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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 9am  CBS  November 22, 2022 9:00am-9:30am PST

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>> happening now at 9:00 . a surprising into the mayoral race in oakland. we look at the new numbers just in. plus -- >> reporter: command credited with stopping the colorado mass shooting . what he has to say and more about the victims. and the area is the worst in the country for package thefts . also changes to the thanksgiving menu . plus baseball 's raining mvp is in town . will he be meeting with the giants? we look at questions the whole bay area is asking . palo alto police investigating a shooting that was drive by . someone tw re 4
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sterday at training shattering the window of the steakhouse . people were eating but luckily no one was hurt . a witness saw the suspect holding a handgun out of the window of a black chevy as it drove along the road in front of the restaurant . officers found shell casings along the roadway but have not made an arrest yet. well , sheng thao is declaring victory in the oakland mayoral race . leading with 50point 34% of the vote over berkeley humane to . saying i never felt more hope full about oakland's future . and sheng thao's call for a news conference in oakland . i hereby pardoned -- i hereby pardoned -- yes .
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>> that is president biden continuing the turkey pardoning presentation with a presentation at the white house. he could not let go of an opportunity for political and for puns , of course. the bird pair are chocolate and ship . they travel to the hotel and ate up the attention . in the official christmas tree also arrived at the white house. another warm day for us here in the bay area and we warm up even more into the thanksgiving forecast . looking at that and as we head to thursday, it's going to be one of the sunniest days of the week and warm too with 70s inland and upper 60s along the peninsula and south bay too. and once thanksgiving is over and christmas is around the corner, if you are headed to
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christmas in the park in downtown san jose, expects 60s with partly cloudy skies in the forecast . as early as next monday, rain returns to the forecast and we will keep a close eye on the models. and we look at safe travel into this weekend and next week too . warm up by thursday and cool down to the 60s and upper 50s as early as sunday and monday so it big jump there . an investigation into a club shooting with five dead. this happened in colorado on saturday night and police say seven were injured in the attack . this is a picture of the latest outpouring of support in the community to the friends and family of the victims. >> i'm not a hero, just some dude. >> reporter: richard fierro
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did not think twice. >> i hit him with a gun . his gun , not mine. i grabbed it and i hit him with it and i kept hitting him with it. >> reporter: he was in the club with his wife and daughter and said he wanted to save his family. raymond green vance along with daniel astin and others got killed. this city's mayor says he doesn't want his community defined by the tragedy but the response. >> too often the community loses sight of the victims . we strive to give them the dignity and respect they deserve . >> reporter: the denver city and county building was lit up in pride colors overnight while there were vigils in north carolina and washington, d.c.. >> love one another and be your
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true authentic self. >> reporter: police are trying to determining the motive of the suspect, 22-year-old anderson lee aldrich who faces five counts of first-degree murder and counts of êbias-motivatedî crime . and the colorado shooting putting red flag laws back in the spotlight . the suspect apparently threatened his mother with a bomb and police had to evacuate the entire neighborhood until he surrendered. despite that, there is no record that police or relatives try to trigger the red flag law that would've allowed the police to take the suspect 's weapon and ammunition . the laws for some have turned to a political tool to impact gun right advocates . >> reporter: in many incidences , they support giving people who might otherwise be subject to a red flag protection . so, they give sanctuary to people
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who otherwise might be high risk . >> reporter: more on the nightclub shooting right here on kpix 5, kbcw and streaming on cbs news bay area. travel from one bay area airport will give you the best experience in the nation and we will explain. jimmy g. and the 49ers offense put on a show for fans in new mexico. burn glenn takes a look back
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welcome back. time for the money watch report as the week kicked off with losses on wall street. let's see where the markets are today. it looks like the dow was up 264 points. a reason to feel crabby this week . take local dungeness crab off the menu thanks to a delay in the local crab fishing season. the season isay once again, at least for a few more weeks . fish and wildlife will decide on december december 7th whether to reopen this season .
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be aware of porch pirates, especially in san francisco . the online security group, safe wise named the bay area is the number one metro wide as the worst for package thefts . >> how would you feel if someone stole your things? it's not right. >> reporter: to be safe , you may want to consider picking up packages from a locker or asking neighbors to grab deliveries from your front door when you are not home. and we take a look at sfo which is now known as the best large airport of the year . the ranking based on on time flight arrivals, departures and cancellations . the number one spot of 50 large airports in the u.s. and earning the ranking based on the good info i just told you . with the holiday rush to get out of town underway, chris vancleave expects americans to travel
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to their destinations this year . >> reporter: kathleen appleton and nine-year-old shawn got to chicago o'hare nearly 4 hours before their flight on monday night hoping to miss the thanksgiving travel rush tiers i've never traveled during thanksgiving and don't want to. it looks too busy . >> and the 1point three 2 million that passed through topping the same day in 2019. >> the most important holiday of the year for us . >> reporter: overseeing the hub at one of the country a busiest airport . >> there are 50,000 new employees with pilots and flight attendants and we find ourselves in a healthy position to deliver staffing needed to deliver the schedule we are promising . >> canceling nearly 45,000
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flights and delaying 45,000 more. pete buttigieg . do you feel more confident than you felt in july? >> definitely more . we have a system that i believe is fully resilient from some of the shot's that can hit the air travel ona giy. >> and edwin gonzalez at work by 3:00 a.m. and he logs 10 miles of walking every day making the check-in process goes smoothly. >> i'm checking the machines and constantly nonstop. >> the twins are making sure their bags go with them . working this thanksgiving will be a family affair . >> does it make working the holiday better when you get to do it together? >> wave better . we have fun
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and get the job done . >> reporter: the faa expects today to be the busiest as it will be monitoring roughly 48,000 scheduled flights . united tells us it is moving half-million customers per day right now with even a bump in last-minute bookings meaning people are deciding just now they want to travel for thanksgiving. chris van cleave, cbs news, chicago . taking a live look at the traffic on the bay bridge, it's not too busy but expected to get busier as drivers hit the road . we have good news . aaa says the average cost of gas in the bay area fell by $.18 . in san jose, fuel is 8-$.13 cheaper . daytime highs today are warmer than yesterday . into
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this weekend, i should say the holiday week, we are dealing with a warm-up . 70s starting to pop in the forecast near santa rosa with warm conditions in the south bay words in the upper 60s . partly cloudy skies today but thanksgiving is around the corner . as we extend into the afternoon, we expect daytime highs to be the warmest on thursday of all week long. even mild conditions along the coast too. plenty is happening into this week as we look at the events going on . starting off with the turkey burn in the tri-valley area. we expect it to be in the 50s as it starts at 9:00 a.m. and it will warm up into the afternoon . you may want to add the extra layer but probably will not needed into the afternoon. in the silicon valley, the turkey
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trot . thursday kicking off at 8:30 with low 50s. mild no matter where you live . last but not least into this weekend, once thanksgiving wraps up , it is full blast christmas time. 60s for christmas in the park and a little bit of a cool down into the rest of the weekend . that will kick off the next work week with rain insight. that is far out but as we take a step back to the daytime highs in the thursday forecast with plenty of sunshine to go around. take your walk before you eat because after you eat, it's not going to happen . as we extend to the weekend, a gradual warming trend for the inland and northbay too. we jumped from the low 70s to the 50s and even 60s on sunday and into monday . it happen in mexico and we
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look at what jimmy garoppolo was calling the 49ers' most complete game of the season. aaron judge in san francisco, what are you doing in the city ? >> visiting some friends and that's about it, that's about it . >> reporter: that was video [narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance, even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help and every plan offered is comprehensive, covering preventive care, doctor visits, emergency care, and more. regardless of your income, check today to see how covered california can help you. and if you have questions, there's free assistance every step of the way. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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the 49ers picked up a big win in mexico city on monday night football. vern glenn has the latest. time now for the red and gold report . although technically tied at the top of the nfc west, they hold the tiebreaker over seattle after 38-10 pounding of arizona for monday night football . here we go with niners defense always good . jimmy garoppolo through four touchdown passes in a game for the first time since 2019. joe birch kittle had two and brandon i you had two touchdowns. and jimmy g. played like this, look out . >> i think jimmy g. is doing a great job and i think jimmy always has . when we have had guys around him , he plays at a
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high level and i think he did that today . >> it allows you to do everything. you try to take it from the middle of the field and throw it and there are a lot of playmakers on that offense . >> with the red and gold report, i am vern glenn . and the doves lost to the pelicans last night , 128 to 83 . and steph curry and street clothing with obvious turnovers an issue for the team . the team put on a forgettable performance and they host the clippers tomorrow night . aaron judge in san francisco reportedly meeting with the giants. with the 2022 mdp , aaron judge, and a san francisco hotel . when asked what he was doing here, he said quote , visiting friends and family and winking. and
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monday nights are looking a lot like friday's at some downtown palo alto restaurants there they are bustling thanks to something missing before the pandemic. live music. one musician is found a new purpose. >> reporter: this is what passion looks and feels like. ♪°7 . >> reporter: this is micah doing what he loves.
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>> it is so special. up until the pandemic he was a traveling musician. and now this stage is where you will find him on monday and thursday nights. it is something he doesn't take for granted . >> this has made a difference in my life and career. >> reporter: he lost his rhythm and when covid struck, he lost 60 gigs overnight and wondered if he would have to give up his passion. >> i was scared because this is all i knew. >> reporter: it almost happened but his passion led to purpose . it led to restaurants on california avenue . they needed help . the musician, himself , thought outdoor live music could provide that and that this was a special ingredient . about two years later, it turns out he was right. >> the numbers on monday night or very close to friday night
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. >> reporter: he said this year it is doing 40% better than it did in 2019 . >> reporter: another business on the block followed its lead. and on thursday, friday night so long california avenue bringing needed life to the neighborhood. >> it night with the light , you see what is been my dream for many years . replicating what happens in europe. >> reporter: he has scaled down from loading up for big eggs to setting up his own little makeshift stage . the change of venue allowed him to find his rhythm . he's also found new purpose in contributing to the community . >> when the businesses tell me they appreciate it and that it helps the businesses grow and that it helps the community enjoy the great experiences, that keeps me coming back.
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°7. >> reporter one cove seen comi out. led with w s >> ke i'm in spot. max darrow , kpix 5. i love that joy. that's it for the news at 9:00. coming up on the true jerry moore show, actor brooke shields joins us. you can join us on cbs news bay area.
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