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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  November 16, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . warm over the week , and the race for san jose is over. construction crews had a
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gas line and things lit up from there, we are going to show you which roads are still close, at this hour. and a warning from santa clara county health officials. what they are saying about this year's flu season. good afternoon, i'm reed cowan. first, we have breaking news out of san francisco. trucking a crash involving two light rail trains, this is the crash scene pick there are at least seven victims. we do not know how they are doing or how many have been rushed to the hospital, but seven by their mourner and because of this. this was near oracle park, or people are being asked to for this area. we are there, we are working hard to updates as soon as they come in. more than a week after the election we finally know now who will be the mayor of the bay area's biggest city. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us now with the latest on the race for mayor in san jose. it seems like we need to have a drumroll.
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>> that's right, councilmember matt mahan though will become the next city mayor. mahan with 51% of the vote, while cindy chavez has just under 49%. and, man, just sent out a statement saying in part, this has been a long and hard-fought campaign, but what unites us as a city is more powerful than visions from a political contest. he says the mission is to work together for common sense solutions to fight crime, make our city more affordable, clean up san jose, and hold ourselves accountable as elected officials for results. mahan is a relative newcomer to san jose politics, serving his first term on city council, while chavez has held elected office in the south bay, since 1998 pick chavez, conceding the race this afternoon. >> of course i am just a disappointed candidate . i thought i would be the best
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person to get that work done, whether it is cleaning san jose, making san jose safer, getting affordable housing going. >> all the members of san jose city council endorsed chavez, so it will be interesting to see how matt mahan is able to work with the moving forward , reed. pg&e are working at this hour to restore power to more homes in concord after a construction crew had a gas line, and then you see the flames there. you are looking at the scene from grant and frederick streets over near mt. diablo high school. >> what i heard, they ran over a gas line, and that started a fire, dude jumped out, and when the dew jumped out the thing exploded, and i was down the street, and you could feel the aftermath of the whoosh. >> part of the high school had to be evacuated and students at the high school nearby were let out early. nobody was hurt there. lots of grant street still remain closed, and the fire has been put out.
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a huge alarm today, but a rough flu season ahead. they want us to protect ourselves and our community. they are seeing an uptick in influenza in our county's wastewater, and now, they are releasing a new track device so we can get ahead of the curve . >> please stay at home, don't send your child to day care or school, this is the easiest way to spread the infection to other people and increase the burden on our healthcare systems. inspect reports of flu are already high in 17 states , and the hospitalization rate hasn't been as high since 2009, suggest protect yourself. health experts are also warning us to be very careful about coronavirus this holiday season. so we are watching the positivity rate, something we don't often do these days. the latest update has the rate at more than 5% in california, that is our statewide pick but in san francisco, we are up from the state rate at 6.1%.
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kpix 5's jocelyn moran went back to a clinic in the mission that has been operating two years now helping people. it is offering free vaccines and testing. >> [ speaking non-english ] >> maria was due for her booster picked this clinic here , united in health, was convenient. she came with her husband before he had to be at work in the area. this is considered to be what is called a low barrier site . they don't ask for an i.d., it's free, information is printed in multiple languages. the site offers covid vaccines, including the b booster, as well as flu and monkeypox vaccines.
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>> and she is not wrong. rates are rising pick this site is hoping to prevent vulnerable communities from being hit hard from flu and covid. >> i think that's really important, yes. 14% is very high. >> retired nurse, dion jones, admits not as many are coming in to get tested for covid, but are relying on rapid at-home tests. but for those coming in, that 14% positivity rate is a sharp contrast to the city's 6%. they say messaging continues to be essential. >> surprise , it's little more reliable, to push a text . >> i received a text, yes. >> amazing. >> governor gavin newsom's office announced the covid
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state of emergency will end in february , next year. nurse dion fears what could happen to the sight's funding after then, but, they are working with the city to extend that time. >> meanwhile this community of essential workers should be protected, they are the most honorable. >> this site has been here for almost 2 years, and the people here continue to work towards closing disparities that continue to be present. >> jocelyn moran, there pick if you live in contra costa county and want to have covid tests for the holidays, you can order four free at-home test through their public health permit. alameda county offering delete supervisor, wilma chan, i renaming a street in her honor. officials in alameda revealed wilma chan way, formerly known as constitution way. you will remember chan died last year, when she was
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hit by a car. she fought for housing, education funding, healthcare access, and diversity . also this year, a park was renamed for her . >> we are glad to have a wilma chan way , because she was a. >> her children said they hope the sign also serves as a reminder to slow down out there and be cautious when driving in any community. it is a large-scale change to life behind bars. we've been hearing about a series, break the cycle, where we explore a new approach being tested in one of the most notorious and high security prisons. we were given unprecedented access in monterey county to the prison. in part one, we showed you how
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norway has become a model for making life behind bars more humane, here. also saw how compression circles are helping inmates confront trauma from their past that allowed them in prison in the first place. now, he's going even further with part three which is about the inmate support system, their wives, their families. here is that story. >> i am always pretty anxious , excited, and happy. if all of those things can be true at the same time. >> as she enters a world of secure gates, endless barbed wire, and concrete as far as the eye can see, injuring kennedy 's reminded with every step of just how surreal her life has become. >> i promised myself i would never get used to to it. because i think you don't.
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>> adrian's husband, tom, is an inmate at salinas valley, maximum-security state prison. they were introduced by a mutual friend while tom was serving a 52-year sentence for an assault with a firearm on a police officer. she wasn't expecting to fall in love, but she did. they married in a prison ceremony, in 2018 , much to her family's dismay pick >> my family, when they found out i was with somebody he was incarcerated, they took 10 steps back from me. >> she visits him every weekend for a few hours, once a month, they are eligible for a conjugal or family visit, of up to 40 hours in an apartment on prison grounds. but even though he is the one convicted of a crime, in many ways, she says, they are both doing time. >> every week you are retraumatized, because you don't know what's going to happen. when you get here you don't know what staff is going to be up to. you don't know if
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they are having a good day or bad day. >> coping with the incarceration of a loved one can be overwhelming. the stress of supporting a family member in prison can cause lasting health issues for those on the outside. it's something fritzy horseman is founding . she is helping them face the trauma that helped wind them up behind bars. >> prisons are not an isolated event. violence happens here reverberates into our communities. this changes your brain. arfacing ery day, honons, but t d todrive, hostreit is em thinto iron. ch haconste shth inmates are less
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likely to return to prison, if they have close relationships with their families on the outside. >> each thing that is true for you, we take a step forward into the circle. spoke to the end, horsemen invited women to do the same experiment. >> if you felt you often did not have enough to eat, had dirty clothes, and no one to protect her, step inside the circle. if you often or very often felt that no one in your family lived -- >> using ac/dc quiz, horsemen helps the women assess their own childhood trauma. >> step inside the circle. >> when people realizing what they have each been through, they start to share. >> i didn't want to see that. >> and that is where the healing begins. >> the more we are aware of our traumas and why we are
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behaving the way we are, the better we can regulate our systems and create a safer society. >> the fact that adrian participated in a circle is a huge comfort to her husband, tom. >> do you think being here has added to her trauma? >> that's a good question. yes. it's strange. we were both traumatized before we met each other. >> that shared experience, according to adrian, has brought them closer together. and in a way, made her feel less alone. >> knowing that he willingly participated helps me to know that the wheels are turning. if the wheels are turning, then i could possibly introduce some healing that can happen between both of us. >> at the end of the day, adrian heads home feeling a little less burden, knowing that they have taken a meaningful stop away from the trauma on both sides of the bars. reporting for kpix 5. >> so if you missed any part
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of this brilliant series, you can watch it any time, on feel free to watch them on social media, sure the conversation. before you hit the stores for thanksgiving, we will let you know which side dishes will cost the most, thanks to our friend , not, inflation. beautiful weather across the bay area today my butt what would also be
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a new report shows just how much more it's going to cost you to host a thanksgiving gathering, this year. the american farm bureau reported the most expensive average feast ever. the price of a large turkey rose 21% since last year. box stuffing is up 69%. piecrust rose 26%, and dinner rolls are up 22%. >> if you've ever considered doing a thanksgiving potluck this is the year to do it. >> the beer estimates a full meal for 10 people costs about $64 , that's the highest national average they have ever reported. here in the bay area we are told it could be even more expensive. >> a meal for two might be 64 bucks. >> if you are trying to get by
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with $6.40 per person, yo get roman packets. warm temperatures, today. everybody is a couple degrees above average. it will be cooler tomorrow as this high pressure, just a hill of air in the atmosphere pick some passing clouds overhead tomorrow as well, that will knock temperatures back down closer to was typical for this time of year. not that we were all about that average. we do have some rain chances in the long-range data. still looking like monday night into tuesday, it is not a slamdunk . at highest we are looking at a 50%-60% chance of showers, tapering off pretty quickly. but it is the best chance we have seen, since early last week, and we definitely need additional rainfall. it would be nice to get back into an unsettled pattern. one of the forecast models is very optimistic, anywhere from 0.25 inches to close to an inch of
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rain and higher elevations in the mountains of the north bay. but i think that is probably a bit too optimistic. for more reasonable up to around half an inch. there is time for mother nature to change her mind. if we get rain, the sierra would likely pick up extra inches of snow. that wobe a bonus ahead ofgivingfor resorts. right now, some clouds and the horizon, those should make for a beautiful sunset, this evening. temperatures in the 60s for most of us, 72 degrees in santa rosa again. most of these numbers, 1 to 3 degrees above normal. we will see with that onshore breeze some clouds overhead and the return of fog over the coast, maybe a little inside the bay by early tomorrow morning. that shouldn't have a big impact on
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your morning commute. passing clouds will be with us through the day. for the most part filtering the sunshine, not completely looking at. constant movement tonight won't be substantial enough to hold water to the ground. low 40s around the bay, by early tomorrow morning. high temperatures on thursday, reaching up to the low to mid 60s around the bay, mid to the upper 60s further inland. all these numbers within a degree or two hours average. the offshore breeze will kick in once again, then it's back to normal, with a cooler pattern, next week, along with showers. along with the increase in clouds, and dry during the day, best chance of showers arrives late monday night and sticks around into tuesday, and then we dry out for any thanks giving travel plans on wednesday, and the eighth day of the seven-day forecast, so be on the scope of the seven-day. it is thanksgiving day. >> over the river and through the woods, paul, thank you. with the 49ers traveling
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to mexico city, vern glenn will break that down in the red and gold report. watch us anytime anywhere, catch all our live newscasts, plus news and weather updates. find us on
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our 49ers will spend a
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week at colorado springs to get prepared for the altitude before monday night's came in mexico city. here is vern glenn. >> time for the red and gold report. >> christian mccaffrey, george kittle , elijah mitchell, but some of the biggest plays came from jennings. four catches extended, 49ers rise, including two in the fourth quarter . jennings has 18 catches, this season, 10 have been on third down conversions, and he loves his role. >> it is fun to come back and be out there with the boys, you know? it's like it's a party, we are just on the football field. everyone had a good time. >> with the red and gold
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report, i'm i'm vern glenn . >> here is a chance to recognize your favorite 49ers super fan. scan the qr code on your screen, and it will take you to a link where you can merit and nominate members of the faithful. ahead, copyright christmas . >> it is that time of year, paul heggen. maria carried trying to copyright christmas . what the patent office had to say when we come back. truck in tonight on the cbs evening news, tens of millions of americans expected to be plunged into freezing cold temperatures, the frigid forecast. plus part two on the nursing shortage. tonight, solutions on how to support the backbone of america's healthcare system. and out of this world, the long-awaited
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coming up at 5:00 we'll have new details on a same-sex marriage bill and religious organizations, who are voicing their support for it, along with the bay area tech giant. we got the story and more, with liz cook and ryan yamamoto thing about 5:00. her music may be the unofficial anthem of the holiday season, but today, a
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court told mariah carey you are not the queen of christmas. at least if you want to patent it. there she is. the u.s. patent and trademark denied her request , along with princess christmas. mariah carey would have been able to have the power to sue anybody using those terms or phrases, and would have been able to collect licensing royalty fees. next month, mariah carey will perform her greatest holiday hits the live two hour primetime special, minus the trademark. the heirs live on demand on paramount plus. i don't love that song, paul. maybe it is the repetition. you can probably purchase your own country or several islands on this song. does that make us the grinch? [ laughter ]
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>> completely, with the dog with little antlers. >> [ laughter ] that's righ kpix captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we're covering a number of developing stories. the investigation after an s.u.v. plows into sheriff recruits on a training run. plus an artic blast blanketing the nation. and the new questions tonight in that college quadruple homicide. the wrong-way crash that sent 25 los angeles county cadets to the hospital. >> we have broken bones. we have had some loz of limb. these are life-threatening injuries. >> o'donnell: murder mystery deepens. tonight, new video shows two of the four college students just hours before they were brutally killed. the campus on high alert with no suspects in custody. deadly missile misstep. cbs' charlie d'agata is in poland f


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