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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  November 22, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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sometimes a cough isn't just a cough so it's better to be prepared. keeping binaxnow handy makes it easy to test. and self test kits may be reimbursable with no copay through your health plan. with binaxnow, you'll have reliable results in 15 minutes with the self test that features the same technology doctors use. and detects multiple variants, including omicron ba.5 so you can always be prepared with binaxnow. the #1 covid-19 self test in the us kpix 5 news. certifies oakland's newest mayor. >> we now know who will go on
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to lead oakland. the latest in one of the tightest races. we saw them go up, and then at the height of covid, now we find out where hospitals are putting up surge tents to treat another virus. good afternoon, i am elizabeth cook. >> and i am reed cowan, live at the contra costa food bank in solano food bank here with so many good people here this is why you see these photos of kids pick we know 25% of those we serve here are our young ones. coming up you will hear about some great needs in our community, and some great servants of our community. >> thank you, reed, we'll see you in a little bit . today, mayoral candidate loren taylor conceded to candidate sheng thao to become the next mayor to follow libby schaaf. >> in a bit of a slip, taylor
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had been the frontrunner since election night, then when ranks just shows 53% of the vote to sheng thao here today, and a press conference, taylor said he accepts the results. spike while it hurts to admit it, i do not see a viable path to making up the 682 votes needed to alter the outcome of this election. >> sheng thao has not yet given a news conference since her written statement last night, declaring victory, but she has changed her profile to say mayor-elect, and this picture, thank you, oakland. let's get to work. she plans to focus on violence prevention. now, taylor also said this morning he's not going to push for a recount although the race was close enough to allow it, but he's aware some are looking into
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funding one alameda county is scheduled to certify the results by the eighth. a san jose teacher is under arrest accused of molesting students picked the incidents happened in the music and band room at dual language academy , an elementary and middle school. the suspect, 43-year-old israel santiago , was arrested yesterday and is now at the san arena county main jail. investigators say there are 10 victims under the age of 12. in san francisco, now. ucsf has brought out hospital tents to aid the surge in respiratory viruses. beds will hold kids who are less ill. kpix 5's annual food for bay area families donation
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drive is under way and as we head into the holiday season, more families than ever before are in need of help because of sky high inflation, and the lingering effects of the pandemic reed cowan is live at the food bank in contra costa and solano with more on this. reed. >> i have very good tuesdays, lately, because i get to spend them with people this, people doing good in our community, and here , they have a reality, and that is this. you thought the pandemic was over, well it's not over when it relates to food insecurity. cassidy, we know the need is greater this year than last year. why is that? >> i think it's for a few different reasons. we are seeing long-term impacts of the can-c results of the pandemic. it is affecting 100,000 more people every month than we
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were serving before the pandemic. >> something that is a gut check for me is saying 25% of those being served here are our little ones. we were able to see girl scouts, kids, knowing that statistic, to help kids, talk to me about food insecurity and impact on our youngest citizens. >> if you're hungry, are you going to be able to focus on school on your homework? the food bank is serving 1 in 6 in our community, and a quarter of those are children. the food bank really wants to make sure we are there for the most vulnerable in our community, especially during the holiday season. >> we know the face of hunger is changing. the people who are experiencing food insecurity may not be the people you think they are. talk to me about why the people watching right now should not feel shame in asking for help. the help is there for a reason. >> absolutely, the food bank is here for the long haul to serve the community and be
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there. as we've seen more and more people have fallen into experiencing food insecurity throughout the last few years. it's been a hard last two years for so many people. there is no shame . come to the food bank, we are here operating seven days a week. we have partner distribution agencies all throughout contra costa and solano counties as well to help meet the need of the community. >> and it takes all of us to be a part of it. we at kpix 5 have the best viewers , best viewers. they can make sure that food is available, go to the qr code on your screen and find ways that you can be part of a community, and when you are doing that, you've got a family. back to you. >> that is my favorite day, too, because these people you are meeting with at these different food banks are so inspiring . it inspires all of us to do more during the holiday season, to give back, and giving your time is just as valuable as anything else, reed.
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the 49ers made it look easy. how they managed to use all their tools for an impressive win against the cardinals. plus why you may be more careful ordering packages this year in the bay area. passing clouds out there this afternoon, just filtering sunshine, not blocking it. and temperatures are still mild for this time of year.
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snazzy music , dancing, and all smiles for the 49ers and the faithful on this monday night victory, picking up a win for monday night football. here is vern glenn. >> time now for the red and gold report. although the 49ers are technically tied at the top of the nfc west hold the tiebreaker over seattle after a 38-10 pounding of arizona on monday night football. here we go. defense, always good, but the offense just showed out. jimmy garoppolo through four touchdown passes for the first time since 2019. george kittle , he had two. brandon, he had two touchdowns pick with as many weapons as the 49ers had,
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jimmy g. plays like this. look at. >> i think jimmy is doing a great job. i think jimmy always has. when jimmy is healthy, we have the guys around him, he plays a very high level work and i think he did that today as good as he has. >> when you have playmakers like we have it does everything. you try to take the middle of the field, the outside, we've got a lot of playmakers on that offense that makes my job easy. >> with the red and gold report, i am vern glenn. the warriors are back home against the clippers, tomorrow night. they are really hoping to put their last road game behind them. it was tough to watch, steph curry, in street clothes, alongside other starters . in the second quarter, it was obvious turnovers were an issue for the team. they lost to the pelicans, 128-83. and in baseball, there he is, aaron judge in san francisco, and reportedly meeting with the giants. mlb
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network posted video of the yankees' outfielder and 2022 mvp in a san francisco hotel . the cameramen asked, what he was doing there, and judge answers , "visiting friends and family before giving a wink to the camera." the bay area is number-one , but you don't want to be on this one. it is the worst cities for package theft this year. three other california metro areas made the top 10. porch pirates hit miami and tampa, florida, the least. the rankings were done by the home security review company , safe way, and the security company, vivint. >> uc berkeley, in what it is calling the world's largest traffic project. specifically designed roads were used with
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artificial intelligence, and tested , to see if the cars were able to talk to each other and since road conditions. if that would help illuminate traffic slowdowns. bay area food banks are working hard to make sure families have food for the thanksgiving table. let's check back in with reed cowan in concord, at the contra costa and solana food bank, where they are busy packing boxes. reed ? >> reporter: it is so great to be here. if you are watching from home and i wonder, how can i make an impact? how can i get a good feeling from volunteering or helping people out? this is how you do it. they are packing all kinds of boxes for people in need. i've got tomatoes and olives, i have got my manwich, and i'm sitting in a manwich of sorts. hi, guys. as we watch everyone doing all this work, we want to tell you about kpix
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5's wilson walker. he is going to introduce you to first in line fletcher. fletcher is not only a volunteer doing what so many people are doing all over the bay area, filling up bags for food, but he also is a recipient of the food that goes in the boxes, serving 50-60 families a week. we like to call him first in line fletcher. >> me, i get started here at about 5:30 in the morning, on thursday, every thursday. >> sunrise in san mateo, second weekly food harvest estimation is still hours away and fletcher sanford is ready. >> i see people lined up ready to go. expect he is known as "first in line fletcher, " but he wasn't here at 5:30 for himself. >> i'm going to live in families today. >> the operation begins. >> and remember , we are doing one for the ladies. almost out here. we can put that here.
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>> over the pastor, fletcher hasn't just volunteered, he's become an extension of several , finding new ways to get this food out into the community and to those who otherwise might not be able to reach it. >> all she is going to have his eggs, right? ready to go? it's good then, too, because the network where they say hey, fletcher, if you need help, i'll get the food, and then i can take it to the other people who need food. >> are, folks, groceries , let's rock and roll. groceries! >> i've got groceries. expect this delivery is for san mateo, and while fletcher is making this all happen, he is not the actual manpower . what he's really doing is connecting people. >> [ laughter ] yeah, see?
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they've got all of it. [ laughter ] i didn't have to do anything. and it was all teamwork. >> it helps a lot. this helps a lot. >> another factor we are really concerned about right now is that a lot of people feel like , as you can see here, the need has not changed in our community. so many families are struggling. >> for second harvest, economic factors are driving another surge in demand. >> what we now see is how hard it is for people to come back out of that financial devastation of the pandemic . when you see inflation like this, and you see so many people who are working and still struggling to make ends meet. >> i just lost my wife in august, which brought me down to only my social security, and i am so grateful to find this place.
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>> meeting that need depends upon volunteers. >> and people , like fletcher, are making it happen , and stepping up. >> everybody getting fed, that's the goal . everybody getting fed and not going hungry. yeah, you are welcome. >> in san mateo, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> not going hungry, that's the goal. my question is, how does it feel doing good in your community? [ laughter ] all right. if you want to have that feeling and answer the question, how can i at home feel like i'm doing something good in the world? let us help you out, . or get out your cell phone and scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen. we'll give you all sorts of ways you can donate your time to make sure everyone
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is fed. back to you, my friends. >> thank you, reed, so much. everybody is feeling good. and you were feeling good if you went outside today. >> and it will warm up , thanksgiving being the warmest, it will feel more like mid-october than late november. atmospheric levels are closer to the coast, so there will be more atmosphere on top of us pressing down, more pressure, that compresses the air at ground level and warms up. we will also have a light breeze on thanksgiving, so warm and, more noticeable on thursday. still cool in the morning, more in a second, but a big warm-up in store on thursday. we are tracking rain chances, throughout the line, so let's talk about that exciting news. it's not going to be a huge rainmaker. the model estimates a few hundredths of an inch to close to half an inch on the high end. most of this falling, monday into monday night. european models , shown here.
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the american model is more optimistic, anywhere from a quarter inch to maybe three quarters of an inch in total rainfall, most of the following monday into early monday night. we'll keep you updated. but the really good news, rain chances will continue for a while. significant chance into early december, according to the 6-10 day outlook from the weather prediction center. into december, it continues, the more wet than normal pattern, not just for the bay area, but much of the western u.s. no hint of much more than high clouds today. temperatures are in the 60s, 61, 66. later tonight we will cool off. most temperatures inland, dropping to the mid to upper 30s. most are low 40s around the bay and the coast to start the day on wednesday. temperatures are going to warm up into the mid to upper 60s around the bay. low 60s along the coast. we don't lose that onshore flow just yet. inland temperatures reaching into the e 's r up60
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70s . again, not necessarily in the morning. the hour by hour forecast for thanksgiving so you can plan out your day, temperatures will start off in the 40s for most of us, warming to the 60s by the afternoon. inland temperatures, well into the 70s by the peak of the early afternoon once, and then cooling off quickly once the sun goes down. if you are heading out for the san jose turkey trot, 8:30 in the morning. clear skies, sunshine, comfortably cool for a 5k run. i will be running in pleasanton with pleasant temperatures there, a couple degrees warmer, thanks to the later start time at 9:00. by saturday, more to near normal temperatures. rain chances, monday, a few leftover showers possible on tuesday, and it looks like the unsettled pattern will make it so that home as we run through next week, so we can be thankful for that after the holiday. >> paul, thank you.
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welcome back on everybody, i am reed cowan. we are live at the food bank of contra costa and solano. and a lot of busy people are here doing good. the need is great. we know the need is great also over the bay area. and to somebody right now, we want to show you this, hundreds of frozen turkeys took over presentation at a high school in san jose. the school wants to break their donation record by collecting 1000 turkeys and hams. they will go to sacred heart community surfaces . >> right now is the turkey drive, which is really great. following thanksgiving break we are going to have penny drive and toy drive, which is really exciting. and then second semester we do mission drive. >> we also stopped by sacred
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community service where the turkey collected today, they plan to give out 7200 food boxes this year. staff says they are seeing an increased need due to high rent and recent layoffs. if you are experiencing those things we want to close out this portion of our broadcast by letting you know there's no shame in asking for help. you are part of our community, when you can give back you can, and we know you will. in the meantime, know that you have a community of people who know they want to help you to have a great holiday season. back to you. >> such a great message. help out anytime, anywhere you can do your part, reed, thank you to donate, go to screen there , and that will take you to the site . still ahead, a waterfront t
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i am kris van cleave on the tarmac at chicago's o'hare airport moment of the busiest in the airport, as it is in the middle of the thanksgiving travel rush. the expectation is this will be the busiest travel time since the pandemic pick we are going to show you what it is to keep an airline going and get everybody where they are trying to get to in time for the holidays. that's ahead on the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. >> and i challenge not to
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freeze when you are at chicago-o'hare. coming up tonight, we look at the new plan to bring more business back to san francisco's union square. that story and much more with myself and ryan yamamoto coming up at 5:00. and tonight is the night when the pier 39 christmas tree will come alive. our chopper was overhead earlier. ee ac teringghtsd synced up with holiday music. every half hour, from 5:00-10:00 p.m. , for opening with 500 ornaments and thousands of lights. it is spectacular. when they light up the center with all the decorations, got to love that. >> i jogged by the other night. it was looking pretty good. >> it wi be ptioning sponsoreds
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>> o'donnell: tonight, we're covering a number of developing stories, as persons hit the road for the holiday weekend. plus the stories of heroism after that mass shooting in colorado springs. tonight, an american hero speaks out. >> i tried to save people and it didn't work for five, okay. five people aren't home right now. >> o'donnell: cbs's janet shamlian is in colorado springs as we learn more about those killed at a gay nightclub. deadly helicopter crash, two people killed when a news chopper we want down in charlotte. could the pilot's actions saved lives? pediatric hospitals at a breaking point. >> eth not hyperbole to call it a crisis. >> o'donnell: what doctors and nurses are doing as they run out of peds for sick kids. thanksgiving travel rus


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