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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 5pm  CBS  November 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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i did not see them in 2020 or 2021 because of covid. so that made the reunion that much sweeter. >> yeah, flying home from the holidays. the emotional backdrops to one of the busiest travel days of the year. breaking bread and tearing down barriers what brought two communities together for a cookout in the bay area. >> the thanksgiving month was the busiest time for food banks. now it's every month is busy for food banks. >> feeding a need. we will introduce you to a woman working to put food on the tables of people in alameda county. live from the cbs studios in san francisco, this sunday evening, i'm brian hackney.
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>> i'm andrea nakano. the holiday travel rush to get home after thanksgiving is in full swing with a tsa saying it's one of the busiest days of the year. >> kpix 5's da lin is at sfo where it's a bittersweet day for a lot of folks heading home after thanksgiving. >> reporter: sfo's expecting abbeys evening as thanksgiving travelers arrive home. the local airports say the numbers are not quite 2019 pre-pandemic levels, but they're getting closer. a lot of hugs and tears at the dropoff area. >> i'm going to miss my family. >> reporter: families saying good-bye to their loved ones after thanksgiving gatherings. >> it doesn't get easier. t it's always tough. yeah. we have a hard time and there'll be some tears but not right now. >> reporter: the rojas family sending their son back to college after the short holiday break. [ sirens ] >> a lot of tears. and a lot of tears. >> reporter: health care worker says all happy tears when she finally saw her mom for thanksgiving. >> i just got back to colorado springs from seeing my mom and brother and it was --
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phenomenal. phenomenal. too short. i did not see them in 2020 or 2021 because of covid. so that made the reunion that much sweeter. >> reporter: the flights were full. sfo officials say the busiest day was the thursday, november 17th before thanksgiving week with about 131,400 travelers. a small dip on friday. about 131,000 travelers. and the day before thanksgiving? roughly 122,000 people. sfo officials say before the pandemic, they would see roughly 160,000 people on the busiest thanksgiving travel day. sfo officials say the domestic travelers are almost back to 100%. the decline is mostly due to chinese flights because of the strict covid policies in that country. at the smaller san jose airport, officials say they saw roughly 38,000 passengers on november 17th. and just over 41,000 the
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next day. they say that's about 20% below pre-pandemic levels. we could not get the numbers for oakland international airport. despite her packed flights, she says it all went well. >> i have a fear of flying and it was actually very smooth going. coming and going. >> reporter: at sfo, i'm da lin. kpix 5. >> in fact, most of the flights at sfo today were on time. a few minor delays mostly involving flights from the east coast. >> that's due to a large storm sweeping the midwest to the northeast, a storm is also impacting the southeast. flight aware reports more than 2,000 u.s. flights were delayed and at least 59 u.s. flights had to be canceled. at new york's laguardia airport this morning, travelers though were surprised to see things were flowing pretty smoothly. >> it actually feels pretty good when we left florida, we had heard the same thing that there were going to be 150,000 passengers. and it actually -- airport was easy to get in and out of. and this feels
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fantastic. >> aaa says nearly 55 million americans either flew or hit the road over the holiday. that's about 1.5% increase over last year. if you remember on the road. you might have noticed gas. the average price for a gallon in california is now just over $5. on the other hand, that's the highest price ever paid for gas over thanksgiving weekend anywhere in the country. and of course this being california, it's at least $1 a gallon higher than the rest of the country. well, small business saturday helped to cash in a strong weekend of holiday shopping. especially for smaller retailers. and numbers are still looking strong both in stores and online. according to, more americans plan to shop on small business saturday than on black friday. even president biden and vice president kamala harris joined in. >> half of america's work force works at a small business or runs a small business. so i think we really want to always
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support them. >> big retailers are seeing a boost this weekend as well. with more than 166 million americans expected to do holiday shopping. that's 8 million more than last year. well, today marks 44 years since san francisco's supervisor harvey milk and the mayor were shot and killed at city hall. folks are gathering at the plaza honoring the legacies. tonight's vigil will also honor the lives of colorado springs' club q shooting victims and a rally against lgbtq hate. we'll have a full report at 11:00. the vigil comes as two more communities were struck by gun violence over the weekend. this, as politicians fight over how to stop the shootings. cristian benavides reports. >> reporter: in new orleans early sunday, police say a gunman opened fire on a crowd in the city's french quarter.
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injuring multiple people. in atlanta, a disfoot between a large group of young pipless lated into a shooting saturday night. leaving a 12-year-old dead and several injured. >> again, we see guns in the hands of angry individuals leading to a tragic outcome. >> reporter: the incidents follow yet more deadly mass shootings that have renewed the national debate over gun safety. >> we have to visit these laws and do what's necessary to keep these guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> reporter: in the ash math of the tragic attacks at the lgbtq club in colorado, and the virginia wal-mart, president biden said he wants to institute an assault weapons ban. >> the idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. just sick. >> you know, the number one priority with respect to crime in america for republicans is going to be the fentanyl crisis, that is going to be to top priority for republicans come january. >> reporter: just over a week
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after the rampage at club q left five people dead. victims of mass shootings from around the u.s. gathered in colorado springs. they spoke about the help mass shooting survivors need and demanded accountability from nonprofit groups to ensure funds go to the people most in need. cristian benavides, cbs news, miami. >> according to the gun side lens archive, there have been 615 mass shootings in the u.s. so far just this year. figure that has been reached for the past two years running. back here in the bay area, an event today helped to unite two communities that have recently been targeted by hatred. discrimination and violence. our devin fehely shows us how celebration of food and culture helped to create a new bond between the black and asian communities. >> food is a universal language of love and generosity right? you break bread with any community. that's like i'm welcoming you. and that's what we're trying to lead with examples. >> reporter: hudson is one-half
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of the team behind the asian black cookout. a celebration of culture, conversation, and community designed to bridge the divide that too often separates the african american and asian communities. >> there's been a lot of stereotypes about the interaction between the black and asian community. lot of hateful crimes and things happening. bring the cultures together. >> reporter: that's what theseemingly simple idea, friendship, of felloship became. dozens turned out for the cookout for conversation and about how to combat together discrimination, hatred, and violence. >> this event did stem from a lot of the asian attacks that were taking place here in the city and across the bay area. and we wanted to let them know that you owe, we wanted to change that narrative that all black folks are like that. and it starts with these events. >> reporter: it starts with sitting at a shared table. recognizing our shared humanity. and the common cause
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that unites us. in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5. coming up, she knows firsthand how it feels to worry about where your next meal is coming from. now she's leading a bay area food bank through its most challenging season ever. and the 49ers putting on a show at levi's stadium this afternoon. vern will join us shortly with the highlights. and speaking of levi's stadium. the lights are still on. that's the strew from the overview above mineta airport. you can see mount tam in the distance. vern will have more good news on that coming up in the a bit. i need to talk about the 70 degrees we hit there today and why we're not doing that again in the next seven days and there's rain coming this week. forecast is next.
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welcome back. we want to introduce you to a woman leading her east bay food bank through one of the most challenging seasons ever. >> kpix 5 itay hod explains why the mission is so personal. >> bye guys. >> reporter: at a time of so much uncertainty, there is one thing liz gomez knows for sure. that 2022 holiday season will be her most challenging ever. >> back when i started, it was known that the thanksgiving month was the busiest time for food banks. now it's every month is busy for food banks. i'm liz gomez. >> reporter: for the last 25 years liz has worked here at the alameda county community food bank in oakland. first as a recenses and now the chief impact officer overseeing employees. >> i love the see the rejects.
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>> reporter: she knows what it's like to be food insecure raised by a single mother. >> growing up i wish my mom would have known about these. >> reporter: these days liz and her team are stretched to the limit. not only as their food costs skyrocketing thanks to inflation, but rise in prices is creating more need. >> our food help line is receiving about 30% of new calls of people that have never contacted us before. >> reporter: before the pandemic, the food bank distributed about 2.5 million pounds of food each month. >> one box right here. >> reporter: now it's 4.5 million. there are no turkeys this year. instead, pantries they deal with are offered chicken. but even that is in short supply. jennifer is the manager of the universal church pantry in downtown oakland. she scored a total of 30 chickens, even though her pantry services
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220 people. today, she's picking up about225 pounds of food and most of it will be gone within days. >> that's what people want. >> reporter: liz says with all the difficulties, her food bank is ready for the challenge. >> we've added 50 positions. but by the time we're fully staffed we'll be at 150 staff here at the food bankment that's the largest it's ever been. >> reporter: giving bay area families who already have so much on their plate, something to be thankful for this holiday season. itay hod, kpix 5. >> we hope you will consider donating time or money to our food for bay area families drive. you can scan the qr code on the bottom of your screen to go right to the site. we also have more information well, we know many have been aaway for the weekend and just returning home now to some
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pretty good news eventually. it was good news yesterday. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> still good news. >> oh good. >> there's rain in the forecast coming on thursday. that's going to be the headline in the forecast but first we need to talk about the big swing in temperatures we're about to do. 70 degrees today. in san jose. and the camera by the way that we're using sits in downtown san jose. not far from city hall. looking out in the distance, mineta airport about two miles from the camera. the stadium is about six miles from the distance. the perspective is greatment if you want to go 60 miles away there's mount tam. great point from this camera. 70 degrees was the warmest number around the bay. in san jose that was for you. everyone is going to be about ten degrees cooler starting tomorrow. this morning lows tomorrow are going to be fine. by tuesday and wednesday morning, it's going to be really cold. compared to where we've been. here's monday morning. upper 30s in the north bay valleys and low to mid-40s for just about everybody else. you don't notice the change there but daytime highs
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tomorrow you will. it was 70 in san jose today and you only do 61 tomorrow. that's a noticeable drop. but we're going to do that everywhere. tomorrow you are barely 60 and you are going to be breezy and that will make it feel cooler and you can see why this is going to happen. there's the first weak little cold front of the week. it falls apart in terms of rain. but look at all the air that's flowing down our way from the northwest. if we look at it a different way, just go up about 4,000 feet in the atmosphere, you can really visualize how the colder air is getting transported. the deeper the shade of blue, the colder to temperatures. that's why the numbers are going down about ten degrees from where they were. the fact it's going to get windy right there, tomorrow afternoon, north winds gusting to perhaps as much as 30 miles an hour for the north bay and 25 everywhere else. tomorrow, feels different. there's a little bit of a windchill. and we're already ten degrees cooler anyway. and that's the theme for the rest of the week. it's going to be noticeably cooler. we get a little bit of snow late tomorrow from this
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system. so by tuesday morning, maybe there's a half an inch at the passes, it's enough to mess with the drive. now rain here, not yet. and going through wednesday, no rain. but definitely colder. those are the morning lows in the north bay valleys. 28 on wednesday in the north bay valleys and if we do the comparison, let's say that's santa rosa's number on wednesday. always going to be the coldest spot. let's put up some comparisons for other spots. everybody will be cold on wednesday morning. you may not be in the upper 20s cold. like the north bay valleys. but we're all pretty much going to be mid- to upper 30s on wednesday. you are going to feel that. and then on thursday, that's when the rain gets here. that's our system. so now we're looking at day four. still looks pretty good. in the long-range model. so we're going to keep a close eye on that one. and even the one behind it. that's the one that comes in perhaps on saturday. so -- much more in the way of details in terms of how much to expect from this from rainfall totals. let's give this about another 24 hours. so we'll get much more specificover the next
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two days. stay on top of the first alert forecast with us. jessica will be in tomorrow morning and paul will be in in the evenings tracking this closely and there will be much to discuss if the forecast remains the same because we could get a good end of the week. but regardless of the rain, whether we get it or not, probably going to get something. it's going to get cold. all right. vern, over to you. all right, straight ahead in sports, warriors struck again. 49ers? are streaking. little home cooking today. will the nfc west coleaders before the game?
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nfl up top and the 49ers, well, it happened again and not just a fourth straight second half shut-out this time. saints came away with nothing. on a day jimmy garoppolo and the offense looked flat and punchless in the opening quarter. short week. okayment all right. second quarter. niners looking to score a touchdown. fourth and goal. no. niners turn it over on downs at the saints' 1. whoa. but the 49ers, got another chance before the half. inside of a minute left. elijah mitchell got loose and took it to the house but there was a flag on the play. late hold on george kittle. no touchdown. they got first and goal and watch this catch from garoppolo. jawan
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jennings stayed with it. tipped the ball and hauled it in. here it is again. whoa. 49ers led 10-0 at the half. fourth quarter. saints, on second and goal from the 6. kamara had fumbled once and boom. ball popped free and who did it? who did it? noah funga. 49ers' football. that's a tough stingy defense where they needed to stiffen upmost. the saints marched back on fourth and goal again. nick bole is a jumped the count and took down andy dalton in the back field. 11.5 sacks on the season for the bosa and the 49ers' defense shut out the saints. they're now 7-4. miami comes to town next sunday. >> it feels great you know. that's our goal every week is to shut them out. right? it's easier said than done. this one was -- was really special. because the way we had to get it though. time kind of slows
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down in those moments where you are looking your teammates in the eyes and saying we have to full this off, you know. and you know, these are the ones you remember forever. josh mcdaniels and the raiders in seattle. big assist the 49ers. if they won. pick it up fourth quarter. tied at 27. the seahawks smith to travis homer. homer, 18-yard touchdown. seattle led 34-27. next drive, derek carr's turn. watch the catch from adams. one-handed catch with the defender all over him. 28-yard gain into sea hawk territory. two minutes to go on third and goal for vegas, carr, in the back of the end zone. the game is tied at 34 and for the second straight week the raiders went to overtime. second possession of overtime for vegas. in the a walkoff. it's a runoff. josh jacobs, up
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the middle. past the seattle defenders and he gone. 86-yard touchdown. jacobs ran for a career-high 229 yards and two touchdowns and the raiders won it, 40-34. and improve to 4-7. so was seattle's loss the 49ers' take over sole possession of first in the nfc west. segue to the nba and the warriors. in the land of 10,000 lakes, i'm talking steve kerr in minneapolis. let the dubs run the floor at the timberwolves. first quarter. steph curry. oh, that's his range. part of a 28-4 run. warriors shot 76% in the first. led 47-27. midway in the second, jonathan coo min ganos how to drive it in. a two-handed slam. golden state led by as many as 28. jump to the fourth. after the timberwolves cult it to ten, there was curry to dash away
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any hope. curry scored 25. and under four minutes left, rudy gobert, turnover. and klay thompson made them pay. dagger. we're done here. that made it a 19 point game. thompson scored 21 and the warriors won it 137-114. the warriors' record is now 11-10. stunner, in stanford. last night. head coach david shaw stepped down after their loss to byu. he led the cardinal to threepac-12 titles. but program has struggled recently with back-to-back three win seasons. >> other the last few days, for us, it was time. it was time for me to step aside. time for the next group to come in. and hopefully, you know, whoever they hire next, wins more games than i do. that would be awesome. i would love that. >> whoever steps in. i'll say
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this. shaw is going to be a tough act to follow. >> yeah, i didn't see this one coming. at least not this year. >> yeah. >> yeah. all right. thank you so much, vern. well, still ahead, a bear at the oakland zoo bringing a festive toy with him for the winter sleepy season.
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get a load of this little guy at the oakland zoo. this is how some folks may be feeling after eating thanksgiving leftovers. then bringing home the christmas tree. zoo keepers say this is what bears naturally do this time of year. it's called entering into torpor. >> i know how that feels. >> a period of winter slesimilar to hibernation. a christmas tree from lobster traps and bow wees? it is 35 feet tall and took more than 3500 traps to build the tree. they were hand painted by 120 artists from connecticut and rhode island. must be a lobster on top. i'm guessing. but that's a very colorful, very pretty idea up there in connecticut. >> looks better than i thought it would look. yeah >> yeah. >> come out of hibernation on the weekends, brian? >> does it look like it? that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for an
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hour of news. >> news updates are always on good night. [ captions by: vitac 800-278-4822 email: ] tonight, pack your patience. this could be one of the busiest travel days of the year. weather and crowded airports impacting driving and flying. at la guardia airport with a look travelers headed home. also tonight, police versus protesters. thousands take to the streets in several cities in china amid covid lockdowns, with dangerous and unprecedented calls for president xi to resign. plus, belgium burning. furious world cup fans turn violent after a stunning upset. paper trail. from al capone to jfk, how robots are helping the fbi keep track of some of i m


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