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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 530pm  CBS  November 23, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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enhance safety. >> the city council will vote on the proposed funding, that will happen next tuesday. across the bay, san francisco is taking action after garnering national attention. you remember this, crowds of shoplifters rushing stores in union square, taking off everything they could carry. this year there is a strong police presence with a mobile command center set up on each side , as well as private security. ambassadors are adding another layer of security, you may have noticed them wearing those bright blue jackets but the city has made a big focus on recruiting retired sf pd officers. lauren thoms joined a pair of ambassadors for the day in union square. >> we are out there to bring back support. >> joe garrity , more than 60 have experienced --
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>> in a perfect world , you would have to 30 to 25-year-old men and women doing this in uniform . now, you've got senior citizens . >> reporter: during their 10 hour shifts, the retired squad walked thousands of steps through the union square district, monitoring activity. unlike their day as patrol officers, today, they are only armed with radios and narcan. >> we are limited in what we can do. every day is a different day. both have people stealing stuff from the stores, we try to de-escalate, tell them to put it back. we don't have force options. you know? >> reporter: during this shift,
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garrity came across a man believed to have consumed fentanyl . he has seen this behavior before, during his time leading the tenderloin station. >> this gentleman is a wheelchair user , he just got out of the hospital, 45 years of age, so i called union square district improvement business district dispatch and they will call the crisis response team to come out. the holiday season , you need services. >> reporter: garrity says this level of police work, being eyes and ears were officers cannot is not only bringing him back to being a police officer, but helping to protect the citizens and tourists of san francisco. >> i think that both of us, it gives back to the union square area, because there were people there while we were working. >> joe and lee were two of the first memories of the ambassadors program and are paid by the city for the time up to 960 hours per year. other
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popular destinations, like the palace of fine arts will get more security. supervisor catherine stephanie said extra police will be deployed along chestnut street seven days per week following the brazen daytime robbery , earlier this month the supervisor also secured $300,000 to pay for those ambassadors. the city is also deploying increased police and ambassadors in the fillmore, pacific heights, and other high-traffic areas. speaking of new things hitting the streets of san francisco, you're looking at the first flush of the future, the the cities shiny new toilets installed along the embarcadero plaza. others like it will replace the two dozen green models across the city. the touchless toilets offer up to eight minutes of privacy and automatically sanitize themselves in between uses. >> the bathrooms are what we do , trying to provide services for citizens , and to make the urban space more viable , a
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friendlier space for everyone. >> believe it or not, no taxpayer dollars went down the drain on this thing. the city says the french company that built the facilities is footing the bill in exchange for more than 100 free advertising kiosks around the city. a lot of people are shopping online for the holidays, we check out the amazon warehouse in richmond ahead of the big rush. the 200 square foot site takes care of same-day delivery throughout the east bay. this location launched just a couple of months ago, and is still hiring full-time and on >> our inventory is based is bay. we carry very high velocity items and a dense footprint of these sites. they are pack own spatch area e back of thchmondcility the first ba >> ne opping and the shopping dynamic cbexthat has
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some asking, is black friday dead? >> reporter: overnight weights, door buster deals, and sometimes, more than just a few sharp elbows . a beloved custom for some, which others avoid at all costs. an estimated 150 million people are planning to shop in stores and online the day after thanksgiving this year. compared to 64 million on cyber monday. , even while it continues to be the most popular shopping day, black friday as we know it may never be the same. >> is black friday dead? >> black friday is not dead, it is just changing. >> reporter: christin gall is the president of rocket rewards, the cashback affect partners with retailers. >> black friday is supposed to be the friday after things giving. while receiving deals
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now? >> consumer shopping has changed significantly since the pandemic. fewer of us are willing to go to the stores on black friday and battle people and use our elbows. retailers are more willing to allow us to shop over a longer period of time. >> reporter: excess inventory left over from the pandemic is also moving up those holiday sales. that includes the outdoor outfitters, rei , which started pulling back from black friday itself in 2015, when it closed its doors, shocking the retail industry. >> is black friday dead? >> well, it is certainly dead here. >> reporter: stores like target, macy's, and walmart, have followed suit in recent years, by closing on another once major shopping day, thanks giving. but they still want in on the black friday action as many stay home. >> your approach to black friday this year? >> we will see what happens. >> is something else to consider, stores don't do well this week, look for even deeper discounts closer to christmas, but, that is a gamble because items may be out of stock by
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then. still ahead, you definitely don't want this happening with your turkey. some
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vice president kamala harris heading into the holiday weekend with the spirit of giving , she was in southern california handing out things giving meals at an elementary school in los angeles. back in the bay area, city team san jose is preparing to feed up to 600 people on things giving, they prepped 60 turkeys and made all the holiday side dishes. this is the first year since the pandemic began, that wibe hll >> is real special, because we are finally back in our dining room, able to show the love to our homeless community. so, we
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hope, if you have time on your hands, and you want to volunteer tomorrow, we would love to see you. >> a lot of good work happening there. they expect 60 volunteers to help out tomorrow, after enjoying their meals. guest will pick up new socks, shoes, and jackets. you might be in the kitchen right now getting dinner ready, but it is worth noting, thanks giving is the top day for home cooking fires. we want to remind you of a few tips to stay safe. here is wendy gillett, on what not to do. >> reporter: this demonstration shows what can happen if you try putting out a grease fire with water. it's a common accident during the holidays. >> three times as many fires on thanks giving is any other day of the year. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission says there are more than 155,000 cooking fires every year, leading to around 200 deaths and 3200 injuries. is a grease fire starts in your kitchen, minnesota state fire marshal
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jim smith describes what to do. >> always have the lid closed i and slide it over the top, and then turn the burner off , and let it sit. >> the cpsc says the best way to prevent fires in the first place is to pay attention to what you are doing when cooking, and keep anything flammable away from the burners and oven. >> reporter: deep frying a turkey can be particularly dangerous. over the past 20 years, these fires have led to nearly 10 million dollars in property damage. >> never heat the oil, use the oil with a high smoke point. never overfill the turkey fryer as well. that can cause splashing and burns if it is too full. >> reporter: also, never fry a frozen turkey and don't use a fire in a garage, or on a porch. wendy gillett, cbs news, new york. >> the consumer product safety commission says an average of
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6500 fires occur every year on things giving. coming up, or why this police crossing guard said it decided to lead a dance party of sorts every day on the job. in sports, we have some world cup action. one game so lopsided it made history, the other game a big-time upset that featured a late comeback and thrilling finish. sports is coming up next. manager suspected of killing -- wants to speak with former
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new york city during for a thanksgiving tradition, already lined up for tomorrow's annual macy's thanks giving day parade. this year there will be 16 character balloons, some of the new ones, louis, diary of a wimpy kid and steward of the minyan. there also be two dozen flows, you can watch coverage of the parade right here on kpix 5 starting at 1:00 , right after football. it is easy to make mistakes packing luggage for the holidays, but this gives new meaning to the saying the cat is out of the bag. in this case, tsa officers discovered the cat inside someone's luggage at jfk airport in new york. travelers says it along
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to someone they lived with did not elaborate on how it ended up in the back. police officer went to joy for -- of viral for spreading joy. we want you to meet the crossing guard. every morning outside the cleveland clinic, corporal eric hudson leads and impromptu dance party while directing traffic. he plays music on his tooth radio to height up patients, medical workers were just complete strangers but they give him high-fives, hugs, and some even join in. hudson is a police supervisor. he volunteered for crossing guard duty because he was feeling a little down on himself, and wanted to make a change. >> it feels like people need, and want a little positivity, lately. >> people will say, thank you, i needed this. just to see the caregivers walk become more energetic, there's nothing like it. >> hudson said he lets his mood
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pick the music from the day, a lot from the 80s. bon jovi, earth wind and fire, and cyndi lauper. what's your soundtrack when you are on your run? >> it's a lot of paramore . a lot of canadian rock. not everybody's gym, necessarily. it keeps me going. >> find whatever it is that keeps your feet moving, and get out and ngfeast. ideal weather for anything outdoors, high-pressure takes control of our weather in the upper levels of the atmosphere, that means the atmosphere will be pressing down on us, and it helps compress the air at ground level, combined with a offshore breeze helping temperatures warm up 5 to 10 degrees above average tomorrow afternoon. friday brings us passing clouds, we will see those a saturday and sunday as well but moisture through the holiday weekend will be further north. we have a track of this rain chance for early next week. it is still there, but
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these bars are not quite as high on the chart as they were. only a 30% chance now of a passing shower on monday. next wednesday night, it has been a pattern over and over again, we see the extended rain data and it fizzles out before it gets to us. even if it keeps changing on us, eventually, better rain chances heading our way. this one is impressive. the weather prediction center yesterday looks at the same data we do estimating a 10th of an inch to a quarter inch for the bay area. now it is less than a 10th of an inch for the santa cruz mountains, diablo range into the oakland hills. that is about it. now it can do its thing again, we will keep you updated through the weekend. right now a little bit of fog on the horizon. a shallow layer of fog gone before the sun comes up tomorrow morning as the wind shifts a bit. temperatures top out in the low 60s along the coast, per 60's in san francisco. 70s in oakland, up
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into the mid-70s in santa rosa. for now, we are backing down to remix a 50s and 60s on this wednesday evening. all the way down to exactly 50 ad for half degrees in concord. lar on, tonight, temperates inland will be cool, trending towards chile, but not flat out cold. upper chili's and the coldest inland valleys by early thursday morning, with temperatures starting off in the 40s, then we warm up 5 to 10 degrees above average, close to 70 around the bay, into the 70s. zooming in for a closer look, 60s along the coast, offshore wind reducing the marine inflow, close to 70s down the peninsula. temperatures in the santa clara valley hitting the low 70s. 73 in san jose for thanksgiving afternoon. upper 60s and lower 70s in land in the east bay, the temperatures will be not that much cooler around the bay. close to 70 for oakland and the east bay, mostly low 70s north of the golden gate, but the further inland to go, the further into the 70s you
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are going to climb. temperatures will gradually backdown into the weekend, nice afternoon on sunday as the 49ers take on the new orleans saints. temperatures in the santa clara valley topping out in the mid 60s tomorrow. that is still normal for this time of year. chance of showers in the forecast for monday but not a significant chance of showers. we will hope that system finds more moisture to latch onto to send our way. cooler weather settles in for the last sw jute goodrich. ving , we have advice from doctors. plus, a former bay area lawmaker was discouraged from following her political dreams because she is a woman. we explored why california is lagging behind other states when it comes to women holding political office. more layoffs in the
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technology world, the number of workers hp is expected to shed over the next three years. menus at 6:00 coming up soon. let's head over to charlie in sports. good times roll on when the warriors play at home and you can expect to continue those good times tonight against the injured los angeles clippers. all-stars kawhi leonard, paul george will miss tonight's game. you know who will apparently never miss a game? the cal ripken jr. of the nba, kevon looney was the only starter playing mother's loss at new orleans. he only played five minutes but it still counts towards his 129 consecutive games played streak . one of the reasons he has been able to stay on the floor, his diet. tomorrow, however, it's a cheap day >> we got turkey, ham, dressing, yams, i do think i'm supposed to be eating all that stuff. >> what's the best thing your mom makes for things giving? >> the dressing for sure. it's the only dressing i will eat.
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she's been trying to retire and not cook it anymore, she wants me to stay healthy but it's the only time of year i got to eat it. >> the 49ers offense of stars are making plays monday night in exeter city. you got to highlight the big sellers making it happen. diva samuels touchdown run, let in by a parade of offense of lineman including jacob rendell, ahead of the pack taking baker out of the play. there he goes. all the way down to the five yard line. >> he was feeling himself at the end of it. some swag at the end of it, so it is a cool play. >> world cup life came up his germany fan in a hurry. japan on the attack, a sono into the danger zone, scores the go-ahead goal. a stunner. japan scored twice in the final 15 minutes to beat the
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four-time world cup champs 2-1. spain's fans had a more enjoyable day. second half already leading 4-0. the strike , he becomes the youngest player since pel÷, in 1958, to score a goal at the world cup. spain coasted to a 7-0 when. that is the largest when in a world cup since 2010. sons and lakers last night, austin reeves goes down, and his teammate, patrick beverly took exception to deandre . the 6-1 beverly runs over, not even in his grill, just pushes them down. beverly was ejected and could be suspended. the old saying is, it is not the size of the dog in the fight it is the size of the fight in the dog. in this case, he fight, you're out and potentially suspended. >> that's a tough one, though. still ahead of 5:00, a holiday classic reimagines some northern california
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college dancers putting a new spin on the nutcracker.
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that feels like christmas. when you think the holiday
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traditions, to see the nutcracker may be on your list. northern california dancers are giving the classic tale a bit of a twist. sucker red dray -- sequeira gray joined the tradition. >> reporter: instead of a wooden nutcracker coming to life it's the king of rock 'n roll. put away the pointy shoes, the toy soldiers at folsom lake college dance hip-hop. folsom lake college's dance company , mosaic, is taking center stage on december 1st. dancers will take the audience through a 1950s twist through clara's journey on christmas eve. many of the dancers our students visions come to life. >> they choreograph a lot of the numbers you will see, and they are amazing choreographers. dancers and performers, we really have such a dynamic group.
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>> reporter: as her name reveals, these performers are a mosaic. different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, all with a shared passion for dance. >> our dance company is the one that drives this nutcracker reimagined. so, it is diverse, multicultural, and we are proud of the product. >> the nutcracker reimagined as a chance to usher in the holiday season with some christmas magic and a bit of pizzazz. >> the show will debut next thursday, on the harris enter for the arts at folsom lake college. if you're interested you can head to the website. thanks so much. busy roads, busy airport,sy grocery stores. tonight, the scramble is on ahead of the things giving holiday. many bay area families are preparing, right now, for their first big things giving since the start of the pandemic. >> this is finally feeling like normalcy. >> reporter: we asked one local health expert, is it time
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to stop cobit tests? this is we learn about the region's first flu death. oakland mayor elect shantou makes her first public appearance. >> we've been through a lot to get to this moment >> reporter: despite her historic win, we have learned california is trailing behind nearly half the state states when it comes to women holding public office. >> don't talk yourself out of it and don't be the person who talks a candidate out of it either. six people died in america's latest mass shooting at a walmart. >> he literally looked around the room and just shot. >> employees say the suspect was someone they knew well. >> cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich. >> thanks for joining us. whether you are trying to get to your destination, or to stock up for tomorrow's big dinner. the final countdown is on to thanks giving day weekend. from airport security to the grocery store, we have
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been spending a lot of time looking at what is happening all over the bay area. i will tell you what, there are a lot of long lines. it is just as busy on the roads. here's a lively going into the bay bridge, into sentences go. not bad right now, but check before you take off. you will want to give yourself plenty of time. more than 6 million californians are expected to hit the roads, so if you haven't left yet, brace yourself for some traffic. >> as for many families, this will be the first holiday gathering since the start of the pandemic. a bit of hustle and bustle right now, health experts are reminding you to keep cobit address for viruses in the back of your mind. shawn chitnis asks one local expert for his advice before you meet up with your loved ones. >> reporter: spending holiday with family


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