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tv   CBS News Bay Area 7pm  CBS  November 23, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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we spotted a lot of people at grocery stores, a lot of shoppers looking to prepare the perfect thanks giving meal. a combination of inflation and supply chain issues are driving up the cost of everything , from things giving staples, to grocery basics. so, today, students at san jose state visit an on-campus food pantry to get some help. as kpix 5's max darrow shows us, the demand is higher than ever. >> reporter: as all of us think about things we are grateful for this week, there is something here on the san jose state campus that students are grateful for every day. the spartan food pantry. >> sweet potato. >> reporter: fresh produce another stables made up the majority of piranhas grocery basket on her regular trip to the spartan food pantry . she's a masters student at san jose state, just one of the more than 2500 students who relies on the university's food pantry, where she can get some of her groceries for free. >> is an international
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student, >> reporter: sj a few tears helps students facing financial hardships. >> we have low income students who come through here, a job loss, reduction in hours, the parents job loss all of a sudden can put them in that point where, they are doing okay with their budget, there is not much in the bank to immediately be in the space where they need additional assistance. >> reporter: she says the pantry has existed for around 3 1/2 years, and the demand is growing. >> this year, we are averaging over 200 students every single day, in our pantry. by comparison, last year, that was around 120 students, the year prior, around 55 students per day. >> the stigma often associated with seeking out resources is a diminishing . >> when you see that you are one of 200 students coming into a pantry, you don't feel alone.
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you feel like you're just accessing something there for you. >> reporter: students who qualify for the program can come and get groceries once per week. inside they find staples like milk, eggs, produce, beans, rice. with some bonus items, too. emmanuelle at work that the spartan food pantry and shops there for her food staples. >> that really helps decrease my expenses when it comes to groceries. >> reporter: she sees how the pantries existence benefits her peers on a day-to-day basis, but she also feels it herself. >> this hurts, not only me, but all others . >> reporter: with thanks giving upon us, she was not shy to express thanks for the pantry, but her gratitude extends well beyond the holiday. >> we wait all around the year for this. >> reporter: san jose state is kicking off a campaign called share your spartan heart, in an
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effort of raising money and spreading awareness for ways that people can help out these students in need, as tuition dollars do not go into the food pantry, nor did they find the emergency crisis funds they distribute. in san jose, max darrow, kpix 5. the holiday travel rush could be one for the record books. aaa expect this to be the third busiest travel weekend in more than a few years. let's take a look at our bay area bridges tonight. plenty of cars on the road, traffic seems to be moving pretty smoothly, right now. if you have not left yet, experts say early tomorrow morning is your best bet for avoiding the worst traffic. you won't be getting any breaks on the cost of gas, though, it is still averaging about $5.15 per gallon statewide. we spotted one driver who loaded up with bikes, surfboards, making a reverse commute from tahoe to santa cruz. >> what is the traffic out there right now? >> it's not bad this way, going up to tahoe is pretty tough.
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but, we can see the bad traffic headed up the hill. >> reporter: how was it bad? on a scale of 1 to 10. >> from tahoe? i 10. >> that is our photographer, bob horne. as for airports, we saw long lines at oakland international, this morning. they are expecting 170,000 passengers between today and sunday, which is close to pre-pandemic levels. we noticed, many are wearing masks, except for this woman. >> i have immuno for my grandparents. so when i travel back home, definitely mask up. >> reporter: masks are no longer required for air travel, but they are still recommended. if you are flying out for the weekend, we have posted links to check your flight status at sfo, oakland, and san jose, just look for the holiday travel story on speaking of travel, we could be in for some trouble on the tracks. the nation is facing a growing risk of a crippling railroad strike, in two weeks. reporter andrew
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hubner, on what that could mean for the supply chain , as we steam ahead into the holiday shopping season. >> it is a tense time in agriculture, particularly in california. >> reporter: after one of the 10 railway unions rejected a deal, a full strike is looming. >> california is heavily dependent on shipments of feed from the midwest. we do not produce all the feed we need . >> reporter: if an agreement is not reached by december 8, the strike could begin the day after. that is worrying to local farmers. >> anything that is going to drive up the cost of products, and quitman, is going to be taken on by the farmer. >> reporter: from large farms to smaller producers, like those in the community alliance with family farmers, everyone is affected. >> right now, our economy cannot take a $2 billion per day loss to our economy. >> reporter: disruption to those inputs could create
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chaos. >> if we can get those in a timely fashion, we cannot meet the window of fertilizing our crops, it could be a lost season. >> reporter: for farmers and the economy. >> everyone is touched by rail, 40% of everything is moving by rail in the united states. >> reporter: which has led to thoughts about sustainability. >> as we have seen the supply chain disruptions, there is a call for reevaluating how our economic systems operate . >> reporter: this could similarly be hampered by the ngto be supply. ht the middle of it. >> reporter: as the california farm bureau works with other states, in the hope that congress intervenes. after things giving comes the holiday shopping. this year, there is increased focus on safety across the state. here in the bay area. you might notice chp officers around malls this holiday season, it's part of governor newsom's statewide efforts to tackle organized retail theft. in oakland, outgoing mayor libby schaff laid out her plan today
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to keep shoppers and business owners safe in the wake of an uptick in crime in that city. >> pay for more ambassadors. it will pay for physical safety improvements, and then there will be a grant program that will allow the different districts to do what they know it will enhance safety. >> the city council will vote on the proposed funding for the programs, next tuesday. the judge who sentenced disgraced founder elizabeth holmes to 11 years in prison is now recommending she serve her time at a minimum security women's facility in texas. the facility north of houston has dormitory style housing, all inmates are required to work and get an hourly wage. it also offers a more lenient family visitation policy than other prisons. homes has a 16 month old son, and is pregnant with her second child. she was sentenced la but the key
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technology didn't work. bay area county reports its first flu death as hospital beds are in short supply. preschool weightlifting, trying to help youngest kids make up for some lost time. more temperatures for this day before things giving. fog on the horizon, but it is a shallow layer of fog that should disappear before the sun comes up tomorrow. tomorrow's temper
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tonight, health officials in santa clara county said they are running low on pediatric hospital beds amid the spread of cold, flu, and rsv. not yet
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are trying to keep it that way through the holidays. >> it's why we have a shortage of nurses in our community, and a lot of our nurses are parents. their children are getting sick, too. >> this comes as the county is reporting its first flu death. we are told the patient was younger than 65, but did have underlying health problems, and had not had a flu shot. meanwhile, the cdc is sounding the alarm on a record number of missing measles vaccines . nearly 40 million children around the world skip a dose in 2021. last year, there were about 9 million nasal infections, and 128,000 deaths worldwide. another problem, in the classroom. tonight, early childcare educators and teachers aides have been leaving the industry for jobs with better pay. jenna franco on the trickle-down effect on working parents. >> reporter: children are ke , information. especially in those prime years from birth to 5 years old, where growth is crucial for development.
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lauren is a redwood city mom and like so many other moms, she knows firsthand how important learning and social interaction is for her 3-year-old daughter. >> she was born right before cobit hit, so, but really played a big role in her getting out and doing preschool and daycare and whatnot. e pandemic stealing precious time from her and many kids her age. for lauren, sending harlow to school early made sense. >> she has learned to count to 10, and she has lent her abcs. >> reporter: with the high cost of living in the bay area, it wasn't easy finding a place where her daughter would thrive, and when they could afford, let alone get into. >> both me and my husband work, and that has been a challenge, even with her grandparents, they work, because, the pricing here is so outrageous. they are retiring later. they are not able to be a part of
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their grandkids life. as we had planned it. >> biyombo is an early childhood educator, four safari kids in redwood city. which just opened up about a month ago. she has been working with kids for over a decade, and has noticed a difference in kids otional development, an pandem communicatn skills stes experienced teacheid are leaving the industry and it's putting a burden on the educators who remain like priyanka who says learning these skills at an early age is invaluable to kids like harlow. >> they are of the maximum exploring age from infants to 5 years old, if they are not getting the environment, how
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uncomfortable it is because they don't have the vocabulary, they don't have the communication skills. >> reporter: as for lauren, she is having this early start to make up for lost time. >> this is the right decision for her, getting that interaction with kids her own age, and really honing in on what they need to learn, in order to have the skills as they get older. >> reporter: gianna franco, kpix 5. >> early minds, there. first alert weather, here, paul heggen, fill us in on our turkey forecast, just around the corner. >> is looking pretty good. good weather to be stuck on the roads, wherever you are going. >> that's one way to look at it. it looks good for tomorrow, as well. let's look at the big picture perspective. plenty of sunshine today, temperatures were a few degrees above average. we will be further above average tomorrow, as this area of high pressure, just a hill of air in the atmosphere will be right overhead, that compresses the air at ground level, and forms of a. also the
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position here tomorrow to stop to our north will allow a week onshore wind to kick in, and when temperatures up along the coast. future cast, a bit of patchy fog along the coast for the first half of tonight. offshore wind developing by tomorrow morning, followed along the coast should break up before the sun comes up. abundant sunshine, tomorrow, then, we see some passing clouds floating through from time to time friday and saturday. overcast conditions will not be around, and significance our chances to the bay area, a bit of a filtering effect, tomorrow, saturday, and likely on sunday as well. we are focused on early next week for the next chance of rain into the bay area. as recently as 24 hours ago it was looking promising. not as much anymore, down to a 30% chance of passing showers. maybe a better chance for lucy to pull the football away from charlie brown once again. eventually, another chance rain will head our way. we would like it to happen
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sooner rather than later. the longer we go in this dry stretch, the more the vegetation dries out with fire threat even with that rain. less than a 10th of an inch of rain is the latest estimate from the weather protection center from monday but most of that in the santa cruz mountains, and diablo range, maybe moisture in the oakland hills. nothing out there right now other than ethan and shower shallow layer of fog. will not last long, temperatures in the low 50s, san jose still holding onto the upper 50s, later on tonight, temperatures dropping to the upper 30s in length, with lower 40s spangled in, mid-40s around the bay. temperatures are going to warm up pretty quickly if you head out for one of the things giving 5k's, or 10k races, really ambitious. looks like temperatures will be around 50 by 28:30 and at 9:00. temperatures in the lower and middle 60s across the bay area by noon, even into the upper 60s for some northbay locations with highs in land reaching the mid-70s. 10 degrees above average and close to 70 degrees around the bay with temperatures in the mid 60s
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along the coast. this is the warmest we will get for a while. temperatures will backdown a bit on friday, more than that for saturday and sunday. in the park at san jose, saturday or sunday, temperatures will be back down into the 60s for highs, which is much closer to normal for this time of year. passing clouds overhead, but no big deal there. looks like fantastic weather for the 49ers to take on the new orleans saints. temperature in santa clara should be around 64 degrees. every once in a while, some passing clouds, but there should be a pleasant late november day overall. temperatures cooler, we will leave the chance of showers in the forecast on monday because of some hints of moisture headed our way. we hope that maybe the latest data will point us in a more optimistic direction. regardless of whether or not it rains, temperatures will go down to slightly below average for most of next week. that means, high temperatures, along the coast or further in land, only reaching the upper 50s. enjoy the warm weather on thanksgiving while it is with
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us. >> i will enjoy that and i will say, bring on the rain after. >> we hope so. thank you. >> new york city is gearing up for a things giving day tradition. the giant balloons are lined up for tomorrow's annual macy's things giving day parade. this year, there will be 16 character balloons, some of the new ones, louis, diary of a wimpy kid, and stewart the minyan. there will also be two dozen flights and you can watch coverage of the parade right here on kpix 5 starting at 1:00 , after the fall. today, city team san jose is preparing to feed up to 600 people on thanks giving, they have prepped over 600 turkeys and made all of the holiday side dishes. this is the first year since the pandemic began that they will be able to serve the meals inside, and offer a place to eat. >> its real special, because we are finally back in our dining room, able to really show the love to our homeless community. so, we hope , if you have time on come volunteer tomorrow, we
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would love to see you. >> what a warm invitation. after enjoying their meals, guests will pick out new socks, shoes, and jackets. of next, why it was not just the big stars making plays for the 49ers in mexico city.
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>>e onayma of ascharlie walters offense rited. >> this is the volkswagen red and gold reports. >> time now for the red and gold reports. how about the san francisco 49ers offense. the full arsenal was on display monday in mexico city, but it was not just the stars making plays. on diva samuels 39 yard touchdown run, look at who he is led by. first of all, a full arsenal of blocker including number 54, jake rendell was pushing cardinals out of the way, all the way down to the five yard line. look at him go. >> he was feeling himself, he had some swagger in the
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center. so, it's a cool play. >> with the red and gold reports, i'm charlie walter. the future is here when it comes to public toilets, the new space-age station in san francisco.
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