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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  November 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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be the busiest day in our bay area airports. we spoke to experts on the best way to cope this time of the year. and this morning, over 100 people and even a u.s. senator are pleading with a judge to go easy on elizabeth holmes. the possible prison sentence is a few hours away. plus an employee lockout at twitter. why elon musk's hard core demand may have backfired. as we look at the roadways, especially if you are headed to the airport, so far so good, we'll check travel times, coming right up. and it is the holidays. we have your wecht forecast just in time for any travel needs you have. more on that, coming up. >> it is very addicting. and we first brought you this story on our morning mix. pickleball, becoming america's fastest growing sport. it turns
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out there is now a pickleball craze here in the bay area. we begin this morning with a check on our weather as the bay area kicks off travel season. we are going to get to first alert meteorologist jessica. a lot having, for the holidays. >> exactly. the embarcadero lighting is happening tonight. let's head into this forecast this morning. current temperatures right now, close to freezing but not like the past couple of days where we were well below freezing at this time. for our friends down in the south valley, we are currently dealing with low 40s just mere san jose. but daytime highs today are to be some of the warmest as we stepped into the afternoon. now 65 in san francisco. that is mild and it is thanks to an onshore flow. up approximater 60s for our friends in oakland as well as san jose. if you want to head out of town this weekend and you are
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planning on heading up to tahoe, pack extra whatever you need to do to stay biopharma. if you have to do one ski day, maybe take sunday over saturday. because it is going to be a bit warmer for you. less winds as well. going th e ty at the st happening saturday. kickoffs around 2:30. we are expecting mid-60s for that. i'm starting to learn what actually goes on in the bay area. have you been so that event? >> i have not. but it is nope for the play. the play. so that should be a lot of fun. it is a big deal. >> it is going to be busy if you are headed out there. definitely plan ahead if you are headed to the big game. right now on the freeways, we are off to a very good start. traffic is light this morning, moving nicely along 101. i'm looking at that route.
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a live look at the san mateo bridge right now. you can see things are not bad at all. but again we might have a lot of people taking routes to the local airports. san mateo bridge checking in. if you are up early, across the bay bridge, a few cars out there. not too crowded just yet. under about 10 minutes as you head from the maze over into san francisco. let's check the travel times. northbound 101, an easy ride through there. with if you are taking westbound 580, that is about a 31-minute ride there. east shore highway 4 all looking good. we are keeping a close eye on the freeways and the skies as travelers, you are in for a very busy weekend. that's right. we are the bay area. a lot of people out there. to have 5 million
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travels to pass through the gate tomorrow and new year's day. so airport officials are advising travelers to arrive early. give yourself at least two hours for domestic flights and three for international. they say to use airline apps for quicker checkinss and other baggage requirements. some airport officials are even telling passengers to stick with carry ons while traveling during such a busy time. s fo is using this opportunity to remind travelers if you don't have your real id yet, you have about six months left. they will be required to board all u.s. flights, and that is starting in may. you will need an identity document. that is how you start your journey. >> you can do that all online through the dmv, by the way. now let's get a live look across the bay in oakland. their airport, they are going to expect about 170,000 passengers between next wednesday and sunday alone.
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that is more than night% of the traffic from the pre covid thanksgiving. so a lot of people getting ready to get back out and about. we are going to see that today and especially next week. >> travelers, prepare to get ready and spend time with family. they are getting closer to that time. it can be extremely hard for some of them. covid left millions of people across the world without a parent or caregiver. the holidays are very hard. her partner passed away in 2014. still she has found a way to cope during this time of the year. >> every holiday. every father's day, his dad's birthday, his birthday. his dad will never be there again. >> for the last 8 years, laurie valdez has dealt with the grief of losing a loved one.
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>> it has been really hard. my son has grown up without his dad. he has cried many times. still now. he will at random shut down and start crying. i just want my dad. i want to go with my dad. >> reporter: valdez's partner, antonio guzman lopez died tragically in an officer involved shooting when her son was just 4 years old. >> it is i guess his way of trying to cope his dad's memory alive. >> reporter: in a study done around the world during the pandemic, stanford health psychiatrist dr. david seeing el says women and the younger generation are having the most difficulty dealing with anxiety. he says recovery comes in step. >> avoiding things that make you anxious only makes you more anxious about them. so take one step after another to reengage with the parts of life out in the real world that you can
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engage with. >> reporter: dr. seeing el came up with a way. he developed the app which can be accessed on your cell phone. it is a way to hypnotize yourself to help reduce stress and to improve your sleep. >> we found in our studies of it, people get about a 35 relief in their self reported stress in 15 minutes. >> reporter: for laurie valdez, what keeps her going is to keep the memory of her partner alive. but also be the support her son needs. >> i am antonio's voice but also josiah's voice. the kids left, they are the unheard victims that never get acknowledged. all right now, coronavirus cases and hospitalizations here in california climb as temperatures fall. the daily case rate has jumped to nearly 9 new cases per 100,000. two weeks ago it was 6.5.
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the current positivity rate is 6.3. los angeles county health officials are strongly recommending masking up indoors, heading into the holidays. but they are stopping short of a mandate. let's get to top stories we are following this morning. hours from now elizabeth holmes will learn her sentence in federal court. legal experts say she could ask for a delay in starting her prison time. holmes faces up to 20 years for defrauding patients and investors in her failed blood testing start up. her attorneys are trying for a lighter sentence of less than 18 months. holmes' hearing begins at 10:00 this morning in san jose. house speaker nancy pelosi will soon take a smaller role in congress. this morning we could get a better idea of who
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will replace her. she was the first woman in u.s. history to serve as house speaker. her decision comes after her husband was brutally attacked in their san francisco home. new york's jefferies is expected to make his formal bid for leadership today. well the state will roll back from front line wildfire resources as we get out of the peak of fire season. governor newsom making the announcement in napa. he highlighted the bigger budget to fight fires. a $600 million increase. statewide, more than 1000 extra people helped fight fires this year. more disappointment for taylor swift fans like myself. ticket master canceled its sales for the up coming tour. >> reporter: taylor swift fans across the country in a state of desperation after the ticketmaster website appeared to crash during the pre sale
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for the singer's upcoming tour. but not all the fans got lucky. >> ticketmaster takes the $490 out of my account. but it like crashed. >> reporter: the return of the pop star to the live stage causing turmoil. with lawmakers questioning the dominance of ticketmaster. also arguing that the recent setback for the pop star's fans is ly a symptom of a larger problem. senator amy klobuchar in a letter saying she has serious concerns about the company's operations. i don't think woman a. ctaking to twitter saying quote daily reminder ticketmaster is a monopoly. its merger should never have been approved with live nation and they need to be brought in. ticketmaster's response. >> didn't want the ticket prices to be over $20. >> reporter: but the woes with
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lawmakers and artists is nothing new. complaints about the company's monopoly power go back to 1994 when pearl jam filed a complaint with the justice department saying ticketmaster has a virtual absolute monopoly on the distribution of tickets to can't certificates. the complaint was later dismissed. a lot of people are bummed today. >> are you a lot of people? >> it was a shocker everywhere when they canceled it. because the sale was this afternoon. and a lot of people got e-mails earlier this week saying you are wait listed. so you saw everybody going through the pre sale and didn't even get the chance. >> you can't each get tickets then? >> no unless you get the resale ones. it is thousands of dollars. a big disappointment for a lot of fans. i'm thinking taylor swift will do something about it. >> she usually does, right? >> we'll see. it is 5:11.
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families are being forced to choose between paying for food represent or bills can now get some relief. and on our bay area beat, i'll tell you about a new program aimed at helping people pay utility bills. and this morning, [traffic] broken wire cuts her gums, emergency trips are zero fun. this could be a sign... to get invisalign. invis is drama free. the #1 doctor recommended clear aligner brand. invisalign
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ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho!
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. county sheriff's office is
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hiring more people. it comes after a supreme court decision. the high country struck down a requirement people wanting a carry permit must provide a reason. before the change the sheriff's office says it got about 20 applications a month so one person was able to handle it. right now they have more than 1000 applications backlogged. >> it is going to take us a bit of time. we are working as quickly as we can. there is 1000 applications, and they are coming in every day. >> reporter: the board of supervisors approved the department's request for more people. it is unclear exactly when that hiring will start. a program is now helping low income residents pay their water bill this season. valley water is committing $2 million to its program. they are teaming up with sacred heart to give out the funds. they say they know people need help.
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>> many families were forced to choose between paying for food, represent, healthcare or bills. >> well the water assistance program has helped over 1600 households with water bills. well the rain has been helpful with getting our lawns watere therwas a slight chance, it was supposed to be next tuesday. but here's the positive side. it is the holidays next week. as we extended into our thanksgiving forecast, you are probably going to want to have dry roads heading in or out of the bay area. we are expecting dry conditions lingering into next work week no it is a clear morning above the city skyline where temperatures in san francisco are mostly in the upper 40s. it is upper 30s all the way throughout our northern areas, close to santa rosa all the way off into fairfield. 44 in san jose. we are going to range a
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little bit above average but i'm not sure if you are going to notice the difference from yesterday or today. we are still dealing with 60s and 70s close to santa rosa and once again near fairfield. now heading into this week, we are expecting a lot of events happening. it is friday today. as we head into the embarcadero lighting to want, to the clear skies. we are expecting 50s across-the-board. bundle up. have the hot chocolate ready to go. low 60s are expected in san francisco at union square. thanksgiving is right around the corner folks. partly cloudy skies, low 60s just in san francisco. upper 60s for our friend in the north bay and inland east bay. all right let's take a look at the roadways right new. if
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you are planning on waking up early, we are seeing some back-up as you head over from tracy on to 580. so a little sluggish down to about 15 miles per hour. busy for a friday morning as you head through there. let's look at traffic in and out of san bruno, not too far from s fo. if you are headed northbound 101, and you have an early flight to catch, hopefully overbooked parking in advance and secondly, you have time. the freeways are wide open and looking great. no delays or troubles there. i don't know about the situation at the airport, but you should check your igbefore you head out the door. a live look at the nimitz freeway, 880 south of oakland, so far so good. freeways and streets look quiet as well. the commute out of san jose not bad as well. northbound 101, 36 right now. south bay travel
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times quiet, as well as including 87. twitter employees locked out of their san francisco headquarters. why an ultimatum from musk seems to have backfired. and we are all smiles when we have a cooking segment here in the studio. though san francisco is a foodie dream, there are new bay area restaurants getting time in the spotlight. ahead on our morning mix.
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conditions along the coast today. now let's look at hour by hour from 10:00 to noon for your kid dez heading off to school today, pack something a little warm, stepping all the way into the 2:00 hour, you can shed the layers, but you'll definitely want them for the evening. all right. thank you so much. it is time now for the morning mix. i watched this yesterday. the latin grammy awards. there was a historic win for a rising star in latin music. angela alvarez took home best new artist at 995 years
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young. she tied with sillivant estrada and she thanked her grandson who first recorded her music. she has played guitar and piano since she was a young girl. >> incredible story. i can't wait to see her whole story on the big jean and she did it with her grand son, too. i love she found inspiration and he supported that. it is never too late. for the first time ever, we are hearing the true story of an international icon of the entertainment industry. >> this is something other worldly. >> reporter: mickey the story of a muscle, takes a deep dive into the history of one of the world's most famous cartoon characters. the documentary follows mickey mouse from his early beginning in 1928 to a status as a symbol of the
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disney empower. the story streams today on disney plus skew i know what i'm watching this weekend. >> 100% and think about it. this is just a basic black and white cartoon on a piece of paper and now is an international icon that transitions through generations, me, my parents, we all know about mickey. >> and you all have your favorite character, right? but everyone can agree mickey probably tops the list. >> and i think today is his birthday, too. i think it is today. >> if it is not, happy birthday anyway, mickey. >> you never know. >> he will have a birthday. >> exciting news for foodies. local hot spots, esquire just ranked the best new restaurants in america. the bay was a big hit. number 10 on the list of 40 is san francisco korean
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restaurant san who won. number 4, also in san francisco, french eatery, best known for their caviar and also their extensive wine list. and come in at number 32, anemo, which serves up inventive korean dishes. number 4 on the list, shug's. i have not eaten there but i hear the food and ambiance is great. the eco friendly cop sent is making pies out of unsellable ingredients. >> earlier this year we got a behind the scenes look with the owners. >> we have a bunch of ugly mushrooms here. they are oftentimes cracked or split or grew in a funky way. >> it start when a farmer gave the restaurant owner discarded produce and he discovered that made the food taste even better. i remember the story
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and seeing the pizza with the mushroom. we ned to visit. i love seeing this move toward this food that doesn't look perfect. >> i had no idea we had a restaurant here that did that. >> let's put it on our list, you guys. it is growing and growing. let's go live to s fo, where the thanksgiving travel rush has kicked off. i have some tip this morning to share with you to help you avoid what could be turbulent time at the airport. hours from now, liz holmes could learn the
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airport. after two years, the outlook is 5 million travelers to pass through the gates between tomorrow and new year's day. that is a lot of people, but just 15% below 2019. at the logan airport 170,000 passengers between wednesday and sunday ahelp. that is just over night% of the traffic from the last pre covid thanksgiving. our cameras we want out this morning and asked travelers how they are getting ready for the holidays. >> plan the night before. have your stuff ready. and then have your attire ready to go. >> definitely plan ahead. that is key. airport parking is expected to be full as welch so do yourself a favor. box that parking spot in advance if you n, leave tra ea one before headed out on
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the roadways this morning and are getting ready to make that drive toward s fo, things are pretty quiet, we are for the seeing a lot of brake lights as of yet. we are keeping a close eye on the routes over to the airport. so 101 northbound and southbound, all look good. no delays on 280. that 380 connector looks god as well and a live look at the nimitz freeway, both directions moving along nicely. oakland airport, things are clear as well. taking a quick live look here at some of our travel time. south bay looks not bad. we are seeing nice conditions if you are head from guadeloupe parkway. so if you are headed to san jose airport, right now, heading to the airport is clear and 580 is really our only slow spot this morning. 37 minutes 205 to 680. but things look pretty good so far. and if you are looking
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ahead to next week, let's check the forecast. jessica? >> reporter: let's see what we are dealing with right new. chilly, especially in the negotiate bay. we have been used to this all week long. usually not past couple of days, we were below freezing. today is warmer, already off the bat. 40 light now. just near oakland. 40s also throughout the peninsula with daytime highs expected in the 60s. anywhere from. in the south valley close to san jose. plenty of events are happening for us into this weekend. let's start off withton. once the sun goes down, boy does it get chilly. to add to that, we are expecting a lot of variety all throughout the states. we are going to except a very close eye on your travel forecast.
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nancy pelosi set to step down as house democratic leader. she led the party for two decades. pelosi's decision comes as republicans will retain control of the house. house speaker pelosi received several rounds of applause as she made the anounment to fellow lawmakers on the house floor. she also reflected on her journey to the top of american politics and
5:33 am
the future of democracy. we'll get back to that story in a little bit. so moving on. julia spoke with pelosi's's east bay college, eric swalwell. >> once in a general race, maybe once you know in the history of the congress. she was a mentor to me. it was a 3 1-year-old alleged to congress, and i went to this place, unsure at times, if i had the experience. swalwell says she has been there for key moments in his and other lawmakers lives and had an impact on their families as well. >> i brought my 4-year-old
5:34 am
daughter, cricket to watch the address. cricket was there when she was sworn in. but i thought cricket represented every young girl in america who has more opportunities. so i took cricket up to her. democrat dianne feinstein said quote she has done so much god for the country and for the progress of women. she has been an amazing speaker and her leadership will be missed, especially in san francisco. during the stop in napa yesterday, governor gavin newsom reflected on pelosi's legacy. he spoke about how she has been a lightning rod for republican critics who have
5:35 am
seen her as a symbol of liberal ideology. >> no one has been more effective in that position. i don't think that is overstated. i think across the aisle, you can calibrate someone's opposition by real respect the person has to that individual. and nancy pelosi is in a class of her own. we will have continuing coverage on the end of the nancy pelosi era on cbs news bay area and now to some more of our local raise, lisa gilmore scoured reelection in the santa clara's mayor race. she ended up defor thing her challenger, becker, by fewer than 700
5:36 am
votes. despite being out spent 8 to 1 by the 49ers alone. the to believe team poured millions into becker's campaign after gilmore criticized the team and their operation the ium. wspoke with her yesterday. >> santa laura is not for sale. i'm just holding them accountable. >> important note, gilmore took donations from the miami dolphins. the 49ers said we congratulate all candidates on their campaigns. we look forward to working with the mayor, and all local officials to support our community. time now for a look at this morning's top stories. a florida judge ruled in favor of
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gabby petito's family in the wrongful death lawsuit against brian landry's estate. no matter the amount, the family says any money will go toward her foundation. it has been over a year now since their daughter with his found dead in wyoming. an update on the twitter saga. elon musk locked out his employees from all of twitter's buildings for at least a woke. that includes the headquarters here in san francisco. this morning we still don't know why musk made that decision or what impact that will have to operations. this comes after musk issued an ultimatum to employees. he did not already fire, saying they had to commit to a quote hard core approach to working at the company or quit. and apparently hundreds
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of employees took him on that offer. in january elizabeth holmes walked out of a courtroom guilty. now her sentencing is just hours away. prosecutors want her behind bars for 15 years. but her defense is putting up a fight to keep her at home and had he recruited dozens of people to help. >> reporter: attorney steve clark has been following the elizabeth holmes case since day one. >> she is someone people wanted to understand. you know you saw that with the national media, and documentaries and movies made about her. because she is an incredibly compelling figure. >> reporter: to help sway the judge, her defense team submitted photos and letters of support written by more than 100 people. one of those, new jersey senator cori booker. he
5:39 am
praised her thoughtful focus and determination. he wrote she was not only sincere about her interest, but a person who would dedicate herself to making positive contributions in the world. >> that is an unusual person to write a letter. >> i was very surprised to see a u.s. senator writing a letter. i think that speaks to her persuasive nature. >> reporter: clark says it is not unusseter ers likethis. so compling is the number of letters from very significant people in the community rallying behind her. >> she also got support from people who may have lost money as well. so i think what the defense is doing here is portraying ms. holmes as someone who is worthy of a second chance, and shouldn't go to prison for a significant period of time.
5:40 am
>> reporter: there are letters from actress ricky noland and an ex cdc chief who helped eradicate small box and silicon valley adventure capitalist timothy draper, who wrote holmes a million dollars check when she dropped out of stanford. >> a lot of times people we view as monsters are still human beings to others. she may have caused a lot of harm, she may have ruined a number of lives. but she still is a daughter and a mother and a wife o t of people. >> reporter: onthe est questionnge may allow her to delay her sentence until after she has given birth and bonded with her child. holmes wants 18 months of house arrest. while prosecutors want 15 years. >> miss holmes never really took accountability for her
5:41 am
actions. i was a bit surprised she wasn't more remorseful and accountable and responsible for the conduct that she engaged in. >> reporter: there is also the message her sentence will send about fraud in silicon valley. >> if she did you want end up spending a lot of time in jail, i think the message about what the responsibility of silicon valley entrepreneurs is, and the responsibility of adventure capitalists and all these people who enable them is going to get a little muddy, right? they are not going to make sure things are done right. and instead say the where that will happen is i'll get locked in my home for awhile. >> reporter: clark says it may be up to holmes herself to convince the judge to give her a lighter sentence. >> the court has a lot of information to make a difficult call. miss holmes herself will have the opportunity to address the court. so it will be very
5:42 am
interesting to see how this plays out. >> kpix will closely follow today's sentencing. you can get the latest updates on pickleball is taking over the nation. earlier this week we told you about celebrities getting involved in the action. we are exploring how the fast growing sport is even growing right here in the bay area. >> reporter: part tennis, part ping pong, part badminton, pickleball is america's fastest growing sport. but don't be fooled by the funny sounding name. players say this latest craze should come with a warning. >> it is very addicting. once you start playing you can't stop. >> reporter: when the pandemic
5:43 am
first hit, cecelia lowe was having trouble getting her 12-year-old son off lineup. pickleball is now what they play. part of the appeal, it is much easier to learn than tennis. so pretty much anyone can play it. >> you are part of the community. you get to exercise. you get to socialize. nobody knows why it is called pickleball. some say it is named after the inventor's dog, pickles. it has become so popular, sports clubs are now getting in
5:44 am
on the action. todd kramer is the executive vice president at bay club redwood shores. he says the facility converted one of its tennis courts into four pickleball courts. and that is just the beginning and i think it has the potential to be one of the major racket sports of this again ration for sure. it is a chance n mpete toge ld hi i want to play a tournament with him. so clay, you want to play a tournament with mommy? >> i'm god. >> well, you can't win them all. >> he is like i'm good. >> he is embarrassed. he will do it. >> i love tennis and jess was trying to convince me to do pickleball. >> just seeing it a little bit more, it looks like a lot of
5:45 am
people could do it. >> yeah. >> a lot of my friend are loving it. even in our neighborhood we have a class that we are signed up to do, just to be abe to learn.
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5:47 am
journey, we'll be
5:48 am
right back. all right. we had technical difficulties earlier. but yesterday nancy pelosi announced she wants to pave the way for the new democratic leadership in congress. >> reporter: today new york congressman and house democratic caucus chair jefferies is expected to make a formal bid for democratic leader. according to a person familiar with the plans. it comes one day after nancy pelosi announced she will not seek reelection to leadership. >> for me the hour has come for a in you generation to lead the democratic caucus. >> her long time number two will also step down. >> hoyer and the democrats number three whip james cliburne announced support for jefferies. earlier this week, cbs news projected that republicans had won the majority of seats in the house. already the caucus is laying out priorities for the next congress. >> rooting out waste, fraud and
5:49 am
abuse will be the primary goal of a republican house oversight committee. >> reporter: house leader kevin mccarthy has received his party's nomination for speaker. let's look at your money watch headlines. if you are shopping online this holiday season, be ready to stay up late, waiting for your packages. the u.s. postal service is adding more processing machines. they are also trying to hire around 28,000 additional seasonal workersful but a representative told can congress recruitment has been sluggish in tight labor markets like california. the company says that means there will be a lot of after dark deliveries through the holidays. and if you are shipping something yourself, here are some dates. first class mail by december 17. priority parcels by the 19 and express by december 23. as always, the earlier the better. frontier airline customers,
5:50 am
you have until midnight mountain time to purchase its go wild all you can fry pass. this will provide unlimited air travel across the u.s. and puerto rico starting may 2023. the pass only costs $599. discounted from its usual $1099. and customers will have access to the national and international destinations. >> i thought that was fake. i didn't realize that was real, the frontier thing. >> yes -b are, but you still have to pay for seats and baggage. so there is a lot of added fees. so look at the fine print. >> i wonder who will win in that scenario. if you travel a lot it could be worth it. let's particular our eyes to the skies. a beautiful sight. clear conditions over san francisco. official sun vice happens within the next hour and it is going to look pretty no locking at daytime
5:51 am
highs this were, comfortable, actually. upper 60s, lower 70s throughout the bay area, and even up into the north bay this afternoon where sap that rosa and fairfield are winning this afternoon. now as we look at when is going on this weekend, we mentioned the embarcadero lighting. make sure you have jackets heading out to that event. temperatures are going to stay chilly, but at least we'll see more sunshine. saturday the 125th game is happening and boy is it going to be a fun one. we are expecting 60s just at kickoff around 2:30. if you are not a football fan, maybe you want to head out with your loved ones, we are expecting low 60s both days, sunday and saturday. a beautiful sight to see, especially up in the tahoe area. plenty of rain in the bay, know there recently. as we
5:52 am
kicked into the month of november. keep in mind sunday is the parmer of the two days. if you want to get more skiing in, heading into the fedex couple of days, 60s right around the concerner for thanksgiving. we'll keep you updated here in the weather center. next week is going to be very busy on the reasonable doubt ways especially on tuesday and wednesday right before thanksgiving. today if you are up early and you have got an early flit to catch ahead of the thanksgiving rush, if you are headed toward okay happened airport, a live look e alg ys ar behaving. thinong well t. let's traffic along 101. through the peninsula, el camino, even 380, all checking in problem-free.
5:53 am
if you are come out of the south bay northbound from san jose, that is about a 41-minute travel time. not bad at all. westbound 580 that is busy. 37 minutes. south bay travel
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welcome back. >> your red and gold report. practice thursday in mexico, to acclimate to the high altitude. c1 . >> play around, i hope i can catch him. run it. >> reporter: with the red and gold report, i'm vern glenn. it is 5:56. it is friday and that means films, food and fun. we will break it all down with liam in this week's liam's
5:57 am
list. plus getting some help on those water bills in the south bay. the new program a
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difference this holiday season. elizabeth holmes will finally learn her fate in just hours. she could spend years in prison. but you'll want to hear how her defense team is pulling out all the stops. plus the chaos at twitter erupting overnight. the hundreds of employees leaving their jobs after elon musk's ultimatum. what it could mean for us. and we are expecting a busy day of travel with thanksgiving right around the corner. a live look this morning, i'll give you the details, what you can expect to see at our bay area airports. and as many people are heading out the door this morning, we ha


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