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tv   CBS News Bay Area Afternoon Edition  CBS  November 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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on kpix5 honoring the members of the cook. >> i am ryan yamamoto. we'll have more on veterans' day ev but first an election update. three days after elections, california state officials say they have close to 5 million ballots to go through. this is as races for mayor are undecided in several of the bay area's largest cities. in oakland, loren taylor leads thao by 500 percentage points. taylor leads in rank choice voting but many votes are still
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being tabulated. >> city councilman matt mahan is leading chavez but tens of thousands of ballots still need to be counted. lisa gilmore leads anthony becker by 250 votes or about a single percentage point. control of the u.s. senate still hinging on three undecided races. each party hopes to win two out of three and georgia is headed for a run off buweare likely to get results from two other states, arizona. mark key is leading blake masters by about five percentage points. that's with 82% of the vote counted. media outlets are holding off on calling this race until more votes come in. in nevada the republican has a one point lead with a 90% counted. however many of the remaining ballots are mail in
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and provisional which may end up favoring the incumbent democrat. it is still too close to call. find updates on kpix5, cbs news bay area, vitt rans day activities taking place across the country. vice president kamala harris spoke at arlington national cemetery and laid a receipt at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. events this morning also in san bruno and antioch. let's go to first alert meteorologist jessica burch. it's going to be an eventful weekend. there is plenty going on, ice rink at union square, plenty activities, sports games all weekend. the weather is looking pretty beautiful just in time for our first day of the week. daytime highs like yesterday are in the upper 50s and lower 60s north of the bridge closer
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to san rafael. as we look at futurecast, we will see a break with the clouds with more sunshine. into saturday trickled showers with the clouds are expected especially into the afternoon hours in the north bay. our friends just north of concord and even santa rosa don't be shocked if you see a sprinkle or two. it will a quick moving system and then we are left with sunshine and a beautiful week next week. we'll have more on all the events going on in a bit. back to you. veterans' day ceremony got underway a short time ago in san bruno. several hundreds showed up to hear speeches and a performance by a band. one was a former helicopter pilot in the nami who is now associate dean at stanford university. >> those who serve do so without any guarantee for what
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the service will require though selfless sacrifice is expected. we strip our sleeves to honor, inspire, remember our fellowship. >> veterans' day originates from end of world war 1:00. president wilson marked what was called armistice day a year later. our kpix5 photo journalist has these images from antioch. >> oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ... >> celebration to honor americans, veterans for your patriotism, your love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. >> 1, 2, 1, 2, ready, go.
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>> united states marine corps. >> all i know is it is cold and dark. i am a p.o.w. i am an american. even though my body is in prison, my mind is still free. >> united states air force. >> feeding as many people as want to eat for free for your veterans' day parade, come out and have a nice breakfast and enjoy the day. it's all about them. >> he was killed july 30, 1945. he was just six days short of
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his 20th birthday. thank you uncle lloyd. >> as we continue our veterans' day coverage a group often over looked is military spouses. many struggle to find a job, top issue impacting active military families according to research out of syracuse who say unemployment rate among military spouses is three to four times higher than civilians but there are groups looking to change that. >> reporter: alexis has moved five times because her husband is in the u.s. navy. the family has to relocate on a regular basis and for the mother of two, every new city has meant the challenge of finding a new job. >> the employer told me i was not someone they would want to invest in because i wouldn't be around long enough. >> reporter: reunion certify hers found it is not just getting a job that's a problem. it's pay.
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>> we have looked at this a number of ways. on average military spouses make 37 to 38% less. >> there is a shift with where people work. she's been working at home with instant teams which connects military spouses with businesses in need of remote workers. erica mcman and fellow military spouse started the company. >> we know every person we hire. we are putting additional financial security into military homes. >> this is the first time in my journey with my husband that i feel confident that work will continue. >> reporter: she says her family may be moved again this summer but at least this time the job will stay the same. americans are having worse feelings about state of the economy. university of michigan survey of consumers found positive sentiment fell 5% from last month and showed feelings
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of inflation have not changed. that can impact what federal reserve does with interest rates. this survey is a key data point that the feds take into consideration. major concern in the bay area economy. sudden slashing of thousands of tech jobs including places like meta, twitter, salesforce, stripe. now small businesses worry they may be next. this is while post pandemic recovery is not going as business owners hoped. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: randy is not the kind of boss afraid to roll up his sleeves. today he is jumping behind the sushi counter to make up something fresh to go. >> this is one of our speciality rolls. >> reporter: as business owner he is looking beyond the production line to the bottom line and sees clouds ahead, slow downs, cut backs, layoffs in the largest silicon valley economy that could affect him and workers. >> when you are trying to
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balance labor hours, it's easy to look on paper. knowing how important your employees are, you don't want them to go anywhere else. >> reporter: he started sushi confidential ten years ago. he grew to three restaurants in campbell, san jose, morgan hill and employers 123 people. he thought sales would rebound quickly after the pandemic but it didn't materialize. large valley tech employers like apple have come back to office only part time. >> our corporate customers are not going out, aren't at work five days a week. they're not going to lunch. they're cooking and having lunch at home. that affects small businesses. >> reporter: he says tech companies' catering contracts have slowed down. >> corporate clients, google,
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meta, net flix, we might start seeing less catering from them. >> reporter: all that plus return of cold and wet weather means his business will have to pull back. >> we haven't laid off anyone. we have cut a few hours here and there especially when it is raining and we have slow days. we are not looking to hire at the moment. >> reporter: some employees are already working two jobs to keep up the hours. >> obviously we live off of tips. it fluctuates depending on how busy the restaurant is during the week. recession wise, yeah, people are more often to cook at home instead of going out. >> reporter: randy says if the recession taught him anything, it was how to run a business nimbly which now looks to become the new normal. len ramirez, kpix5. reviving black businesses in a historic part of san francisco. >> the push to build back and grow in the philmore district. time to hit the slopes. the ski
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a look at the big board, taking a look at wall street, it's down 28 points to end your friday. once the center of black brilliance, black history, black achievement in san francisco. then in the '60s it became focus of urban renewal essentially bulldozing businesses and shuttering dozens of doors in an area once known as the harlem of the west. >> we feel like our voice
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wasn't heard as african american community being based out of fillmore for so long, so this is bringing that back. >> harris is the driving force behind a new marketplace called in the black. its aim, to sustain and revive black-owned businesses in philmore district. justin andrews spoke with two blacken pressures about their soon to be new home. >> reporter: the only place to showclthe philmore center in san francisco's phil more district. she's the founder and owner of sick apparel. >> this is one of my latest designs. it's pretty fun. >> reporter: you can see what she does. she makes clothes that represents proud resiliency of being black. that resiliency restrained by high rent. she doesn't have a brick and mortar. >> the world is constantly trying to bring us down as a
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people. >> reporter: that sense of pride comes with a few steps down the philmore. she thinks back to the 1950s and '60s. >> this used to be the black mecca for businesses. >> reporter: this named was known as the harlem of the west. now with the business leaders there is a plan to revive the philmore. quan has seen the stages of the marketplace called "in the black." >> look at this, this is beautiful, yes! >> reporter: it will promote wealth building for black businesses. quan's business doesn't have a store front either but she's ready to make this her run way. >> my pastor is going to be watching. i can't do too much. >> that's the pure joy, giving them a chance to build a sustainable business by
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splitting the rent. rents range from 6,000 to 15,000 a month. in the black will be a life line. >> words can't explain. all i know is god is opening doors and i am going through. >> a door that used to be a check cashing place taking money from the black community, that same door will be one that will be an economic anchor. >> it's an amazing feeling to be able to come full circle and have my products here and hope that we can bring support to all the other black businesses in the marketplace. in the black is set to open mid december. it was made possible with financial support from the dream keepers' initiative. the city's housing development corporation among others. skiers and snowboarders hitting slopes at several tahoe area resorts. ski lifts were running early this morning at
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boreal mountain. crews were busy overnight getting things ready. discounted tickets for opening day were $25. by name i am guessing they are sold out. >> looks gorgeous. it feels early to be looking that good. >> it really is. i talked to a reporter out there this morning and she said most of it is natural snow. they did use some of the machines to up the totals just a little bit. let's look at what's going on. no snow here pretty much ever. let's look at the golden gate bridge. clear skies, partly cloudy conditions will push through the bay area. earlier this week we were dealing with crazy rainfall as a cold front settled its way in. it's friday and it is looking beautiful. this is a perfect opportunity if you are sitting at home to
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maybe think ahead. this is an opportunity to get out and get some fresh air. we have been dealing with so much rain. just sunshine is a nice treat, even if it's a walk around the neighborhood. into the afternoon, we'll see more scattered showers continuing to push to the east. it's a quick moving system but it will add to rain totals at least for the north bay. after that sunny skies next work week. at oracle park, opera in the park. we are expecting low 50s around 7:30. make sure you are bundling up. that's the case for anyone heading to the ice rink at union square, light drizzle expected for saturday afternoon but it shouldn't impact you much. 49ers are taking on the chargers at levi stadium. in the next days, we are not expecting much of a change. next week we'll see highs rise
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back up to the upper 60s as early as 60 in the north bay. a warm up next week. we'll take it. but snow ersohafor because so many seasons it'sn s omen for more. >> definitely. it's tough for a team when a players goes out for injury. >> why one injury on 49ers defense
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another setback for a 49er whose career has been defined by injury. >> charlie walter tells us a key member of the defense close to a return won't be back at all this year . >> this is news that's tough to report. jason verrett's body has again betrayed him. another brutal injury. he tore his achilles in practice wednesday and will miss the rest of the season, an awful break for the 31-year-old who had not played since tearing his acl in week one last season and had just
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been activated. since joining in 2019 verrett has played in only 15 games and suffered three season ending injuries. not surprisingly, the injury hit his teammates hard. >> it took the life out of everybody at practice literally. kyle tried to bring it up but he couldn't really talk. so he was just like what do you guys want to do? at the end of the day, it's part of his job. that will be the last guy on this team i want it see go down with all the things he been through. >> i am charlie walter. this may bring up happy childhood
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prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at 3:00 we dive into troubles at twitter from job cuts to make accounts. how the tech giant is fairing a couple weeks after the take over by elon musk. that story and more at 3:00. it's going to be an active weekend. mostly sunny but we'll see passing showers saturday afternoon. if you are trying to think of an idea to get out with the kids, a first date, i don't know, union square ice rink is opening and we are expecting upper 50s saturday and sunday in san francisco. next week will warm up more into upper 60s for our friends in the north bay.
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>> that is a good date night idea. toys that have become pinnacle of play time may get to the toy hall of fame. >> i love this list. three toys were added. spinning tops, light bright, masters of the universe. there were snubs with bingo, nerf. how can you snub nerf? the pinata. did you have a favorite guy? >> i was a big lego guy. of course you were. i was all abou the
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>> douglas: keep sketching like this, douglas. you can stay up as late as you want. maybe even quit school. [ beeping ] >> thomas: keep sketching like this, douglas. you can stay up as late as you want. maybe even quit school. [ laughs ] >> thomas: are you still playing with that app? i said enough. >> ridge: what app? >> douglas: oh, it's really awesome, granddad. it lets you see something-- >> thomas hey, i said enough already. kid's driving me nuts with this thing. >> ridge: so before cell phones, there were just two cans and a string. so much simpler. >> douglas: why? >> thomas: well, it was a long time ago. don't you have homework to do?


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