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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 30, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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for more, download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm dan lieberman, cbs new it's wednesday, november 30th, it's wednesday, november 30th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." wicked weather. a rash of severe weather hits the south bringing over a dozen tornadoes. we have a look at the damage. guilty of sedition. the leader of a right-wing extremist group convicted of conspiring to block our nation's transfer of power. and america advances. we have a look ae thin win for teamsathey move on in the world cup. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with a rash of severe weather across the u.s. includg r oureak in the south. you can see some of the damage in louisiana. it was one of three states that
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has reported -- has, rather, reports of tornadoes touching down. in all, the national weather service says there were more than 20 reports of tornadoes in louisiana, alabama, and the majority in mississippi. meanwhile, snow hit portions of the midwest creating treacherous driving conditions. naomi ruchim is in new york with a look at the weather. good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. an estimated 11 million people were in the storm's path, and more severe weather with heavy winds and rain continue to threaten parts of the south. folks are also being warned about possible power outages and are asked to stay off the roads. these images show the destruction after a confirmed tornado strike injured at least two people and damaged multiple homes in caldwell parish, louisiana. while near jackson, alabama, a meteorologist captured video of what also appears to be a twister. severe storms in parts of that state brought marble-sized hail.
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these chairs flung down the street illustrate how strong the pwinds were. multiple tornadoes also touched down in mississippi, according to the national weather service. police and first responders blocked off a rain-soaked street in the eastern part of the state where county officials say several shoppers were temporarily trapped inside a damaged grocery store. while tens of millions of americans are still under the threat of storms across the south, parts of the pacific northwest and midwest have been pummelled by snow. drivers in minnesota face slick and at times treacherous conditions. >> i got stuck, took me about an hour. luckily i had a friend with me, so we got out. >> we wanted to get some sledding before everybody came. >> reporter: minneapolis, st. paul, and many other towns in minnesota have declared snow emergencies with more snow expected by the end of the week. forecasters say the storm in the south is moving east across alabama, georgia, and the florida panhandle,
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bringing with it potential for more tornadoes. in the midwest and northeast, the coming days could bring even more cold air and potentially damaging high winds. anne-marie? >> naomi ruchim in new york. thank you so much. the founder of the right-wing extremist group the oath keepers was found guilty of the rare charge of seditious conspiracy. a federal judge convicted stewart rhodes and one other member of a violent plot to block the peaceful transfer of presidential power on january 6th of last year. they each face up to 20 years in prison on the charge. rhodes was acquitted on two other conspiracy charges. three other defendants were found not guilty of seditious conspiracy but convicted on other charges. cbs news has learned a former secret service agent was interviewed virtually by the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack. sources say tony ornato told lawmakers yesterday he did not remember a conversation with former trump aide cassidy
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hutchinson. earlier this year hutchinson told the committee that she had a conversation with ornato at the white house on january 6th. she said ornato told her trump lashed out and grabbed at the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle when the secret service told him he could not go to the capitol. newly released court documents reveal details about the suspect in the murder two of teenage girls in indiana in 2017. the bodies of 13-year-old abigail williams and 14-year-old liberty german were found in a rugged area near a hiking trail in delphi, indiana. 50-year-old richard allen was arrested last month. investigators matched an unspent bullet found near one of the girls to a gun found inside allen's home. when questioned, allen said he did not know why the bullet was there. he also said that he never let anyone borrow the gun. the u.s. senate has taken bipartisan action to protect same-sex marriages.
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michael george has a look at the bill ensuring equality. the senate stands on the precipice of advancing freedom. >> reporter: in the wake of the tragic shooting at an lgbtq club in colorado -- >> 61, the nays are 36, the bill as amended has passed. >> reporter: senate lawmakers voted to approve the respect for marriage act, ensuring same sex and interracial marriages are recognized in every state. >> such people and their diverse beliefs are due proper respect. >> no matter who you are or who you love, you, too, deserve dignity and equal treatment under the law. >> reporter: concerns about the issue grew after the supreme court overturned roe versus wade over the summer. >> i'm not aware of a single state in the united states threatening to pass any law infringing the ability of any same-sex couples to marry. >> reporter: in a rare show of bipartisanship, several republicans joined democrats in
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passing the landmark bill. >> we'd do well by taking this step, not embracing or validating each other's devoutly held views but by the simple act of tolerating them. >> reporter: the respect for marriage act would also prevent same-sex couples from being excluded from social security survivor benefits, as well as the ability to sponsor a spouse for citizenship. >> lgbtq rights can co-exist with religious freedom protections. >> reporter: the senate-passed bill goes to the house for passage before going to the white house for president biden's signature. michael george, cbs news. well, usa all the way. the men's soccer team is moving on in the world cup after a dramatic win over iran. and the match was surrounded by drama on and off the field. roxana saberi has more from qatar. >> reporter: with a header and sweep of the foot, the u.s. hung on to its hopes at the world cup
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defeating iran 1-0. >> we're undefeated going into the next round. >> reporter: the bad news, goal scorer christian pulisic was taken to the hospital with an abdominal injury but posted this photo saying he'll be ready for the next game. while his team advanced to the next round of the tournament for the first time since 2014. >> usa, usa! that's a big game, man! i spoke to the coach and players, i said, you can do, this they went -- they did it. god love them. >> reporter: the faceoff kicked off with each side ignited by patriotism, passion -- >> of course i'm supporting iran, yes. >> usa. >> i will be sleeping separately tonight. >> reporter: and politics. with anti-regime protests rocking iran, some iranian american fans opted to support the stars and stripes. >> we don't think that this government, this flag represents
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people at this time. that's why we are proud americans today. >> reporter: inside some held up signs spelling out the woman's name whose death in custody sparked arrest and security appeared to intervene. mostly people told us they came for the soccer. >> that was roxana saberi reporting. a top official in qatar is revealing new information about the number of workers who died building facilities for the world cup. the official told journalist piers morgan that between 400 and 500 died in the time leading up to the tournament. qatar said 40 had died. there have been reports that more than 6,000 migrant workers died. coming up, what the justice department is doing to improve the water in jackson, mississippi. and walmart sued. a mass shooting survivor files a huge lawsuit against the retail giant.
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a potentially dangerous new change on twitter. the social media site is now longer enforcing its policy against covid misinformation. health experts are concerned that it could diminish efforts to stop the spread of the virus and could discourage vaccinations. this is just the latest change to twitter since elon musk purchased it last month. the federal government is getting involved in trying to fix a water crisis in mississippi. that's one of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "associated press" reports the justice department is intervening to try and bring improvements to jackson, mississippi's, struggling water system. the department filed a proposal to appoint an interim third-party manager and filed a complaint alleging jackson failed to provide safe drinking water to the predominantly black city. homes and businesses were left without running water for several days this summr. more than 150,000 people also endured nearly -- a nearly
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two-month alert to boil their water. "the new york times" says house republican leader kevin mccarthy condemned white supremacy leader and holocaust denier nick fuentes but stopped short of criticizing former president trump for meeting with him. it's the first time mccarthy has publicly discussed trump's dinner last week with fuentes and rapper kanye west who has made anti-semitic comments. >> i don't think anybody should be spending any time with nick fuentes. he has no place in this republican party. i think president trump came out four times and condemned him and didn't know who he was. >> he just said he didn't know who he was. he didn't condemn him or his idealogy. >> i condemn his idealogy. it has no place in societi. >> mccarthy said trump did not know who fuentes was when he met him. he was at the dinner with kanye west. "denver post" says a walmart employee who survived haft week's mass shooting filed a $50 million lawsuit against the
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company. police say store manager andre bing shot and killed six employees and wounded several others before taking his own life. the suit claims walmart continued to employ bing despite being aware of past disturbing behavior including violent threats. it also says the survivor has experienced post traumatic stressdisorder. still to come, efforts to break a deadlock. what congress plans to do to head off a national rail strike that could harm the economy. th. ♪ ♪ ♪ do you remember ♪ ♪ the 25th night of december? ♪ ♪ the true love we share today ♪ ♪ ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember? ♪ ♪ ba-dee-ya, dancin' in december ♪ ♪ ba-dee-ya-dee-ya-dee-ya ♪
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lower tuesday as traders look ahead to more economic news coming later this week. the dow added three, the nasdaq lost 65, s&p 500 was down six points. congressional lawmakers agreed to pass legislation in the coming days to avert a nationwide rail workers strike. house speaker nancy pelosi plans to bring the bill to the floor today in an effort to avert the effects of a strike that could begin to hit the u.s. economy as soon as this weekend without action. a new alzheimer's drug shows positive results with side effects. the drug slowed cognitive decline in the early stages of the disease among study volunteers. many had brain bleeds, swelling, and other side effects. experts say the new information shows reason for optimism and caution. about six million people in the u.s. and roughly 30 million worldwide have alzheimer's. a number expected to double by 2050.
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a record number of americans shopped in stores and on line over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. a record 196.7 million americans dug into their wallets, according to the national retail federation's annual survey. black friday continued to reign as the favorite day for in-store shopping, while 77 million people shopped on line on cyber monday with a record number using their mobile twice. -- mobile device. 90% of weekend shoppers said they felt the deals were the same or better than last year. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this wednesday morning. i'm dan lieberman, cbs news, new york. up next, border battle. the supreme court hears a challenge to the biden administration's deportation policy. this holiday season save big on all the gifts you need for the gifts that keep on giving. because while they have no idea what's going on here... -hi. -...a little something of their own will get them in the spirit. they don't know why you'd ever leave the house like this...
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ a supreme showdown over immigration. the nation's high court heard arguments over a blocked biden administration policy. cristian benavides reports. >> reporter: the immigration debate made it to the high courts tuesday. at issue -- whether the biden administration can set priorities for immigration enforcement and whether states can legally challenge them.
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>> the states lack standing. they argue states can challenge any federal policy that imposes even $1 of incorrect harms on their own taxing or spending. that theory has no limiting principle. >> reporter: a 2021 homeland security department directive paused deportations unless individuals committed acts of terrorism or other threats to public safety. texas and louisiana sued the federal government and won a nationwide district order from a trump-appointed judge to limit immigration officers' discretion over deportations. tuesday the states argued they are well within their rights. >> as this court has recognized before, the states bear many of the consequences of federal immigration decisions. those consequences fits comfortably in this court's traditional article three standing framework. >> reporter: justice elena kagan warned of a possible legal trend unfolding. >> immigration policy is supposed to be the zenith of federal power and supposed to be
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the zenith of executive power. and instead we're creating a system where a combination of states and courts can bring immigration policy to a dead halt. >> reporter: the immigration issue has long been a matter of resources. there are roughly 11 million people in the u.s. illegally, and dhs has about 6,000 interior enforcement officers. >> the administration since 1976, both republican and democratic administrations, have said that this is a long-standing tradition that given the limited resources you must give discretion to law enforcement to decide how it's going to spend that. >> reporter: chief justice roberts and associate justice brett kavanaugh acknowledged the key arguments from the government that congress has not provided the necessary funding to try to remove every noncitizen. cristian benavides, cbs news,
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good morning, it is wednesday, november 2 30. we
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introduce you to a north a couple using heartache to teach critical skills in the fight against opioids. developments in a controversial proposal to allow san francisco police to the way robots that could potentially kill. i have a scary scene to show you out of santa cruz. it all went down on a popular sidewalk where people bike, run, and walk their dogs. >> rain is round the corner. we are expecting heavy showers. i will time that out in the full forcast. the commute is quiet. we will look at travel times, coming right up. i will be a giant gingerbread cookie. to make the holiday spirit comes to san francisco with the help of drag queens. i laced up my skates to join the performers before the big show. first, let's look at our top stories. we have a big disappointment for governor gavin newsom after the major oil refineries in california


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