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tv   The Late News  CBS  November 19, 2022 2:06am-2:30am PST

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hi, i'm sara donchey. breaking news tonight after lagging behind during the vote count. it looks like sheng thao will, in fact, be the next mayor of oakland. alameda county put out new numbers tonight. thao has taken the lead against loren taylor thanks to rank choice voting. now while she's mathematically the winner right now, thao says she will not be declaring victory tonight at least. her campaign did tell us though it's been a long week and a half. we've been humbled to watch the results shift in our favor with each passing day. we are optimistic that our lead will hold and sheng thao will be the next mayor of oakland.
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and new tonight, we do have a definitive winner in the alameda county district attorney's race. price has defeated wiley. price tweeted out tonight, "we knew this election was going to be an exclamation history point." it's a legacy of appointed unchallenged district attorneys. now to elizabeth holmes, once the pride of silicon valley. now she's facing down 11 years in prison for defrauding investors. anne makovec joins us with more from her message the sentence is sending to other start-ups in the future. >> reporter: well sara, elizabeth holmes founded theranos at the age of 19 and then dropped out of stanford university. the technology would have diagnosed a wide range of conditions with just a few drops of blood. it was a story that was just too good to be true. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes stood in court red faced and teary davila
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handed down her sentence. they have deep pain. and to each of them, i am so, so sorry. i gave everything i to save the company. and john kerry, the wall street investigative reporter who first exposed theranos isn't buying that apology. >> she didn't acknowledge any wrong doing or apologize to patients or investors. she let people down, but only in the sense the company failed. >> reporter: it was in january when holmes was convicted on three counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for misleading investors. prosecutors urged the court to hand down a 15-year sentence. holmes pushed for 18 months of house arrest. russell hancock, the president and ceo of joint ventures in silicon valley feels the stiff sentence sends a clear message. >> i see it as the criminal
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justice system at work. >> reporter: hancock has worked with numerous businesses in silicon valley, but says he has never seen one quite like theranos. >> what's so striking to me about this case is its exceptionalism. i don't know of other cases like this one. for some reason, this company stands out. it didn't have the same level of scrutiny. there was somehow a charisma affect, a celebrity affect with his holmes herself. >> reporter: hancock doesn't expect them to set up shop in silicon valley ever again especially now as the economy is showing signs of a slowdown. >> venture capital has a high bar. you must have done all of that due diligence. you must have a proven customer base. there has to be a very clear path to revenue. >> well holmes' attorney are expected to file an appeal and ask for the judge for her to remain free during t■he process
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she does have a daughter and currently pregnant. at this point she's ordered to report to prison in april. >> andria, thank you so much. on the other side of the same story, elizabeth holmes' former business partner and ex-boyfriend is awaiting his fate. expected to be sentenced for his 12th fraud conviction come december 7. okay, paul is here with a look at our weather. a reminder of why we don't live in buffalo, new york. >> you know, i got contacted earlier in my career in buffalo, new york saying do you want to come work for us? i said heck no. i already worked down in the great lakes, and i know what that experience is. they're getting an incredible amount of snow in buffalo. it has been just been aimed directly at buffalo. this is the scene from that neck of the woods. it's one of those things it is very intense. but then you go 20, 30 miles out of the
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way and the snow is much lighter. it pivots around a little bit. the thing is that snow has been aimed directly towards the bay area. and orchard park, new york picked up 66 inches of snow out of this system. i want to put that in perspective. that's where the buffalo bills play. their quarterback is josh allen. he's a very large human being. he's 6' six feet tall. it is still snowing there. it will be the big national story as we head through the weekend. our through the weekend, all the way through thanksgiving, near normal temperatures. a few passing clouds on sunday. but temperatures will remain pleasant throughout the entire weekend. the winds are noticeable especially in north bay and east bay. higher elevations, those gusts around 20 to 35 miles an hour. same thing right now. but the winds
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will gradually die down as we head towards tomorrow morning. after some gusty conditions for the first half of the day, the winds will be much lighter by tomorrow afternoon. but what we really need though is additional rain to mitigate the fire threat. we don't have any rain in the extended forecast. some good signs, wetter than normal weather shaping up. early end of thanksgiving as we finish off the month of november and head into december. we could use additional rainfall. looking towards downtown, the embarcadero center. temperatures have dipped down into the low to mid-50s. livermore dropping down to the upper 40s. inland, temperatures will level off in the mid to upper 30s by tomorrow morning. and then the high temperatures tomorrow will reach up into the mid-60s around the bay. mid to upper 60s in spots further inland and the warmest locations around 70 degrees. the 125th playing of the big game in berkeley tomorrow. kick off at 2:30. temperatures, perfect. 65 degrees at kickoff.
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the game goes long enough though and the game will go into the post seven hours, which means temperatures will drop off pretty quickly. be prepared for that. temperatures will return slightly normal levels by monday, tuesday, wednesday. warming up as we head into the thanksgiving holiday. looking good for thursday and friday and the temperatures running close to 70. maybe even above 70 degrees for inland parts of the bay area as we head into thanksgiving afternoon with similar temperatures for the big shopping day on friday. >> okay, we love that forecast and we are both never taking a job in buffalo, new york. no chance. well not today any way. thanks, paul. after more than a decade of construction, the long awaited muni central subway in san francisco is finally set to start this weekend. a lot of people have been waiting for this. the city officials, even transportation secretary pete buttigieg has praised this project. saying it will connect vital parts of the city more easily than ever before. but it is coming in 20% over budget. with the final price tag
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estimated around $2 billion. not to mention it is four years behind schedule. so it all comes out to about $2 billion a mile for this extension of the t line adding a total of four stations. starting at 4th and brannan, going north, and then to union square and ending in chinatown. so for tomorrow's limited service, the first train is set for about 8:00 a.m. it will be free for now until full service starts on january 7. the t-line will eventually connect chinatown to bayview hunters point. another day, another bit of drama in the elon musk saga in twitter. reports of 2,500 people left working for twitter right now after musk issued an ultimatum. the company in san francisco's headquarters will stay closed until monday as us manying tries to figure out who is left at the company. twitter is probably not at the brink of
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collapse like some have assumed, but it could see some glitches. >> there is a lot of information in twitter, right? it knows where you're logging in from, it kns wher to. maybe you're doing private tweets. all these different things. if the hacker got access to them could be pretty uncomfortable. >> tonight musk put out a poll asking if you'ders wanted to reinstate president trump onto the platform. bringing the sights and sounds to the bay area with a twist. an inside look at the new cyber punk exhibit on display. sports coming up shortly. good things happen when the golden state warriors are at home. they were at home and good things happen. that's what
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broadway. the gentleman's club is a north beach staple and a part of san francisco's history. now it's getting a nod from the city's small business commission. this week it became the very first adult entertainment venue to become a part of san francisco's legacy business list. it is more than just bragging rights for the owner and the people who rely on it to pay their bills. >> some people don't understand what happens in this club. they don't understand how it works. it's a world class entertainment. and that's not always the opera or always the symphony. >> reporter: strip club owner joseph caruba and your grandmother might have something in common, antiques. joseph loves them. he says owning the condor club in north beach is kind of like having
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one. >> because it's so old, you realize you're really the cure. you're there to just take care of it. you for the piece. and then to give it to somebody else. so that's the condor. >> reporter: the club has been around since 1950s. but it wasn't until 1964 the condor e fit fully infamous for when topless bar in america. >> this is not a museum where you go in and it talks about the coast. but this is a living remnant of that time. >> let's start at the beginning. >> reporter: if the condor is a museum, carol doda would be the mona lisa. chronicling her story for an upcoming documentary. >> she was the first topless dancer in the nation in 1964.
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>> show business is very, very hard. you can to be on your toes all the time. >> the clubs were all big fight club on broadway. so tay rigged the piano. >> the crowd followed. so did the outraj. san francisco police rated the condor in 19 65. the bold move was like pouring gasoline. and a major point of pride all these years later for joseph and his staff. >> it's the very first topless place in america. that's us. >> reporter: the legacy almost abrupted just two years ago when the lights on broadway went dark. >> this is kpix 5 news. >> we are directing at old bars, nightclubs, wineries,
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group hugs and the likes to be close as we know it. >> only a million more americans will follow for benefits last week. >> yeah, we were in trouble. >> reporter: joseph struggled to keep the business alive. relying on a ppp loan from the government to try to keep his employees. >> i'll be back. >> reporter: after two years of navigating pandemic restrictions and a major economic slowdown, the condor got an unexpected boost when district iii supervisor agreed to a program aimed at helping prop up historic businesses in the city. to qualify, businesses must have operated for 30 years straight and joseph and his manager made their case to the city. >> he got up there in front of the commission and he said, he said you know, have you ever
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seen the show cheers? it's like that, except strip tease, you know. so that is like a naked cheers. >> reporter: it means the condor will get money, a lot more than the dollar bills thrown on the stage. actual help from the city including parking and being the adult entertainment venue on the list. >> to feel it's an evaluation for me and for carol webster and the people who go, kids some kids from north beach that were trying to make good. it felt like a validation for all those guys, not just us. >> reporter: joseph is by no means the first owner of the condor nor the last. he isn't even well known. as for stewart, he is hoping the
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support will help him preserve his small slice of san francisco. >> they had be here many years after i'm no longer around. [ inaudible ] >> it is nice to see that for a change. well the owner says he is planning on negotiating a new lease for the building soon. he's glad the city is going to help with that. charlie? warriors fans, what is going on with this golden state team right now? can't win a game on the road. can't lose a game at home. dubs were at chase center tonight and did they we'll ha [narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance, even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help and every plan offered is comprehensive,
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okay, so home warriors different than road warriors. the knicks, the knicks, we feel bad for new york. >> the knicks are above .500 right now. but it's interesting with the warriors. typically the odds makers give the team about three points. they swing it that way to the home team. with the warriors right now, feels like there's a 20-point difference. a tale of two different teams right now. 7-1 inside the chase center. steph curry coming off a 50-point outburst against the suns. dominating the first half. up big in the first quarter. jordan poole to curry. check this out. baby! finishes with the right hand on the left side behind the back and splits the pair of defenders. up 21-1. third quarter, klay thompson passes up the three. the ball movement finds a wide open
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curry. how are you going to leave him that open? they're up 14. fourth quarter jordan poole hits it with a eases haddation and goes baseline and finishes there. beautiful take and finish. warriors are back up to 15. the ball movement, strong all night. finds thompson, a dagger who had 23. steph curry led the way once again with24. no issue for the warriors on their home come i'm getting a good win. >> it's a much better approach and energy and spirit just the group was connected. they stuck together when the next one made their run. some really good efforts. now we need to do that consistently. i have no doubt we will. college hobbles, santa clara taking on depaul in the bahamas. broncos led comfortably for most of the game. the second half, brandon pachimpski off the lane to knock it down. 21 points to
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lead the way. what a blessing the illinois transfer has been for santa clara. broncos win 69-61. they improve to 3-1. it's rock bottom right now. nowhere to go, but us. the 0-3 southern jaguars are out of the slack, came in and rolled. the jaguars will stun the fans who showed up in berkeley. a tough loss to cal. bears are 0-4. to the south bay, stanford coach jerod haase. first half, cal poly was starting their buses. stanford's max murrell hit the triple leading the cardinals with 15 points off the bench. stanford wins 80-43. look at coach haase, getting the water bath for his 100th
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home win. ncs open division championship game. pittsburg taking on de le salle. a good fight, but a costly turnover here in the third. rashaad picked up by the spartans. it's at the 2-yard line. and the spartans would score. coming up on pittsburgh 23. that does it for sports tonight. how about the golden state warriors though? so good at home. , on the road. >> i don't get it. we'll do our best, charlie. thank you. after the break an inside look at a new art exhibit in san francisco's isn't asian for daddy.
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a new exhibit opened up in san francisco. betty yu got a chance to get an early look at the experience that touches on past and future. >> that's from hong kong. hong kong is definitely a neon lights city. >> reporter: it's park comic book, part motion picture, part history and part fantasy. the
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immersive experience warning about the splash. a london based animator and visual artist who grew up in hong kong said the exhibit follows a legendary chinese poet's sole on a journey from a kingdom all the -- [ inaudible ] what i really want to do is connect at the emotions with people. maybe it's definitely frustration towards the technology or just feeling a loss of yourself. >> reporter: it's the version of what asian futurism looks like. where people question the question of life and tag. >> anime is creating a great
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