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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition Saturday 6am  CBS  November 26, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a bus hijacked in san
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francisco, how it played out on city streets. various shop owners hope for a boost during small business saturday. how an owner in san francisco plans to attract customers. a talented artist bouncing back after experiencing homelessness. we take a look at his work and the hardships he has endured. good morning, thank you for joining us. let's start with a quick check of the weather. we are starting out this saturday morning slightly warmer than we have been for many of the last several. temperatures across the state mostly 40 at their coldest. santa rosa, only 40. that is a good sign. you have been well down into the low 30s. san jose into the low 40s as well. a beautiful day coming up, no
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fog and a quick look at some inland spots near 70 and mid 60s for most of the immediate pay. san francisco police say a suspect a hijacked minibus on a wild ride through the city. police say that the suspect assaulted the driver and hit several vehicles. there were no passengers on board at the time. it happened around 8:00 last night. the bus driver and driver of another car were treated for what appeared to be life-threatening injuries. the suspect is in custody. inflation is hanging over this holiday shopping season. things will cost more and is nice owners are afraid shoppers will ultimately spend less. many small business owners hoping to draw shoppers away from the big box stores.
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on black friday we checked in with a longtime owner of a small business to see how he is getting ready for the big weekend. >> reporter: the owner of this shop said he planned to close his doors early on black friday. >> everybody goes to chain stores. and, for the deep discounts. because we do not do that, we only get our regular customers. and sometimes tourists. black friday does not really mean anything to us. no it is why you will not find any sale signs around the store. he has owned it since 1985, small stores like his do not have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to rising. >> it is not worth it, it is not fair for our other customers that pay regular price. >> reporter: it is estimated more gift buyers are likely to
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shop small business saturday then black friday this year. 63% of small retailers expect to see higher profits this holiday season. analysts say inflation will ultimately determine how well small businesses do. he says most of his shoes range from $100 to $400 and he is seeing a lot of hesitation among customers these days . >> they look at the price and put the shoe back down and say they will think about it or they can't. >> you do not see it very often. it has a unique style. >> reporter: this customer first visited in 2013 , on friday she left with four pairs of shoes. >> i feel like it is a wonderful privilege to be able to support the smaller businesses. there is nothing like the experience. >> reporter: the owner says it is customers like this that keep him going. >> during pandemic i had a lot of support from my customers. writing me, do not close, do
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not leave. i was thinking of closing up. >> analysts say even if prices are up this holiday season it does not necessarily mean profits are up. small business owners are likely dealing with higher rent, utilities and more. more americans will be using their credit cards to pay for their holiday shopping this year. as redeker balances are growing at their fastest rate in two decades. >> if you have to pick put it on a credit card that you cannot pay off the next billing cycle, you ought not to buy that gift. >> a lot of people are using a buy now pay later loan for holiday shopping. those services are more popular than ever. a commuter report survey says more than 28% of shoppers have used them. experts say it is easy to miss payments and get hit by fees. >> whenever you get tempted to
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click the buy now pay later button, always think that that button exists to incentivize the merchant, by now pay later companies get a huge cut from the sale they are getting from you. they are not on your side. they are not incentivize for your personal health. always feel like they are against you. the star of the netflix series squid game -- has been indicted on sexual misconduct charges. he is accused of in appropriately touching a woman in 2017. the alleged victim filed the complaint last year and authorities closed the case in april of this year that it has been reopened. the actor issued a statement saying he held the woman's hand to walk around the lake. our next story is about a supremely talented artist. i have spent months getting to
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know him. each visit, each interaction, each tidbit of information he shared about his life would like brushstrokes adding to the portrait of the artist and his art. like how he fell into and has clawed his way out of homelessness. how he is fighting to overcome his addictions and gain a foothold in the art world. this is his story. >> i would just set my canvas against the wall and kind of m jar behind me. i would just log onto the canvas and just drop. >> reporter: there is so much beauty in daniel's art. a beauty that belies the often ugly reality of his life on the streets. >> people are clueless to the scope and scale of the suffering homeless experience on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: on each cardboard
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canvas, daniel creates images of almost angelic beauty. all the while, battling his own demons. homelessness, addiction and mental illness. >> the day-to-day struggles of a homeless person are just, they are unbelievable. it takes a heroic effort just to pick yourself up off the floor every day and find something to eat. >> reporter: by now, you are probably wondering how did someone with so much talent and potential end up in such a precarious position. the short answer is, in life, daniel the artist has not always colored inside the lines. in his 20s and 30s he developed a serious crippling addiction to prediction -- street drugs. >> i have been u was a big on
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>> reporter: in 2018, he pled guilty to possessing an explosive and the raw materials to make more. he says it was a profound this understanding that was police found where the raw materials for a do-it-yourself science project. an inventor and tinker 's workshop. most important, he says he never intended to hurt anyone. in the end, it was his life that imploded. he was sentenced to 2 years in jail and when he got out he landed on the street. where he found his calling as an artist but nearly destroyed himself in the process. >> that was a constant battle from the moment i was awake to the moment i go to sleep. to not lose, to not lose my soul basically. and, my rep o ye
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daniel lived on the streets of san francisco, the artist and his soul danced on a razor edge of ruin and retention. the prolific -- drug abuse. but, not all of his -- was -- >> the attack started to unravel. i was sexually assaulted. >> reporter: in the spring, daniel says he was drugged and sexually assaulted and woke up groggily in the middle of the attack. >> i was unconscious for the majority of. when i came to, i started to freak out and, he just pushed me out right onto the curb. >> reporter: hurt and
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humiliated he headed to the hospital, had a sexual assault kit performed and was discharged. outside the er, he says it all hit him. his body battered and so broken, daniel says he climbed into a trash bin wanting desperately in the moment for, if not his life, at least his suffering to end. >> i felt like a piece of trash. i was a disposable human being at that point. in my state of despair, the trashcan was the logical place to put my body. >> reporter: he says a police officer got him out of the trash and dumped him at a nearby park. afterwards, he moved to the outskirts of the city, taking a train every day to the san francisco bayview neighborhood where he would curl up on the sidewalk outside of a walgreens. solitude and
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isolation he says, equaled safety. but, make no mistake, daniel was teetering. the darkness, the day-to-day struggles of homelessness, the great gnashing of teeth of the streets threatened to consume him. >> what i see when i see a homeless person using is someone who is severely traumatized. who is self-medicating to get through the day. >> reporter: the only light in that dark time he says, was his art. and the knowledge that to save it, he would first have to save himself. >> without the art, i would not of gotten clean, i would not of been focused. i just had this deep conviction that if i focused on my work, everything would turn out for the better. >> reporter: while still homeless, he had a small gallery showing of his work. the positive press helped to
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get him into emergency housing and treatment for his addiction. the portrait of his recovery and future as an artist is an unfinished canvas. but he's pursuing his art with a clear eye, conviction and focus. >> i can measure my success by how dedicated i am to my craft. the more i am dedicated, the more success i tend to have in my life. >> reporter: while daniel is not religious in any conventional sense, he returns again and again to religious imagery in his art. searching, haps, or a measure of mercy and grace. rarely found in a life governed by the chaos, cruelty and caprice of the streets. right now, daniel is pursuing his art with a singular focus with the goal to complete and hold on to enough
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of his work to fill a second gallery show . a show he hopes will firmly establish his place in the bay area art world. >> the art is so good. how did you find him and what got you interested in wanting to tell that story? >> sort of first and foremost, it was his outsized talent. his artwork is amazing. then, it is kind of the unflinching honesty with which he tells his story and frankly, a bit of the awfulness of what happened to him prime he the street. and the raw emotion that is there. it is a sad and uplifting story all at once. and really, it is still being written. >> the art is moving and the story is even more moving once you get to know the person behind the nameless face we often times see on the street. thank you for that.
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and each other! and your guests, and the planet. now you can afford even more, with new benefits for ikea family members, including 5% off all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. ikea welcome back. it has been 10 days since nasa launched
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the orion spacecraft. it is nearing the halfway mark of its test flight. on friday, the unmanned spacecraft entered a distant orbit around the moon and puts it on path to break a record of the for this distance away from earth designed to carry humans. the current record was set by apollo 13. orion should break the record any minute now and we are waiting to hear back from nasa. the nice thing about saturday morning, it is cold but, not nearly as cold as so many recent warnings have been. everyone is technically still hanging onto the 40s. santa rosa is 40. san jose at 44. it is 43 in concord. livermore is at 40. you still want the jacket but it is not as cold as it has been. the rest of this afternoon will be fantastic. more sunshine than anything else the majority of
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the day and daytime highs climbing back into the mid and upper 60s. 66 in redwood city. morgan hills, 68. the upper 60s for most of the inland communities. back along the bayshore it is mid 60s . 65 oakland. it will be 68 in san rafael today. 69, santa rosa. numbers will climb to the upper 60s through mendocino and lake county as well. looking at the big picture, a weak system passing through today, you can actually see the line of clouds that will help clear the are just a little bit. the air quality yesterday was pretty rough at times. it was unhealthy for sensitive groups for a lot of locations. this does not get rid of it all but that weak cold front will at least breakup the ridge of high pressure a little bit and help to improve the air quality.
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there are more systems coming after that. as we look at the long-range forecast, it will be a little while and, we will wait until wednesday. the system coming in monday does not look like it will offer much rain at all if any. this one wednesday, looks a little more hopeful. once we get past that and want to look toward next weekend, maybe there is more reason to be optimistic. we will give it time to play out. the much more impactful aspect of this, if we do not get the rain will be the big drop in temperatures, the morning lows where we feel it the most. if we're 40 now for the inland valleys, the northbay valleys go back to the mid- to upper 30s for sunday and monday. and you can see where the temperatures drop. by wednesday, back down to freezing temperatures. tuesday, wednesday, maybe thursday. by here, we will have gotten rain, more clouds and maybe temperatures will come in higher if we do get the rain.
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sunshine all the way through and then really, the rain reserved for thursday even though the long-range forecast wanted to place it thursday it is likely lake -- nexus to. a little too early to try and get specific on rainfall amounts right now but, should it hold together the way it looks like now, it could be a quarter to half an inch of rain. we are far more concerned with whether or not it holds together. it looks a lot like so many previous systems have where they look promising d then fizzle out. it is kind of the way the pacific and models are coming together this year. will keep a close eye on it and have updates as we get closer. >> there is always uncertainty to long-range forecast but, this time last week we were thinking about rain as early as monday but, that has kind of disappeared. >> when i did that long-range
6:22 am
futurecast, you can still see monday had this weak little thing come through but it does not look like it will hold together for rain, unfortunately. the james webb space telescope has produced another stunning image from deep space. this is planet --, a staggering 700 light years away and it is as big as saturn but a lot hotter. the surface temperature estimated to be around 1600 degrees. scientists call it an xo planet because it sits out of our solar system. they say this is the beginning of learning about such faraway planets.
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good vibes all around for the golden state warriors. they are 9-1 at home this season. they have won four of i've and klay thompson appears to be back. while the critics may still be out there, klay thompson does not hear them. >> i have so much more time in my hands. not on social media looking at the comments and i learned a few look, you will get hurt. try to relay that message to the young kids. >> do not feed the trolls, jazz and warriors yesterday evening. first quarter, thompson creates the easy and one for -- a nice tip. the warriors go up four. third quarter, klay thompson on the brake lines jordan pool who gives it back to thompson. flip pass, better shot. warriors up 10. fourth quarter,
6:26 am
steph curry of the inbound. why do teams always leave him open. he had 33. this time, the jazz tried to guard him. shots missed. friendly home out to klay thompson and he thinks it. thompson had 20 points on six of 12 from three. warriors win 129-118. they are 10-10 on the season. team usa matched up with england friday afternoon. the u.s. played really well but scoring chances did not come often. the 33rd minute was their best chance. kristen pulisic of the cross bar. he cannot believe it. just before the half, here comes england. great look and better save by the usa goalie. a dry yesterday. however, team usa does secure a point with that drop. the other game, i ran taking on wheels. game still
6:27 am
scoreless in extras. the 98 minutes, i ran -- for the win. that is a big time strike. i red ends up winning 2-nil,. setting up a huge i run and usa match-up. hockey, the sharks were wearing their new retro reverse jerseys for the first time. in the third, the kings up a goal and on the attack, -- sneaks one through, kings winners 5-2. sharks have lost four of their last by. college football, ucla was in berkeley for cal's last game of the season. the bears saved the best for last. the second quarter, the quarterback hits -- to give the golden bears a double-digit lead at half. ucla would put the bears away in the fourth quarter. the running back powers it in from 5 yards out. bruins go on top. tal's
6:28 am
season is officially over. they fell to 4-8 with the 35-28 loss. stanford was down in orlando for a holiday tournament. florida state was the holiday opponent. second half, stanford went off for 49 points. brandon angel had 22. 5 minutes later stanford is cruising. and, they would win, 70-60, the final. that does it for sports everyone. have a great saturday. file this next story under amazing people overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles. a group of blind archers. archery requires agri-precision and balance. how do you do that if you cannot see the target. leader or not, they are in fact blind, they use a specialized stand to aim antiforeign. they are
6:29 am
using archery to inspire themselves and others. >> i believe it gives them a chance to be competitive and do something that nobody thought they could do. >> we have choices in life, you can either choose to sit there or get up and do some archery. >> the archers hope to demonstrate anything is possible with every shot.
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welcome back. thank you for joining us. let's start this half hour with a quick check of the weather. we are just about 30 men it's away from sunrise. already starting to see the light in the sky. high clouds overhead for most of us, part of the reason why the temperatures are a little warm this morning. they act a little bit of a blanket and have kept us slightly warner. it can be and has been a lot
6:33 am
colder than this at this time of day. if we look to where we going for daytime highs today. the high clouds are clearing out and more sunshine than anything else today climbing to 70 inland and mid 60s for most of the day. we will see what the complete forecast including what the next opportunities are for rain in just a few minutes. we have an update on the gunman who killed six people and injured several others in a virginia walmart earlier this week, police say the shooter was a supervisor in that store and left a note claiming he was tormented by his coworkers. we are also learning more about the victims. >> reporter: family and friends grieved at a memorial just steps away from the walmart store were six people lost their lives. we now know the youngest was 16-year-old fernando chavez. >> i prayed yesterday night with my family for him. we got at the store recently. left
6:34 am
once say he used his first paycheck to buy gifts for his mom. walmart has confirmed all of the victims on tuesday were store employees. the shooter was a store manager. witnesses say he opened fire inside a break room as workers were about to start the overnight shift. >> he was not aiming at anyone specifically, he was just shooting all throughout room. >> police released this memo found on his phone where he asked for the forgiveness of god and complained of being bullied by coworkers. investigators say the nine millimeter handgun he used was purchased legally just hours before the attack. virginia is not among the nine states with a waiting time to buy a gun. >> the rationale behind waiting times is gun violence is often impulsive. forcing a
6:35 am
gun buyer to take a cooling-off time can reduce violence. >> reporter: authorities say the shooter, who died at the scene with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound did pass a background check before buying the weapon. he had no criminal history. president biden has indicated he may try to pass a ban on assault weapons during the lame-duck session in congress this december. this after a week that saw three mass shootings in the u.s. over the summer, he did sign a bill that expanded back ground checks and attic restrictions how -- not enough. >> the idea we still allow semi automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. >> you want president biden does not really understand is that the firearms he is trying to ban are the most popular rifles in america. he is really putting himself in a difficult situation and his party in a difficult situation.
6:36 am
>> with such a closely divided senate he would have to get buy-in from some republicans. in exit polls, 56% of voters say they supported stricter gun control measures, existing gun laws very a lot on a state-by-state basis. in colorado springs, the community is showing support for some of the heroes stop the gunman at club q. richard fierro is one of the two people that took down the shooter. both are credited in saving lives in an attack that killed by people last weekend. he owns a local brewery which opened its doors friday for the first time since the attack. >> this brave man deserves all the respect he can get for coming out and loving the community and helping people in the community right where he was at the right time. >> any time somebody does what everybody needs to do and then, you ask them, oh you are a hero and they say no i am
6:37 am
not, i am just doing what people need to do. you support them. you make sure his business thrives. >> some customers drove for hours to get there. the suspected shooter is currently being held without bond. he's due in court december 6. tonight at 48 hours, a 14-year-old boy charged with murdering his mother and more than two decades later he still maintains his innocence. in 2002 he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for murdering his mother. three years earlier he found his mother's body in her bedroom beaten and set on fire. he was arrested shortly after. he was sentenced to life in prison but after a new state law passed in missouri, he became eligible of parole. he is now 38 and out on parole. find out more about the episode tonight on 48 hours. that is on at 10:00 .
6:38 am
the chinese authorities say they plan to ease a month-long covid-19 lockdown in the country's western province. this comes after protesting over a recent apartment fire that killed 10 people. video shows the streets filled with people chanting lift covid-19 lockdown. they say the strict restrictions slowed the response of firefighters leading to the loss of life. that province has suffered some of the country's longest lasting and harshest covid-19 prevention measures. some people say they have been locked in their homes for weeks at a time without sufficient food.
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thanksgiving may be over but, for many of our neighbors the need for food is still great. as part of our food for family strife, -- food bank and talked with one worker who personally answers the calls for help. >> reporter: here at this food bank, can you imagine what would it be like to look at the bare cupboards and no you
6:42 am
do not have enough food to feed your children. they have some and who makes it so when you come to the door or when you call, there is love on the other end of the line. i want you to meet barbara. i listened to you take one of the phone calls, i am so touched by who you are. tell me about what you are hearing when people call in or come to the door. >> most of the time they are looking for a place to get food. they are a little desperate. they do not really want to know everything about the workings of the food bank. they have a couple of kids and they just need something to cook for dinner. we usually go to the food pantries and talk about it. i am just finding since covid-19 hit us, there are so many people who do not understand what the food bank is about. after i get off the phone with them, they are so glad they called. there are so many resources out there. if they just pick up the phone and ask for help, we can help them. >> i want to let our viewers
6:43 am
know i had a chance to listen to a phone call that a. this was one of our neighbors who called needing help for the holidays. and barbara, your messages no shame. >> definitely not. i never talk down to anybody. it could be any of us. since covid-19, so many people you could tell they would call in and say i cannot believe i am having to ask for help like this. i just said it could happen to any of us. don't be ashamed. give us a call and, once you get back on your feet, you can come and volunteer. >> i love it. it is so wonderful to meet you. if you want to be like any of the number people here that volunteer at this wonderful facility go to or, you can see the qr code on the bottom of your screen to find ways you can help your neighbor. when we do, it feels wonderful. >> we hope you consider
6:44 am
donating your time or money to food for bay area families. you can scan the qr code on the bottom of your screen that will go to the website where you can get more information at we are watching a beautiful start to the day. the sun is coming up around 7:00. there is pretty light showing us over to the east. we are looking out across, over the valley. you can kind of see some of the lights below. high clouds will make for a pretty sunrise. a little bit of an inversion, you can see the reason why we had a spare the air alert yesterday. the air quality will be a little better today. you can see that it is still hazy. we are not nearly as cold as we have been. one location
6:45 am
got down to 37, redwood city. numbers have dipped into the upper 30s but, most other locations are hanging onto the 40s. daytime highs, o d ups.60 horeupper 60 the inland valleys. the next system that would like to try to bring rain will bring light snow in the sierra. the high clouds are gone into the afternoon. we will see a weak little system here monday drop some snow right at the past. that system is the one falling apart. it does not deliver us any rain but, monday morning it drops a little bit of snow. maybe 2 1/2 inches for donner pass. no rain here but, if we look at the bigger
6:46 am
picture, we can see the system after that looks a little more promising. that is the one for late wednesday into thursday. there is a chance of rain on thursday and friday of the next coming week. we are still a little too far out to get too specific. the more impactful aspect will be, regardless of the rain or not, we will get colder. you will see it in the 7-day forecast but, i wanted you to see it for the morning close. those are the northbay valleys. in the 40s right now. when the system comes through, the leading edge with a cold front, we have to go back down to freezing. that means the rest of us will probably go down to the upper 30s and low 40s on wednesday and thursday morning. in the 7-day forecast. plenty of sunshine,
6:47 am
temperatures get cooler. san jose goes from 66 today to 58 tuesday for the daytime high. the cool air will be here. hopefully, the chance for rain holds together and by the time we get to thursday and friday next week, we can talk about a more meaningful chance of light rain. >> i know we are still a couple of days out but, which day do you think will be the heavier of the two? >> it is tough to say, if this holds together the weight it looks now, thursday is when we probably get some of the more widespread rain and friday with scattered showers. it is so early, we will have to watch that with much more detail as we get closer to it. all season long we will be sharing stories of people helping to feed bay area families. we are sharing a
6:48 am
story of a man whose generosity makes him this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: this would chop teacher brings lumber to life in his santa rosa garage. the 86-year-old carpenter has built his own house and remodeled kitchens in his career. these days, his projects are smaller. but, the impact serves 5 north bay counties. all the pieces came together a couple of years ago. at the time, his early -- was raising money for the local food bank. so he packed up the 1939 ford woody station wagon he built himself and started his own traveling store. and he sells his handcrafted items from the trunk of his vehicle for $100
6:49 am
each. all the money goes to the redwood empire food bank. people by his wooden boxes, pumpkins and trucks. >> i have been pleased and surprised people are interested and they really appreciate it. >> reporter: he takes the store to car shows and wherever he and his wife happen to drive all year long. >> i stopped at the grocery store the other day and some lady wanted to look at the car so i opened it up to let her see what we had. >> reporter: his wooden creations have raised nearly $40,000 in the last two years for the redwood empire food bank. >> i think what is really cool about what frank is doing, he is showing people you can come up with clever ideas to give back. every dollar donated, we can distribute four dollars worth of groceries. that is making a large impact in the
6:50 am
community. >> it is really neat and that is what keeps me going. i like that people seem to enjoy but i have. >> reporter: 90% of the wood he's using is donated so he can heap feeding his hobby to feed people in need. for exchanging his handcrafted wood projects for food bank donations, this week's jefferson award goes to frank wheeler. >> the donations will go a long way to helping the redwood empire food bank. is rolling store
6:51 am
the media landscape has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, including tv stations and radio. for example -- talk radio recently shut down with almost no warning. northern california can claim something of an antique. rock 'n roll radio done the old-fashioned way. that means doing it the hard
6:52 am
way. zz top on northern california's home for the classics. >> reporter: night falls as you make your way along a darkened i-5. as you wind your way past mount shasta, you dial-up classic rock radio. only this is not just a radio station, it is the work of one single person. you might have a hard time finding anyone else doing anything white like it. >> nobody is stupid enough to do it. by that, he means running the entire show by himself. he picks the songs, records the jingles and even does a lot of the ads were in he also does all of the maintenance and just about everything else. >> music programming, traffic. i do not do sales. i suck at sales. basically, i program everything right here. three
6:53 am
or four software programs that kind of co-mingle. i send that to the server which is down here and this is what is on there now. every time i hear something i like that nobody else plays i put it in the rotation and it seems to do well, we are tracking about 22,000 cities on the internet. australia, barbados, germany, canada, russia. i track it because i can see on my google earth where their server is and it is always right at the criminal. >> all of those people, including the fans in moscow are listening to one's playlist of 8000 songs but, it really has been a lifetime of music. he started as a inhicago before his career took him to los angeles. >> i had children and i wanted a small town to go to. it.
6:54 am
>> reporter: 25 years later, he says the famously eclectic area has probably contributed to his longevity in an era when many stations have fallen under corporate control or disappeared altogether. there is still something a little like old-time radio out there and people are finding it far beyond the shadow of shasta. a one-man band rocking on in a changing media world. >> it is a labor of love. no normal person would undertake what it takes to do this. >> reporter: what is next? do you keep doing this? >> nothing better to do. it beats working a real job buddy. a -- man just joined an
6:55 am
elite global club of ultra runners. justone le 100 time d is not stopping. >> los angeles to san diego i have done that about nine or 10 times. and i have done -- 14 times. >> if the distance was not enough of a challenge, ray sanchez says he usually does the runs straight through. >> usually i do not stop to sleep. i am doing better because i am wiser. i know how to pace myself. i do not take things for granted. >> on the topic of the need for speed, one lamborghini driver was caught going more than 150 miles per hour on a northern california highway. a chp officer took this picture. the officer clocked the car at
6:56 am
152 miles per hour in 855. the maximum speed of many lamborghinis tops more than 200 miles per hour. the driver was ticketed for misdemeanor reckless driving. the chp says it is tempting to go crazy when your car is that fast but, they say it
6:57 am
let's get a quick review on this day. it looks pretty
6:58 am
out to start but, the clouds have managed to keep the temperatures relatively warm. it is mainly in the low 40s. only one number into the 30s. plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. and there is a chance of rain on thursday and friday. we will keep a close eye on that. fingers crossed --
6:59 am
7:00 am
a bus hijacked in san francisco, how it played out on city streets. various shop owners hope for a boost during small business saturday. how an owner in san francisco plans to attract customers. a talented artist bouncing back after experiencing homelessness. we take a look at his work, and the hardships he has endured. good morning, thank you for joining us. let's start with a quick check of the weather. we are starting out this saturday morning slightly warmer than we have been for many of the last several. temperatures across the state mostly 40 at theol


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