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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 16, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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may further damage their lungs, possible evidence that marijuana smoke may not be safer than cigarettes. or cnected tndgillte, cbs ur ce it's wednesday, november 16th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." running for president. donald trump makes his candidacy official while slamming the biden administration. what the former president said while announcing his run. tensions rising. the war in ukraine spills into nato territory as missiles killed two in poland. the investigation into that incident that has the world on edge. and we have liftoff. after months of delay, nasa's "artemis" is on its way to the moon. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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we begin with donald trump's third bid for the white house. the former president made it official last night in front of several hundred supporters at his mar-a-lago resort. >> in order to make america great again i'm announcing my candidate dc for president of the united states. [ cheers ] >> during his roughly hour-long speech, trump repeatedly criticized president biden on issues ranging from immigration, inflation, crime, and gaffes mr. biden has made in the past, and he touted his own record. >> because i made big promises to the american people, and unlike other presidents i kept my promises. i kept -- [ cheers ] >> the first major candidate to formally announce a 2024 presidential bid. he faces growing concern and possible challenges in the republican party after the gop's less-than-expected showing in the midterms. trump is also entering the race amid several ongoing criminal investigations.
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meanwhile, in the fight for control of congress, house republican leader kevin mccarthy is one step closer to becoming the next speaker of the house. republican lawmakers nominated mccarthy yesterday by a vote of 188-31. he faced opposition from a member of the conservative house freedom caucus, representative andy biggs. now according to cbs news projections, the gop is on the brink of taking control of the house by a slim margin after last week's midterm elections, needing just one more seat. and in the senate, republican leader mitch mcconnell is facing a challenge to his minority leader role in tomorrow's vote. it comes from florida senator rick scott. the party's campaign chairman. now to the war this korean, and in a major escalation of tensions the fight has spilled into nato territory after poland said a missile strike killed tw. president biden pledged support for its nato ally and ukraine.
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>> we support ukraine fully in this moment, and we have -- we have since the start of this conflict. and i'm going to make sure we figure out exactly what happened. >> it's not yet clear who fired the missile. poland says the missile was likely russian made, but president biden said it was unlikely that the missile was actually fired from russia. chris livesay has a closer look at the blast. >> reporter: in one of russia's biggest missile strikes since the start of the war, two rockets landed outside ukraine in neighboring poland, a nato member, killing two civilians. it is unclear whether they were russian rockets or ukrainian air defense missiles. the blasts occurred roughly seven miles from the ukraine border at a grain silo in the town of przewodow. the polish government held an emergency meeting as did other nearby nato countries amid concerns over whether this could be considered an attack,
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triggering article 5 of the nato charter. "to fire missiles at nato territory, this is a russian missile attack on collective security," said ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. "this is a very significant escalation. we must act." in ukraine russia fired more than 90 missiles around the country, most intercepted, others hitting residential buildings and plunging ten million households into darkness after the electrical grid was targeted, ukraine says. all of it believed to be an act of retaliation. four days ago moscow retreated from the critical city of kherson. it's a double-edged sword as one ukrainian mayor tells me. because it seems like every time there's a ukrainian military victory there's a retaliation against ukrainian civilians. >> sure. they act like, you know, injured dogs. they try to bite everyone after
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they get hit. >> that was chris livesay reporting. the student accused of killing three university of virginia football players is set to be arraigned today. former football player christopher darnell jones allegedly opened fire on a bus returning from a field trip sunday killing the three students and wounding two others. the mother of one of the injured students, brenda hollins, told cbs news her son is in critical but stable condition. >> mike made it off the bus, but went back to help his friends. he was shot in the back, exited through his stomach. >> hollins said her son was very close to the three players killed. a homeless man stabbed two people inside a los angeles target store. police say the man grabbed a large knife off a store shelf last night and stabbed a 9-year-old boy and a 25-year-old woman. they were both taken to a hospital. a security guard shot and killed the attacker.
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authorities say the man did not know the victims. and breaking overnight, we have liftoff. nasa's "artemis" rocket soaring into space on its mission to the moon. >> three, two, one, boosters in ignition, and liftoff of "artemis 1." we rise together, back to the moon and beyond. >> after months of delays, the unmanned rocket blasted off around 1:45 this morning from the kennedy space center in florida. "artemis" will orbit the moon in hopes of bringing astronauts back to the surface. christian benevides is at the space center where the launch took place. you're so lucky. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it truly was just an incredible moment. we felt the ground shake, and we saw as night turned into day at the kennedy space center. it was touch and go up until the last minute. in fact, a crew had to go in to fix a leak.
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but eventually we did have liftoff, marking a new era for nasa and for space exploration. >> three, two, one, boosters ignition -- >> reporter: a successful liftoff for nasa's most powerful rocket, "the artemis 1" mission finally launched after eight months of back and forth from its launchpad. >> traveling 607 miles per hour. >> reporter: it was delayed by two hurricanes and numerous technical issues, including hydrogen leaks. new leaks showed up tuesday night just before the launch window opened, and a group of nasa technicians known as the red crew were sent onto the launchpad to assess and fix the leak. >> currently torquing down the bolts in orderre leaus progrs. the cr traifontha to the orion capsule with no astronauts on board on a journey around the moon.
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in 25 days, it's expected to splash down in the pacific. the "artemis 1" mission is an important step in nasa's efforts to eventually carry astronauts back to the moon by 2025, 50 years after the "apollo" program ended. >> it's the beginning of a next era, of building on the lessons of "apollo" and tale them farther. bringing lessons on this mission back to earth and applying to deeper exploration to mars. >> reporter: the price tag for the missions, more than $4 billion. this is just the first step in eventually sending people back onto the lunar surface and potentially eventually beyond. anne-marie? >> that will be fantastic. christian benevides at the kennedy space center, thank you very much. so coming up, georgia's strict abortion ban is overturned. why a judge is allowing the procedure to resume.
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a woman is bd smuggling drugs in her wheelchair. this is the "cbs morning news."
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indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit an unusual cocaine bust at new york's kennedy international airport. authorities say a woman traveling from the dominican republic last week attempted to smuggle 28 pounds of coke in her wheelchair. the cocaine has a street value of $450,000. customs officers found the drugs in the wheels when they noticed they were not turning. a policy to expel migrants was struck down, and georgia's strict abortion ban was lifted. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "atlanta journal constitution" reports a georgia judge overturned the state's ban on abortion starting at around six weeks of pregnancy. the ban went into effect in july after the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade. the judge ruled yesterday that key parts of georgia's ban were
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unconstitutional. the state attorney general's office said it is appealing the judge's ruling. the aclu says it expects abortions pasts six weeks of pregnancy to resume tomorrow at some clinics. "reuters" says a federal judge ruled the covid-era health order use today to expel hundreds of thousands of migrants in mexico is unlawful. the biden administration has continued to use title 42 among a record number of migrants trying to cross the southern border. the judge said it was arbitrary and capricious and violated federal law. the administration has asked the judge to delay the order for five weeks. and "the new york times" says that some university of idaho students are leaving campus early on an early thanksgiving break, rather, after four students were murdered. three women and one man were found stabbed to death sunday in an off-campus house.
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now the owner has restored the home which sits on a hill overlooking the pacific ocean. walmart is the latest company to pay out some big bucks in connection with the opioid crisis, and taylor swift fans are seeing red at ticketmaster. wendy gillette has today's cbs "money watch." >> reporter: it was a winning day on wall street as investors welcomed the prospect the fed may slow down its pace of aggressive rate hikes. the dow gained 56 points. the nasdaq was up 162, and the s&p 500 finished 34 points higher. walmart has offered to pay $3.1 billion to settle opioid lawsuits. the settlement offer follows approximately $5 billion proposals from cvs and walgreens. walmart says it strongly disputes allegations it improperly filled prescriptions for the painkillers and does not admit liability with the settlement. amazon is launching a virtual clinic to treat common
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conditions such as seasonal allergies, acne, and hair loss. amazon clinic is available right now in 32 states with hopes to expand nationwide. the clinic does not accept insurance at this time. swifties blew up twitter tuesday about their bad blood with ticketmaster. some fans of taylor swift with a presale code for her new concert tour in the spring were unable to buy tickets. ticketmaster said unprecedented demand led to issues, and shifted start times of pre-sales. i'm wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. well, if you're traveling for the thanksgiving holiday, experts say you should expect crowded roads and airports. aaa is expecting close to 55 million americans, and they will travel 50 miles or more for the long weekend. now that would bring holiday travel volume to 98% of what it was pre-pandemic. buses, trains, and cruise ships are also seeing an uptick in passengers for the holidays. up next, a warning for cannabis users about lighting up.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ what's this say? >> mommy is --
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>> mommy -- oh, my god! >> talk about an incredible birthday present. that's the moment 9-year-old erin learned that her mother beat cancer. her mom surprised her with a birthday balloon with the words "mommy is cancer free" written on it. she says that her cancer diagnosis last april and the treatments were very rough on her family. well, just as more states are legalizing marijuana, a new study has some bad news for those who smoke it. a study published in the journal "radiology" shows that people who smoke marijuana show more lung damage than those who only smoke tobacco. doctors said they found more damage and more cases of emphysema in younger marijuana smokers than in heavy tobacco smokers who have been doing it longer. it's worth noting that the study had a small sample size. and queen bee is proving why she is one of the biggest names in music history. beyonce earned most grammy nomination this year.
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danya bacchus takes a look. ♪ >> reporter: beyonce leads the pack of this year's grammy nominations with nine thanks to her song "break my soul." she's now tied with her husband, jay-z, for the most nominated music act in history with 88 nominations for each spouse. ♪ kendra lamar earned eight nods. the second most this year. both artists are up for album of the year along with abba, adele, bad bunny, mary j. blige, brandi carlile, coldplay, lizzo, and harry styles. ♪ the former one direction star earned six nominations for his song "as it was" in the album "harry's house." the recording academy has added five new categories this year including songwriter of the year and in a nod to gaming's popularity, score sound track for video games.
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good morning, it is wednesday, november 16. a man using children as a human shield shot and killed by redwood city police this morning. what we are learning about the investigation? we bring you an update from the scandal of elite information over the new berkeley police chief. third time is a charm for artemis. we have a live report from the kennedy space center. we will talk about what you can expect in the long-range model forecast. we have more rain, coming up. if you are making a trip on highway 4, all lanes are blocked. we want the economy to do well. we do not want to forget about the disparities, the health disparities that covid-19 pulled the covers off. >> covid-19 is present in our
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communities. how one site in the city


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