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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 6pm  CBS  November 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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due to inflation but this bookstore has another problem. three women opened this business right before covid. this bookstore has quite the survival story to tell. >> we are down about 10% from last year which is significant. especially for a new store. >> reporter: the co-owner says to make matters worse, a barnes & noble just open months ago several blocks away. and we think that's part of why the business has dropped. the last month and a half has the worst we have ever had. >> reporter: she says this
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holiday season could make or break them. >> from a morel point of view, this really gives us energy from the rest of the holiday. >> reporter: it's too late for this gift shop a few doors down, they are closing the store in january and shifting operations online. >> the last shopping day will probably be january 21. >> business owners say it's important to shop local because every dollar spent goes into the community. >> independent stores add to the flavor of the community. we have customers who've been with us for those same 40 years we've been in business . this adds diversity. >> reporter: the manager of this wine shop says they hand-picked the product that they sell. something they say the big box stores cannot do. >> it's not the same thing. >> many small businesses
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donate to local charities and schools. the store highlights local writers with book reading events like this. >> we have events where people could hang out. it's really important. >> businesses are pulling out all the stops to get people away from big box stores with events today in pacifica and hayward. >> the wonderfulness and cash go back into the community. that's what we like to see. >> it's important to raise awareness about these businesses and also to increase sales for this time of year. it will give us a big push when we need it. >> that's why small business owners say shopping local helps to create jobs and boost local economy. people of sharing
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their deals on social media and we love to see what you've found on small business saturday. tag us using the hashtag . >> the national retail federation says 106 million people will take advantage of the deals this weekend. despite high inflation, people are spending a lot of money. retail sales up a percentage point over the last month. buyers say they are still cautious. >> instead of buying multiple gifts i'm limited to one gift per person. >> it's like every time you go out it's $100. >> more people will shop on small business saturday than on black friday this year. two thirds of small retailers expect to see higher profits this christmas season. while millions of people are shopping this holiday season many in the communities are struggling to put food on the table as part of our food for the bay area families drive.
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>> can you imagine what it would be like to look into those covered send know you don't have enough to feed your children will hear they make it so when someone comes through the doors or call, there's love at the other end of the desk. i listened to barbara take one of the phone calls here. untouched by who you are. tell me about what you are hearing when people come in. >> most of the time they're looking for somewhere to get food. they are a little desperate. they don't want to know about everything with the workings of the food bank. they have a couple of kids. they just need something to cook for dinner. we usually go to the food pantries and talk about it. i'm finding since covid hit us there are so many people
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who don't really understand what the food bank is about. after i get off of the phone with them they are just so glad they called. there are so many resources out there. if they just pick up the phone and ask for help. you know, we can help them. >> and you don't have to go hungry. i want our viewers to know i had a chance to hear a phone call that came in. one of our neighbors called and needing help to the holidays. barbara, your message is no shame. right? >> definitely not. i don't talk down to anybody. this could be any of us. since covid there were so many people you could tell they were calling in, they would say i can't believe i'm having to ask for help like this. i said it could happen to any of us. don't be ashamed. give us a call. we have all kinds of resources. when you get back on your feet to could
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come in and volunteer. >> i love it. i want a t-shirt that says be like barbara. it's so wonderful to me. if you want to be like barbara or any of the number of people who volunteer at this wonderful facility go to our website. or look at the qr code on your screen to find ways to help your neighbor. when we do, it feels wonderful. back to you. >> we hope you will consider donating your time, money, to the food for bay areas drive. scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen to go to the site. we have more information online at turning to the weekend, many travelers looking to fly home after thanksgiving. they have experienced delays today. especially with travel plans taking them troop through dallas or houston with weather slowing many plans down. many delayed flights had connections in the south. 50 flights have
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been canceled so far because of the storms. flights here have been largely unaffected. between 3% and 7% of the flights have been delayed which is not bad for a busy weekend but if you're traveling by road, they have maximum enforcement out. last year 42 people died on california roadways over thanksgiving. historically people tried to escape alcatraz. today a boat crashed right into it. the police and coast guard rescued them as they collided with the west side of alcatraz. everyone is safe. there were no environmental impacts. still ahead, bay area hospitals have brought in surge tents to deal with an influx of flu in patients who have respiratory viruses. we spoke with one doctor to see if the surplus tents have been filling up. a winery offering clues as to what could be in the light dust found on cars. snow is on the ground. ski resorts are open but what is the long-term outlook for rain and snow? we will find out. we
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will even do a short-term outlook. there's another chance for rain showing up. we will go into details on how good that looks
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now to a mystery in martinez. a powder like dust covered cars and buildings overnight in martinez. nobody knows what it is or where it came from. some think the refinery, they've taken samples of the ash and dust, they cannot confirm whether or not the material had been released
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from the refinery but we can confirm people were puzzled. >> my girlfriend noticed it yesterday morning. she was like i don't know what the white dust is on my car but it's there and i said, i imagine it's from the refineries. she found out later there was a fire. >> the refinery said the dust could potentially be catalyst dust which they use in the refinery process and they say it is not toxic. >> a big week in the sierra with a lot of people from the bay area going to the mountains with a holiday week. fresh snow means many resorts are already open. scientists were hoping a white winter would put a dent in the drought but now they are changing their expectations. >> reporter: ins terms of snowfall the sierra is off to a good start. the question is will the momentum continue and give california what it needs to make a dent in the drought or will we see a repeat of last year. tucked away deep in the woods in the sierra, there is someone who has a theory about how the winter will play out.
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his name is andrew schwartz and he's the lead scientist at the uc berkeley central sierra snow lab and hopes that mother nature proves his prediction wrong. >> this winter is looking a lot like last winter. looking at warmer than average conditions, drier than average conditions. >> reporter: he keeps a close eye on the weather and climate trends. here he is measuring the depth of snow and how much water it is holding. >> california needs about an extra year of precipitation to get us out of the drought. >> a steady winter to build a strong snowpack would be a great place to begin. schwartz says it's hard to know what to expect when average conditions are no longer the norm. >> recently we have seen whether whiplash events where we are going right from one extreme to the next. last year
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was a perfect example of this. we went from record-breaking october 2 deepest on record. one of the driest novembers on record. record-breaking december. most snowfall we had ever seen in a dry period. >> reporter: this makes managing the drought more difficult than it already is. >> for the most part we base a lot of the water management on average conditions when those conditions do not occur it makes our models less accurate and makes water managers jobs a little harder. >> the lack of average winter conditions could make things harder and other realms of life as well. many businesses and towns throughout the sierra had historically relied on average winters. and at this coffee roasters, lizzie herford hopes that schwartz's prediction is wrong. >> things like this coffee shop and other cases in town, they rely on tourism aspects with people coming in. we don't have any snow. it's a draw to a small town like this. it's not quite as intense.
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>> reporter: right now there's plenty of snow in the sierra. some ski resorts are opening early. >> we had a lot of snow so far in this season. >> reporter:'s shorts says there's a nice base place for the snowpack so now we wait. only time will tell if winter will decide to prove him wrong. he sure hopes this is the case. >> it's important we have a good winter. >> reporter: he is grateful he will have a front row seat as this unfolds. with drought we would really like to see rain. >> we would. >> you know coming up this winter and spring but what is the long-term forecast? >> we heard from the snow lab there is that hopes aren't high. one of the most important ways to see that, we had el niño this year. looking at the sea surface temperatures, the anomalies, the deeper shades of
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blue along the equator show where the sea surface temperatures are notably cooler than the average. that's la niña it's different from el niño. it does the opposite. when we hear the research at the university central of sierra snow lab say we don't have high hopes that is why. having said that, we are likely to get some snow. it will be significant but it's two inches coming to the sierra. monday night into tuesday morning. we won't even get a drop of rain when this happens. i'll show you why in a second. first let's go through in order, the rest of the week is fantastic. tomorrow will look and feel pretty much like today did. we were near 70 for many warmer inland spots. mid to upper 60s for the rest of the bay. it will be calling in tomorrow but not as cold as it has been.
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not as cold as it's about to get next week. by the middle of next week these numbers will be noticeably colder to freezing again. in the upper 30s for a lot of the rest of us. daytime highs tomorrow are great. no issues here. right on the mark if not a few degrees above this. cooling down, here's how the sierra will get a little bit of snow, this little system, this cold front organizing a line. we could watch this as we go from sunday afternoon, the rain begins to disappear but look at the cold air that keeps spilling down our way behind it which is the start of the pattern that will begin to take not only morning lows but also daytime highs down by wednesday next week nobody's getting out of the upper 50s for daytime highs. it will feel noticeably cooler by then. looking at the long range track there is a possibility
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that we could get back into the storm track but it's going to thursday now. looking ahead to december 1, it's at least within the seven day forecast. saturday, only looking out bio by five days. getting more confidence in the long-range forecast that looks great. the perfect kind of storm because it's this long stretch of moisture feeding into it with cold air producing snow in the sierra with some more coming after this. we will give this a little more time to play out. we have gotten head faked but there is a reason that we could have optimism about some rain. whether or not we get rain we will be cold. morning lows in the north bay valley where we see the extremes, wednesday
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morning down to 29 degrees. the north bay valley is the extreme. the majority for the rest of the bay will look at temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s for morning lows by the time we get there. you could see the daytime highs are also coming down. san jose at 66, 58 on tuesday. then we begin the chance of rain on thursday, friday, and saturday. we see this in the rest of the seven day forecast as well for hour microclimates. as we showed you there, a big fan base. fans showing up for a world cup watch party in union square this morning. they are featuring argentina, the legendary lionel messi and in fact argentina wound up beating mexico 2-0. >> the perfect segue because we have highlights coming up. i guess minutes. you'll have to wait a minute. need some patience with their young talent with highlights from all the big games this saturday
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20 games are in the books were golden state warriors. nine and one at home and one and nine on the road. all of the averages brings golden state to just that, average. a 10 and 10 record for the warriors after defeating the jazz last night. they've won for of five playing their best basketball in the month of november. they are doing this without a ton of contributions from their three young lottery pics. most thought the warriors would run it back, they would need big jumps from these players. this hasn't happened and in order for this to happen you may need some patience. >> he's a seventh picked. moses is the 14th pick. james is a second pick. those guys usually are on teams that suck and they can do whatever they need to do to improve. that's
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not the situation. they are expected to contribute at a championship level in the first year. the reality is if you go find the rest of the guys around the league that are there age and try to put them in this situation, all of the guys come aware like a man he's doing great. the reason we feel like that is because they are on bad teams making growth through the mistakes but it's not the same for these guys. >> it was a great day of college football, playoffs on the line for the last week with most teams. michigan had not beaten ohio state in columbus since 2000. clinton had not lost a home game over the last 40 games. ohio state, michigan, the number two buckeyes hosting jim harbaugh in the third-ranked wolverines. this game was a big play after big play. ohio state cj stroud, marvin harrison junior for the 42 yard score with a 20-17 halftime lead. those plays i mentioned, the michigan team
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delivered in the second half. jj mccarthy to colston loveland. 45 yard touchdown. michigan 24, buckeyes 20. the wolverines were missing the heisman candidate running back. his replacement donovan edwards ripped off a 75 yard touchdown run following up with a 85 yard run. ohio, oh no. michigan secures their spot in the championship game with a 45-23 when. the first win in columbus since 2000. how about two road underdogs getting this done today. taking on clemson, 34 rolling, firing, and over the shoulder catch . two yards to the house. carolina will take the lead on the field goal. clemson gets the ball back with two minutes to go. or we thought they were getting it back. on the return near
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midfield. fumbling . they recover. that's ballgame. the playoff chances are over. carolina defeats the tigers for the first time in seven years. 31-30 the final. the reigning heisman trophy winner in alabama, big favorites against auburn. they had no issue. the second quarter, tied on the move. no tigers laid a finger on this player. he got it done throwing for 343 yards with three touchdowns. alabama. the final score, 49-27. another great rivalry that finished with a bang. oregon and corvallis taking on oregon state. oregon had a double-digit lead then unraveled. the punter drops the football. they take it on the
6:25 pm
one. a touchdown. oregon state within three points. minutes later , here come the beavers. they upset the ducks. 38-34. the world cup action, messi and argentina facing mexico. the 64th minute. argentina on the attack. he scores. they needed this one bad after losing to saudi arabia on tuesday. argentina gets it done. the final score argentina 2, mexico-0. broadway was jumping today. similar to french fans and guitar. france against denmark, france attacking. driven low toward the back post. sticking this one in. france takes the 2-1 lead ends up being your final score. united states back at it
6:26 pm
on tuesday against iran . if they win the match they move on. >> i know that a lot of jim harbaugh fans are happy he got that win . >> 18 of 20 but then he got it done. >> coming up in the next half hour, the rsv symptoms parents need to be on the lookout for. christmas time in san francisco which means there's a giant gingerbread inside of the fairmont hotel. a glimpse at the extravagant holiday display. 20 zz top on northern california's classic. >> how one man has been able to keep a radio station going for decades by himself.
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>> you are watching kpix 5 news at 6:30. public health officials are bracing for what could become another post-thanksgiving surge of the flu and covid-19 cases with numbers creeping up from even before the holidays. >> what you should do if you start to feel under the weather. >> public health officials stress the importance of testing for the first time you feeling sick with different treatments they say for covid and the flu that have taken early could prevent illness. >> covid its proximity. if your eligible , it's pretty
6:30 pm
much for all age groups. >> officials worn ahead of the holiday, the potential perfect storm. three respiratory viruses and rsv. the pitching killer the particular precautions. >> if you look all around the country they are telling a similar story of just at the limit of capacity of pediatric hospitals. >> even if you manage to make it through the thanksgiving holiday without getting sick doctors urged the public to get a flu shot and a covid booster. there is no vaccine currently available for rsv and parents of young children will have to remain vigilant. >> watch out for difficulty breathing, wheezing, use of extra muscles to breathe.
6:31 pm
dehydration, fatigue, listlessness. >> there's a long way to go in the cold and flu season. if they haven't needed those extra tents outside yet, pray they never will. kpix 5. >> taking a live look at administration resisting calls from the pediatric health grows to declare a national emergency. a national emergency would open up funding and ease regulations. the cdc says there's twice as many kids in the hospital, twice as many this year than any other flu season on record. the white house says they have medical supplies but no state has requested them yet. instead of declaring a national emergency health officials say they are ready to provide assistance to communities on a case-by-case
6:32 pm
basis. food poisoning from improperly stored thanksgiving leftovers could be a concern this time of year. we have more on what you need to know to keep you and your family safe. >> reporter: many of us look forward to digging into our favorite holiday foods again. usda food safety expert meredith carruthers says it's critical to handle them properly. this begins with getting prepared food into the fridge within two hours. >> the next day when you go to warm up your leftovers, reheating them to a safe internal temperature of 165 degrees, that process will help kill any bacteria that may be remaining and make sure it's safe to eat. >> leftovers should be kept in a sealed and stored container or a package that's airtight to keep the freshness in and bacteria out. you want to make sure the leftovers in the refrigerator are eaten within four days. they could last in the freezer 43 or a package that's airtight to keep the freshness in and bacteria out. you want to make sure the
6:33 pm
leftovers in the refrigerator are eaten within four days. they could last in the freezer 432 four months. >> i love thanks giving leftovers a few months later when you begin missing thanksgiving you could pop them into the refrigerator to thaw and reheat them . >> reporter: the oven or microwave are options for reheating. be sure to check the temperature of your favorite leftover dish in a few places to ensure the entire food reached the safe temperature of 165 degrees and enjoy. cbs news, new york. >> from thanksgiving to christmas, boy scouts in the east bay have began to sell christmas trees. the piedmont 50 year tradition and the volunteer staff has a lot of christmas trees. they will be there every day over the next few weeks working outside, helping you pick out trees and packing them to your car. >> it's important for the program. it's our largest fundraiser this year. it's fun to have a fresh christmas tree. i love to see families out with the kids picking out a fresh christmas tree. >> proceeds go tour scout toward scout troops . if you
6:34 pm
can't make it out to the lot you can have the tree delivered. >> the fairmont's giant gingerbread house is back along with the other extravagant holiday decorations that filled the hotel lobby each year. the fairmont has made a name for itself is one of the world's most beloved holiday dust the nations. community members gathered this afternoon for a ribbon cutting ceremony unveiling the famous gingerbread house. >> we break we bake this ourselves. >> the giant gingerbread house is 22 feet high and 23 feet wide with hundreds of pounds of candy. still ahead here at 6:00. >> looking at probably at least a half a dozen buildings. >> a family getting ready for backyard party when a fire erupts. the fight to protect
6:35 pm
nearby homes. >> hears something from out of this world. pictures from both the orion spacecraft and the james webb telescope when we come back.
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what started as a small fire in a shed ended in huge flames and explosions involving three different properties. firefighters say a shed in the backyard of a home caught fire this evening but it didn't take long for the flames to spread
6:38 pm
to to nearby properties. it took about two hours for the cruise to knock down the fires. there was no word of damages to any of the homes. >> it was very small. by the time we called the firemen, the fire grew bigger. it started to explode. we heard the explosion. it was scary. >> firefighters are investigating what happened . they say it may have been lawn equipment in a shed. turning to politics, early voting underway in georgia's u.s. senate runoff election. the incumbent democrat is trying to beat the republican challenger from the full six-year term in the senate. this week democrats were boosted by the supreme court which ruled the counties could offer early voting today. that seat is important because the democrats have already got 50 seats in the senate with a tie-breaking vote from the vp so the democrats want the senate seat to hold an edge on
6:39 pm
the committees. >> now that most votes have been counted in california some analysts have noticed a trend. california is falling behind when it comes to women holding elected office. we spoke with one former bay area lawmaker about the obstacles she had to overcome before her aspirations could become a reality. >> her past to politics begin with her family. >> we saw budget strains on my family in the classrooms. the principal had appointed me to every commission in the school. every committee you could be on. when i saw these problems with my kids in elementary school i said, what committee have you not put me on yet to solve these needs and our children? he said there isn't one and there's nothing you could do about it. >> of course she did, she defeated a city councilman to serve as the state assembly person for district 16. like so
6:40 pm
many women in politics she faced biases that her male counterparts didn't. dodging questions about her parents and children rather than the issues at hand. >> i sat down with a local mail mayor who said to me you know you have children, don't you want to be at home with your kids. one of my opponents their wife had had a baby. i don't think that was the subject of conversation. >> california was one of the first states to approve the women's right to vote in 1911 but despite being a early leader, the state has fallen behind. >> 50% of the population, and some careers or geographies or segments of the population we are well over 50%. if you want to solve problems and improve lives you've got to have the voices of the large part of your population there with that shared experience. tis
6:41 pm
to that chlenge is more complete and long-lasting if women's voices are in the room and data table. >> california has stayed around the same level and electing women to office in the t all ba is ripe with opportunity for more women to run and win the electable positions and they already have candidates. >> this year turned over about 30%. in turn being another 20%. we have been bracing for another amount of movement . it's going to be a big year once again. >> for baker, she says women in elected office bring in a unique set of skills and should be more broadly represented. for anyone interested in running. >> women , do not talk yourselves out of this. don't be someone who talks a woman candidate out of it either. do the best you can do.
6:42 pm
>> 10 days since nasa's orion spacecraft launched from the space center. right now it is near the halfway mark of the test flight as well as another key milestone. on friday it went into orbit around the moon. the first time we had a human capable capsule in lunar orbit in exactly 50 years which is incredible. just this afternoon, orion became the most distant human capable craft ever launched, beating the ill-fated apollo 13 capsules distant record. apollo 13 had three astronauts on board. this one has three, i'm sorry to say this, dummies. 81 miles above the moon on monday. orion will now spend the next few days seeing how its equipment will hold off and the radiation of deep space before it flashes down on december 11. for the first time ever the james webb telescope provided a picture of the chemical makeup of a distant planet so far outside of our solar system. it's called wasp
6:43 pm
39-b. this is an artist rendering of the telescope picking up the planet. a staggering 700 light-years away which would explain why it's so wonderful. it's as big as saturn but much hotter. the temperature is estimated to be around 1600 degrees. the main goal is to analyze faraway planets in more detail.
6:44 pm
tonight, a 14-year-old boy charged with murdering his mother but more than two decades later he still says he's innocent. in 2002, he was sentenced to life in prison from murdering his mother. he found his mother's body in a bedroom beaten and set on fire. police arrested him and after he was sentenced to life in prison but after a new law passed in missouri, he became eligible for parole. he's out on parole. michael says he knows who is responsible for killing his mother. find out more on the episode called the case against him on 48 hours airing at 10:00 here on kpix 5 and streaming on paramount plus. coming up. >> there's something here for you. >> fans taking over san francisco. how you can get in on the action. >> the second half of your weekend or the fourth day of the four day weekend. things get more interesting next week. we will look ahead to a significantly colder scenario and promising opportunities for rain next week. details on that coming up next.
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and if you have questions, there's free assistance every step of the way. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at bay area fans of comic, sci-fi, horror and gaming are going all out today. the fan expo brought comic con the experience to san francisco for the first time ever. fans decked out in the costumes of their favorite characters. they listen to panels, and they bought stuff. as well as meet and get autographs from the similarities celebrities that they adore. >> we put a smile on their face. i like to see how the
6:48 pm
stories affect their life. >> the event will continue through the weekend. fan expo says there's been a great turnout with a great response from fans. >> the creator of the world-renowned peanuts comic strip will have turned 100 years old today. fans honor his legacy at the schultz museum and research center in santa rosa. he paved the way for people to do deep feeling strips that hit humanity. he continued doing that. >> he spent decades living and writing in santa rosa. the guy who directed the cartoons, lee mendelson, he was a director here at kpix 5. >> oh wow . >> back in the early 60s. another day we were notching the 70s. next week we are doing that at all. you get
6:49 pm
another day of the week where you will get a day just like this. agree accrue cooler or two cooler. at the airport it was 70 so we had a few out there. tomorrow, those numbers are probably 10 degrees cooler. the mornings, i think it will make a big deal. we are going down to 30 or even a degree or two below that by the middle of next week with the northbay valley. for now it's a clear and beautiful night. the scene looking toward the city skyline from treasure island. looking at the lows, these aren't that bad. 30s for the northbay. low to mid 40s for most of the immediate day. highs tomorrow climbing up to write about where we were today. talking about how things change, the reason why we have a cooldown coming next week, we are pooling in with some cold fronts showing up tomorrow morning. that well organized line, the rain falls apart but the cold front
6:50 pm
remains. you can see the influence with the cool air spilling in behind it. the cooldown starts for us on monday with a little bit of light snow . even if we don't get rain out of it, it's brief. we could get an inch or two of accumulation. monday night into tuesday morning. the levels are around 4000 feet. travel monday night, tuesday in the sierra. nuisance snow. here is where things get more meaningful. thursday, that is close enough. this shows up into the seven day forecast. it looks good in the models but it also looks fantastic. the problem is over the last six weeks. or even eight weeks, the forecast models have resolved these beautifully .
6:51 pm
then they start falling apart. the forecast models, there could be more coming in. we won't worry outals or timing but the notion from thursday onto next week we could be back in the storm track. the cold air is coming. the morning lows for the northbay valley which it was 40 degrees this morning when you woke up in the northbay. the mid to upper 30s over the next few days and then 29 by the time we get to wednesday, we won't all do that, the northbay valleys of the coldest. everyone else will be in the upper 30s to low 40s which is cold enough. begin thinking ahead for that. it's colder through here then we wait to see what will pull
6:52 pm
together over here. it's nice the way the timing works out. the last time we got a storm cycle coming through, that started on november 1 then we got showers through the first week or so in november. this one would be starting on december 1 which by the way is the start of the meteorology goal meteorological winter. that's what it looks for the microclimates. a noticeably cooler with daytime highs near 70. the northbay tomorrow, not above 58 degrees by the time we get to wednesday. so grab a jacket and maybe remember where your umbrellas are. over to you. next, california radio station run entirely by one single person. when we come back.
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6:55 pm
i wonder if you've noticed the media landscape has changed dramatically. we certainly have. over the last few years, this includes tv stations and radio. >> kgo recently shut down with almost no warning. >> a legendary station. there is one rock 'n roll radio station that's really done the old-fashioned way. let's listen along with wilson walker. >> zz top in northern california's only classics, the z channel. >> night falls as you are making your way along the dark and i-5. as you wind your way amount past mount shasta you dial up some classic rock radio. only, it's not just a
6:56 pm
radio station, it's the work of one single person. you might have a hard time finding anything quite like it. >> no one stupid enough to do it. >> by that, dennis michaels means running the whole show by himself. he picks the songs, records the jingles, doing a lot of the ads. he also does the maintenance and just about everything else. >> traffic, i don't do sales. basically a program everything from right here. three or four software programs that co-mingle. i send it out to the server which is down here. this is what's on now, the chili peppers. styx is up next. i just stick it in the rotation and sees of it does well . 22,000 cities on the internet. australia, barbados, germany, canada, russia, i
6:57 pm
track it because i could see on google earth where the server is and it's always at the kremlin. >> all of those people including fans in moscow are listening to one man play list of 8000 songs. it really has been a lifetime of music. michael started as a teenager on a.m. radio in chicago before his career took him to los angeles. >> then i had children . i wanted a small town to go to. kind of like mayberry. so i found this place. i built it. >> 25 years later he says the famously eclectic area has probably contributed to his longevity in an era when many stations have fallen under corporate control or disappeared altogether. >> coming up next, you've got some mantras for you. >> there's still something a little like old-time radio out
6:58 pm
there , people are finding it far beyond the shadow of shasta. a one-man band rocking on in a changing media world. >> this is a labor of love. no normal person would undertake what it takes to do this. >> what's next, do you keep doing this for a while? >> yeah. nothing better to do. it beats working a real job. >> in mount shasta. wilson walker. kpix 5. >> it's remarkable. he holds it together by himself. >> he can track everyone who's listening on the computer from people in russia. >> and the kremlin ? do you think vladimir putin is listening? it's incredible. this could be worldwide. good for him. one man, one station,
6:59 pm
that is the future. thank you for watching. >> the news continues on kpix 5 .com. good night everyone. (vo) it's a fact! two out of three americans who qualify for medicare do not receive all the benefits they deserve. you could be missing out! now anthem blue cross introduces a free medicare plan checkup to make sure you receive all the benefits you qualify for in 2023. call 1-866-336-3448 today and receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium. benefits like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs! and to help you stay healthy at home, you can have free prescription drug delivery, online doctor visits twenty-four seven, and free exercise classes. you can even receive money towards over-the-counter health items. call 1-866-336-3448 today and feel confident you have all the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium,
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