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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 530pm  CBS  November 17, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i never intended to run for public office. mommy and daddy taught us through their example that public service is a noble calling , and that we all have a responsibility to help others. i have enjoyed working with three presidents, achieving historic investments in clean energy, with president george bush. transformative healthcare reform with president barack obama. >> and, forging the future from introduction to healthcare to climate action, with president joe biden. >> scripture teaches us that for everything, there is a season. a time for every
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purpose under heaven. my friends, no matter what title my colleagues have bestowed upon me, speaker, leader, whip, there is no greater official honor for me to understand on this floor and speak to the people of san francisco. >> south a representative and as she was one of nancy pelosi's closest colleagues in congress. we spoke about the lasting legacy of her friend, and fellow bay area lawmaker. >> thank you so much for talking to us this evening. >> happy to be with you. >> were you surprised by house speaker nancy pelosi's announcement, today? >> no, i was not. >> you knew it was coming. do you think the attack on her husband played a big role, or do you think this is something she has been singing about for a while? >> well, i think she made magnificent remarks on the floor, and she quoted, i believe, from ecclesiastes, that there is a time for
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everything under the sun. so, if there is anyone who understands timing, and the right time for her and her family , it is nancy pelosi. >> it is interesting, she has had such a unique career. you guys have entered washington politics around the same time, in the 80s and early 90s, there. can you talk a little bit about what it was like back then, and what her impact has been, for women in washington, and , washington in general for the democratic party? >> well, she chronicled that, today, but when she was elected in a special election, when is all a burton passed away, heading to the congress in 1987, there were 20 women total , out of 435 . she immediately went to work, to change that. >> i always thought that nancy
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was destined for some kind of greatness , honestly, because our friendship goes back a long time ago, before either one of us were elected. and, when our children were quite young . so, i have seen her on that path . the respect, and the deep regard over the years, in congress, the multiplicity of gifts that this woman has i didn't think that her longevity , longevity does not necessarily produce a consequential leader. there are many that have served in congress, for long periods of time, but, nancy pelosi's leadership is consequential. >> you both shared a sweet moment on the floor after she made her announcement. can you tell us what he said to her, or what she said to you?
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>> i said, i love you. i don't think we will ever see the likes of her again. that is how unique she is. >> congresswoman , thank you so much for those conversations. >> thank you. it is good to be with you. other news now 5:30, a santa clara county program is now helping low income residents pay their water bills this holiday season. valley water is committing $2 million to its water rates assistance program . they are teaming up with sacred heart community service to give out those funds. valley water says pandemic times have led to an increase in water usage at homes and they recognize that people need help. >> many families were forced to choose between paying for food, rent, healthcare, or bills. >> the water assistance program has helped more than 6000 households with water bills, so far. a new sign that inflation may be easing a bit. mortgage
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rates have dropped slightly. the 30 year fixed rate averaged 6.6% this past week. that is down from about 7.08% of the week before. according to freddie mac, that is the largest weekly drop, since 1981. >> so many people trying to get concealed weapons permits. the sheriff's office now forced to hire new staff to keep up with the backlog. the surge comes after the supreme court lowered requirements for concealed carry permits . the custer county sheriff's office says the backlog now sits at 1000 applications, posting this picture right there, of a stack of applications, just waiting to be processed. >> it will take us a bit of time, we were working as quickly as we can. there are 1000 applications, they are coming in every day. >> they say that before the ruling in june they got about 20 applications per month. right now, investigators are awaiting autopsy results in the stabbing death of four
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university of idaho students. cbs news reporter christina ruffini is in moscow, idaho, with a new warning from police. >> of the university of idaho men's basketball team observed a moment of style silence for the bodies of students who were found in an off campus house last weekend. fatally stabbed with some kind of blade that is not yet recovered. with no arrest or suspect identified, police walked back a previous statement that there was no threat to the public. >> please stay vigilant, report any suspicious activity, and to be aware of your surroundings at all times. >> and to get it to say that on saturday night, ethan chapin and zana were at a party on campus. haley gonzales was seen at a downtown bar. this lifestream video appears to show madison and kaylee chatting, and getting a late night snack from a food truck hours before they were killed. the county prosecutor and police say they are coming through the video, trying to identify people with whom they may have come into contact. >> with the lord now.
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>> students remember the vigil in coeur d'alene. >> i did cheer for a couple of months with kaylee, she was welcoming in times that i needed it. >> in washington state, chris pearson, a local school superintendent says he got to know ethan chapin, who loved basketball. >> people are incredible devastated, and are having a hard time processing what happened. >> the university of idaho has postponed a candlelight vigil until after things giving break. cbs news, moscow, idaho. two other people were found alive and unhurt in the large home where the four bodies were found. still ahead of 5:00, hanging out the help wanted sign ahead of a holiday rush, but, if you are waiting on a parcel, you should be prepared to wait until late. it has nothing to do with pickles but it
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sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared.
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a dutch court has found freemen guilty in an airline disaster in 2014, that killed nearly 300 people. a panel of judges found two russians and a ukrainian man guilty of mass murder, for shooting down malaysia airlines flight major 17. another russian man was acquitted, the court said russia had control of these separatist regions when a russian-made missile launch from the field in eastern ukraine and brought down the boeing 777. >> there is no celebration. this is not going to change how we all feel. there is slight closure. >> moscow denies any involvement, but says it will examine thursday's ruling. ukraine's presidential adviser says the guilty verdicts are a signal to the world that every
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war crime committed will eventually be brought to justice. >> if you are planning to do most of your holiday shopping online, be prepared to stay up late, waiting for your deliveries. the postal service says it is adding more package processing machines and trying to hire about 28,000 seasonal workers, all to prevent a holiday crush and delays. never presented told a congressional panel that recruitment has been sluggish in tight labor markets like california. >> postmasters are shortstaffed in many areas of the country interpersonally delivering mail on some routes in order to fulfill that mission. in some regions, vacancies get no applicants. >> that can mean a lot of after dark delivery through the holidays as workers struggle to unearth themselves from all the envelopes and boxes. if you are shipping something yourself, here are some dates to keep in mind. sent first class mail by the 17th,
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express mail by december 23rd. as always, the earlier you ship, the better. >> you really have to have your act together. >> our you do. >> not me. >> taylor swift fans up in arms tonight. it has gotten so angry and why it could spark a congressional instigation. straightahead in sports, baseball handed out its mbp today. stanford soccer on the break. you don't mess with tradition. high school football programs have the turkey day championship in their sites. coming up on the cbs evening news, thanks giving is just one week away, and inflation is on the menu this year. we will show tips on how you can save money. that and more news tonight, right here on the cbs
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i stay undetectable with fewer medicines. fans who could not or taylor swift tickets during tuesday's problematic presale are out of luck again. >> this was crazy. ticketmaster says there is nothing left to release, no more tickets even left for the general public tomorrow, so it is called off, that sale altogether. tuesday's service meltdown left many fans waiting in the queue for hours, shows a spotlight on a common criticism of the company. it has virtually no competition since merging with
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live nation. attorney general from tennessee says he is launching a consumer protection and investigation. ocasio-cortez called the giant a monopoly that needs to be reined in. ticketmaster disputes the monopoly label, a top executive recently told npr it makes up just about one third of the concert market. checking in with paul, swifty's are out. >> paul is very disappointed, i know you wanted to be first in line for the concert. >> just don't have to wait until next time around i guess. >> does listen to her album, it's okay. >> over and over. >> we can even watch the documentary , together. >> how far will we take this bit? >> we can drink a cup and spice lattes together? i think it would be great. >> this is still going. >> ef. >> i'm ready. i know paul is a 50, he's a closet 50. >> anyone associated listens to the statement. let's take a look weatherwise, looking towards the other types of stars. if you want to take in the leonid meteor shower
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tonight. we have passing clouds overhead, this is generally one of the more vivid meteor displays of the year, because we have such long nighttime hours this time of year. temperatures will drop into the 40s or even 50s later tonight, but look to the east, getting at 9:00 or 10:00 or so. shooting stars, especially further into the night, towards midnight. let's take a look at what is happening in the big picture today, not quite as warm as yesterday, passing clouds in onshore breeze , temperatures back down to where they are supposed to be the time of year. we are going to see the wind picking back up, becoming offshore as we had three tonight into tomorrow morning. the wind is not strong overnight but they will pick up during the morning hours and become dusty, especially into higher elevations inland, the east bay and northbay. you can get above 2500 feet, 30 to 40 mile-per-hour gust will be possible, plenty of 20 to 30 mile gust toward vacaville, combined that with humidity
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levels and that elevates the fire threat, humidity will be dropping through the day tomorrow, dropping down into the 15 to 20% range but fortunately we did pick up rain early last week. we might be seeing more but have very little of it in the seven day forecast. outside chance of a shower on tuesday, but the 8014 day outlook takes us to the end of the month and beginning of december to show a good chance of a wet pattern into late november. that is beyond the scope of the seven day forecast. tonight, temperatures will drop into the mid-and upper 30s and low 40s by early friday morning. below average for this time of year, but we make up for it, tomorrow afternoon, offshore wind are also downslope went. temperatures will warm up to about 4 degrees above normal. not a heatwave, but it should feel pleasant out, low 60 along the coast, upper 60s around the peninsula , south end of the bay into the santa clara valley. similar temperatures in land to the east bay, upper 60s with the warmest spots near 70 degrees. and 60's and seven cisco,
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upper 60's for oakland and the east bay. temperatures close to 70 degrees for most of the northbay. a couple of spots, going to exceed these numbers and making it into the lower 70s, best chance for that will be northern sonoma county, around windsor. around 72 degrees. temperatures back down to near normal levels over the weekend and staying there for the first half of next week. shower on tuesday, looking like a good chance 24 hours ago, looking significantly less than good at this point but we will be starting stubborn and stick with it for now, i will have more on rain chances coming up over the 6:00 newscast. time for a check of what is ahead at 6:00, we switch to juliette goodrich. >> i just spoke with bay area congressman eric swallow about nancy pelosi's legacy as leader of the party and what it was like working with her day in and day out, he shared some great stories and some photos, today. plus, with all the recent layoffs, bay area college students are heading into the job market with a lot of anxiety, can you blame them? we have got career advice for the surviving, a tough time in tech. you rarely hear about
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someone as young as 20 years old having a stroke . wait until you hear about this young man's story. the bay area therapy program but helped get him back on his feet. and come back to school, as we speak. great story, coming up. that will be in about 10 minutes. let's head over to vern, in sports. >> up top, and the warriors trending down. because of how they played on the road still, it is a hot topic. steph curry worked his magic, dropping 50 point last night in phoenix. still, the warriors lost by 11. 130-119. bayer 0-8 on the road this season. phoenix not really threatened, shot over 50% from the field, and three point range in the win. after the game, steve kerr responded. >> we are scattered. it's a pickup game. you know? it's a pickup game out there. there is no execution at either end, no sort of commitment to the
5:51 pm
group , to get three stops in a row, to execute on offense, i saw a lot of hanging heads, tonight, i think we are feeling sorry for ourselves, and nobody will feel sorry for us. >> any irving fans out there? he is expected to return to the brooklyn nets on sunday, after suspension, for failure to apologize, for supporting anti-semitic material on his social media platform. irving has 18 million followers on instagram alone. nfl and 49ers, testing frigid conditions in colorado springs, while trying to get acclimated to similar altitude as mexico city. that is where they will play on monday night football. baseball, yankees aaron judge won the american league mvp, receiving 28 of 30 first-place votes. the central valley native had said to two homeruns this season, nearly winning the a.l. triple crown. george has into free agency,
5:52 pm
where the giants are possible destination. paul goldschmidt won the award in the national league. the ncaa tournament soccer, stanford women on the ropes against byu, it came down to penalty kicks in the second round. evans, stopped by mason. stanford's first mess, doors open for the cougars, and did not miss. byu moved on, stanford eliminated. playoffs, lowell in white, forced to figure out lincoln, when into the city title game on fourth down, neerman got the first, and more. broke this one, long touchdown run, opened scoring, late in the third quarter, they just kept it on the ground. ricky underwood, a gamebreaker, put lincoln up 20-6, to win the game 27-6. next up, balboa. thursdays people
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championships. back to the mvps, today, you got one guy in the national league who haunts the giants with his bat, and another one, but the giants would love to have getting into form in aaron judge. >> aaron judge, column. >> get one over. yeah. >> thanks, vern. still ahead at 5:00, america's fastest growing sport,
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nearly 5 million americans play pickle ball. the popular sport is now getting its own special, right here on cbs. >> i can't wait to see this. stephen colbert has teamed up with funny or die for pickled. among the celebrities competing in the tournament, actress emma watson emma watson and boxing great sugar ray leonard. >> his partner in pickled tonight is emma watson. people will be shocked by the ferocity she brings to this game. >> this looks awesome. don't miss this two-hour special , pickled errors tonight at 9:00 right here on kpix 5 and will be available to stream live and on-demand on paramount plus. pickle ball is also becoming hugely popular here in the bay area. >> we take a look at why it has become america's fastest growing sport.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: part tennis, part ping-pong, part badminton, pickle ball is america's fastest growing sport. but, don't be fooled by the funny sounding name. players say the latest craze should come with a warning. >> it is very addicting. once you start playing, you can't stop. >> reporter: when the pandemic first hit, cecelia lau, a longtime tennis player was having a hard time getting her 12-year-old son nikolai off-line. she managed to pull him away from the internet with help of a different kind. it worked, two years later, the entire family place pickle ball up to four times per week. >> is a lot of fun. it's very interactive. >> cecelia is one of about 5 million pickle ball players in america, a sport that grew 40% in the last three years. part
5:58 pm
of the appeal , it is easier to learn than tennis, so pretty much anyone can play it. >> you get the exercise, you get to socialize. >> nobody knows why it is called pickle ball. some say it is named after the inventor's dog, pickles. others believe pickle boats provided the title. either way, pickle ball is clearly having a moment. it has become so popular, sports clubs are now getting in on the action. todd kramer is the executive vice president at a club redwood shores. he says the facility converted one of its tennis courts into four pickle ball courts. and, that is just the beginning. >> we just hit the tip of the iceberg here. i think it has the potential to be one of the major racquet sports of this generation. >> for cecelia, it is the chance to spend quality time with her son, who is growing up
5:59 pm
way too fast. >> we can compete together. i have not told him, i want to play tournament with him. you want to play tournament? >> i'm good. >> reporter: well, you can't win them all. kpix 5. >> i do like the sound of the ball hitting. >> >> you would crush everyone. >> it looks like so much fun. >> let's go do it. that's it for this news at 5:00. cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich starts right now. thanks so much. new reactions at this hour, nancy pelosi's big announcement, the first female speaker of the house stepping away from democratic leadership and passing the torch to the next generation. >> never would i have thought that someday, i would go from homemaker to house speaker. >> reporter: a trailblazer in washington. >> with great confidence in our caucus, i will not seek re-election to necrotic leadership in the next congress.
6:00 pm
>> nancy pelosi stepping down as the top house democrat, but, staying on in congress to represent the bay area. >> no one has been more effective, no one has been more confidential. >> reporter: new reflectance on her legacy from colleagues, and what we have learned about the lawmaker who could make history, succeeding her. spooked by tech layoffs, bay area college students anxious about getting and keeping a job. >> it's very scary. i think that is your searching, i might be laid off anytime. >> first and foremost, don't panic. >> how to make yourself stand out in a tough time for tech. >> i am probably the first one in my family to have a stroke. so, it was definitely a freak accident. >> reporter: he had a rare stroke at just 20 years old. his remarkable journey to get back on his feet. this is


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