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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  November 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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trump back on the platform. 15million counts voted with yes winning with just under 52% of the vote. 24 hours later, musk said the people have spoken. trump will be reinstated. he added a latin phrase that means the voice of the people is the voice of god. >> twitter suspended trump's account at the wake of the capitol riot saying his tweets would likely encourage and inspire people to replicate the violence. turning to the oakland mayoral race. looks like city councilmember shinning tao will pull out the victory. but her rival lauren taylor says it is to early to concede. the elections office released the latest results showing tao with 50.3% of the vote. she leads taylor by just 680 votes. election officials say there are very few ballots left to count. kpix5's da lin reports
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the next mayor will have big challenges ahead. >> reporter: with a small lead and few ballots left to count, tao is expected to be thxt mayor of oakland. >> i'm going to my storage unit. >> reporter: this woman is leaving oakland. her home for almost half a century. 46 years to be exact. >> we are looking at my life. about 10 by 7 i have been able to cram into this storage unit from my apartment on lake shore. >> reporter: she blames changes in her personal life and changes in her neighborhood. there was a shooting near her apartment last yearment. >> even my own college is gone now. it has been absorbed by northeastern university. a lot of what i have known and felt proud about and safe about in
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oakland has been destroyed. >> reporter: and she doesn't believe leader haves the political will to help oakland. >> i it anymore. can't do it anymore. >> reporter: both sheng thao and loren taylor say if elected they will stop the violence. thao is ahead by 680 votes because of oakland's rank choiced voting. >> a lot of confusion, a lot of mistakes. it is not a democratic prosell. >> reporter: ignacio does not like rank choice. he is eliminated in the mayoral race. he is surprised about 25% of his supporters gave their second or third choice votes to thao since she is a
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progressive. >> you going to vote for a candidate number one. because, you believe in that candidate? normally, second and third goes to people similar kind of a politics. >> reporter: as residents wait for the new mayor of oakland, renee says she is out of patience and out of time. >> good-bye, oakland. good-bye. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> we hope to hear from the alameda county elections office on monday to get the latest on exactly how many ballots are left in the oakland mayoral race. and, staying in alameda county, we have a winner in the district attorney's race. pamela price has defeated terry wiley. price tweeted we knew this would be an exclamation for alameda county. in other news tonight, as you know, theranos founder
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elizabeth holmes has been sentenced to more than a decade behind bars. she got 11 years in federal prison for defrauding investors and patients about a blood testing technology that never really worked. she apologized but it didn't go nearly far enough. >> way she failed as an entrepreneur and had big regrets about that. but that's not the same as acknowledging wrong doing, acknowledging that you committed fraud and saying you are sorry. >> holmes is expected to file an appeal and ask the judge for her to remain free during the process. she does have a toddler and is currently pregnant. but as of now, she is ordered to report to prison in april. and going from federal courtrooms to a prison is a shock. we hear what holmes can expect behind bars. >> as long as she keeps her
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nose clean, she is not going to have a problem. period. >> reporter: larry levine who runs an company who advises people headed to prison for the first time says inevitably, there will be a period of adjustment for elizabeth holmes. she was sentenced to 11 years in prison after being convicted of fraud. >> you need to keep your guard up, show respect and keep your situational awareness at 100% at all times and you'll get out alive. >> reporter: larry who does not have holmes as a client says the better that holmes learns and understands how prison life is structured, the quicker that she will fit in with her fellow inmates and the guards as well. >> take whatever program that you can. don't get sizeways with staffer members who can get things hard on you. it will take her a while. i figure maybe 90 days she'll have it
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figured out. >> reporter: larry says holmes will likely serve time in a minimum security federal prison and get time credited for good behavior and perhaps more time shaved off for participating in various programs. he says she may discover she has more in common with her fellow inmates than she could imagine. >> you have a bunch of women in here who are non-violent offenders that made a mistake. and, they really, want to get out to their families. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix5. >> elizabeth holmes' former business partner is expected to be sentenced for his 12 fraud convictions on december 7th. two shootings in san jose yesterday. each killed one person in san jose's 34th and 35th homicides of the year. the first incident happened friday morning on daughterty avenue. police arrived to find a man already dead from a gunshot wound. then, in the afternoon, police responded to a separate shooting on river oaks parkway
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near village center drive. the victim was taken to the hospital where he eventually died. police say both suspects are unidentified and at large. in oakland, a shooting on i-80 left one person dead and at least two others injured. this happened right near the 580 interchange about 3:00 in the morning. a passenger in one was killed in that exchange. and, two passengers in the other were shot and taken to the hospital. and not too far away from that, a car crashed into a building on 20th street near telegraph avenue. car went through the glass doors and into the building. there were no injuries reported. and, this happened to be at an empty retail space. still ahead at 6:00 on kpix5. >> i'm john ramos in san francisco's tenderloin district. life is not always easy here. coming up, a story of how much of an impact one ordinary guy can make.
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and in the first alert forecast, just before sunset tonight, a little before 5:00, we had this thin veneer of clouds show up. it gave us a beautiful sunset. but the clouds are not sticking around long enough to give us a blanket. it is going to be cold again tonight. especially if you are in the north bay valleys. i will show you what to expect sunday morning coming right up.
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tis the season. holiday is a time for giving. especially true this thanks giveing with the soaring cost of food. >> this morning one donation stood out and shows how one person can make a difference.
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john ramos has the story. >> reporter: for many people, san francisco's tenderloin is a place to enjoy, full of danger and despair. but if you look closer there are examples of man's higher nature shining through. the saint anthony's foundation building is bustling with activity after a long covid hiatus. volunteers were compiling hundreds of hygiene kits to hand out to the people who call the tenderloin home. >> it feels good to treat people well. >> reporter: the ceo says people doing positive things in a place like the tenderloin can literally push out the more negative antisocial behaviors. >> so everybody will come here and do something good is helping us to transform the neighborhood of san francisco. >> reporter: and if there is one person who epitomizes that example, it would be pierre schmidt. in 2012, he collected 19 turkeys from his neighbors to donate for saint anthony's holiday food drive. but things
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have grown since then. >> i had no idea this was going to be where i'm at now. but, i started something. >> reporter: today he delivered 679 frozen turkeys. and he will do the same thing again right before christmas. his donation is so large that beyond the holidays, it will help provide food for saint anthony's kitchen throughout the year. it is an amazing example of what can happen when one guy commits himself to a simple idea. >> i'm not extraordinary. actually, i'm not wealthy. i feel the need to put food on the table of those who don't have the food. number one. and number two, i wanted to do something for my community. >> to me, he serves as a great example to all of us what we can get done. he is a normal person who want to do something good and has done it a long time with a lot of impact. >> reporter: his original donation request has now grown to thousands. and he has
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learned firsthand the power of an individual to get things done. >> everyone can do anything they want. you just have to start one day. once you start, it's fine. you keep going. >> reporter: and beyond just a food drive, he sees a larger potential for committed individuals to affect real change throughout the city. >> i see a lot of people sometimes complaining about the status of san francisco. and i said well you have to do something. that's the bottom line. help others help the city where we are. and it will be better tomorrow. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix5. >> saint anthony's is throwing a neighborhood block party. the church hope it is entire city will turn out for it. the more the community embraces the tenderloin, the more positive change can occur. and please consider helping out our food for bay area families drive to donate or volunteer your time,
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go to or scan the qr code on your screen. that will take you right to the site. and, on the subject of giving, today, the saint francis yacht club organized a bike build. they put together 150 bikes who will find their way to san francisco children this holiday season. they built the gifts together while listening to christmas music. >> and the u.s. postal service is checking off christmas lists this holiday season. the operation santa program gives kids a channel to handwrite letters to santa in the north pole. in the letters, details of what they want for christmas, of course. each wish list will then be up loaded to the operation santa website where volunteers can then adopt the letters anonymously and help make christmas magic come true. >> those letters are going straight to santa. we have a special mailbox. each letter for their wishes this year.
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>> this holiday season is operation santa's 110th anniversary. well, we could put a little rain on the list, but to no avail so far. >> we had a clear sky. just as we got to sunset, clouds showed up. just enough that they gave us this incredible sunset. this is the camera on mount diablo taking a look off toward the west. i will hit play on that. watch the clouds move slowly. you will see the colors brighten up. we will change the vantage point using the same camera. we will advance it to right now and the lights of walnut creek all of a sudden appear as to the lights on the other side of the east bay hills looking out toward mount tam. and you can still see some leftover clouds. it would be nice if we could hold onto some of those because it would act like a blanket if we can keep them. and it would temperatures
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from getting so cold. we will be looking at mainly clear skies. so, san jose, your temperatures went down. you got down to right around 40 this morning. you are probably going to do that again tomorrow. but it is really the north bay valleys that feel this the month and we will see morning lows once again dip down to freezing. or at least right on the verge. got down to 30 this morning in santa rosa. you are a balmy 54 now. but over the next few hours, the numbers are going back down. so let me show you where we will take this. from the low and mid 50s now, back down to 33 in santa rosa. maybe we keep you right above the freeze mark. san jose, you should only do 42. sounds better. most of us will do low to mid 40s . if you have any access, any influence to the bay itself and whatever little humidity is there, that will help keep temperatures a little warmer for you. if we use the north bay valley numbers, it went down to 30. i don't think we are going that low again. but tomorrow at 33, 34 monday so if you could call that a warming trend. but it is still
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going to be 37 degrees nor the morning low wednesday. it will never improve a whole lot. but at least we will pull you away from the freeze and the frost concerns by the middle part of the week. meantime, daytime highs are not an issue at all. pretty much right on the market for average this time of the year. this is what most of the last two weeks have been like since we turned that exciting storm cycle off that we were in. we got rain earlier in the month. remember that? about the last week-and-a-half, it has been this. sunny, mild, wonderful in the afternoons. clear, and cold in the mornings. and we will do that all the way through thanksgiving. we don't see anything in the pacific that will change that pattern. storms are still going way too far north to get here. we will look at the whole four day holiday in a second. if we go past that, there is a hint of the possibility that monday, not this monday, the monday after that, after the holiday, we might be able to start thinking about rain. but shouldn't even go there. it is
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too far out there. but considering the level of interest and when are we going to get rain, but not here. look at thanksgiving. we actually warm up. san jose, you will be 71 for the daytime high. on thursday. santa rosa, and the north bay valleys will be in the mid 70s . that will be about six or seven degrees above average. all right charlie, over to you. coming up next in sports, why the golden state warrior's home court advantage is more than just an advantage right now. it's everything. plus, the cal bears crawl their way back into the big game. who won the 125th installment between the
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you can have free prescription drug delivery, online doctor visits twenty-four seven, and free exercise classes. you can even receive money towards over-the-counter health items. call 1-866-336-3448 today and feel confident you have all the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out. sell crowd in berkeley and stanford. none of the story lines had to do with the ball
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game. both teams no longer bowl eligible. here is one of the story lines. joe starky would call the final game of his career as the voice of the cal bears. that was the statue of kevin. as for the game, mitch, next play, get it back to him. let it work. touchdown. stanford scores right out of the gate. ensuing drive for cal. dario longeto. here is joe starky on the call. >> a big rush by stanford. ball is long enough and it is good. oh my, what a bonanza. >> what a bonanza. the third quarter. mckey rolls out, hits elijah higgins who would not be denied. stanford takes a 17-6 lead. after a couple of field goals from cal, they were looking for a big play in the
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game. and they got it. ashton daniels. cal picks it up. jackson goes to the house on the scoop and score. cal takes the lead. later in the fourth, mckey's pass with 2:23 to go. intercepted. and, that would do it. cal, wins this one, 27-17. the final. november college football, a time when your playoff fate may rest on the foot of your 190-pound kicker. tcu and michigan needed this traffic to not come true. jim harbaugh hosting illinois, second quarter. scary moment for the wolverines. that is michigan's heisman candidate running back blake corum. goes down in pain. grabs his left knee. wouldn't return. but the x-rays were negative. the upset bid started feeling real. chase brown running back takes the handoff.
6:23 pm
good blocking. green grass. that's a perfect recipe to stew up a 37-yard touchdown. 17-10, illinois. qb jj mccarthy hits isaiah gash. jack moody. i'm in a great moody. connects on the field goal and it is michigan who survives at home. big house was rocking, 19-17 the final score. next up is an undefeated clash in columbus with ohio state. former cal coach sonny dikes and the tcu horned frogs. richard reese. baylor upped their lead 28-21. amari dimarcado bulldozes his way in for the touchdown. tcu decides to go for two in the tie. quarterback max duggen. the
6:24 pm
pass is dropped. tcu was however able to get a stat. giving them one more chance. duggen on third down. this time, i don't need anyone to catch my passes. taking it into his own hands and legs. 40 yards out. right down the middle and the dream is alive for tcu. they escaped 29-28. the final tally. home court is beyond just an advantage for the golden state warriors this season. it is everything. the warriors are now 7-1 on their home floor. unfortunately, they are 0-8 on the road. last night's game was in san francisco. so, show-time came with it. how about that? curry, a thing of beauty. he had 24. jordan pool puts in the bucket there. warriors defense good in the win. at home games this year, golden state has shown you why
6:25 pm
you can't expect to win some road games. here is steve kerr. >> much better approach. much better energy. and spirit. the group was connected and they stuck together. really good effort. now we have to do that consistently. and, i have no doubt that we will. >> they just have to do it once on the road. just, get it started. when it rains it pours. coming up in the next half hour, took over a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars in cost overruns but the muni central subway finally open for business. plus -- looking good. but, those types of situations makes the city bad. >> how a recent crack down by san pablo is making neighborhood cleanup a complicated issue. and what's in a name? for cal, a whole lot. the debate of
6:26 pm
what to call the university of cal berkeley will be coming to a head when we come back.
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you're watching kpix5 news at 6:30,. >> after more than a decade of construction, the muni central subway finally open for service this morning. it has been one of the most anticipated projects in recent san francisco history. >> city officials and even transportation secretary pete buttigieg praised the project
6:29 pm
saying it will connect vital parts of the city more easily. community members joined local leaders this morning to celebrate the day kicked off with a christening ceremony led by chinatown's lotus tallis presbyterian church. riders can now enjoy free weekend service from the subway. >> we always come back. i can't think of a better way than to stand in the heart of chinatown. the heartbeat of san francisco, opening up one of the most beautiful hubs of transportation in our city. >> now, this adds a total of four stations beginning at 4th and brannon. and then, the union square, and ends at the chinatown rose station. here is how they are rolling it out. the limited service on weekends started this morning. at 8:00. service will be that rarest of all things in san francisco. it will be free until full service begins on january 7th. full t line will eventually connect to chinatown all the way to bay
6:30 pm
view hunter's point. it is coming in 20% overbudget with a final price tag of $2 billion. that comes out to a billion a mile. not to mention, that it is four years behind schedule. and as kpix5's wilson walker reports, it comes with a lot of questions about whether the cost will be worth it. >> looks easy. >> reporter: very little has come easy for bakery owner henry chin and everyone else around stockton and washington in recent years. but, the saga is finally drawing to a close. >> exciting you know. it is good news. >> reporter: that is one big part of the story. a project that has taken a very long time. but, the central subway is really a whole bunch of stories. some of them stretch well into the past. and, others will be with us for a very long
6:31 pm
time. >> reporter: 1989, loma prietta shakes the nation. >> san francisco doesn't want to be walled in or walled off. >> when the freeway no longer was going to be restored, rose went crazy and she really pushed and pushed and pushed. >> reporter: chinatown activist and legendary political power house rose pack wanted something in return for the business lost with the freeway so was there any one particular conversation that sold the idea of a subway? >> no. i had a conversation with rose every day. so, is that all right? had to make sure that this project was going to get finished at least in my lifetime. >> so this will be a dramatic improvement for the residents and businesses that live along the corridor. >> reporter: it would take
6:32 pm
years, but by 2007, the project had enough momentum and funding that it was going to be hard to stop it. >> it is the cheapest billion dollars you will ever spend on transit. >> reporter: that was despite big questions about costs and return on investment. >> all that money, how many people is it going to serve? is it effectively going to serve them and is it the correct priority? >> reporter: work started in 2010, the tunneling started in late 2013. and, the setbacks were not far behind. >> that it could add another month to the overall schedule. >> there were disputes with contractors over the railway steel. delays in excavating the china town station. >> covid-19 resulteded in a significant decrease in the efficiency of work on the central subway. >> reporter: as for the subway's original champion, she would not get the chance to see her project completed. >> rose was probably the most
6:33 pm
powerful poor person in the history of san francisco. >> reporter: so maybe the question we could be asking now is what city landmark might one day conceivably bear her name? >> she left us in 2016, six years later we are finally about to open the central subway. >> i visited the station and it is a very good design. the architecture of the chinatown station is very exquisite. >> reporter: as an architect, howard wong is impressed by chinatown rose pack station. he has been opposed to this project from the beginning. the argument then and now is that the price will exceed performance. >> it is the the central subway's cost rose, several things were eliminated. the moving sidewalks in union square, the length of the platforms which are shortened from four and five car to two cars. >> the central subway in many
6:34 pm
ways was a political project. instead of a transit planning project. >> it will bring more business into chinatown and help the business out a lot here. >> reporter: so businesses here are thrilled at the opportunity for more visitors. directly from mosconi center but all the questions about the cost and what we get for it will not go away. at least not any time soon. that story will continue and it will hang over the next big project no matter what that is. here in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix5. here is a live look outside sfo and oakland airport. the holiday travel outlook is approaching pre-pandemic levels. keep that in mind if you are leaveing the bay area for thanksgiving. sfo expects 5 million travelers to pass through the gates between tomorrow and new year's day. that is just 15% below where we were in 2019. across the bay,
6:35 pm
00ssenrs between next wednesda oy akand nd, sunday al that is just over 90% of the traffic from the last precovid thanksgiving. and sfo is using this opportunity to remind travelers if you don't have your real id yet, you have about six months left. they will be require today board all u.s. flights starting in may. >> you will need two residency documents and identity documents. police are telling people in san pablo it is time to get your cars out of your front yards and they will ticket people parking off the driveways. their goal is to clean up the streets but neighbors tell katie nielsen it is not that simple. >> reporter: this is the $100 parking ticket ernesta chan got from the city of san pablo from
6:36 pm
parking her car in the front yard. she live ins this 800 square foot, two bed one bath in san pablo with her husband and three their kids, her brother and parents. five adults and each one has a car. she says in this neighborhood, there simply isn't enough street parking for everyone. >> it is really hard to park and they are just giving us tickets. >> reporter: the police department has announced increased enforcement of the odderrens naloxones. the ordinances ordinances. the ordinances are not new. but there have been complaints of blight. cars and car parts blocking sidewalks and reports of old cars basically abandoned in front of houses. some residents say for the city to keep growing, the streets have to get cleaned up. >> san pablo is looking good but those types of situations makes the city bad. >> reporter: but others say it is not fair for the city to
6:37 pm
create a parking issue and then punish residents for parking where we can. >> we got a ticket for the cars parked on our private property. >> reporter: she said the streets were too narrow so some people park on the sidewalks but she chose to park in her front yard until she got a ticket. >> i'm very frustrated and so is my husband. we are like, figuring out what the heck to do. >> reporter: in san pablo, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> san pablo police do tell us the main goal is to educate people about the ordinance and where they can and cannot park. but, if the cars are not moved by december 1, then they will start ticketing. well, still ahead here at 6:00, it's an age old question. cal or uc berkeley? we will tell you why there is a whole lot riding on the answer. >> we are not quite aware of another school with this exact problem.
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as we mentioned earlier, cal storming back to beat stanford 27-20 in the 125th edition of the big game. there is also a matchup affecting uc berkeley off the field. look at your screen and ask yourself what do you call the big university in the east bay? is it cal or berkeley? school leaders are working to figure out how to unify the two by the end of the year. we posted a twitter poll yesterday asking that very question. and those of you who responded are split pretty evenly. about 52.5%
6:41 pm
favor cal. and 47.5 who say berkeley. kpix5's shawn chitnis has more on the name game. >> reporter: on game day, in a sea of blue and gold, it is clear all these fans are here cheer on cal. but on campus, you also see plenty of signs that say berkeley. so what's in the name? it's a question e trying to unify both brands. and the recommendation is due to the chancellor by december 1. watching what is decided? >> the university of california is part of the origin story of my family. >> reporter: bill is not on the task force, but has deep roots to this school. he met his wife on campus. and, his collection of pendants show uc california, cal, and berkeley. >> being an alumnus on campus, i talk every day about the place. and i can say cal,
6:42 pm
california, berkeley, uc berkeley. >> reporter: cameron will have a voice in what the task force tells the chancellor. >> we are not aware of another school with this exact problem. we are trying to link the two brands without harming the history that informs both of them. >> reporter: a history and a hope for a winning outcome. >> it will represent how people love this place. at the end of the day, it is go bears. >> reporter: reporting from berkeley, or cal, shawn chitnis kpix5. >> the university has even surveyed people nationally about the two brands. they found that more than half of people asked thought cal and berkeley were two different schools. >> and call it two different things. tonight, on 48 hours, two young women murdered in colorado. their case went unsolved for almost 40 years. and, in a bizarre turn of events, investigators learned the killer had been rescued by a local fire chief from a snow covered mountain pass the same
6:43 pm
night that he dumped the bodies of the two women. the killer rescued. natalie morales has been following the case. >> they had the dna from the killer on one of the victim's gloves and a piece of tissue found near her belongings. and so, they ran that dna. but it took all this time for them to be able to do that to develop the technology to catch up with the killer. >> the entire story, 48 hours airs tonight at 10:00 right here on kpix5. and, streaming on paramount plus. well, coming up, effort ins the north bay to provide food for those in need. we get a sense of the scale of the work that is going on at a food bank in santa rosa. we got to freezing for some parts of the bay area this morning. we will talk about how likely is tomorrow and take a moment to talk about the lake effect snow happening in new york. and why there are only like halfway through. and why syracuse and neighborhoods just to the north of it are going to get buried again tonight. what is going on back there? we'll look at that in the first alert
6:44 pm
forecast coming up. oh ms flores. you're the leader of many and pet wrangler, too. so becoming a student again might seem impossible. national university is here to support all of you. national university.
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the spirit of the upcoming holiday season is already alive and well in the bay area. and for some, that means helping
6:47 pm
neighbors in need. kpix5's reed cowan reports on how local food banks are doing just that. >> reporter: community kitchen with your community station, kpix5. all right, so, we are redwood empire food bank. we have rochelle here. you are taking us in this kitchen here. you have a special key. it is a kitchen full of volunteers. we have noodles. you see the volunteers and you think what? >> i think oh my goodness. what brought you here? it is so incredible. we value every single one of our volunteers. we wouldn't be able to do what we do without them. >> reporter: there is a why here. and you see the food here and you know it will land on the table of somebody who needs it. what does that feel like? >> it feels great. i have been
6:48 pm
at distribution sites here. we are feeding the line with these foods. we are handing out prepared meals for them to eat on the spot. >> and you know, this is so vital to our communities. be it food banks or other places people can volunteer. we have a great community. when should people make the call to step forward and donate? >> you know, we can do so much. we have everything set up and ready for people to come in and volunteer or donate funds. and, their money and their time goes extremely far. a lot further than you would imagine. >> i love it. if you want to follow that feeling and do something good and be part of that good energy, go to our website, forward slash give or follow that little qr code and find a way you can do something in your
6:49 pm
community. we need each other. right? back to you. new york state has called upon the national guard now to help with the unrelenting snowstorms in western new york. parts of the buffalo area have already seen more than six feet of snow since just friday. those are residents of hamburg about 20 miles south of buffalo. they were working to clear their driveways creating walls of snow. you can see the consistent high snow from the houses on one side of the street to the other. which only makes sense because it probably snowed as much on one side of the street as the other. that explains the travel ban in place. you can take a look at this. mountains of snow are actually cars. let me see if i can see what you are talking about. really? wow. it appears a woman had to have multiple feet shoveled to open her deer.
6:50 pm
anyway, darren, did you ever, yeah, you liveed in yosemite. you are in southern california. so, i'm not used to snow. but, you had a little experience. >> besides minus nine forecast for the morning lows, there was three feet of snow. what is so fascinating about what's happening in up state new york, if you don't have to live in it and shovel it, it's kind of fascinating and it has to do with the shape of lake erie. why is new york getting buried in feet of snow and they are only halfway done? we will put down another four feet of snow tonight. and it is this convergent of geography and meteorology. lake erie has the perfect shape to pummel that part of new york. watch the wind streams. this is very localized. it is not like you have five feet of snow all over the place. you have it in a
6:51 pm
very narrow band. that band depends on which way the wind is blowing over lake erie. it is oriented perfect west east. when the wind goes from the west to the east, the water is 50 degrees and the air is 30. you have all the warm moist air pulled up into this storm and it is the perfect snow machine and the wind decides who will get buried next. last night it was buffalo. the winds will start pointing toward syracuse tonight and you will see a whole new finger of snow start to develop right over oswego. syracuse sits right here. and the community is just to the north, they will get another four feet of snow. the perfect orientation of lake erie. back here at home, our issue is the cold mornings. we are doing it
6:52 pm
again tomorrow. mid 50s for most of us. but, if you skip ahead to tonighthe air is going 30s mparedthe 60s or the 70s . back here, at home, our story is the dry air allowing the temperatures at night to really plummet. dry air is less insulating so the numbers get a lot lower. that is why santa rosa gets morning lows in the low 30s and everybody elsewhere our humidity is in the 60s we only go down to the low to mid 40s . on the flip side of that, because the air is so dry, you warm up more in the afternoon. 70 in santa rosa while everybody else in the mid 60s . it will get a little better the next few days. so, we will pull you away from freezing for morning lows. and look, there is that trade-off. 68 in santa rosa. not a lot will change. we will keep doing this. we
6:53 pm
actually warm up a little more. by the time we get to thanksgiving on thursday, it's the warmest day in the whole seven day forecast. it will be 71 in san jose. but, it will be in the mid 70s in santa rosa. for daytime high on thanksgiving. what about rain? maybe aftethe four-day weekend. so, travel is a go from thursday through sunday at this point. keep your fingers crossed. maybe on monday, perfect timing. and we might get a little light rain. back to you. >> thanks darren. up next, it is america's fastest growing sport. what is behind the pickle ball craze here in the bay area?
6:54 pm
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the sport of pickle ball taking over the nation. thursday night, we aired a special called pickled with stephen colbert hosting a celebrity pickle ball tournament. the sport is spreading just as fast in the bay area. part tennis. part ping-pong. part badminton. pickle ball is america's fastest growing sport. but don't be fooled by the funny sounding game. players say this latest craze should come with a warning. >> it is very addicting. once you start playing, you can't stop. >> 0-0-2. >> reporter: when the pandemic first hit. >> i got it! >> reporter: cecilia lowe, a
6:57 pm
long time tennis player, was having a hard time getting her 12-year-old son nikolai offline. she got him off the internet with the help of a different kind of net. and it worked. two years later, the entire family is pickle balling up to four times a week. >> it's a fast game, it's fun, it's interactive. >> reporter: cecilia is one of about five million pickle ballplayers or picklers in america. >> i got it. >> reporter: a sport that grew 40% in the last three years. part of the appeal? it's much easier to learn than tennis, so pretty much anyone can play it. >> you are part of the community. you get to exercise. you get to socialize. >> reporter: nobody knows why it is called pickle ball. some say it is named after the inventer's dog pickles. others believe it is a nod to pickle boats which have mixed crews since pickle ball is a mix of
6:58 pm
other sports. either way, pickle ball is clearly having a moment. it has become so popular, sports clubs are now getting in on the action. >> i'm lifting the ball up and over. >> reporter: todd cramer is the executive vice president at big club redwood shores and says the facility converted one of its tennis courts into four pickle ball courts and that's just the beginning. >> we just kind of hit the tip of the iceberg here. i think it has the potential to be one of the major racket sports. >> reporter: for cecilia, it's a chance to spend quality time with her son who is growing up way too fast. >> we could actually compete together. and i haven't told him i want to play the tournament with him. you want to play a tournament? >> i'm good. >> reporter: well, you can't win them all. >> good job. >> have you play ed? >> no. i play tennis. but it looks like fun. one of these days. thanks for watching and we'll see you back here at
6:59 pm
11:00. >> until then,
7:00 pm
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