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tv   The Late News  CBS  November 10, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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i'm not going to give up my happiness for people who are going to take advantage of me. be very careful and cautious of what you do, how you move. >> now at 11:00, holiday shopping that's leaving your purse or car at home. people feel safe enough to shop in the heart of san francisco. hi, i'm sara donchey. if this doesn't say the holidays are here, nothing does. the union square christmas tree lit up for the first time this season. it means the holidays are back, but will shoppers follow? we speak to people in union square talking about
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whether or not people feel safe. andria? >> reporter: it was pretty empty in the streets of san francisco. two women admit those traditions may have changed a bit during the pandemic. >> i just want to enjoy life. we get one. >> reporter: the two spent their wednesday night soaking in the holiday spirit. >> it was like come on, let's get back in and fill the spirits. >> reporter: as they scoped out presents, the lights were turned on at union square. tonight is an example of our resilience. it's an example that when we are down, we are not completely out. we bounce back better and stronger than ever before. >> reporter: the impacts of the pandemic were twofold. more people turn to online
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shopping. in san francisco and a lot of the rest of the bay area saw an uptick in these. this smash and grab happened if november of 2020. more than half a dozen stores were hit as looters forced their way in. this won't deter some though from coming out, enjoying the holidays. >> i'm not going to give up my happiness for people who will take advantage of me. i try go the safest i can be. >> reporter: as she is careful about being aware of her surroundings, leaving items such as big purses at home, making sure shopping bags are not visible in the >> we still need to be aware and cautious and be realistic that times are different. let's address them in such a way they're different, but don't allow them to take our livelihood. >> reporter: i recently had a chance to speak with district attorney brooke jenkins who says
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it will be a team effort to reduce property crime in the city. she's talked with retailers. it'll be up to the retailers, police officers, and the district attorney's office to make sure these criminals are caught and prosecuted for their crime. >> spd has been trying to step up their presence on union square. what was the presence like tonight? >> reporter: police cars parked all around the square. this is a part of the promise they made after that smash and grab a year ago to really flood the streets with police presence. >> all right, andrea, thank you. they reminded us of this every year. in case you forgot, here are the holiday shopping tips. you're suppose to try to keep your eyes ahead, not on your phone. if you're trying to shop, try to shop with a friend especially
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after dark. losing your job before the holidays is bad timing. that's exactly what's going on at meta. letting go 11,000 people today. just like what happened at twitter, dozens of people are talking online saying they were let go or their friends were let go. ceo mark zuckerberg writing to employees, "i got this wrong and i take responsibility for that." 13% of his global work force was let go. zuckerberg blames the layoffs on an all too familiar story these days, sliding ad revenue. >> the things people aren't seeing, there are plenty of companies hiring. >> reporter: where will all those people go now to work? not to mention half of twitter who was laid off last week. two recruiters say there are still opportunities out there in this sluggish economy, especially when it comes to start-ups. >> 33% of our jobs open right
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now are specifically within the tech scene, ranging from start-ups to publicly trading companies, and so yeah, i will say we are still actively hiring if this market. there will be additional companies that are growing. this is the equilibrium. we're very busy as a firm right now. >> a live look at the salesforce tower. salesforce is san francisco's biggest employer. they're also cutting jobs on a monday. fake verified accounts have posed as former president trump, rudy giuliani, nintendo, and lebron james. the users gained the company's new paid verification system.
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the nintendo account tweeted an image of mario flipping people off. the lebron james account claimed the athlete requested a trade. while the fake trump account tweeted this is why elon musk's plan doesn't work. elon musk teamed up with foreign investors including a saudi prince to buy twitter. president biden was asked if that poses a threat to national security. >> whether or not he's doing anything inappropriate, i'm not suggesting that, i'm suggesting it's worse being looked at. a live look at capitol hill. the battle for control of congress still in the air. coming down to three key races. republicans are inching closer to winning the narrow majority of the house. the democrats have 200 seats. republicans have 210. just 8 seats away from flipping the gop.
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cbs news projects it will all come down to georgia, arizona, nevada. georgia is headed for a runoff. here in the bay area, they're still processing ballots in santa clara county including that tight race for san jose mayor. city council matt mahan is widening his lead over cindy chavez. his fellow cityil m l eorse his oppons not worried t it. >> i don't hold that against them, right? my opponents have been in local politics for 25 years. has a lot of relationships frankly that i haven't had time to vote. the council is also turning over quite a bit. we'll have four, five new council members in january. >> alameda county expected to announce new voting tomorrow. all of -- after nine rounds, loren taylor leading city council member, shane thao, 53% of the vote. the race is still processing.
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up about 4 points. across the bay, san francisco d.a. already declared victory today, but in chinatown. >> we can have both. we can have somebody who implements the necessary forms we need to, to make the system more fair. but also ensures there's accountability for those who choose to commit crimes in our cities. >> jen kin's closest city has not conceded the race as of now. she released a statement saying in part, "while i acknowledge the trend in the results, nearly half of all voters haven't had their votes counted yet." we are still closely following the election results as they continue to come in. you can find updates here on kpix 5, stick around for sports. practice and de bow samuel in
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the same system. inspiration day at the santa clara headquarters. de bow samuel, looking new after a long layoff. it'll be the first official ski reason. tahoe ski resorts opening for business early. and also entire backyards with bringing dangerous surges and downpours. our rain has moved out. the chilly weather though sticking around for a while. temperatures tomorrow morning inland, sufficient for a frost advisory with widespread temperatures in the 30s. take a look at how much we'll warm up tomorrow and the next chance for showers headed our way in the
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a man accused of attacking paul pelosi with a hammer has been indicted by a federal grand jury. he faces up to 50 years in prison. david depap was charged with attempted kidnapping, assault. today's charges override the charges filed at the end of october. paul pelosi recovering at home now after undergoing surgery to fix a skull fracture. if you thought california was safe from tornadoes, well you have another thing to worry about apparently. because the tornado actually touches last week outside. the winds did some damage to the
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farm buildings there. california gets about 11 tornadoes a year in the central valley, paul says. lake tahoe's, mt. rose, and baril ski resorts open this friday. thanks to all the storms we've gotten and all the cold weather. >> everybody wants to ride. there's been a buzz in town at the grocery store, with the people coming their areas. and it's really a big impact not only for us, but the whole local economy. >> they'll be open, but ski resorts president president will be. they got about 18 inches of snow. and kind of looking good out towards the early part of the season. >> well, you know, we had our rain and our snow. florida getting slams with
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hurricane nicole right now. paul, i know this is a little bit weird for the timing of this? >> as this makes landfall in florida, it's the first time a hurricane has hit florida since 1945. so this is way out of the ordinary. so it is to say the least super weird. want to take a look at what's happening in florida right now. wind whipped waters lashed florida's east coast in advance of nicole, stirring up waves in jensen beach. rain has flooded in some beaches in florida lauderdale. >> usually the drop off from the waves is at least five to ten feet further closer to the shore. >> reporter: there's concerns structures compromised from hurricane ian won't be able to withstand nicole. this beach safety office in daytona beach shores has already taken on water. just tuesday it was leveled with the ground. >> the combined winds will
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continue beach erosion in places that have seen the erosion from hurricane ian. >> we're going to stay home, we're going to stay hunkered down, and hope the power doesn't go out. >> reporter: officials are warning residents to stay inside and pick up anything that could become a projectile. >> this includes lawn chairs, plants, grills, outdoor decorations. >> reporter: schools in several counties are closed along with some airports and theme parks at disney world until nicole moves out. >> and just moving onshore right now. as a category 1 hurricane, those categories are only capturing the rainstorm. the wind storms will be lower. still flooding across the coast of florida. it will make a second landfall near the big bend area. closer to home, our showers have ended. we're in for a dry break as we finish out the rest of the workweek. the center of the storm system that brought us the rain moving farther and farther off to the east. but the next chance for showers is already going to be heading
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towards us, potentially already on friday. tomorrow will bring us plenty of sunshine. chilly start, but temperatures will struggle in the upper 50s it the lower 60. for veterans day, no rain out of those clouds. a chance for showers is going to try to sneak in through the north friday evening. that's likely to evaporate before it hits the ground. maybe a sprinkle or two on the windchill friday night. but a more substantial area of moisture will be moving in from the north on saturday. again, forecast models, some say this going to hold together as it moves into the bay area. others are saying it will completely fall apart. we'll keep you updated and have any plans on saturday in case you haven't checked anything. it goes 50 miles inland. it's frustrating, but the second thing would seem pretty mathur at this point. if we get some rain, it's likely to amount to a few hundredths of an inch. total rainfall in the second
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half of the weekend looks dry. hooking up outside, clear skies, temperatures are holding off in the 40s. still holding on, clinging to 50 degrees right now in san francisco. but it's going to be a bit chilly out there tomorrow morning. the inland temperatures dropping down mostly to the mid to upper 30s and some low 30s in the north bay area. around that high temperatures tomorrow. still running 6, 7 degrees below normal. mid-60s and lower 60s. it doesn't matter if you're down in the peninsula, inland in the east bay. bay side in the east bay. temperatures in the upper 50s and the lower 60s. same thing north of the golden gate. mostly low 60s. a little bit farther north, slightly cooler with temperatures only reaching the mid-50s around lake port. there's a chance of showers. we have so many question marks surrounding on saturday, but we won't dry out for the second half of the weekend if we do dry out. the next chance for rain won't
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head our way until the end of next week. a chance to warm up slightly on monday, tuesday, wednesday. the warmest days in the seven-day forecast. only in the low to mid-60s for highs, which is still below average for this time of the year. maybe a little bit closer to where we're suppose to be in the middle of november. all right, straight ahead in sports, giants free agency, there is aaron judge talks again. new deal for dusty baker.
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the warriors have a special gift for 400 oakland high schoolers. tomorrow the team is treating the students to a private screening of with the wakanda forever." it will bring students to the grand lake theater. can you imagine the excuse of saying sorry, can't do math today. i would have loved that. >> wakanda forever. and this one, boy, tough act to follow. the first black panther was a huge hit. the nfl up top and why not?
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its rested 49ers back after a weekend off. it's midweek. it's chargers week. and de deebo samuel was ready to go. but it was a full go according to kyle shanahan. we'll see what he does with the ball on sunday night at levi stadium against the chargers. so the 49ers are back after a bye week, rested, recharged from their time off. a chance to kind of get back into it for the second half of the season. offensive lineman tried to relax by hitting the gold course. >> how did you do? >> surprisingly i hit airways, which is uncharacteristic for my golfing. but too thin on every >> i lost quite a few, yeah. >> the ball was too small. he's got to hit the linemen.
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all right. in the wake of the world series, free agency is open for business. all signs point to the giants opening the checkbook as major players are out there for the picking. the biggest prize on the market is yankees aaron judge. the giants have been rumored to na.e a run fory d m apparys noob t of judge or any free agent. he said from a financial standpoint, there is nobody that would be out of our capability to meet what we expect the contract demands will be. then it will be a question of whether there is mutual interest. dusty baker, what a week. saturday you want his first world series title as a manager. houston held their parade on monday. and today signed a one year deal to return to the astros next season. and now he'll be the coolest
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74-year-old skipper in the game. even as his trademark toothpicks that he chewed during the world series is going to the hall of fame. and stanford women's basketball, the huddle pregame. when they turned the lights on, it was lights off for the dark shirts. cardinals up 35. they did worse. the pile would have knocked down five triples. 17 in stanford. it was looking down the road on november 20, sarah. never once south carolina at no. 2 stanford. that will be the game of the month in the bay area. >> we will be watching. >> you know that. >> all right, vern, thank you. up next, time is running out to get brittney griner home.
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now that the dust is settling in the midterm election, president joe biden hopes vladimir putin will be more willing to negotiate the release of wnba star brittney griner. as they report, griner is being transferred to a russian labor camp. some are worried her time is running out. >> reporter: brittney griner seen here earlier this year at her trial in a moscow court has been transferred to a labor camp. the 32-year-old will serve the
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remainder of her 9-year sentence for drug smuggling in a place where according to a u.s. state department report last year, authorities systematically tortured inmates and some cases resulting in death or suicide. it's a familiar world for a member of the feminist protest group who spent nearly two years in a labor camp for protesting against president vladimir putin. >> i've never seen anyone who doesn't speak russian inside the system. i have no idea how she will be. it is quite a tough experience. she shouldn't go through it alone. >> griner told cbs gayle king last month she fears her wife is losing hope. >> she's like, you know, saying things to me like my life doesn't matter anymore. >> reporter: in august a judge found the two-time gold medalist guilty of deliberately bringing vape cartridges containing
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cannabis oil into russia. >> i want to also apologize for this mistake. i did not intend to do this, but i understand the charges brought against me. >> reporter: griner can appeal all the way to supreme court. ian lee cbs news. coming up, why a packed wedding nightclub could
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adidas is going to keep on selling yeezy products under a different name after cutting ties with kanye west. the company said today it owns all design rights and intends to keep making and selling the shoes that kanye west created. the company expects to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. your next uber ride in san francisco could be in a taxicab. decimating the taxicab. but today people can use the uber app to call fly wheel taxis if san francisco. and wemo is one step closer to completely driverless cars. cruz is the only company
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offering the taxi service in san francisco. okay, this next story is so disgusting. i don't know where to begin. so you know these sweaty nightclubbers? that's what they're called, are producing a lot of heat. what if the energy from them could be harnessed, stored, and used later to heat or cool other rooms? i know you've spent hours wondering that same thing. and now one venue in scotland has been doing just that. they're using the heat from the sweaty disgusting dance floor to heat and cool the system themselves. and they store it underground. >> and they rise and they go a long way in a room like this. and they capture these cassettes. that heat is transferred from the nightclub then and gets transported out to here and we've got 12 beneath the ground. and they get transferred into the rocks, which they access.
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and you know it smells down there. they have to. oh gosh. and a few other hole in the ground in scotland. >> yes. i know. and for some of the armpit odor. and they use dance floors to generate electricity and they have held pedal power concerts. >> so it's like a peloton glass where somebody is performing? >> i don't know. it sounds like a lot of work. >> now that's body heat. >> oh. yeah. >> the nightclub days are behind me. yeah. >> mine too. >> bummer. i was planning on going after this. all right, thank you for watching. the lat the following is an important paid program about humana medicare advantage prescription drug plans, sponsored by humana. at humana, we know that no two people are alike. we understand that you have your own questions and your own needs when it comes to choosing the right medicare plan for you. that's why we really take the time to get to
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