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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  November 29, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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area families today. oakland top cop says he is getting tough on crime. he shares his plan to keep people safe this holiday season. if you are looking for a job, mta is hiring. we are about to get plenty of rain in the bay area. we will talk about the rain totals coming up in just a bit. we are off to a decent start on the roadways. it is busy in altamonte. we have details, coming up. the things will experience are things you cannot experience elsewhere. blending high technology and one of the most beautiful places on the planet. we will tell you what all the buzz is about. let's check with the weather with first meteorologist jessica burch. >> some of us needed the windshield wipers to go to
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work. we will have wet and cooler weather through the bay area. we do expect showers to push in from offshore on thursday. we have a break on friday. we have more on the way over the weekend. let's time this out hour by hour for those planning ahead. we have clear skies this afternoon. wednesday, we are partly cloudy skies. on thursday night , excuse me, wednesday night, thursday morning, that is when the first band of rain settles in. it will push all throughout the morning hours. this is by 10:00 a.m. on thursday with heavy pockets of rain associated with the system. it will develop through the afternoon. it tapers off through the evening hours. it would give us a break on friday. notice how we see mixed precipitation and snow. this is a strong snow storm. we will talk about what you can
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expect in the sierra in just a bit. we have a big storm settling in. this is a big reason why we are calling for a first alert weather day on thursday. we will talk about that, and what you can expect, coming up. let's look at the roadways if you are heading out the door. it is not too bad, so far. things are moving at the limit on the major freeways. the only slow spot is right as you come out of tracy. that is where we are seeing the brake lights for the super commuters. we have no wind advisory through here. we do have a wind advisory issued overnight at the bay bridge toll plaza. here are your travel times. we have 36 minutes over to 680. the east shore freeway, 101 is looking good. it is 36 minutes all the way to sfo. here is the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. overall, we have an easy commute. be extra careful if you are traveling in a high-profile vehicle. it is windy. you can feel it across the span. be careful they are. this is a
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live look at the nimitz. things are looking good. happening today, it is giving tuesday. this is a global event desired to inspire donation to charity. it is about taking action. this will brighten someone's day, including the people right here in the bay area. jocelyn joins us live from the food bank warehouse in san francisco. we rarely see people up this early with us. it is pretty busy. >> reporter: yes, exactly. you did mention it is giving tuesday. it is a beautiful morning. we want to show you what happens when you donate. we show you how it helps them bay area families. joining us is the transportation manager here. how is today going? >> the morning is going well. everybody showed up on time. all of the trucks are running.
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right now, we are getting the trucks loaded and getting ready to service the pantries. >> reporter: i want to walk a little bit, so you can show us what is happening. we look over there, what is going on? >> my driver just got finished unloading. he is closing of the truck. what happens is, once we get the vehicles loaded up, we get them closed up to get the next vehicle inside. we are on a time schedule to ensure the pantries get food on time. it is important that we get online on time. volunteers are there and they expect food to be there on site. they will start getting things ready for all the volunteers. we will get set up and get everything delivered on time. >> reporter: for people at home that want to help, and would help bay area families, after all the trucks are loaded up, where does the food go? who is this helping in the bay area? >> it is helping different sites like meals on wheels . these are the pantries that everybody knows well. they do
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a really amazing outreach for all of the people in the bay area. it is important that we get those donations. >> reporter: how many pantries throughout the bay area? >> 250 right now. >> we just found out , they have enough food for 154,000 meals, daily. >> reporter: a one dollar donation today will give six meals. this is a big difference that you can make here on giving tuesday. earl will be here with us throughout the morning. we will take a look at what happens. we will see you all in the next 30 minutes. all right, thank you so much. hopefully nobody gets to tired this early. i am happy to see people there. one dollar for six meals. wow! as we have a community struggling with food. americans waste so much food per year. one san francisco
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organization has set out to solve these problems at the same time. >> reporter: when the helmet gets strapped on , it is a sign that dave gallagher is kicking his morning into high gear. to make this is one of my favorite things. >> reporter: he finds a little cardio is not just good for the heart , but also, great for the soul. >> this is a great way to get exercise and help somebody out at the same time. >> reporter: dave is a volunteer for the organization called food runners. >> i am walking into the kitchen. >> reporter: this was a charity started by marianne 1987. she wanted to solve the city's issue with food waste , and help feed the hungry at the same time. >> 40% of the food produced in this country is discarded. i used to have a cooking school in north beach. sometimes we had leftover food. what will i
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do with it? i will give it to the people that work for me? or i can throw it away? >> reporter: on this day, at the market , dave gallagher is making a pickup of prepackaged food that was headed to the trash bin. >> what we have here? >> let's see, we have sandwiches , deli sandwiches . we have packaged salads. >> this is one of the smaller deliveries, good feed 20 or 30 people. >> reporter: much-needed nourishment for the folks at saint agnes church, grateful for any delivery, no matter how small or big. you make any people you serve here? >> we were up to 175 families. >> reporter: really?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: for dave , sometimes the deliveries barely fit in the trailer. the perishable food go straight to the fridge , where the raw ingredients are given to a team of volunteers and a small paid staff to get to work making premade meals. is mike would take 20% of the food that is donated, and cooking it. we make individual meals to serve 12,000 people per week. >> reporter: the meals are delivered to dozens of shelters in the city, including the north beach citizens. >> what is that? >> pasta, rice, vegetables. >> reporter: they use the food runner meals to supplement their own food pantry. as to make it as a surprise for us as well. it's like a look, we have bread pudding. it is nice to provide healthy meals. >> reporter: a few healthy meals to stave off hunger , even for a day.
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>> everybody get used to their own life. you the chance to see how other people live. it is not always pleasant, but we can help them the best way we can. >> reporter: that help, courtesy of 1300 volunteers with food runners. these are volunteers like dave , who a few times a week does more than just exercise his body, but exercises the art of giving , one trailer full at a time. >> the people that are donating the food are just as happy to see me as the people that are receiving the food. you get happy people . >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5. what a great story. along with working with the grocery stores, food runners pick up extra food from restaurants and banquets, saving 15 tons of edible food from being thrown away. please consider donating or volunteering your time for the food for bay area families
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drive. you can scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen go right to the site. we have more information at . let's look at this morning's top stories. a new judges overseeing the criminal case against the man accused of breaking into house speaker nancy pelosi's home and attacking her husband. the previous judge said she worked with nancy pelosi's daughter back in the 1990s. the san francisco city attorney's office says the man pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, following the break-in and assault at the home. the preliminary hearing has been set for december 14. the california energy commission is holding a hearing to discuss spiking gas prices. major oil refineries have rejected invitations to participate. today's hearing comes two months after the commission demanded answers from the group after gas prices neared record highs in september and early october. look at this. the world's
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largest active volcano erupted. hawaii's big island is being closely monitored. as of this morning, there are no mandatory evacuation orders. they are telling the public to have a plan in case mauna loa remains overly active. the last time it was active, the lava reached four miles outside the city. this is the first time the volcano has erupted in nearly four decades. there are four volcanoes on the island. the mayor says that tourism will not be impacted. it is a tough situation. that is a little scary. it is 5:11. on the bay area beach, allowing robots to deploy deadly force , and a key vote in a local city. how can you get cash if you drive an old car? the goal is to get the worst polluting cars off the roadway. women update on
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the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out. welcome back. san francisco supervisors allow police to use lethal robots. requires cities to define the authorize use. they want to block the use of robots against individuals. police say the want to use them in deadly force situations when there is high risk for officers.
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let's take a live look at the bay bridge. air quality management district is trying polluting cars off the road. they're willing to pay owners to turn them in. the district offers $1200 to drivers that are ready to say goodbye to their old vehicles. they need to be from 1997 or older. they must be in drivable condition. they must've been registered in california for 2 years. the older cars are significant polluters. they will be sent to scrap yards. city council of santa cruz will take up a proposal to build an assisted living facility along westcliff drive. this is a project could harm monarch butterflies that shelter nearby during the winter. the proposal includes a two story main building was 76 units covering more than 74,000 square feet . step two additional buildings holding affordable housing. the crew would demolish a vacant former
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school building. it is tuesday. thank you for joining us this morning. we are looking at the forecast. it will get wet later on this week. >> we have been needing this rain. luckily is spared us when it came to the thanksgiving holiday. we did not see too much activity. as we go into this week, we have big changes here in the bay area. we do expect daytime highs to sit in the upper 50s and 60s throughout the bay. we are partly cloudy skies in the north bay. we are more clouds returning as early as wednesday. it is not until late wednesday night and early thursday morning was he the first band of rain. this is the front leading edge of a cold front. it will settle its way into the bay area. this will bring in mostly scattered showers. we could see heavier pockets of rain associated with this system highlighted in yellow and orange. through the evening hours, we will be expecting snow in peak elevations . that system will continue to push off to the east. that way impacted the
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sierra. we will talk about those snow totals in a second. in the bay area, we have impressive rain totals expected with this. we are looking at an inch and a quarter in san jose. once we get into the weekend, we have another system settling in that will add to rain totals. we are expecting to get 3 inches near santa rosa. look at the sierra. this is what we are expecting altogether but the two system settling in. we have 50 inches of snow. this is near kirkwood and bear valley. that is admirable and exciting. there will be a whole bunch of issues and advisories issued by the national weather service. as we look at this week, we are issuing the first alert weather day, due to how quick the system is in and how big of an impact it will make as well. over the weekend, we have added showers returning to the forecast. just because there's a happens, we have a break on friday, we have more around the corner. we'll talk about that in a bit. that makes for a very busy
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drive on the roadway. we look at traffic right now, if you're getting ready to make the track into the ultimate pass, it is business as usual. we have no crashes . you do have a lot of rake lights coming out of tracy getting on to 580. give yourself extra time. that travel time through there is a 43 minutes to go from 205 to 680. the rest of the major freeways are showing green on the sensors. that means no major delays or issues. things are moving at the limit. 101 out of the south bay going to sfo is 42 minutes. things do get crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a wind advisory in effect as you make your way through there. if you are traveling in a larger, high-profile vehicle, the time right now is 518 . why new
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drivers are needed, and why they're struggling to find them? a breathtaking virtual experience in san francisco. is it worth it? we will let you -seriously? -why do you do it? -you ignore the signs and the flashing lights. -that's my dad. -that's my mom behind those cones. -how would you feel if that was your family? -flashing lights mean "move over."
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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-listen up. like a trip to great wolf lodge. why do you drive so fast?? you're ignoring the and the flashing lights. please slow down. pay attention. how would you feel if that was your mom? flashing lights mean move over. welcome back, and good morning. we will see what we can expect from noon until
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2:00. it partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast. we have rain around the corner. we will take a step back. we do expect upper 50s north into santa rosa and all the way down here happened bay. we have 60s returning to the forecast. it is a very mild afternoon for us today. the cold front will really make a big impact as we go into thursday. haveloof rai have more on that, coming up. it is time for the morning makes. i am glad we are talking about this. i looked into doing this. one thing about the bay area, you typically think about technology. there is a new virtual reality event making tourism popular. the things that you will experience are things you cannot experience in a
5:23 am
lifetime. >> experience yosemite is a tourist attraction being offered in san francisco. this is san francisco's best cinematic experience . critics are calling it the opposite. according to this, the graphics look 30 years old. there is no interaction between you and the video, and the plot is all over the place. it does not really follow a chronological order. is like you are seeing beautiful views and landscapes. i don't know, it is $25 to go to this. it cost $35 to enter the park. >> plus the gas . >> it is only three hours from here. you can do this in a day. >> i would go. it takes me that long to drive into the city and find parking. >> i'll just drive straight to yosemite. >> it does look cool for those that want to check this out.
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>> i can see this doing better on the east coast when you are not so close to it. >> it got me. i looked into it a couple of weeks ago. i thought, this would be neat. >> i feel like it would be a good park. niagara falls would work for us. they could have actual water coming down. i have so many ideas. the mech i'm sure you thought voting was over. for the music lovers, you have a chance to make your voice heard in the library of congress. >> ♪ ♪ [ music ] >> the library of congress
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needs recommendations for latin songs or albums to preserve and the national recording registry. that has sparked a whole debate online on who should go in. do you have ideas? >> the songs have to be more than 10 years old. >> i feel like walk walk out from shakira swept the world during world cup in 2006. that would be a good one. it's to make you have everything from ricky martin. there is one that should probably go in, [ speaking non-english ], these are big artist from mexico that would be perfect. >> how maget put in? >> good question. >> there are so many. i looked at the tweet thread. it is fun to see everybody talking about it. we should have had this category the whole time. make yes, we should have. it is cool to see these stories. makes me
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think, what will i put on my playlist today. >> a new netflix film is highlighting the story of two swimming sisters. we were just talking about this, and how they helped shed light on the displacement of refugees on a global scale. this focus on the serious and sisters. it re-creates when the sisters crossed from turkey to the greek island. he jumped in the water and swam for over three hours. they guided a crowd about through the passage. after that they competed for the refugee team. the un estimates 100 million people have been forcibly displaced. the sisters are happy to shine a light on refugee trauma. >> this makes you check your privilege. to add to that, this girl ended up winning the olympics when she went on the
5:27 am
refugee team. to add to that, she is going to school here in california. she is living a normal life. it is amazing to see how admirable she was for continuing her story as a swimmer. that got her out of this rut she was in. she left her country. you need to watch it. it is the best movie that i have seen all year. he did recommended this morning. we were talking about this as we are getting ready for the show. you would never think about that. >> she is studying film now. it is awesome. >> went to check it out. something to also check out is the food for bay area families. jocelyn is live at the local food bank. it is giving tuesday. we are thinking about how we can get back to families in the bay area. we are at the food bank. coming up,
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all right, right now on kpix 5 at 5:30, it is giving tuesday around the world. this morning, workers at the san francisco food bank are loading up trucks with donated food. jocelyn joins us live from the warehouse floor . i did see those delivery trucks going in and out already this morning. that's right, they are. we look about how we can give back this tuesday morning. many people are thinking about how donations are going to get here. we have to make sure we are giving quality meals to bay area families. we want to show you where some of the meals go to. this is city help community center. this is before they go out. this is dorothy day community. this goes to the chinese housing corporation.
5:31 am
we have another about their pantries. they have so many partners throughout san francisco. we talk to somebody here the food bank that explains a bit more deep on how our donations go to bay area families. >> we use the money to purchase of food and support warehouse operations like you see here today. that food goes out to the community. we have 250 neighborhood pantries . we really support community partners, big and small. if you think organizations like meals on wheels and glide. tiny church pantries also. if you give to us, you are really giving to a lot of community organizations. >> reporter: 60% of the food that the food bank distributes is farm fresh fruits and vegetables. that is 60% of the food. you know people are getting very high quality
5:32 am
meals here. something else that we were told, there are a lot of people that are in need this year, especially compared to last year. one of the reasons is inflation. coming up is 6:00 , we will be talking to somebody who will explain the rising costs, and how important it is for people to get back this year. there are a lot of families in need. >> inflation has been tough on people. nobody should have to worry about putting food on the table. we will see you in just a little bit. please consider donating or volunteering your time for the food for family shy. you can scan the qr code right there at the bottom of the screen to go directly to the website. we are more information at the senate is expected to vote on same-sex marriage bills today. the respect for
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marriage act offers federal protections to same-sex and interracial marriages. it adds religious protections that republicans wanted. senator chuck schumer says there will be a final vote this afternoon. the bill is expected to pass. then goes back to the house , which did pass similar legislation before going to president biden's desk. on to world cup news, this is a pivotal elimination match between the united states and iran coming amidst controversy. most players did not sing the national anthem of iran . the international tension between the two countries will play out on the field this morning at 11:00. our first alert meteorologist, jessica burge is keeping an eye on that. you make that will be a big game across the board. let's look at what is going on in the bay area. we have plenty of rain to go around. the daytime highs are cooling down as well. we
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have a cold front slowly approaching day by day. we will feel that across-the-board . the daytime highs today are sitting in the upper 50s and low 60s. more importantly, you will want to see when the rain is coming. through this afternoon, we are dealing with clear conditions. we have some clouds pushing through in the forecast on wednesday afternoon. by early thursday morning, the front leading edge of the cold front settles into the bay area. look at this time . by 10:00 in the morning, we have scattered showers across the board. through the afternoon, it will get heavier. in the evening, we do expect snow in the upper elevations. we will time that out in the full forcast. we will talk about the snow, and what to expect. even in the sierra, they are so excited about this. they are expecting about 60 inches of snow. we have impressive numbers. we'll talk about that in the full forcast.
5:35 am
people are ready to get out and do the fun winter stuff. >> i go skiing and snowboarding, and i love the hot cocoa. tore the bay bridge, it is windy. you may feel that if you are traveling in a high-profile vehicle. the did issue a wind advisory. this was an advisory issued by caltrans. that is different than the kind of advisories that jessica lets you know about. be careful as you work your way through there. other than that, i want to show you an overview. we are doing okay. we have a lot of rain on this answers. we have no metering lights yet. the altamont pass is busy. to get on to 580, it is busy. let's talk about public transit. they are facing a torrid shortage of drivers. the transit agency says that they are working to get drivers . there are restrictions that have been listed . they need
5:36 am
more drivers , and it is becoming a crisis. they have to go through rigorous training. they are holding a nine week boot camp. they are providing new hire skills needed to safely steer a 40 foot long, 30,000 pound coach through silicon valley traffic and to navigate the people on it. >> dealing with a large segment of the population , and a varied section of it, you never know what you'll get. it can be very challenging . >> the goal is to recruit and train as many bus drivers as possible. even with good pay, benefits, and a chance for advancement, recruiting has been difficult because it is not an easy job at all. >> it is not. oaklands police chief is doubling down on the plans to combat crime as we go into the busy holiday season. does not just about focusing on shopping districts. that is a key part. betty yu spoke with chief
5:37 am
armstrong about the big plans. >> reporter: during the overnight hours, a burglar broke this glass panel earlier this month. the thief stole a change box, and empty the cash register. this is the third time in the last year that crooks hit this tea shop. they prepare drinks for customers. >> i do fear about walking out , and facing somebody that is armed. >> reporter: on monday, the police chief announced that he is adding more officers on foot, in patrol cars, and motorcycles. these are in high crime areas and shopping districts, as part of the holiday safety strategy. the initiative started in september after the city experienced its deadliest month all year. >> it is a good idea. i think it is more important to have a safer community. this would be a place where nobody gets
5:38 am
stabbed. >> reporter: an officer came by looking for any witnesses to a stabbing happened right outside in broad daylight. the chief said, since they beefed up their presence, or homicides have dropped by nearly 50% in the last two months. >> really focusing on individuals that we know are involved in gang violence , being really focus on those that are carrying weapons , and enhancing the traffic stops , bringing the motor teams out to make more traffic stops . >> reporter: they hope the enforcement will make the lakeshore area more inviting for customers. the do hope the plan will help drive down property crimes and reduce quality-of-life issues. for example, this is a staircase that workers have to go through to get to their cars at a nearby parking lot. in the meantime -- >> i need to be more cautious about going and walking around . even in broad daylight. this year, opd said they
5:39 am
recovered 120 firearms compared to all of last year. when we look at 2022, the total number of homicides is down 15% compared to this time last year. this is another victory for the 49ers. they are dealing with another injury . vern glenn has the latest in the red and gold report. this is the volkswagen red and gold report. the good news and bad news, the good news is jimmy garoppolo has not thrown an interception during the four game winning streak. now, the bad news , elijah mitchell is likely out for the rest of the regular season after spraining his knee on sunday. he did miss seven games with a knee injury on the other knee. now, he goes back on the shelf. jimmy garoppolo avoided a serious injury of his own when malcolm hit him low in the third quarter. he did stay in the game, but there was a
5:40 am
moment when his teammates thought they might be losing another quarterback. >> we lost one already, ashley the way he got hurt. we do not want to lose another quarterback. >> i am a little sore, it is nothing serious. it is just football. >> with a red and gold report, i am vern glenn. that to some world cup soccer. we want to look back on the games so far and rate the goals one through 10. the first one was during the cameroon and croatia match. sergei savage had the equalizer. that brought the moments back to serbia. check this out, here it is. >> you see the left. there is savage, and the game is on its head. >> that was nicely done. that was at least a 9 .
5:41 am
>> i guess you get a 10 when you score. the match ended in a 3-3 draw. the next goal came from the south korean match. this is another favorite match. donna was hot. tes later, look at this, look at what he did. >> i think it will go, south korea! that is an extraordinary performance. he has done it again. >> that is a 10 out of 10 for the after part and the celebration. that was amazing. all right, the next one was the only goal of the match between brazil and switzerland. check this out. >> there is the goal!
5:42 am
>> that is not bad. that south korea game was impressive. >> stay tuned. do you see that flip, we will put that on the air later. i think that is the best one. >> i thought we would see that as well. to make if you youtube fit. s second goal, you will >> i show that my boyfriend . he is like, wow, score it is 5:42. if you are feeling generous, next, we chat with an officer . this area will have
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back on this tuesday morning. today is giving tuesday. hopefully that means you will make a donation to your favorite charity. how do you know where your money is going and how it will be spent? the chief relationship officer with charity navigator. thank you for being here. >> thank you, thank you for having me. is to make your like a matchmaking service, but with charities. to make that is
5:46 am
exactly right. we like to help donors support the organizations that align with their passions and values. >> will you walk us through the steps we should take? >> the first thing to keep in mind is to give with your heart, and also give with your head. do a bit of due diligence. make sure you are supporting a trusted, validated, nonprofit. you want to look for indicators of trust and performance. you want to look to make sure that it is a valid nonprofit, and they have an articulated mission and model. also that they have a proven track record. student was so many different ways that scammers can get a hold of your information , how can you tell if you are personally contributing to a worthy cause? >> the cause is something that has to resonate with you. it is a matter of you finding that to say, this is what i want to support. for charities specifically, you want to use a
5:47 am
resource like charity navigator. we are free, and we are a nonprofit you can validate and see if it is a registered nonprofit, not 70 trying to take advantage of you. when you issue ratings . we have the three star and four star organizations are ones you can get to with confidence. >> a lot of this is tax-deductible. we are just reminding people to in short you save your receipts. you get this information very easily. it makes one make sure you hold onto those. come tax time, you will be looking for them. keep them in a folder in your email or print them out and have them close by. >> follow the feeling of giving. it is a great feeling on a day like today. thank you so much for chatting with us. you have always given us great information. >> take care of buddy, happy giving tuesday. please consider donating or volunteering your time for
5:48 am
the food for area families drive. you can scan the qr code right there at the bottom of your screen. we also have more information at . here are your money watch headlines. a major crypto currency is the fourth that's kind of file for bankruptcy this year. the new jersey-based lender is seeking to restructure under chapter 11 protection. they are looking at the exposure of ftx. the firm stopped withdrawals from clients . this is over 100,000 creditors with liabilities, totaling upwards of $10 billion. elon musk is making more enemies and technology. he is taking aim at apple after rumors of removing twitter from the app store. they accused him of engaging in censorship. >> it is easy to work with the
5:49 am
armchair psychology saying it feels like he is picking up high with apple so he can claim they are retaliating if they take his app out of the app store. honestly, it is hard to tell what he is thinking. >> he claims the apple stopped most advertising on twitter. the washington post reports that apple was twitter's largest advertiser in the first quart of the years ending $48 million. we did reach out to apple for a response. we have not heard back yet. that is a rap on the money watch headlines. let's check on the weather. we are looking forward to the rain. and we need to be prepared? >> this is a major culprit pushing in. it settles in on thursday. let's time this out. on thursday, the front leading edge pushes in from offshore. we catch a break on friday. once we hit the weekend, more rain is around the corner. this is thanks to low pressure diving in from the north. this is a cold, polar air mass bringing in plenty of moisture. today, we have clear skies. we
5:50 am
do have high clouds pushing into the forecast as we go into wednesday. once we go into late wednesday night and early thursday morning, that is when the front leading edge settles in. this is by 2:00 a.m. on thursday. notice what happens during the commute. this will impact a lot of us are going to work or school. we have heavy pockets of rain associated with the system. it will push through throughout the day. we did catch a break on friday. take a look at that. we are expecting snow with this system, not just in the sierra, but near mount diablo in the santa cruz mountains. it will be a major system. i am all for it. let's look at the rain totals by thursday. on friday, we are expecting over an inch of rain. just when you think you are done, oh no. over the weekend, we expect more rain. we have totals near 3 inches in santa rosa. this system will push through on thursday and
5:51 am
into friday. we are expecting 20 inches of snow at that weight. look at what happens when we add in the weekend totals. we are near 60 inches in kirkwood and bear valley. we have an impressive storm. be very, very cautious. we do need the rain and we do need the snow, but you need to be cautious as you go out on the roads. thursday is the major day. we catch a break on friday. we have more around the owner on saturday and sunday. next week, we dry out. enjoyed those days well you have them. on the roadways, we have some new accidents in the traffic center. heads up if you're making the truck into the altamont pass. if you are a super commuter, it is busy. look at the red on the sensors. we have a new crash at westbound 580 near grant road. it is on the side of the road. this is an area where we have a lot of brake lights. jumping over to 101, northbound at great america parkway , two
5:52 am
lanes are completely shut down. they issued a traffic alert here is you go northbound. this is just a fourth 2:37. give yourself some extra minutes. you can use 280 or 82 to avoid the brake lights. the travel time on 101 is going down. 69 minutes from san jose to sfo. the commute into altamont is at 48 minutes. those are the slow spots. the metering lights have just been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backing up. this is so, you will see brake lights . golden gate bridge, it looks pretty good if you're coming out into the city. have a nice start to your drive through the san mateo bridge. we are seeing a minor trouble spot on the right-hand side. it is not really causing an impact to traffic.
5:53 am
it is 5:52. logan webb is inspiring students in his
5:54 am
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is 5:55. logan webb paid a visit to his sacramento alma mater. he spoke to the students about mental health, and the dangers of substance abuse. this is an issue that hits close to home for the athlete.
5:56 am
>> i want everybody to know, one of those pills can cause damage damage. it's not just you, it is your entire family and community. >>'s cousin died from taking a single fennel laced hill. he is doing his part to make sure young people understand the very real dangers of drug use. he was joined in his hometown by the fire chief at a sports psychologist. it is 5:56. let's take a live look from the food bank on this giving tuesday. many people are hard at work to get back to families that really need it. it will make a big difference for those in need. we will have a live report coming up. with the latest chapter over the future of san francisco's great highway. we have a new push by city supervisors to keep it car free. will smith opens up about the controversy at the oscars. we have his explanation for what happened that night. this is a live look
5:57 am
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good morning, it is november 29. it is giving tuesday. we are at the food bank , and we are inside of one of the freezers. we will show you how you can give back this morning, and the type of impact it will have for bay area families. >> this is a great way to get exercise and help somebody out at the same time. >> a san francisco organization is solving two problems at the same time. how they are reducing food waste while feeding those in need. the debate over the great highway is far from over. what a proposal could mean for its u


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