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tv   CBS News Bay Area Afternoon Edition  CBS  November 16, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5, how doctors are tracking a spike, several viruses in the south bay. good afternoon. we have breaking news from concord. >> here is a look from topper 5. look at the flames spouting out from a construction vehicle at grant and frederick near highway 242. this area is closed for the time being. if you know this area, and you can see the fire is going strong right now, this is in a residential area. it is next to mount diablo high school. this is an active scene right now. >> you can see four or five hoses attacking the flames. you can see all of the foam. they're trying to get the flames out. this is a residential area near the medical center. is next to
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some high schools. we have mount diablo high school, and others. it looks like the actual fire is next to a parkt.g is th isin people are there, and are being told to shelter in place. they are trying to get the fire under control. >> they are using hoses and foam. if it is a gas leak, those flames are shooting out into the sky. this is an active scene in concord. a construction crew hit that gas line, causing the vehicle to burst into flames. the vehicle is still sitting there, this is grant street. it is completely closed at highway 242. they are asking drivers to avoid the area. i can only assume that evacuations are taking place as well. we are looking at the high schools and the medical center. >> we have covered so many gas
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linebreaks like this. so much of the challenge is, there is not much to do to control the flames. you can keep it from spreading. they're trying to extinguish as much as they can, trying to keep it from spreading to the areas surrounding this. this is near the medical center with several homes in the area. we have schools in the area. look at the damage to that truck. >> we do not know the extent of injuries. we don't know if the driver was hurt. those flames are shooting high into the sky there hitting it with several hoses and foam to hopefully put out the fire. we will keep a close eye on this fire. this is a very active scene happening in concord at grt frick, near highway . if you are in that area, please avoid the area. more breaking news out of the south bay, the largest city has a new mayor. cindy chavez
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is conceding the race with 90% of the vote counted. mayhem leads by 6000 votes. we have more on the story, later today. we have details with flu season, santa clara health officials are sounding the alarm about a rough flu season. piercing and uptick of influenza in the wastewater. they are releasing a new tool to track flu and respiratory virus levels so you can follow the spread and help mitigate it. >> please stay home, do not send your child to daycare or school, and do not go to work. this is the easiest way to spread the infection to other people and increase the burden on healthcare systems. this is the first winter that they have high levels of respiratory virus levels and increased d-ers. they want be on aranvid. t sitivity rate
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the 5% to 6% range. the land latino communities are helping with free vaccines to try to help working families. even though we want to recover, we want the economy to do well, but we do not want to forget about the disparities that covid-19 really uncovered. >> we went with one woman that went early in the morning to get her covid-19 booster at that site. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: marie was due for her booster. this clinic was convenient. she came with her husband before he had to be at work. >> [ speaking non-english ]
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>> reporter: this is considered a low barrier site. they do not ask for an id . information is printed in multiple languages. they offer covid-19 vaccines, including the booster. they have flu and monkeypox vaccines. maria got her booster and flu shots i had of the holidays. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: she is not wrong. the cdc graphs show hospitalizations are surging in the u.s. covid-19 positivity rate arising. they're hoping to prevent communities from being hit hard by the flu and covid-19. >> the positivity rate is important. 14% is very high. >> reporter: this retired nurse admits that not as many are coming in to get tested. they are relying at at home rapid tests. for those coming in, that 14% positivity rate is a sharp contrast to the 6% of the city. messaging is
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essential. >> we were able to push out text messages . >> i received a text. >> we did 553 vaccines over three days. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom's office says the state of emergency will end in february of next year. they do fear what could happen to the funding after that. they do is say they are hoping to work with the city to find a way to extend that time. >> we want the community of essential workers to be protected. they are the most vulnerable. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: this site has been here for almost 2 years. the people continued to work toward closing disparities that continue to be present. reporting for kpix 5. it is not just the latino community, public health of california show the death rate for black people is 20% higher
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than the rate for all californians. two dozen sheriff recruits were injured, and five critically, when a wrong way driver out into a training group. one deputy said there was some loss of limbs. 21 others had minor or moderate injuries. this happened in whittier. the driver was arrested. they were driving the wrong way, hitting a light pole as they came upon the trainees. the public utilities commission is hearing arguments on the plan to lower incentives to the owners of rooftop solar systems. the revised plan would reduce credits up to 75% for new solar customers , generating excess power, they get that back to the grid. the changes were a big decision on expediting the decision to go solar. >> you knew things could change? >> yes, i wanted to get grandfathered in.
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>> critics of the systems that gives a financial advantage to those wealthy enough to afford to live. this it passes the cost onto low income people that cannot afford to go solar. let's get a quick check of the forecast with meteorologist, jessica burge. it is a beautiful day. >> absolutely, this is one of the warmest days of the week. go out and enjoy it if possible. this is just north of the golden gate bridge. we are looking at what we can expect over the coming days, this area of high pressure, this is high and dry. this will keep us relatively dry this week. this is the big reason why we have seen the wind offshore and set up on shore. for boots on the ground, they are dealing with wind gusts up to 11 miles per hour. that does not mean sustained winds. we will see the winds get weaker through the afternoon. by tomorrow, we will have lighter conditions. let's look at the daytime highs. like i
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said, it ishighd dry. that pressure we warm upbit today. we are in the upper 60s in san francisco. take it for what it is, tomorrow, we drop back down to the low 60s. that will be the case in opelika and oakland as well. it is a beautiful day for us all throughout the bay area. all from antioch into vallejo, we are in the 60s. maybe want to take a lap around the neighborhood or go to your favorite trail. today is the day to do it. we will keep you updated in the weather center. let's go back to these live pictures out of concord on grand street. a ruptured gas line is causing the massive flames. it looks like it hit a truck that burst into flames. you can see the fire crews hitting it from all angles, trying to extinguish the flames. steve hill is on the phone right now, can you hear me? the mac good afternoon, i sure can. >> what can you tell us about
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this fire? >> you are watching it. you have a pretty good idea of what is going on. i can tell you, we have been on scene for about 90 minutes. the fire was quickly contained. that is good news. there are no structures that are threatened. there have not been any evacuations ordered. there have been no injuries reported up until now. you did note that there is construction equipment in the zone that has burned. we are keeping water on the fire to ensure it does not spread. it does not seem to be a possibility at this point. we are waiting for the city of concord to turn the gas off on that line. >> it can be scary when you see the huge flames. we know there is a medical center nearby. we know this is near some homes. initially, what did they tell people in the area to do? you make that will require
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conjecture, because i was not there. i do imagine the construction crew immediately evacuated. i did speak to the incident commander. there was no threat to the structures there. there are couple of homes where this has happened . i can well imagine those residents , they were home, they may have evacuated. i did hear words at the hospital, out of an abundance of caution, has had some partial evacuations. there are no structures threatened at this time. we are keeping the fire contained until the gas supply can be shut off. >> how do you fight this type of fire? i know you have several hoses on there. i do see a white foam at the bottom and base of the truck. are you using a chemical to fight the fire? >> in a way, we are not really fighting the fire, we are just ensuring it is contained. we don't want to extinguish it. then you have a sizable gas line emitting a good quantity of gas that could reignite or
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explode. we are keeping water on the fire to keep it contained. i imagine the foam was used to extinguish the fire on the construction equipment itself. now it is a waiting game to ensure it does not spread . we are confident that it will not at this point. we can keep it contained until the supply of gas is shut off. >> thank you for joining us for that valuable information. this is a gas line fire in concord. it looks like the fire crews do have it contained. i don't see any flames right now. they're waiting for pg&e to come shut off the gas to ensure the fire is totally extinguished. they did make quick work of
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food prices continue to rise. it is making for an expensive thanksgiving feast. michael george has the results of a new report, and tips on how to save. >> reporter: inflation has americans searching for deals. marla went to several stores looking for the best price on a turkey. >> you have to manage and shop around. >> reporter: bargain hunters cannot escape the steep prices. the farm federations is a classic thanksgiving meal for 10, including a 16 pound turkey, sides, and dessert, cost $64, up 20% from a year ago. shoppers find turkeys up
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21%. frozen peas are up 23% higher. piecrust the 26% more, and stuffing is up 69%. >> the cost for producing food has gone up. farmers are paying double for fuel and fertilizer. >> reporter: avoiding high prices can be difficult. one way to save is don't go overboard and by too much food. emily weinstein is a cooking editor at the new york times. >> people will purchase a bigger bird because they like to have leftovers. maybe you just get the truck you need this year. >> reporter: consider using frozen fruits and vegetables instead of fresh to cut costs. another tip, make dinner a group effort. >> if you have considered doing a thanksgiving potluck, this is the year to do it. >> reporter: having people pitch and will make the fees more affordable. michael george, cbs news, new york.
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♪ [ music ] ♪ many families are struggling to put food on the table , not just for the holidays. this is the time to get into the spirit of giving. please consider helping out our food for bay area families drive. you can volunteer your time or make a donation at you can scan the qr code on your screen. let's get our first alert meteorologist in. we have a beautiful day on tap. yes, it really is a beautiful day. we are extending into the afternoon. this is one of the warmest days of the week. go enjoy some sunshine. we have a live look from the tower going out into the golden gate bridge. we can see it all today. high pressure is building just above us, keeping us high and dry. there is not a cloud in the sky. it is circulating the
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winds offshore. high pressure is bringing in warmer temperatures from the south. that is exactly why we are feeling the warm temperatures, not just in the south bay, but all around. we are above average along the coastline. we are seeing much needed sunshine. if you don't want to take a stroll around the neighborhood, maybe go to the coast. today is a beautiful day do do it. today the wind is dying down through the afternoon. even in the tri-valley area, it is a stunning afternoon. we have mild temperatures . we are three degrees above average. we had the upper 60s this afternoon, as we go into the heart of the bay, near san francisco, it is warm. we are in the upper 60s. by tomorrow, we will be in the low 60s. enjoy this while we have it. as we go north along the bridge, we have mid 60s today. we have 70s in wine country. over the coming days, look at
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the forecast. we do cool down significantly by tomorrow in san francisco. we will average out the long-range models show rain in the distance as early as next tuesday. you can see that pronounced right there in the north bay. we are keeping a close eye on the models. i will send it back over to you guys. training is not just about practicing the right place. the 49ers are doing something different
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the 49ers are spending the week at the air force academy in colorado springs to get ready for the altitude before the game in mexico city. >> vern glenn has more in the red and gold report. this is the volkswagen red and gold report. the offense has plenty of weapons. some of sunday's biggest plays came from jennings. keep has been the go to guy for jimmy garoppolo on third down. he has extended multiple drives, including some
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in the fourth quarter. he has 18 catches, and 10 of them have been on their down conversions. he loves his role. >> is fun to come back and be out there with the boys. it is like a party, it is a party on the football field. it was fun. i had a great time. with the red and gold report, i am vern glenn. we have details on the lottery win that has someone in san bruno feeling very lucky. you can watch us anytime, anywhere, on air streaming service, cbsn bay area live . you can catch the news and weather updates on our free cbs news
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elon musk testifies in court. what he said about his teacher role at twitter? we have that story and more at 3:00. let's jik it would just go one last time. the we're looking the view from san jose. highs are expected to get up to 69 degrees. as we extend north , all the way into the tri-valley area, we are seeing a similar set up. this is one of the warmest days of the week. if you have free time, and you were sitting on the couch , maybe it would be nice go outdoors and get some fresh
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air and vitamin d. we are expecting any skies throughout the afternoon. a very lucky lottery winner in the bay area last night. >> it is not us, we are still here. somebody in san bruno matched five numbers and the mega millions drawing last night. this was at a shell gas station . the lucky ticket is worth more than $2 mill >> i to that shell ion.that it for they kpix 5 news at noon. we are on
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>> ridge: well then rework the deal. >> justin: well, just this clause. we determine the delivery schedule. we can't afford any delays. >> carter: we all know how you like to take things slow. >> justin: oh, yeah. i heard about the big news. so you and taylor are getting hitched, huh? congratulations. >> ridge: thank you. >> carter: well, don't let his subdued reaction fool you, justin. taylor makes this guy as happy as i've ever seen him. right? i mean, deep down, we both know you still love brooke. >> donna: you see it as clearly as i see it. >> eric: yes, i do. i mean, ridge-- ridge is never going to stop loving brooke, but he's chosen to make his future with taylor and so here we are. >> donna: and your family wants to celebrate that.
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