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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  November 16, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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redwood city police this morning. what we are learning about the investigation? we bring you an update from the scandal of elite information over the new berkeley police chief. third time is a charm for artemis. we have a live report from the kennedy space center. we will talk about what you can expect in the long-range model forecast. we have more rain, coming up. if you are making a trip on highway 4, all lanes are blocked. we want the economy to do well. we do not want to forget about the disparities, the health disparities that covid-19 pulled the covers off. >> covid-19 is present in our communities. how one site in the city is looking to protect
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the most vulnerable. the man accused of attacking losi with s. official and attempted s c kidnapping. last month, he broke into the home of the 82-year-old husband of the house speaker with a hammer, demanding, where is nancy? david depape faces up to 50 years in prison. he is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on state charges. former president trump announced his third bid for the white house from his mar-a-lago estate. he attacked president biden, claiming the current administration is not putting america first. trump made no mention of criminal investigations or the potential gop rivals he would face in the preliminary. after the offense, his daughter says she will not be part of her father's
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campaign. she is choosing to prioritize her family. three, two, one, boosters and ignition. lift off of artemis 1. nasa's new moon rocket launch the artemis 1 rocket. it lifted off after a series of delays, including two hurricanes and several technical issues, like hydrogen leaks. the launch is a big step toward putting astronauts back on the moon for the first time in 50 years. in our next half hour, we are the kennedy space center with a live report on what is next. those dang hurricanes keep getting in the way of everything. i am glad that took off. back in the bay area, i don't know about your drive in, but mine was chilly. the current temperatures are sitting in the upper 30s and low 40s. we have 30s in the north bay, near santa rosa, fairfield, and napa. it is sitting at literal freezing.
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outside, it is clear. this is been the case as the winds have been offshore instead of onshore. that will be the case for us today as high pressure is north of us, continuing the circulating factor. we will see when is pushing offshore, and getting dusty within the next couple of hours , especially for our friends in the upper elevations. on the bright side, we are warming up today. today is one of the warmest days of the week. we have upper 60s in the peninsula. i'm sure you could guess what we will have in the inland bay, 60s. we will show you what you can expect in the rest of the week. we have rain off in the distance. stay tuned. >> did you say upper 60s? >> yeah, you know, i did. [ laughter ] let's look at the roadways. if you are going out the door along highway 4, we do have a
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bit of a snag. we have a traffic alert. lanes are blocked, westbound highway 4, not far from bailey road to the san marco exit. this is due to an injury crash. we are seeing a backup building behind it. this portion of the commute, these two highways get busy early on. we will see slow speeds around that area. i will see if i can get you an alternate in the next report. in the meantime, avoid highway 4 if you can. westbound 580 is getting busy. we are seeing the brake lights coming out of tracy, we are looking at altamonte with a 40 minute commute. look at highway 4 travel time from antioch to 80, 26 minutes. that is tough. we will keep an eye on that, bring you the latest on that crash. and update out of redwood city, el camino real has open following an investigation of the shooting. police shot a man. people ducked for cover and abandon their cars while
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officers ran along here yesterday evening. an armed man was inside a car with three children that made it out safely, thankfully. betty yu found a worker that it all unfold. >> reporter: shortly after you hear an officer say sir, we're here to help you, you can hear one shot go off. you hear more shots ringing out. >> somebody is shooting. we should probably go inside. >> reporter: just a few feet away, kevin was ducking for cover in front of this red jeep , right across the street from the crime scene. >> that was a scarier moment. my heart was racing. i thought, okay, i want to stick behind this jeep and stay out of sight. i had never seen anything like it. watching people get pulled out of their cars, and told to run. >> reporter: cell phone video
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showed people running out of a blue car as more shots ring out. redwood city police said a dispatcher received a 911 call after 3:00 em no one spoke. a child could be heard screaming in the background before the phone disconnected. officers were dispatched to investigate what turned out to be a domestic violence incident involving a man, woman, and three children. police said the man was armed with a handgun and began attempting to use the children as a shield. officers believe the man was attempting to shoot the woman and where the children, and opened fire. the man was hit and pronounced dead at the hospital. >> things got real very fast. we heard eight shots. >> reporter: kevin as in this distant manager at assistant bicycles near roosevelt avenue. and his family has run the business for more than 30 years. >> i have never had any real problems myself in redwood city. there is not much that
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goes on here. we watch a traffic accident every now and again. >> reporter: betty yu , kpix 5. police said the man was attempting to use his children as a shield. officers believe the suspect was going to shoot the woman and children in his car, so they responded with deadly force. let's talk about covid-19. people are tired of hearing about it, but the flu and rsp, and covid-19, we are warned to be cautious. let's look at the positivity rate in california. the latest update hazard as 5%. that is rising. in san francisco, the positivity rate is at 6.1%, also rising. we went to a clinic in the mission that has been here for 2 years. they are in the latino cultural district, offering the free vaccines and testing. they are working in this community to help working families. >> even though we want to
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recover , we want the economy to do well, but we do not want to forget about the health disparities that covid-19 that pulled the covers off. 2.5 years into the pandemic, many are using their services . i want you to meet maria, that woke up early in the morning to get her booster shot. >> [ speaking non-english ] this clinic , united and held, was convenient. she came with her husband before he had to be at work in the area. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: this is called a
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low barrier site. they do not ask for an id, it is free, information is printed in multiple languages. they offer covid-19 vaccines, including the booster. they have flu and monkeypox vaccines. maria got her booster and flu shots ahead of the holidays. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: she is not wrong, flu hospitalizations are surging in the u.s.. covid positivity rate are rising. this site is helping to prevent vulnerable communities from being hit hard by covid-19 and the flu. >> 14% is high. >> reporter: many people are not coming in to get tested for covid-19. they rely on the at-home rapid tests. on the people that are coming in, the 14% positivity rate is a sharp contrast to the city's 6%. messaging is essential. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] we can push out text
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messages to a list. i did receive a text. we did 500 vaccines in three days. >> reporter: the covid-19 state of emergency will end in february of next year . they do fear what could happen to the sites funding they are hoping to work with the city to find a way to extend that time. >> will want to community of essential workers to be protected. they are the most vulnerable. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: the site is been here for almost 2 years. people work toward closing disparities that continue to be present. is not just the latino communities . statistics can be found on the california department of public health website the black community is disproportionately impacted. i know this is something we are thinking about ahead of the holidays. coming up at 7:30,
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we will speak to an infectious disease specialist to give us tips on how to stay safe and talk to us about the variants. >> yes, i look forward to that . the pandemic proved difficult for many professions. a new study shows that teachers experienced more anxiety than healthcare, office, and other workers, according to new research published in educational research. teachers were 40% more likely to report anxiety, and those working in healthcare. the educators atop virtually had higher rates of depression and feelings of isolation compared to those teaching in person. >> i feel like that is how people are with their jobs when you are stuck behind a computer, don't have that connection. >> yes, i know, with teaching, it is so important, is ashley when they are little to get that interaction. 0 to 5 is most important, when they are bunches. student teachers go
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into teaching because they love that connection. even when i taught your skating classes, when you leave the kids, you get such a high from them. that is tough. >> for the kids to, we are seeing the impact across all grades. it is 5:12, we are looking at the program for testing of covid-19 that has ended. we have details from a community keeping the
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we appreciate you sticking with us on the bay area nightbeat. bay area please do not have a police chief. they were supposed to appoint jennifer lewis last night. thei gender agenda. text messages were released from officers. the police academy board was called to delay the confirmation until there is an investigation. an alameda county attorney and strong words about the chief. >> to be honest, i do not have faith in the chief. i do not believe she will take appropriate steps to address misconduct occurring in her department. my belief comes from my interactions, or lack thereof with her.
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>> we are waiting to hear back this morning. contra costa is offering up to four free at-home covid-19 tests to those in the county. the test kits are available by mail to the winter season. the county health officials are urging people to test for the virus before attending any large gatherings over the holidays. now, let's get a check of the weather with jessica burch. >> today is one of the warmest days of the weeks. let's take it for what it is worth and enjoy. in the long-range models, we have rain. right now, it is clear , beautiful, and chilly. we are waking up in the upper 40s in the peninsula. we have 30s off in the north bay. high pressure is bridging in, this is continuing offshore winds. this
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is just north of us. this is what it looks like with regards to temperatures. we are above average things warm air pushing in from the south. it is bridging its way into san francisco. it will get more mild. temperatures will drop down to average as early as thursday, friday, and we will have a beautiful weekend. we do have gusty conditions. this is round 11:00 a.m. , where half moon bay is looking at gusts near 25 miles per hour. notice how this will shift along the coastline, back to normal. we have light winds as we wake up on thursday. the gusty is conditions are in the coming hours. keep that in mind along the coast, it is hair tie weather. the highs are not too crazy, but this is three degrees above yesterday. we will see this warming trend through this afternoon. we will average out over the weekend. we do have rain off in the distance, as early as next tuesday. we are keeping a close eye on the models.
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let's look at the roadway. we are following a traffic alert along highway 4. it is really backing up. this is westbound highway 4. we are going up bailey to marco road. all lanes are shut down due to a major injury accident. they are diverting traffic onto bailey. willow pass or leland are your best alternates . i will say this, traffic is stacking up in this area. we are seeing more volume on the roadways as we are getting into the morning commute on this wednesday. stick with the surface streets and the alternates to avoid the problems. you could use apart as an alternate. westbound 580 is getting busy as well. let's get an updated travel time. westbound highway 4, antioch to 80, 91 minutes. that is a really tough commute. westbound is sitting at 44 minutes. no delays on the east shore. it is looking good out of the south bay.
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stilahead, ayfrom an klan the fastest growing sport in america is ri. we have tips pickle ball fans can play without getting hurt? that is next, on the morning mix.
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welcome back. let's look at what you can expect as we go into the noon through 2:00 timeframe. in go for a walk, we have plenty of sunshine to go around. that goes from the bay through the coastline, we have low 60s in the inland areas as well. let's look at this hour by hour. we have upper 50s across the board from fairfield into the west near san francisco. we have 60s returning shortly around noon. we have a lot of sunshine going around, especially in the north bay. we are near the 70s in the afternoon hours. will keep you updated on that in the weather center. we have the warmest weather of the week, so take advantage of the sunshine. it is time for the morning mix. the holidays are officially here. you know what that means? it is time to plan the winter vacations. an
5:23 am
escape is closer than you might think. yosemite national park is a popular summer destination. now, they are hoping to bring in more winter visitors. hospitality workers a favorite attractions like halftone, bridal veil falls, and sukhoi is do not close down. they are promoting cross-country skiing, and down here skilling . this dates back to 1920. there are fewer crowds. it looks absolutely beautiful. >> there are about 10 runs. >> i am never been. to yosemite? >> no, to badger pass. >> my neorerwhen they goowfall we do not plan to get to know. we don't think about getting snow. she said it was the most magical thing to see. we went to yosemite at the end of winter, it was great. i would go back. >> i am not been in years. when you get there, it is
5:24 am
breathtaking. so make you breathe in the air, and you can feel it in your whole body. make you have great connection with nature. don't want anyone going to lake tahoe, so here is your alternate. >> add this to the list. from the cold to hot. this is steamy. channing tatum and his dance move are back. we have a closer look at the trailer for the movie, magic mike's last dance. >> wake them up with a wave they have never felt before. >> they are back to direct, with new dancers. channing tatum did some of the choreography. this is the final film in the trilogy. channing tatum called this the super bowl of stripping. it is hitting theaters in february.
5:25 am
>> i wondered if we could play the trailer. >> hands up, he was checking it out?:i mean, i am. >> i do love the dancing. what was the dancing movie he did years ago? >> step up. >> yes, i love that one. >> they will do and all that jazz vibe. that will be fun. that was inspired by that pile of dancing, which is a very different. to make it is amazing how he took a topic like mail stripping, in the movie took off. the sequel is popular. now people are excited about the third installment. >> if you are not excited about channing tatum, then, okay. mag he is like, no. i'm all right. pickle ball is the fastest growing sport in america, doctors are seeing a surge in pickle ball related injuries. if you have not played before, it is tennis with a lot less
5:26 am
running. it is popular because people of all ages can play. u.s.a. pickle ball says more than half of pickle ball players are 55 or older. the average age for all players is 38. the game is deceptively demanding and injuries are common. play with the right shoes and stretch well before and after playing. what is the biggest concern? you get hit with a ball or paddle? >> yes, there are tendon injuries, and stuff like that. you do get shoulder injuries. i know jazz is onset, did you play pickle ball? >> it was a blast, and i loved it. i don't think i will get an injury, because i do stretch. i stretch before and after. hispanic she is the model pickle ball player. the time is 5:26. third time is a charm for artemis. we have a live report from the kennedy space center.
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plus, changing life behind bars, there is an effort to get prisoners a better chance on the outside. we
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in a jaw-dropping spectacle, the most powerfully built rocket has blasted off with an eruption of white-hot fire and earthshaking noise. the rocket boosted and accrued capsule onto a flight to the moon, to open a new era in american base flight. reporter joins us live from the kennedy space station with what is next. how are things going out there? >> reporter: jessica, it was an incredible moment. the liftoff happened here . we felt the ground shake. we are on
5:30 am
the roof of the second story building, and everything was shaking around us. it was touch and go there was a leak that a go in and fix . we did have left off marking a new beginning for nasa. >> reporter: a successful liftoff for nasa's most powerful rocket . >> that was like the first launch in 50 years. that is historical. >> reporter: the artemis 1 mission launched after eight months of back and forth from its launchpad. it was delayed by two hurricanes, and numerous technical issues, including hydrogen leaks . new leaks showed up on tuesday night, just before the launch window opened and nasa technicians were sent onto the launchpad to go fix the leak. >> my nerves were gone. we showed up today. >> reporter: the rocket sent
5:31 am
the capsule no astronauts on the journey around the moon . in 25 days, it will splash down in the pits of egg. >> this is an important step to eventually carry astronauts back to the moon as early as 2025. 50 years after the apollo program ended. >> we are stressing it and testing it to make it as safe as possible. we are making it as reliable as possible for when astronauts crawl on board and go back to the moon. >> reporter: the price tag for this mission is more than $2 billion. this is the first step in getting people back on the moon, and potentially, eventually, beyond. jessica? what is next for nasa and the artemis program?
5:32 am
>> reporter: look, let's talk about what is happening with the orion capsule. it will go beyond the moon and come back after 25 days. it will make landfall in the pacific ocean , near san diego. once that happens, looking forward into the future, in 2024, we do expect artemis 2, this will take astronauts around the moon . in 2025, the goal is to have astronauts , actually get onto the lunar surface. this is where the new era for nasa really begins. that is really exciting. thank you so much, christian, out of the kennedy space center. other top stories we are following, city leaders say they will take action to address concerns about an encampment near an oakland
5:33 am
school. there are half-dozen people living in the encampment on 23rd avenue behind garfield elementary school. the encampment has been growing in recent months. oakland city council members, that represents fruitvale says resources to address the issue are limited. neighbors and parents tell us that they are concerned. >> reporter: it is unsafe. there is a garbage. this is near recess with a play. >> reporter: imc needles on the ground. more and more people are moving in. we have a school, that's not go on.:the law is clear, they cannot be within 100 yards of the school. you cannot block the sidewalk to get to school. >> city workers will be near the school to offer temporary housing to those living in that encampment. the alleged murder for hire suspect that killed the oakland dentist, pled not guilty to murder and conspiracy charges yesterday. he will
5:34 am
learn whether he stands trial next month. investigators believe the suspect was hired by the dentist boyfriend. he killed himself in police custody last month. the system is calling for a third-party mediator to help in negotiations with academic workers is guarded a strike on monday. the 40,000 striking employees are pushing for a more stable wage of $84,000 per year, to combat the high cost of living. the union says this is the largest academic strike in u.s. history. many tentative agreements have been reached on key issues, like a respectful work environment, and health and safety matters. we are committed to negotiate in good faith. in poland, missile killed two civilians near the ukrainian border at a green facility. officials say the artillery appears to be russian-made, but there's no evidence that russia launched it. the ukrainian president says the explosion was no accident, calling it an attack
5:35 am
on collective security and a significant escalation. while they investigate, the polish government will raise their military preparedness. let's look at what it feels like outside. >> it is clear for us, and it is pretty chilly, especially those in the north bay. we have no frost advisory today. we are pretty much at freezing rain now. we're looking right now from our hotel camera, you can see the golden gate bridge in the distance. we are dealing with winds pushing offshore. this will continue to be the trend this morning with gusty conditions down in half moon bay, and all across the coastline. this will change directions as we go to the rest of the week. one big reason why that is important, that is why we have seen clear skies. once the winds change direction, the partly cloudy's
5:36 am
eyes will return and temperatures will drop a bit. how are the roads looking? it is tough this morning. we have a freeway closure . you can see it on the map, it is backing up traffic on highway 4. there is an alert in effect if you take highway 4, listen up. in westbound, all lanes are shut down between bailey and san marco boulevard. we got word that this is a fatal crash. someone did die in the crash on scene. it will take some time for the investigation. that is why the lanes are shut down. it will be like this for a while. stick with the alternates if you can. we have surface streets available. leland could work. the travel time is sitting at 99 minutes. that is a really tough commute. if you can avoid highway 4, that would be your best bet altogether. the surface streets will get busy as well. we did hear from people at the scene that they are diverting traffic off the freeway through the on-ramp.
5:37 am
they are sending vehicles in the opposite direction. they have a lot of cars set up. be careful as you commute around this area. avoid if you can. it is busy and all tomorrow. i will have more of that in my next report. this is a large-scale change to life behind bars , we are exploring a new approach being tested in one of california's most notorious prisons. [ indiscernible ] was given unprecedented access to the state prison in monterey county. in part 1, he shows us how norway's reform has become a model for making life behind bars more humane. on monday, we saw how compassion circles are helping inmates confront the trauma from their past, that is what landed them in prison in the first place. we now have part three. this explains how the new program focuses not only on the prisoners, but also their families.
5:38 am
>> i am always pretty anxious. i am excited. i am happy. >> of all of those things can be true at the same time. >> reporter: she enters a world of secured gates, and endless barbed wire, and concrete as far as the eye can see , adrian kennedy is reminded, with every step , of just how surreal her life has become. >> i promised myself i would never get used to it. i think you don't. >> reporter: her husband, tom, is an inmate at salinas valley, maximum-security state prison. they were introduced by a mutual friend, while tom was serving a 52 year sentence for assault with a firearm on a police officer. she was not
5:39 am
expecting to fall in love, but she did. they married in a prison ceremony in 2018 , much to her family's dismay. his mccoy family found out when i was with 70 that was incarcerated, they took 10 steps back from me. >> reporter: she visits him every weekend for a few hours. once a month, they are eligible for a conjugal or family visit on prison grounds. even though he is the one convicted of a crime, in many ways, she says, they are both doing time. >> every week, you are retraumatized. you don't know what will happen. when you get here, you don't know what staff will be up to. you don't know if they are having a good day or a bad day. >> reporter: coping with incarceration can be overwhelming. the stress of supporting a family member in prison can cause lasting health issues for those on the outside this is something that fritz he is trying to change. >> we numb ourselves out
5:40 am
because we cannot stand feeling anymore. >> reporter: the founding member of the project, she has helped prisoners face the trauma that landed them behind bars. >> the more compassion we bring to prisons, the more better our world. prisons are not an isolated event. the violence that happens here, reverberates into our communities. >> reporter: today, she is focusing, not on prisoners , but on their families. >> i got to see the pain they are facing every day, and how much data drive, and how stressful it is for them to walk into this environment. >> reporter: research has consistently shown that inmates are less likely to return to prison if they have close relationships with their families on the outside. >> each thing that is true for you, we supported the circle. >> reporter: horseman invited the women to participate in the same exact exercise that their partners went through the day before. stomach if you
5:41 am
often or very often felt that you did not have enough to eat, had to wear dirty clothing, and had no one to protect you, step inside the circle. if you often or very often doubt that no one in your family loved you. >> reporter: using a cdc quiz, she helps the women assess their own childhood trauma. when people realize they are not alone , she says, they connect , and start to share. >> they put him in handcuffs while i was still in the vicinity. i did not want to see that. >> reporter: status with the healy begins. is that the more we are aware of our time is and why we behave the way we are, the better we can regulate our systems, and create a safer society. >> reporter: the fact that adrian participated in the circle is a huge comfort to her husband, tom. >> reporter: have you being
5:42 am
here added to her trauma? >> definitely. that is a strange and good question. were both traumatized before we met each other. >> reporter: that shared experience, according to adrian, has brought them closer together. in a way, it made her feel less alone. >> knowing that he willingly participated, helps me to know that the wheels are turning. if the wheels are turning, i could possibly introduce some healing that can happen between both of us. >> reporter: at the end of the day, adrian hits home, dealing less burdened, knowing they have both taken a meaningful step away from the trauma on both sides of the bars. we'll give you a live look at capitol hill. there is a push for change. a bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill , calling on the federal prison system to address under staffing issues. the bay area representative is one of the sponsors. she did tour the federal correctional institute in dublin last
5:43 am
spring, they came under heavy scrutiny after several employees, including the prison warden were arrested for sexually abusing inmates. the congresswoman spoke with us about how understaffing puts the safety of inmates and guards at risk. >> this is a problem on many levels. they are overworked. they are observing conduct that is inappropriate, but are reluctant to say anything about it. when you have the warden of a prison participating in this club, when he of the chaplain doing that as well, it is very hard for correctional guards to come forward without fear of retaliation. >> reporter: the bureau would require three-year plan to address under staffing problems, and admit yearly reports to congress. let's look at san francisco's union square. the city kicked off the holiday shopping season. the mayor
5:44 am
announced a new partnership with businesses to keep downtown safe and clean, not just during the holidays, but year-round. we have a larger uniform, and those that are undercover, that will be out here. they have been out here, making sure that we are addressing public safety concerns. >> reporter: the mayor announced 150 new community ambassadors will be deployed throughout the city and downtown b.a.r.t. stations. some are retired police officers. >> this gentleman is a wheelchair user. he just got out of the hospital with a hospital band. i called union square business improvement dispatch. they will call the crisis reese wants team to come out. this is human dignity, he needs the services. >> reporter: they do not carry weapons, but they have radios and narcan to treat drug users on the streets. police are working to prevent a repeat of the rash of retail robberies
5:45 am
like last year. the city announced that they will be offering an hour of free parking at union square. we did mention the success of the artemis launch, but there is a special passenger on board that has been a big part of nasa's history, since the first apollo mission. this is snoopy. snoopy is going to be in zero gravity for artemis. he will demonstrate the moment the aircrew in the spacecraft reach weightlessness. nasa has been using the loyal companion as the face of their safety campaign, which i think is adorable and great. this will be his first trip around the moon. >> congratulations, snoopy. [ laughter ] it we are grocery outlet and we are your bargain bliss market. what's bargain bliss? you know that feeling you get when you find the name brands you love, but for way, way less?
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welcome back, amazon is getting into the healthcare business, launching a virtual clinic. the technology giant is offering the message-based services to those that need treatment for conditions for allergies , acne, and hair loss. there is no word on what the services cost. they do not accept insurance. amazon says
5:49 am
they will hope to expand things in the coming months. holiday shoppers are warned to be careful with store branded credit cards. according to a credit analyst, half a dozen major retail cards, including kroger , macy's, and wayfarer, recently bumped up the maximum apr's to more than 30%. experts say they can help make high-priced repairs and purchases feasible. that is a look at money watch. let's look at the forecast with jessica. we are seeing a lot of changes. >> we have a bit of changes. today is one of the warmest days of the week. take the dogs for a walk. if you can do a quick lap around the neighborhood, this is the best day to do it. we have upper 60s and low 70s. high pressure is trying to push its way down. take some attention on the screen. this is going in a clockwise direction. the winds are pushing offshore this morning. we have dusty
5:50 am
conditions near half moon bay and into bodega bay. this will change directions and get lighter this afternoon. we will have light winds as we go into the thursday forecast. high pressure is a big reason why we are seeing huge ridge of warm air from the south. today is one of the warmest days this week. it is not crazy, but we are setting three degrees above average. this will become mild as low pressure pushes in the negative direction into the east. we will be left with partly cloudy skies as we wrap up this week. temperatures are in the upper 60s from san francisco all the way into concord. 70s return to the forecast in the napa valley and sonoma valley as well. it is a beautiful day today. we have great walking and trail running weather. on the coast, we have sunny skies. this is a great each day as well. we have upper 60s in san francisco today. low 60s return tomorrow
5:51 am
for us and our friends in the south bay. will see temperatures average out over the weekend with partly cloudy's eyes and a chance to sprinkle as we go into next week. let's start with a trouble spot. we are keeping an eye on . a ly cra on highy arcompletely shutyoar stbound. they are diverting traffic off the freeway using the on-ramp. the sna vehicles in the wrong direction. the crash happened around four clock this morning. it has been out there for almost 2 hours. they will have to wait to open lanes until the investigation is completed. one person did die in this crash. we are seeing a lot of backup around the area. the traffic alert is in effect with this lane closure. travel times are at about 99 minutes. it is likely even more. willa pass or leland may be the best bets. that will get busy as well. try to avoid highway 4 if you can. westbound 580 is getting
5:52 am
first reports of a crash for those going into ultima. that is adding to busy red as well. here is an updated look at travel times. it is 86 minutes from antioch to 80. westbound 580, 49 minutes. we have two busy spots here this money. the bay bridge, the metering lights were turned on a couple minutes ago. we are seeing the backup building for commuters going out of the east bay into san francisco. the 49ers are spending the week at the air force academy in colorado springs to prepare for the altitude before monday night game in mexico city. we have more in the red and gold report. this is the volkswagen red and gold report. we have plenty of weapons, christian mccaffrey, deebo samuel's, george kittle, elisha mitchell , and more. some of the biggest plays came from
5:53 am
jennings. he is jimmy garoppolo's go to guy. three of the four catches extended the 49er stripes, including two in the fourth quarter. jennings has 18 catches this season. 10 of them have been on third-down conversions , and he loves his role. >> it is fun to come back and be out there with the boys. it is a party , it is a party on the football field. it
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. thank you for spending your wednesday morning with us. check this out, he makes parents look exciting. this is an 11-year-old boy, caught on camera, driving to buy snacks in this pink, battery-powered toy hummer. >> jason struggle sometimes. he has special needs. he likes to get out and do his own thing every once in a while. to make he is not in trouble, right? >> what a cutie. the driver is 11 years old, jason perez. he snuck out on monday morning. he said he took the shopping trip because he wanted to purchase mentos, food, chicken, and soda. he was hungry. >> i like his car. it is 5:56.
5:57 am
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lift off of artemis 1, we rise together, back to the moon, and beyond. vago, third time is a charm for the artemis 1 mission. left off for nasa's most powerful rocket, after several delays. the 2022 midterms are not quite over yet. the 2024 presidential campaign just began. >> america's comeback starts right now. >> what former president trump told supporters as he launches a third campaign for the white house?


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