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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  November 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live from the cbs news bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. to can everything there is a season. with great confidence in our caucus i will not seek reelection to
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democratic leadership in the next congress. expect house speaker nancy pelosi, ending her historic run in that role. where congress goes from here. to can starbucks workers, on strike , and dozens of locations. and they picked quite an interesting time to make their point. what they demand from the giant of coffee. >> i'm just trying to donate it. your community station with the story come this young man saw a problem and found a way to help out. how he is enlisting his community to keeping the music going. good afternoon, everybody, i'm reed cowan. let's start with this big news. longtime house speaker nancy pelosi says she will step down from her leadership role, however she still plans to serve in congress. cbs reporter skyler henry has an update for the bay area that hits the area hard. >> a, reed, good to be with you. the speaker said that she will remain in her house seat,
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but also pointed out that it's important to focus on the future of the democratic party , and she wasn't the only long serving member of congress to echo that sentiment pick meanwhile the republicans have signaled with their first priority will be once they take control next session. >> back for me the hours come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus that i deeply respect pick >> nancy pelosi was the first woman to serve as speaker of the house, and she was proud that congress has become more inclusive during that time. >> in my 35 years in the house i have seen this body grow more reflective of our great nation. inflammation. >> akeem jeffries is the favorite to take over as minority leader, which could put them in position to someday become the first black speaker of the house. >> it's always good for a
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party to have new blood and doing configuration for new ideas. spectra number two democrat is also stepping down. had nancy pelosi stayed on she would have had to turn over the speaker's gavel after voters gave republicans control the house. one party democrat rule in washington is finished. we have fired nancy pelosi. >> republicans say they plan to use their newly gained subpoena power to launch investigations of president biden >> we have repeatedly called on the biden department to release documents to committee republicans, but thus far treasure has refused . its up to them. >> we should also pointed out that republicans earlier this week voted to select kevin mccarthy to be their nominee. but what's important to point
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out is he does not have the full support of the entire republican caucus, and that will be especially important, because he will need all 218 of those votes once republicans take control and can only afford a few defectors if he wants to become the next speaker, reed . back to you. >> scala, one more question from the bay area, and this points to what's next. >> akeem jeffries, we mentioned in the piece, the congressman from new york is one of them. we heard from several members who signaled they are throwing their names behind him, but there are other names, pete aguiar from california, the 31st district, is another name that popped out in terms of democratic leadership. clark, the congressman from new york as well. all these long serving members of congress have signaled they are ready to usher in a new chapter of democratic leadership, new, fresh blood are the words they used . signout will be
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interesting to see what that leadership looks like in this next session. >> skyler henry, one of the hardest working reporters. thank you. when pelosi announced she was stepping down she made magnificent remarks on the floor, and i believe she quoted from ecclesiastes there is a time for everything under the sun. so, if there is anyone that understands timing and the right time for her, for her family, it's nancy pelosi's. nancy pelosi always , always reminded the members , and in some of the toughest and darkest times in the life of our country. that it was the american people that sent us r them
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>> colleagues of house speaker and memories of her time in congress on social media. a lot of them are speaking towards the strides of women in leadership. if you would like to watch nancy pelosi's speech or full transcript, we have that on more layoffs in tech. kpix 5's anne makovec is keeping tabs on the bay area workforce. and we are now hearing from a lot of companies. >> yeah, and let's start with some of the riffs that we are seeing it . they are calling it the red cup rebellion at starbucks, where members of the starbucks workers union are picketing outside of more than 100 starbucks store fronts, including one in castro. they want to fully staff all union stores and begin bargaining in good faith . the strike falls on one of the most profitable
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promotional days, red cup they picked that's when they start serving drinks and those limited-edition holiday cups. the union says it is the largest single-day strike they've had, and we have reached out to starbucks on this, we are waiting to hear back. twitter employees, also on the clock, to decide if they want to stay with the company. elon musk sent out an email yesterday giving them until 5:00 this evening , less than two hours to commit to the new vision for twitter, or be let go with three months severance pay. musk has called his new vision extremely hard-core. san jose says they will lay off about 5% of the workforce, they blame current economic conditions . the wave of other tech and media companies deciding to cut jobs recently, twitter, disney, meta, and amazon, reed. higher food prices are
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putting a huge burden on a lot of bay area families. local food banks are seeing more demand for their services than ever. i recently visited the red empire food bank to see how volunteers stepping up to help, and how you can get involved in our food for bay area families drive. >> people watching thinking i don't have a lot of money to give, you can give your time. >> it's so valuable. the most presses precious resource we have is time. it is the equivalent of over 45 full-time staff. and we just couldn't be more grateful to have these people here. >> i had a chance to meet some of your volunteers and see . some of the volunteers say it makes me feel like i have purpose in the community. >> i think they get a lot out
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of it, more than you would think., rotary has come up a lot. i have seen volunteers become friends and they continue relationships outside the red empire food bank. it's so special to see. >> if you are watching this at home, you feel like maybe you are without a purpose in life. look for these opportunities to volunteer. food banks are all over the bay area. this is one of many in the network. this is your opportunity to think about, what's the condition of my heart? how can i bring a little light to my life? on the other end of the, the need is so great in our community we are coming out of the pandemic, but still, there are ripple effects that affect so much for people who are still rebounding. tell me about the need out there. suspect there's the pandemic, but we have got inflation, recession, all of those things bubbling up. and we are actually seeing more d dung the ak emic here, whic
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we are moving towards that same goal again, which is very sad to see . but thankfully we have the support of community, and we wouldn't be able to do it without them. >> the pandemic may be over, but the need is great. if you want to do something about it, if you want to step off the curb, so to speak, and march with these great foot soldiers here in our community, go to our website, or notice the qr screen on your screen , follow the link , and you will find ways you can be a part of being in this community and spreading a little bit of light. still ahead, more good work in our community, and we are celebrating that call to service. why one foundation says this year more than ever they need your help. plus, it's a trip for some players. but from one 49ers player, see how monday night football will be a homecoming. passing clouds and the return on shore breeze, brings a little haze
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benefits to help you save even more. we have plans with up to twenty-three hundred dollars a year to help you pay for over the counter health items, groceries, and living expenses like cell phone, electric or water bills. all on a single prepaid mastercard you can use at thousands of locations nationwide. call anthem blue cross at 833-797-4179 or visit and get a medicare plan with zero compromises for you and your wallet. in san francisco, the foundation known for its mission to help the community through meals, toy giveaways, and a lot more, the need is growing day by day. joining me
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live right now, and it is my great privilege, marvin, the minister who has the title minister of celebration. >> we do great titles here. >> and that centers on what you are about. let's talk about the work you are doing, how you help some of the most winnable members of our community, and the types of need you are seeing right now. >> we have been a community anchor, doing this work for over 16 years. and just because we have been there we see year after year that the need keeps growing and growing . coming through the pandemic, coming out of the pandemic, hopefully, i was just talking to our meals director, recently. and the line keeps getting longer. some peoplee m our way through this pandemic , and glide has only been making our current work solid, but we have been expanding as well
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, because the need has spread all over the city. >> in recent days, i've been so involved with something huge for us here at kpix 5, which is our food for bay area families effort. he said exactly what i'm finding out. people say post covid , but the effects is really starting to hit, in the face of need, the face of hunger has changed quite a bit. >> yeah. and we serve as a testament to that, over 500,000 meals a year. and that's an astronomical number of folks who were not only feeding themselves but are often feeding whole families through our food program, at glide. >> well, we appreciate everything you are doing. and tell us about the holiday jam. >> oh man, my hair and makeup is already here. they are pulling in designer clothes as we speak. it is called the glide annual holiday jam powered by hope. it is a
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ongoand r to raise awareness expandg services reduce poverty, homelessness, and iniquities across the city. >> one question, quick answer, why do we need each other? >> oh man, it's, it's, other. we have to look each other in the eye. we have to give to humanity, we have to come together. and we have to celebrate that we are resilient people. >> i'm going to reach through the screen and give you a handshake. we are with you and what you do. it's nice to talk to you. holiday jam is more than a benefit , it's a celebration. and we are right there to support. tickets are $75, that helps the organization , holiday jam. truck in time for our red and gold report .
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here is vern glenn. >> this is the volkswagen red and gold report. the 49ers enjoyed the day off and are on the their monday night football game. alfredo gutierrez won't get to play in the game, he grew up in mexico and told me before he left, this will be an expensive trip home. >> how have the requests for tickets been? >> crazy, man. give a call, i talk with my family, we find orders online, but it wasn't that crazy. but for a moment i thought i was going to go broke. >> with the red and gold report, i'm vern glenn. >> don't forget to recognize
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your favorite super fan. your cell phone, scan the qr code on your screen to nominate members of the faithful. we are highlighting super fans all season long. temper look at our forecast with first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen. we would like to see more rain eventually. instead, we will get the offshore winds returning to the bay on friday. unfortunately not strong enough to lower the drought risks , but we will track more . we will see it pivoting into the weekend, but dry conditions of the weekend, with a return to near normal temperatures. we will . up late tonight into early tomorrow morning. we are most concerned about the higher elevations of the north bay and inland parts of the east bay. the winds won't be too strong, but the winds are going to . up as we head towards midday and into the afternoon. some 20 to
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30 mile-an-hour gusts for napa county and sonoma county. particularly the highest elevations of 2000 feet where we could trust in the 40-45 mile-an-hour range . and humidity levels will be dropping. not to bad, but as we connected the day in the atmosphere warms up, humidity level drops to that 50%-20% range. combine that with gusty winds that would lead normally to an escalated fire threat. but we are still riding off that rain we received. if we have enough offshore winds events, the fuels will dry out again. we aren't quite to that level just yet, so we will keep an eye on the fire threat tomorrow. it's not going to be off the charts, and while we don't have a great seven-day chance for rain , the outlook takes us from the day after thanksgiving, black friday, through the first day of december that we are going to get into a more wet than normal pattern. in late november, that's saying something, so things look favorable for the
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deadline. outside right now, just high clouds out there. it will be a beautiful sunset, in about an hour and a half or so. temperatures right now are in the low 60s for most of us, warmer in santa rosa at 67. temperatures later on tonight dropping down to the mid to upper 30s and low 40s inland, low to mid 40s around the bay. some of the chilly spots are getting close to freezing. with offshore winds tomorrow temperatures will warm up to four degrees above average. except along the coast, you are likely to hit the 60s for half moon bay. around the south end of the bay, mostly mid-60s inland of the santa clara valley, 67 in san jose. mid to upper 60s for inland spots in the east bay. the warmest spots, approaching 70 degrees. around the bay, is in san francisco, upper 60s for oakland in the east bay. and high temperatures north of the golden gate, warmer, because those offshore winds, the air flows downhill, ticket it gets compressed and warms up and
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rises. i will be live at 3:00 where temperatures are cooling down, where we will light up the center. on tuesday, there's a chance of showers, and it's looking less and less impressive with every batch of model data we get in, things are going to dry out. it looks like a travel weather wednesday, and for thanksgiving day on thursday, reed. a young music lover is working to get instrument into the hands of other kids. he says it's about much more [ inaudible ] you can watch us anytime anywhere on cbs news bay area . catch all live newscasts, plus updates to the day. find us on
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all right. we want to talk about bay area bridge builders, people doing things that connect us. today's story is proof you can be any age to make a difference. we told you about diablo unified 's budget cuts to missile programs and other things. now a 15-year-old in walnut creek has made it his personal mission to put
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instruments in the hands of students. watch. >> ready, one, two, three, and -- [ music ] >> music is one of my favorite things in the world. i love to play jazz. i love to listen to jazz, especially sixth period. i really want to be an important factor in many other lives as well. knowing i can give it to people who want to use it that can't either afforded or can't get one. >> and there is his mission spoken so beautifully . that's aiden fisher, he was assigned to do a class committee service project, and his choice was get instruments into the hands of kids so they can love what he loves. he posted his project on social media. the threat started. our community responded in a big way. 81-year-old phyllis eyman donated her guitar , the once used in the '70s, to accompany her voice as a singer. she said she worries this year's cuts to fourth-grade music class is the beginning of more cuts to come.
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>> i don't think they understand how important it is to have the arts. if you felt like an outsider, this was a way that maybe you could feel you belong. expect a way to feel you belong. aiden's mom said that even created a storage space to hold the instruments that he is quickly collecting. and you can be a part of this community effort. we have this information on our website, . just look under the build bridges section. to can pickle ball and how celebrities are fighting the fight to keep people in houses.
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coming up at 5:00, much-needed help for our neighbors in the south bay. we are going to show you approach to housing in our community. it's a great story. nearly 5 million americans are playing pickle ball, and for the first time, celebrities are getting in on the act. late show host stephen colbert says his wife got him into pickle ball, and now he's teamed up for a new special called "pickled." aptly named. sugar bay leonard, and emma watson, participating. it will stream live , and it's on demand on paramount plus. apparently stephen sings, too, and place pickle ball. i have not tried it. >> it's kind of fun. it's like tennis, but ping-pong.
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>> ping-pong tennis, tonight. make sure to watch. [ laughter ] have a great afternoon, everybody. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the big change is coming to congress as nancy pelosi, the first woman to be elected speaker of the house, announces she'll step aside. plus the history-making lawmaker who could succeed her. >> when i came to the congress in 1987, there were 12 democratic women. now there are over 90, and we want more. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: for years, the most powerful woman in washington. tonight, the end of an era. college murder mystery after four friends were brutally stabbed, what the coroner is saying about the knife. border agents attacked, a federal officer is killed in a shootout with suspected drug smugglers. frigid forecast, the treacherou


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