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tv   The Late News  CBS  November 16, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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i was, crouched behind this jeep. watching people get pulled out of their cars and told to run. >> now at 11:00, people running for their lives on a busy
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street in redwood city. a man using children as a human shield shot and killed by the police. good evening, i'm sara donchey. people duck for cover and abandon their cars while police ran along el camino real in redwood city. an armed man was in the car with three kids. they made it out safe. betty yu is live for us. what does it look like? >> reporter: sara, in the last minute or so, redwood city police took down the crime tape and reopened this section of el camino real which was shut down for several hours today. earlier, i spoke to one worker in the area who saw all the drama unfold. shortly after you hear an officer say we are here to help you, you hear a shot go off. and more shots ringing out. >> somebody is shooting. >> oh my god. >> we should probably go inside. >> reporter: at the same time,
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just a few pete away, kevin was ducking for cover in front of this red jeep on el camino real. right across the street from the crime scene. >> it was a scarier moment of my life. my heart was racing. i thought okay. i just want to stick behind this jeep. people are pulled out of their cars and told to run. >> reporter: cell phone video from kevin's father showed people running out of a blue car as more shots rang out. redwood city police said a dispatcher received a 911 call just after 3:00 p.m. but no one spoke. though a child could be heard screaming in the background before the phone disconnected. officers were dispatched to investigate what turned out to be a domestic violence incident involving a man, woman, and three children. police said the man was armed with a handgun and attempted to use the children as a shield. officers believe the man was attempting to shoot the woman
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and or the children. and opened fire. the man was hit and pronounced dead at the hospital. >> stuff got really real really fast. and we heard probably eight shots. >> reporter: kevin is an assistant manager. his family has run the business for more than 30 years. >> i never had any problems myself in redwood city. we will watch a traffic accident every now and then. >> so betty, the whole time, i was watching that story, i was wondering oh my gosh, how are those kids, how is everybody doing right now? >> reporter: sara, police say the children thankfully were unharmed but the woman sustained injuries though they were not related to that shooting. sara? >> betty, just a terrible situation. thank you for that story. a crime scene at a concert ended in a murder and the beating of an off duty police
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officer. and that could have been the work of the hell's angels. police arrested five men who went on a violent rampage at a chris stapleton concert last june. local police and the fbi arrested the men today. an officer searched the hell's angels clubhouse in san francisco. police believe the suspects are involved with the group. june 18th, 41-year-old juan gonzalez from bakersfield was found unresponsive at shoreline amphitheater. he died a week later. that same night, an off duty police officer was beaten and officers think the five men were involved in both incidents. only one facing murder charges. berkeley does not have a new police chief no night. the city council was . an officer released racist text message to other police officers.
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>> ultimately, the outcome of the investigation will find she was not aware of and made a public statement to this effect to my understanding. if she were aware of it, she would have taken immediate action to address this issue. i hope the outcome of an investigation will corroborate that. >> earlier in the meeting, an alameda county attorney had some strong words about the chief. >> to be honest? i do not have faith in the chief. i do not believe that she will take appropriate steps to address this misconduct occurring in her department. now, my belief comes from my interactions or maybe lack there of of interactions with her. on july 6, i sent her an email outlining outrageous conduct by her officers that they refused to read their miranda rights on the phone. >> we are waiting to hear back
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from berkeley. well, if you were in daly city earlier, you might have seen this. a lot of smoke coming from an apartment complex in west lake center. you can see pretty big flaming coming out of the window. the two story building caught on fire around 5:00. three people are displaced. thankfully, nobody got hurt in the fire. >> in order to make america great and glorious again, i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> former president trump has made it official. he wants his old job back. he announced tonight at mar-a-lago he is running for president in 2024. tonight, we talked to sonoma state university political science david mccewan about his push for the gop nomination. he says trump still has broad support within the republican party but doubling down on election fraud could turn away independent voters. >> those grievances were turned back by many voters not on the republican side. but on the
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independent side. and when you lose the purple people, a little blue, a little red, those independents determine who becomes the next president of the united states. if you are turning them off, that is a problem for election. that is something that donald trump will have to contend with. >> now to a huge international story in eastern europe where it is still unclear if russia in fact fired missiles outside of ukraine. and into neighboring poland who of course is a nato member. the blast killed two civilians. poland's foreign minister said the missiles were quote made in russia. poland says it is keeping its military prepared and ready while it looks into this. russia saying it wasn't us. after the missile strike, president biden convened an emergency meeting with the g7 and nato leaders. they were in indonesia for another summit. >> we agreed to support poland's investigation into the explosion in rural poland near the ukrainian border and figure
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out exactly what happened. two people were killed. >> the president also said it would be totally unconscionable for russia to launch a strike like that during a g20 deescalation meeting. three, two, one, boosters and ignition. and liftoff of artemis 1. >> the artemis 1 mission blasted off in just the last 15 minutes. the launch is a big step toward putting astronauts back on the moon for the first time in 50 years. so, we have already seen kind of a lot of delays with this one. >> this has been years in the making. it has been delayed four times already due to weather. due to fuel leaks at a cost of $4 billion. the rocket is considered to be the most powerful the u.s. has ever built. it has come a long way since nasa's earliest designs which were less than successful. a lot of those going up in smoke. that is why we are seeing nasa post tone the artemis 1 launches as a
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precaution. >> yeah. i mean, we are creating a thrust through a chemical reaction and it is something that can definitely go wrong. >> the last manned mission to the moon was apollo 17, 50 years in december of 1972. the orion capsule will return to earth with a splash down in the pacific next month. nasa hope to spend four astronauts around but not onto the moon in the next flight in 2024. no human crew traveling on board this time around. but it is carrying about 120 pounds of mementos. three test dummies. a snoopy plushy for fun and an amazon alexa. >> all right paul, thank you. vern? >> i don't know how to follow that up. put another log on the fire in sports. we have hot
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stove baseball business. if you like the giants, you are going to want to hear this. but first, why police want you to see this cell phone video of a shooting outside of a san francisco nightclub. an illegal win for a man accused of harassing and assaulting countless women. jon stewart is the guest on the late show with stephen colbert.
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new cell phone video of a shooting outside of a nightclub. tonight, san francisco police are hoping that this video will help them find three people. a witness took it on june 25th and police say it started when a person was robbed inside of the club on 11th. and that started a fight outside of the club. and that is when a woman was shot. police are trying to identify two men and the woman who is wearing a green dress in the video. an accused serial stalker got kind of a break in court today. a san francisco judge tossed nearly half of the mis demeanor charges against bill hobbs out. 34-year-old hobbs is not off the hook. he faces one felony charge and 12 other
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misdemeanors. h e will stay in jail at least until his next court date. just chaos in los angeles tonight after a man stabbed two people including a nine-year-old boy in a target in downtown la. another person was hurt in the stampede. everyone was rushing to get out of the store. a security guard killed the suspect who apparently confronted that little boy and then stabbed him and then went after another person. a live look at san francisco's union squarement the city is kicking off the holiday season officially. the mayor announced a new partnership with businesses to r >> we both uniforand you know, osrc ar out here who have been out here making sure we are addressing a lot of the public safety concerns. >> the mayor announced 150 new community ambassadors will be
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sent throughout the city in downtown bart stations. some of them are retired police officers. >> this gentleman is a wheelchair user. he's got some, he just got out of the hospital. 45 years of age. so i called the business improvement dispatch and they will call the crisis response team to come out. holiday season. it is human dignity. >> the ambassadors don't have guns. they don't have tasers. they do have radios and narcan to treat drug users who could be overdosing out on the streets. the da's office and police are working to prevent a repeat of all of those retail robberies that happened last year. well, if you live near half-moon bay, you might have felt the ground shake tonight. but you probably didn't because it was a magnitude 2.9 earthquake that hit around 9:22. centered a mile-and-a-half away from half-moon bay. we are thankful the weather is bigger than that. but you felt that. you were pretty in tune with nature. >> just a little geological
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burp. >> yes. >> that's about it. >> but they are fun. they release a little bit of seismic tension and hopefully prevent something larger from happening. that's the hope anyway. >> it is inevitable. we are just not going to think about it. >> yes. let's think about what's happening weather wise the next couple of days. gusty wind ins the higher elevations. just in control of our weather. the winds will be lighter at those higher elevations. that will slide off to the southwest as we head into thursday. the on shore breeze will return late tomorrow. more clouds will float in and the combination means temperatures will back off beginning thursday. the winds are not going to be too strong for most of us overnight. you have to go above 2,000 feet to find gusts in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range this evening. that could be a lot worse this time of year. the winds won't be too strong.
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allows temperatures to reach above normal. but that shift to on shore winds, by late tomorrow afternoon. we are still looking for additional rain chances. that would help to really knock down the already low fire threat more. you will have to wait several days. things look promising for a chance of showers to move into the bay area next monday night into tuesday. disagreements in terms of the specifics of that system. but for now, it is a 40 to 50% chance. hopefully, those numbers go up as we get a little best closer to early next week. that will be something we can be thankful for. clear skies overhead. temperatures are dropping down to 40 in livermore and santa rosa. 50 degrees in san jose. because the wind will be strong enough to stir the atmosphere around a bit, it will not be quite as chilly as the temperatures we woke up with this morning. mid to upper 30s , 40s , mid 40s around the bay. and then temperatures warm up
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to mostly a few degrees above average tomorrow afternoon. that leaves most of us short of 70 degrees. you should hit the mid 60s on the coast before the on shore breeze hits. back down to the 50s by 3:00 to 4:00. around the south end of the bay, closer to 70 degrees in the santa clara valley. falling just short in san jose. mid to upper 60s inland in the east bay. mid to upper 60s for san francisco in oakland. a few spots north of the golden gate have a few spots of hitting 70 degrees. temperatures are going to reach to barely above 70 degrees. we all return to near average temperatures on thursday. and we are basically going to stay there over the weekend. and then, more of a cooldown next week to accompany the increasing clouds on monday. maybe a few showers sneaking in before the sun goes down on monday. a better chance looks like it will wait until monday night into tuesday. we
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are talking about the last two days of the seven day forecast. so, there is a lot that can change between now and then. hopefully again, the rain chances continue to look more favorable. vern? straight ahead in sports, sharks make some noise tonight. if you are into basketball, you have come to the right place. and, we got a highlight. that might make you
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all right vern. who is happier? giants fans or the man getting paid? >> i go for the man getting paid. three times as much as he was paid a year ago. a home grown guy and we are happy for him. baseball up top for the giants. no, they are not getting first baseman anthony rizzo. but joc pederson is returning to the giants another year. he accepted the team's qualifying offer of 19 million plus. more than three times what the all-star made last season. fans got the sharks on in las vegas against the pacific leading golding knights. matt tied the game here at 2-2 in the first period. still died at two. under three minutes left. all set up for timo to put snow ahead for good. the sharks beat
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first place vegas. 5-2. coming up on thursday. college basketball. oh, look at that score. san diego state. they are good. second half, the cardinal did not go quietly. stanford within six. but the aztecs are 17th ranked. mike hit a three. san diego state won it 74-62. stanford host cal polyo friday. cal men on the road. they beat the bears in berkeley last year. led most of the way. there is cal's joe brown put the bears within one. 15 seconds of san diego up one. devin, uc san diego won it 64-62. dropsto 0-3 for the season. michigan state. in white against number four
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kentucky. champions classic. uh-oh. malic hall for the tie. jams it. double overtime. this is exciting. two minutes to go. michigan state did not pull off the upset, 86-77. here we go. oh boy. this little one, oh, miss duke in kansas. duke is up one. grady put the jay hawks in front. final minute. we got got kj adams jr. with the bucket and the foul. and ball game. the hawks won it 69-64. cool story, glenn. >> coolest thing i saw tonight. bowling green in white down one. 10 seconds left. and got one. matt mcdonald. to keith. 42-yard play. as time was running out. that is how bowling green won the game over
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toledo. 42- 35. on tuesday night football. >> and that's the highlight reel huh? >> you got it. >> all right, thank you so much, vern. up next, taylor swift fans have some bad blood with ticket master.
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actress anne heche s estate is being sued by the woman who lost her home to the deadly crash. the incident in los angeles left michelle traumatized in addition to not having anywhere to live. hech e suffered severe injuries and she later died. travis scott will be making his first music festival appearance since last year's astro world festival tragedy in houston. ten people were crushed to death while the rapper was performing on stage
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at at his festival. taylor swift fans have bad blood with ticket master after the website kept crashing on them. high demand overwhelmed the ticket master website. it crashed or froze when people were trying to make their purchases. ticket master announced 10:00 a.m. shows had to be scheduled for 3:00 p.m. because of historic demand. a lot of swifties talking about this on social media. they were all frustrated here in the bay area. pre-sale was pushed back for two shows at levi stadium? santa clara and fans were not happy when they hatrouble sof u gothrough. > stilahead, this kid
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do you remember this house from the go oies back in 1985? it just hit the market. it is astoria, oregon. somebody out back is doing the truffle shuffle. no, it doesn't have that. but, paul can get there and perhaps help out. okay, so, the porch looks over the ocean. all of it can be yours for $1.6 million. >> i'm not that nostalgic. this kid goes to buy his own snacks in style. this was in vesalia. he was caught on camera driving. >> look at him go. >> to the corner store with his pink hummer. >> i see this kid in a pink
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car. and he is like, he is owning it. and, he doesn't care who is around. so i thought that was pretty neat. when he was leaving he opened the door. put his bag down, sat down. he is looking over his shoulder. and, to me, looks like maybe 10, 11, 12. but looks like a great driver already. >> wow. >> surprised he didn't pick anybody up in that thing. the guy was pumping gas. so yeah. just give it a year. the guy was pumping gas when he saw the boy leaving the store. this is memorable. the reporter tracked him down. and his ride was parked in front of his parent's driveway. >> really wasn't supposed to. >> kind of snuck out. >> sorry. >> he struggled sometimes. he has special needs. so, he likes to get out and do his own thing
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every once in a while. >> he is not in trouble. >> nothing wrong with a little independence driving to the store in your own car. this is the kind of car that all the kids have asked for for their parents and everybody says no. but, he's got one. i'll take a ride. >> okay. >> cute. all right, thank you so much for watching. the late show with stephen colbert coming up next. the news continues streaming on cbs news bay area. goodnight. - [advertiser] the following is a paid commercial program for grown american superfood, sponsored by trusted therabotanics. want to supercharge your body and live a longer healthier life? what if you could have more energy and vitality, manage your weight, look and feel years younger, and even help reduce your risk of dying from heart disease and other chronic illnesses?
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