is convicted, he could get life in prison. other stories we are following around the bay area, police shut down a busy intersection to investigate a crash that injured a pedestrian. chopper five was over the scene near a target store at lake merced, and john
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daly boulevards. into to get sitting around 1:30 this afternoon, a driver might have hit a light pole, but then injured a person on foot. there is no word yet on the victim's condition. an unusual obstacle on i-880 in west oakland, where black smoke blanketed traffic, passing by the port . flames erupted a few hours ago near third street and mandela parkway. that is near an amtrak maintenance facility. it is still unclear exactly what was on fire. is out now. san franciscans showed up in droves to get the newly minted quarters honoring trailblazing actress anna may wong. the chinatown visitor center was dealing with new coins in exchange for regular quarters. anna may wong is regarded as the first chinese-american movie store star. her quarters are part of the treasury's new series commemorating notable women. the balance of power in congress remains to be settled with control of the house
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still up for grabs. republic and made some gains but democrats are touting a better than expected election night. today, we learned that candidates in the critical state of georgia are actually going to meet in a runoff in december, after neither reached the majority under state law. norah o'donnell will be covering the latest, as much more happens on tonight's cbs evening news. >> good evening, juliette. tonight on the cbs evening news after kpix 5 news at 6:00, your thanksgiving meal will cost you more, why inflation is not the only reason. gobble gobble. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. >> thank you. suspense is growing over who has the $2 billion powerball ticket. lawyers advice for the winter. of course a lawyer has advised. how california schools are cashing in on the jackpot, that is
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first alert weather, now, check out all the snow piling up in the sierra. this is at the uc berkeley central lab in sarasota springs but they say they got 24 inches of snow from the latest storm, but conditions are, now. sure is absolutely beautiful. i cannot wait to get up there and start skiing. >> traffic on u.s. 50, i-80. all the ski people . >> if we go midweek. >> you can stretch it, wait
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for ski week, february? >> sector? i'm just kidding. ski week is a mess there, too, it's busy. don't go there. we will think of some days. >> one way or another. we will start by adding up the snow that fell in the sierra over the past couple days. much-needed rain totals i will share as well. anywhere from 2 to 4 feet fell in the mountains, which is very much needed. hopefully, more on top of this as we headed for the next several months. off to a great start last year as well, then everything shut down around january 1st. hoping to have a lot more snow added to the 2 to 4 feet which fell, adding a lot more rain to what we picked up in the bay area over the past couple of days, anywhere from just over an inch in sentences go, to just over 3 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. most of the numbers in the one to two inch range, over the course of 48 hours. it fell slowly enough that we do not see major flooding issues over the morning commute yesterday which was a mess especially for the south bay. over a long
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enough period of time that it rains, but to soak into the ground. storm system moving out, upper level of the atmosphere, still cool. more clouds on friday for veterans day. nothing falling out of this class yet. that is the change in the forecast. of the storm system closer, it is looking increasingly likely that it is going to be able to grab enough moisture to send a chance of showers and the bay area as early as friday night , more than likely saturday into saturday night, but this is something that the forecast models have latched onto within the past year runs. the last 24 hours. so, our confidence in that is still sketchy. rain chance is below 5050 at this point, be flexible with our plans this weekend. if we do pick up rain on saturday, we are looking at about a few hundredths of an inch on most location. on the high and maybe 1/10 of an inch of rain. right now we are just halfway through the work week. looking outside, clear skies overhead so it will be chilly later tonight. current temperature is running in the
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low to mid 50s, but we will drop all the way down to the mid and upper 30s in length by tomorrow morning. frost advisory, there, with low to mid 40s around the bay and along the coast. temperatures will try to warm up again, abundant sunshine for the day, which means plenty of sunshine for jj to frolic in. jjs human did not provide me with their name or their location, so we will take a guess and say san jose since it is the largest city in the bay area. temperatures there reaching up to just above 60 degrees in the afternoon. if you want to share a picture with me, there is the email address, make sure you give me the dog name and also your name and location. filling in the rest of the high temperature map for tomorrow, middle 50s along the coast, everyone else is in the upper 50s and low 60s. very little variation from spot to spot. no worries about being overheated in one micro climate and shivering in another. everyone is on an even playing field for the next few days. upper 50s and low 60s through the weekend. chance of showers on saturday . we hope to pick up additional rainfall, even if it means you might have to adjust your plan from saturday through
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sunday. sunday looks like the dry half of the weekend. temperatures will talk about in the 60s by the beginning of next week. monday, tuesday, and wednesday the warmest day of the forecast but even then, there will still be a bit below average, at least close to where we are supposed to be this time of year. >> no name for a dog, no address book >> we have the dog name, that is important. >> thank you. a homeowner on the peninsula is recalling moments he had to evacuate with just a few of his belongings as a grass fire crept closer to his home. >> the fire was coming up that ridge, and we could see helicopters coming across right here, across the street, and then dropping in, disappearing, and dropping right on that and t■hen oming back around. >> now, he is breathing a sigh of relief after the recent rains appear to have snuffed out california's fire season. now the focus is on the next period of dry weather coming up at 7:00 we will take a look at how fire scientists to determine how bad it will get.
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still ahead, someone out incident telephone you just one $2 billion
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all right. we are in the news business and do not know who won the nearly $2 billion powerball jackpot in southern california. we do know the
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altadena gas station owner that sold it got a $1 million check. pretty nice. once you get over the excitement of winning the lottery, it is time to literally start planning for the rest of your life. jake raynor has some advice from a lawyer. >> reporter: $2 billion. something we say when we want to exaggerate the price, but to actually be in possession of that kind of cash can feel unfathomable. >> i would think, second to their family members if their most prized possession at this point. >> reporter: whoever has that golden ticket, the record-setting powerball jackpot, has one year to come forward to claim it, but before they do, >> i would never tell someone right now to say, hey, i will fill out about individual claim form and say, okay, i will go claimant next week. you know, that would be the worst thing they could do. >> reporter: instead, listen to an experienced tax attorney like kurt, who has worked with dozens of lottery winning clients with winnings of $1 million, up to $500 million. >> someone with these types of wins, should bring in someone with experience.
6:29 pm
>> reporter: hiring a lawyer is one of many steps the caliph when you lottery spells out in its when his handbook along with taking pictures and soltis with the winner. after you have your ducks in a row, sign the ticket and claimant, the california lottery vetting process gets underway and it is intense. >> we have a huge team of investigators that asked a lot of questions, and, they take several weeks, sometimes months, depending on the consensus. so, it it will be a while before we know who this winter is. >> can you imagine? california lottery officials are saying that 156 million from the latest jackpot to go to california schools. so, certainly good news there for schools cashing in . lottery officials are saying public schools, colleges, and universities will receive that money from the jackpot. officials are saying the money is put in a fund and given to the state comptroller's office. the comptroller then gives it to schools based on enrollment, and the daily attendance. good luck to that person down in southern california. turn
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yourself in. the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is next. we are back in 30 captioning sponsoreds >> o'donnell: tonight, the breaking news, president joe biden declaring the election resultaise good day for democracy, as control of president joe biden declaring the election results a "good day for democracy," as control of congress still hangs in the balance. plus, our new reporting on republicans blaming donald trump for falling short. president joe biden and his party breathing a sigh of relief tonight. >> the democrats had a strong night. i am so optimistic about the prospects for america. >> o'donnell: cbs' nancy cordes at the white house. will the president run for reelection?ident run >> watch me. >> o'donnell: breaking news-- hurricane nicole barrels towards florida. schools, airports, closed, asurs the storm gains strength. when it could make landfall. cbs' elise preston is in the sunshine state. skyrocketing turkey prices ahead of thanksgiving.


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