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tv   CBS News Bay Area 7pm  CBS  November 16, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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city council put a temporary hold on all the new gun shops opening within city limits. as max darrow shows us, residents are split on the decision. >> reporter: jane buscher was raising her kids in redwood city . >> i love this neighborhood, it has a sense of community, there's a ton of families who live here . >> reporter: there is a possibility of a particular kind of shop opening up in the neighborhood that gives her a sense of anxiety. >> it is such a central, and family focused location, it just feels very out of place. >> reporter: earlier this fall, redwood city received and in very about opening a gun shop at roosevelt plaza . there are currently no gun shops in redwood city. the plaza is near an elementary school, a church, a market, and a library. when buscher found out. >> i was upset, i was worried for my kids safety. given what is going on in our nation, right now, with gun violence in
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school, it feels very tone deaf to have a gun shop in the vicinity of a schoolyard. with the help of some other parents, with kids in the school district, r, the city council unanimously passed an urgency ordinance which imposed a temporary moratorium on the establishment of new retail uses for selling guns and ammo. the reasoning, although there are federal and state regulations in place, redwood city has not established local regulations, so the city council directed staff to research and study potential regulations. >> i was relieved. >> the location would be about four doors down from this pizza parlor on the corner. >> reporter: longtime redwood city resident james abrams does not think the presence of a gun shop will have a negative impact on the neighborhood safety. >> is a secure location and
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does not fall within the law of the state. >> reporter: he says the city council's decision changed the nature of the discussion from one about a location, 21 about the big picture that he does not agree with. >> the question is, is this the appropriate place for a gun shop? man, it turned into, the question, is redwood city the appropriate place for a gunshot. >> reporter: abrams thinks gun retailers should be able to open in his city, so lothe rul already exist. >> i would like to see the redwood city council keep with the current restrictions, as far as what the state provides. the main concern is that other citizens that want to protect themselves, or get into target shooting, or any kind of gun hobbies restricted from being able to do so. >> reporter: buscher nurse the discussion is not over, but thanks to the council's decision, she can walk with a sense of hope. >> i think it is a great place to live and raise a family. >> i am really thankful that the city council took such quick action to put a pause on things, and give themselves the
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time to study and figure out what is appropriate here. >> reporter: buscher and abrams are both invested, because they care deeply about the community they call home. in redwood city, max darrow, kpix 5. the city's moratorium on new gun shops is set to expire, december 8th. it is extendable up to two years, which would take us to october of 2024. eight days after the polls closed, and voters in san jose finally know who their next mayor will be. cindy chavez called matt mantis met to concede. devin fehely spoke with spoke of them about what is next. >> reporter: met met for the first time as mayor elect today with the press. both candidates urged patients and stressed the importance of counting all the votes. supervisor cindy chavez says she realized the deficit was simply too great and the remaining group votes too few
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to offer her a path to victory. >> i want to thank supervisor chavez, for the call, it was really nice to hear from her, it was a gracious concession and i think it is the best of our democracy. >> reporter: supervisor chavez called the mayor elect around 11:00 a.m., to concede, bringing an end to a hard-fought campaign and a long week of vote counting. supervisor chavez was gracious, but clearly disappointed in defeat. >> of course i am disappointed. i really , really believe, even today, that i would be the best person to be able to get that work done. you know, whether it is cleaning up san jose, making san jose safer, getting affordable housing built. >> reporter: the mayor elect and supervisor chavez have many of the same priorities. homelessness and public safety, with different approaches and plans to tackling those issues. the challenges loom large , says the mayor elect, as the area and country heads into an
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economic downturn. >> we are spending more than ever, and not delivering the outcomes we need. as we head into what is quite likely an economic downturn, we will have to get more creative. >> reporter: the concession brings to a close a political season marred by mutual accusations of dirty politics. >> supervisor chavez and i share that frustration. i think that the amount of money spent by outside special interest groups is a problem. >> reporter: the two sides made nice today but there is no law love lost between these two campaigns. they will both have to find a way to work together to tackle the problems facing the city of san jose and the county of santa clara . in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. current san jose mayor sam accardo said in a statement, quote, the mayor elect will be a dynamic and thoughtful leader
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who will ensure that our government works just as hard as the families we serve. it is no secret i am thrilled with matt's election because san jose's future will be in good hands. in santa clara, lisa gilmore has secured her first term as mayor. anthony becker conceded the race this afternoon. the nfl played a strange starring role in this entire race. the 49ers owner put hundreds of thousands of dollars into an effort to unseat the mayor , unsuccessfully, it turns out. oaklands mayoral race is really a close one, still. lauren taylor holds a slight lead over chantel, as you can see there. and in the race for alameda county's next da, pamela presley over terry wiley has grown tonight ahead by 6000 votes. however, the race is still way too close to call. let's get to some other headlines around the bay area. san mateo police are trying to figure out what happened in the parking lot of this target on fashion island boulevard today. look at this. when they
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arrived, they found several people seriously hurt, three cars crashed into each other, and a target cart smashed to pieces. all police will say now is that at least one pedestrian was hit and that three people were taken to the hospital. take a look at this. fire crews in concord are still cleaning up this mess eight hours after a construction truck hit a gas line. it triggered a huge fire at grant and frederick street. fortunately no one was hurt. part of nearby john your hospital had to be evacuated, and students at mt. diablo high school were let out early. in berkeley, the fall of cryptocurrency exchange ftx is certainly noticeable at cal's memorial stadium. there are no massive black spots where the companies logos used to be. this is what looked like a few weeks ago, during cal's last home game against the oregon ducks. no word on what, if any new sponsor will replace ftx. a high school football team in berkeley is turning the
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vern glenn is here, we need the rights to this movie. we are talking about and unbeaten high school football team in the bay area, and how they got there is hugely intriguing . it is not the typical one that we think, right? >> every once in a while, a story like this will come along. this roster is so small, guys play offense and defense. same guy, different coach, different playbook , and in a matter of months, bam, it's a commitment. what you usually say with some of the big boys. dale sal, sarah, st. francis
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mountain view, but st. mary's? from where they came from? let's take you to the berkeley albany boyer. >> the future is bright at st. mary's. >> there's a lot of noise coming from a small pocket along the berkeley and albany border. st. mary's panthers football. have a smothering defense explosion plays, they even the league title without dropping a single game. >> what does it feel like to be champion? >> reporter: it was not always like this. >> last year we went big. people are sick of losing, to be honest. >> when you lose a certain amount of times, it doesn't matter anymore. you do what it takes. >> look at those win loss records. st. mary's has not had a winning record since 2015. >> we need this first down right here. let's go. >> that all charged when john troutman became the teams third head coach in the last
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three seasons. >> i asked him one day, asking you guys to buy in, and this was a group ready to do that. >> we want to go out with a bang. we are really buying in. >> heart and he pointed to one preseason scrimmage that flipped the program. >> we were confident that we weren't used to winning. we showed out, we hung with it, ever since then we figured out what we were capable of. >> hard work and guys playing together. >> they will try to hit us in the mouth every chance they get. >> the panthers, top seed in the ncs division six spotted visiting acadia, a 13-0 third quarter lead last saturday, they scored 42 unanswered points . st. mary's has built a record of 11-0. >> i did not see it coming but i would have believed it, seeing all the work that my teammates and coaches put in. we got here for a reason.
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>> oh valley this saturday stands in the way in the ncs final game, at 1:00 at st. mary's. when i think of these teams i think of the lyrics from this 1997 song called tub thumper. here are the lyrics. i get knocked down, but i get up again, you're never going to keep me down. that is the steam. google it, kids. >> weight -- >> thank me later. >> that one? is that the one? >> yeah. we can only play that in the background. >> now it's in my mind here. let's send this one off to paul, now. it has to be the most stunning image we have seen it yet from nasa's james webb space telescope. it's a
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colorful hourglass actually caused by a young and distant star. the so-called protostar, if you will, and it is only about 100,000 years old. for comparison, our son has been around for 4.6 billion years. nasa says the beautiful orange and blue clouds will compress over time and eventually form planets. so, i guess we say to this protostar, one day, baby, you will be a star. >> already a star but it needs it's entourage of planets. >> still in the baby stages. >> this is probably what our solar system looked like years ago. then all this stuff coalesced into planets, asteroids, comments, that stuff. it's pretty cool. i love the pictures we are getting. >> it is great. >> every time they release one of these is like okay, 15 to 20 minutes. >> we will take good. >> and the scientists are noting out for their lives. >> yeah. let's talk about whether here on earth . >> i will come join you in about 150 seconds or so.
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passing clouds for us tomorrow, onshore breeze will return, so it will not be quite as warm tomorrow. temperatures today were several degrees above average, but everybody is within a degree or two of normal tomorrow. a warm-up in store for us as we head into friday. the end of the workweek brings a return of offshore wind, so temperatures go back to 3 to 5 degrees above normal for the end of the workweek. jewels, your mic is open, so be careful of what you say. rain chances, minimal as we head into the weekend, and the beginning of next week. monday night into tuesday, that brings us our next decent chance of showers. it is not a guarantee, not a slamdunk that this will happen. it's the best chance we have seen around here. that point it will be a couple of weeks since we have had measurable rainfall. european forecast model, and we have our choice to look at, this one is optimistic. quarter inch to close to an inch of rain across the bay area monday night into tuesday. the american model will hang on, rain but more of a 10th of an inch, too maybe a quarter inch. this looks a bit more reasonable, to me, we will hope that the rain holds
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together, second, that the rain is as much as possible. a few inches to several inches with snow in the high sierra, that would be good news ahead of the thanks giving holiday, and all of the additional ski traffic that heads up for the following weekend. taking a look outside right now, clear skies are dropping off with high clouds way up there, temperatures have dropped off to 49 degrees. we are going to see some fog redeveloping along the coast, as we head into tomorrow morning. that shows up as the brighter white on future customer that will not take long to dissipate, but the dull gray here, that is the high cloud cover that will filter the sunshine into tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning lows in the mid and upper 30s, low 40s throughout the bay. high temperatures tomorrow are still going to be around normal for this time of
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year even though that is your retreat from today's highs. upper 50s along the coast, mid-60s down the peninsula, around the south end of the bay, just a couple of degrees warmer in the santa clara valley, upper half of the 60s, there. mostly mid 60s inlets to the east bay, or mr. spots in the upper 60s. low 60's in san francisco, mid-60s for oakland, mid-60s north of the golden gate except upper 50s along the coast. to be some slightly warmer temperatures for northern napa county, warm spots reaching all the way up to 60 degrees but a couple of degrees warmer by the end of the workweek on friday. sunshine into the end of the work we, but it 60s across the board, similar readings on monday, it even with increasing clouds overhead, and then, that rain chance arrives monday night into tuesday is the most likely timeframe. it is still the end of the seven day forecast. we have a long way to go before that rain chance arrives. it looks good for now, but, sometimes we are charlie brown running up to the rain football. >> that looks pretty clear for quite a while. >> it does not look like whatever rain we get would be
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out-of-the-way in time for things giving travel. >> thank you. still to come, oakland children's hospital gave more than medical care to families in need.
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i guess it is the season. contra costa county is offering up to for free at home covet test kits. the county says the kits will ship within 5 to 7 days. available by mail through the weekend. you can also request them online or call the number on the monitor there behind me. we will also post it online. county health officials are urging people to test for the virus before attending large holiday gatherings. here at kpix 5, it is time for our annual food for bay area families donation drive. the event provides much-needed resources for local food banks and the families that rely on them. there is a huge need out there. staff and volunteers and ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland volunteers were doing their part to fill that need today. the hospital's
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food pharmacy held a giveaway for about 200 patients and families to provide healthy meals to eat when they are home for the hospital. with thanksgiving almost here, it is more important than ever. >> it really is the difference between having a wonderful experience next week and not pick it has been a wonderful opportunity for pe g grai, fru otherwise not havecess >> the food pharmacy hosts two giveaways per months. they offer fruits, vegetables and protein, all free of charge. this is the time to get into the spirit of giving, please consider helping out. food for bay area families drive and to donate or volunteer your time you can go to, or scan the qr code on your screen, that will take you right to the site. when we come back, can you copyright christmas? mariah carey tried and today, the patent office weighed in, big-time. this is the volkswagen red
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her music might be the unofficial anthem of the holiday season but today, a court actually ruled that mariah carey is not the queen of christmas. the u.s. patent and trademark office denied the singers application to trademark the phrase along with the abbreviation qlc, and princess christmas with the
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trademark. kerry would have had the right to two sue anyone selling products with the trademarks on it. she would also collect licensing fees and royalties. either way, next month, mariah carey will perform her greatest holiday hits in a live to our primetime conference special right here on kpix 5. the concert will be filmed in madison square garden arena, in new york. mariah carey, merry christmas to all, airs december 20th on kpix 5 streaming live and on-demand on paramount plus. i can't believe we are getting close to christmas. let's be thankful, first. thanks for watching, the
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sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared. keeping binaxnow handy makes it easy to test. and self test kits may be reimbursable with no copay through your health plan. with binaxnow, you'll have reliable results in 15 minutes with the self test that features the same technology doctors use. and detects multiple variants, including omicron ba.5 so you can always be prepared with binaxnow. the #1 covid-19 self test in the us
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? [indistinct] i appreciate that. how y'all? how are you folks doing today? i appreciate that. thank y'all. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] well, we got a good one today. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from kennesaw, georgia, it's the champs. it's the kelly family. [cheering and applause] and, from oswego, new york, it's the o'gorman family! [cheering and applause] hey, everybody's here trying to
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