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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 5pm  CBS  November 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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republicans now tapped mccarthy to take over as speaker. >> look, we have our work cut out for us. we've got to have a small majority. we've got to listen to everybody in our conference. >> the democrats clinched the senate by an equally slim margin with vice president kamala harris' tie breaking vote. they will retain control of the chamber regardless of how things end up shaking out in the georgia runoff next month. kentucky's mitch mcconnell also fended off florida's rick scott to retain his republican leadership role in the senate. it is the first time mcconnell has been challenged for that powerful post in the nearly 16 years he's held it. so back to the house, cbs news projecting up to 223 seats will go red once the final races are called. six of the nine contests are still up in the air here in california. but one of them is between two democrats. ryan? >> a live look at san jose where eight days after the election. voters finally know who their next mayor will be.
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>> cindy chavez called matt mahan to concede the close contest to lead the bay area's largest city. kpix 5 devin fehely spoke to them both about what's next. >> reporter: matt mahan met with the press for the first time as mayor elect today. now before today, both of the candidates had urged patience and stressed the importance of counting all the votes. but supervisor cindy chavez says she realized the deficit was simply too great and the remaining votes too few to offer her path to victory. >> i want to thank supervisor chavez first for the call. it was nice to hear from her and a gracious concession. i think it's the best of our democracy. >> reporter: supervisor chavez called the mayor elect around 11:00 a.m. to concede. bringing an end to a bruising hard fought campaign and a long week of vote counting. supervisor chavez was gracious, but clearly disappointed it in defeat. >> of course, i'm disappointed. i really, really believe even today that i would be the best person to be able to get that
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work done, you know, whether it is cleaning san jose up, making it safer, getting affordable housing built. >> reporter: the mayor elect and supervisor chavez says many of the same priorities, homelessness, affordable housing, and public safety. but the different approaches and the plans to tackling those issues. mahan says the challenges loom large as the state and possibly the country head into an economic downturn. >> my focus on accountability is born out of the sense that we're spending more than ever and not delivering the outcomes we need. so as we head into what is quite likely an economic downturn, we're going to have to get more creative. >> reporter: the concession by supervisor chavez will bring to a close of the political season. marred by mutual accusations of mud slinging and dirty politics. >> do i think parts of the campaign were inappropriate? absolutely. will i call them out? absolutely. >> we share that frustration. the amount of money spent is a
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problem. >> reporter: frankly there is a loss between the two, but they will find a way to work together, to tackle the problems facing the city and the county. in san jose devin fehely kpix 5. now within the last half hour, current san jose mayor, sam liccardo, released a statement saying, "mayor mahan will be a collaborative, dynamic, and thoughtful leader who will ensure our government works just as hard as the families we serve. it's no secret that i'm thrilled with matt's election because san jose's future will be in good hands." within the past half hour, muni resumed regular service along the embarcadero after a pair of light rail trains collided. leaving seven people hurt, five of them in the hospital. the trains were both headed south when they collided near brannan street. they still don't know exactly how this
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happened. expect some delays through the evening commute. meanwhile in the peninsula, three people in the hospital after a multi-car collision in a parking lot. it all happened outside the target store on fashion island boulevard when our crew arrived on the scene. we saw a mercedes crash into a white scion and a black bmw. a shopping cart and its contents have been thrown across the parking lot as well. we're told at least some of the victims were walking through the lot at the time. no word just yet on how they're doing or how even the crash happened. a stretch of grant street is still closed tonight after six hours of a construction truck hit a gas line. that went up in flames. the crew was working near the intersection of the streets when they hit that line. that fire was contained to the vehicle, but it burned for about an hour until pg&e was able to shut off the gas. the crews are still there. but a witness who heard that explosion told us it was a
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big one. >> when they started the fire, the dude jumped out. when the dude jumped out, that thing just exploded. it was down the street and i feel like the aftermath. >> in addition to the street closure, power in the area has been shut off including to some traffic signals. no estimate on when that will all be restored. in santa clara county, health officials are sounding the alarm over a rough start to flu season. today the county announced an uptick of influenza in the county's wastewater. now they're releasing a new tool that tracks flu and respiratory virus levels. the goal is to help people follow the spread and mitigate it. >> please stay at home. don't send your child to daycare or school. please don't go to work. this is the easiest way to spread the infection to other people and increase the burden on our healthcare systems. >> the county says this is the first winter that an elevated threat of rsv has piled on top of increased flu and covid numbers. meanwhile contra costa county is offering up to four
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free at-home covid test kits to residents. the test will be available by mail through the winter season. county health officials are urging people to test for the virus before attending any large gatherings over the holidays. let's give you a live look where a dire projection has lawmakers scrambling to respond. today state officials announced california will likely have a $25 billion budget deficit. that'll happen next year. and actively some painful decisions this year. the state boasted a $72.4 billion surplus. on capitol hill today, a bill to ensure marriage equality is federal law moved forward with 12 republicans joining democrats to advance it. the bill would not legalize same-sex marriage, but it would require states to recognize legal marriages from other states. >> the status conveyed by the states are recognized by
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others. at thsame time, this legislation provides important religious liberty protections. >> some lgbtq advocates say the bill is actually a step backward by allowing states to ban same-sex marriage despite the supreme court decisions, striking down such bans in 2015. san jose state university has a brand new president. today the cal state board of regions voted to approve and appoint cynthia fuentes madsen. she serves as the president of university of san antonio. the previous president of san jose state announced her resignation last month amid criticism over a sexual misconduct scandal. drivers in alameda will notice a change the next time they head down constitution way. chan died last year after being hit by a car. she served
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alameda county for a decade. earlier this month, an oakland park was also named after her. >> i'm excited to name this street wilma chan way. it was special and unique. it was impactful. she was a fierce leader for social justice. >> chan's children say they hope the road renaming serves as a reminder to drivers to slow down. still ahead on kpix 5. elon musk issues a new ultimatum to twitter employees. what they're being ordered to do or else. bay area students giving a crash course in leadership skills. the program setting them up for future success. plus more than a year after a devastating wildfire. a popular tahoe resort is getting ready to reopen and things will look quite different when visitors return. some high clouds on the horizon, making a beautiful sunset as we look towards the golden gate from treasure island. we will see high clouds again tomorrow. we'll tell you if it will have any affect on
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that as the suspect appeared in court today for the first time. christopher jones jr. is facing numerous charges for the shootings sunday night. the gunfire came as the players were on a bus arriving back on campus after a field trip. in addition to those killed, two other students were wounded. >> all of us in this community care for the victim's families, and wish for the speedy recovery of those who are being treated at the hospital. >> the university announced it is canceling its final home game of the season. well it is decision time for the remaining twitter workers. they have until 5:00
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tomorrow evening to commit to the company. elon musk says those who do, they must be extremely hardcore. musk sent a company wide e-mail reading, "a fork in the road." it goes on to say only exceptional before they constitute the passing grade and explains how twitter will be much more engineering driven. the e-mail directs employees to click yes if they want to continue to work there. anyone who does not respond will be let go in giving three months severance pay. the billionaire is defending his salary with his other company, tesla. a shareholders lawsuit is challenging a massive compensation package that musk received in 2018. that package was worth about $50 billion and approved by tesla's board members. but the suit accuses board members of having a conflict of interest in the package due to personal and professional ties to musk. and job cuts are underway at amazon. the online retailer reportedly plans to cut about
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10,000 workers. 263 of them from its sunnyvale locations. amazon said in a memo, the initial cuts will impact within their devices and services team. a change in seasons and a change in fortunes for one sierra ski resort. sierra at tahoe is back from the brink. cbs reporter shows us how the rebuilding from the caldor fire is almost complete. >> reporter: it's a testament to the community resiliency. after having to remediate, reinvigorate is finally set to open yet again. and ahead of that december 3 open date, mountain staffers are hard at work. the first phase of the sierra at tahoe restoration plan was completed with the second phe atedto continue through 2023. the ski area was hit the hardest by the caldor fire and will force the mountain officials to rethink
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their terrain. >> not too many resorts will have the opportunity to rethink their entire landscape. here we really do have a new canvas to paint. we've been talking about our train department saying wow, there is opportunity we've never had before. >> reporter: the west side will be wide open and like above tree line skiing. >> reporter: the general manager, john rice, told me mountain teams from the palisades and the mountain were instrumental in helping the recovery and sierra has looked at models from european resorts on how to handle their new treeless terrain. rice tells me this will be a learning curve unlike any other this year given what the caldor fire has thrown at them. but they are just excited to see the skiers and the riders back on the mountain and that this place, which means so much to the community of south lake tahoe and the adjoining areas is going to be open for business yet again. as we check in with first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen. it's good to see
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sierra-tahoe back open again. >> yes, more rain for us. i know they want to get another layer of snow in time for thanksgiving and the following weekend. >> they're cautiously optimistic. we saw this last year like we have a huge dumping and then nothing. >> for now this upcoming weekend with a lot of them opening up, manmade snow. it will be chillier enough to produce that. we'll stay dry for the next several days before that chance of rain arrives next week. in the short term, things won't shift a little bit. today we saw offshore winds keeping our skies largely cloud free. spectacular sunset out there. passing clouds tonight and tomorrow and the breeze will return, which means it won't be quite as mild tomorrow. temperatures are back to normal. but as things reposition themselves and the atmosphere, it will be a storm system dropping through. it will help to prompt the offshore winds to return for the end of the workweek on friday. the little tiny baby in stored for us then back to your near normal temperatures over
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the weekend. maybe a little fog along the coast to start the day tomorrow. not a major factor for the morning commute. the clouds we see will be out there right now. not enough to completely block it. then with those offshore winds on friday, cloud free conditions expected for the end of the workweek with plenty of sunshine as we head into the weekend as well. the next chance of rain is still several days. it's the second to last day of the seven-day forecast, which we would look at our rain chances into next week. monday night and tuesday is the next opportunity to pick up still much needed rainfall. there are more signs of hope in the extended outlook, which will take us from thanksgiving, november 24 through the end of the month. a weak signal, but it's there. we don't necessarily need wetter than normal conditions, but just a normal amount of rainfall as we head into the rest of the month. some signs that might be following up thanksgiving. we might see more of an active
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weather pattern. right now spectacular sunset. you just take that in for as long as we could see it before the sun dips far below the horizon, which will be another 20 minutes. we're in the upper 50s, low 60s. dropping down to chilly levels inland. mid to upper 30s for most inland parts of the bay area around the bay and the temperatures tomorrow back to within a degree or two of what's normal for this time of the year. it means low to mid-60s for most of us. you're not going to be far below either, upper 50s there. and down around the south end of the bay. just a degree or two warmer as you head into the santa clara valley. mostly in the middle portion of the 60s for inland parts of the east bay. around the bay the low 60s. mid-60s in oakland and the east bay north of the golden gate. just a couple of slightly warmer spots reaching up into the upper 60s. the seven-day forecast shows the tiny warm up, a degree or two, that's it.
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near normal temperatures on saturday, sunday, monday. a lot of sunshine and more cloud cover on sunday and thickening clouds ahead of the next shower chance. it's not a slam dunk that we'll be picking up more rainfall, but things are looking pretty good at that. >> all right, we will save every drop, every flake. still ahead at 5:00, a bay area student on a mission for those who suffered traumatic experiences. >> through this anger, we wanted to form some feelings out of it. food costs are on the rise. we will have some tips for bargain hunters. you can watch us any time, anywhere on our streaming service cbs news bay area. catch all the love newscasts and plus the weather updates throughout the day. youth can
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usually at this time we introduce you to a bay area winner who has done outstanding community service. >> tonight sharon chin has a little something different. >> reporter: that's right. it's called students from action. students from two dozen high schools learned leadership skills. tonight, we show you one group who won recognition for the service project it started in south san francisco. >> reporter: abigail verano got together at el camino high school to brainstorm a service project. it was during the #metoo movement three years ago
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as she heard from alumni and students who say they survived abuse. >> we're very heartbroken and ultimately just at a loss for words. but through this anger, we wanted to form some kind of healing out of it. >> reporter: so with the support of their adviser, abigail co-led a team of 14 students. they created s.t.o.p. or student trauma al empoent, education, and prevention. >> when we say sexual violence or sexual abuse, a lot of people tend to turn a blind eye or tend to say oh, i'm not really interested. >> reporter: but the student led team organized workshops, school assemblies, rallies, and counseling. they reached about half a dozen schools in more than a thousand students in and out of the bay area. they partnered with rape trauma services and south san francisco police. >> the real impact we want to see or we are able to see, a lot of people wanting to engage more in this topic. >> reporter: now in its third
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year, s.t.o.p. received recognition. plus an impact warrior award from the golden state warriors. >> congratulations to the el camino high students in action team. >> reporter: and a shout out at the san francisco giants game. and in the end, abigail, now a college student, discovered firsthand the power of service. >> to me that was the biggest thing, especially for our team to be able to know we were able to touch lives. >> reporter: she, and her team, learned that one person can make a difference. the team is working on expanding the program in san mateo county. both students in action come under the national foundation, multiplying good. the foundation recently had a medal ceremony. one of the local winners was honored with a national jefferson award in new york city. founded moms against poverty with a group of friends in 2008. receiving the jackie kennedy award for extraordinary
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service to local communities. >> i truly can't believe i'm being acknowledged for something that i love to do. >> the burlingame non-profit has served more than two million people, mostly children in 16 countries to break the cycle of poverty. its provided food, built schools, and supported orphan care centers. congratulations to her. >> well deserved. >> yes, well deserved. thank you, sharon. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online on and still ahead here at 5:00, warrior star, steph curry, facing legal trouble over his promotion of cryptocurrency. the new lawsuit. and a bay area company paving the way for no kill meat in the u.s. we'll explain.
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. detect this: i stay undetectable with fewer medicines. ask your doctor about switching to dovato. right now on kpix 5, new fallout after some berkeley police officers were allegedly caught sending racist and antihomeless text messages. someone in san mateo county is a whole lot richer. where a $2 million mega millions ticket was sold. our top story at 5:30, a closer look at rising food prices. it's another struggle for families as we head into
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the holidays. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. the rising prices are making for a thanksgiving feast. putting more strain on families struggling to pay the bills. >> reporter: inflation has many americans searching for thanksgiving deals. marlow heado went to several stores looking for the best price on a turkey. >> you have to manage around that. >> reporter: even the bargain hunters can't escape the steep prices. the american farm bureau federation says a classic thanksgiving meal for 10 including a 16-pound turkey, sides, desserts, costs over $64 this year. that's up 20% from a year ago. shoppers will find turkey up 21%. frozen peas 23% higher. pie crust 26% more and stuffing mix up 69%. >> the cost for producing food
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has gone up. the triple for fertilizer. the result is higher prices. >> reporter: avoiding the high prices could be difficult. so one way to save, don't go overboard and buy too much food. emily weinstein is the food editor at new york times. >> a lot of people buy a bigger bird because they love to have leftovers. maybe you just want to get the turkey you need. >> reporter: considering using frozen fruits and vegetables instead of fresh, all to cut the cost. and another tip, make dinner a group effort. >> if you have ever considered doing a thanksgiving pot luck, this is the year to do it. >> reporter: having guests pitch in should make the thanksgiving feast a little more affordable. >> one small silver lining, prices of the turkeys have started to come down in the past few days. those higher food prices are putting a huge burden on many bay area families. and
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local food banks are seeing more demand for their services than ever. >> we will show you how the volunteers are stepping up to help and how to get involved in our food for bay area family's donation drive. >> kpix 5 your community station. and we know there is a problem in our community. one in six face food insecurities going into the holidays. and to face the profile of the hunger in our community are changing. so many people are coming out of the pandemic, still experiencing those affects. the table to be so d wewant to talk about volunteerism because as rochelle will tell me here at redwood empire food bank, people watching might say well, i don't have a lot of change to give. i can't give a lot of money, but you can give your time, right? >> it is so valuable. i mean the most precious resources we have is time. the fact we have over 10,000 volunteers who give their time year round to help us. it's the equivalent of over 45 full-time staff. and we just


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