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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 5am  CBS  November 30, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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introduce you to a north a couple using heartache to teach critical skills in the fight against opioids. developments in a controversial proposal to allow san francisco police to the way robots that could potentially kill. i have a scary scene to show you out of santa cruz. it all went down on a popular sidewalk where people bike, run, and walk their dogs. >> rain is round the corner. we are expecting heavy showers. i will time that out in the full forcast. the commute is quiet. we will look at travel times, coming right up. i will be a giant gingerbread cookie. to make the holiday spirit comes to san francisco with the help of drag queens. i laced up my skates to join the performers before the big show. first, let's look at our top stories. we have a big disappointment for governor gavin newsom after the major oil refineries in california rejected
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invitations to participate in a hearing on the gas price spikes. the energy commission was helping to grow companies like chevron, and phillips 66. the commissioners want to know why gas prices suddenly shot up earlier this year, putting the state average more than $2.60 above the national average. they say california's higher taxes and cleaner fuel requirements account for that discrepancy. it's only about a dollars worth. at its peak in june, the statewide average for a gallon of regular hit $6.44. today, it is $4.95. that is still a dollar 50 higher than the national average. a federal jury convicted the oath keepers founder stewart rhodes in connection with the january 6 right. they found him guilty and the violent plot to overturn president biden selection. they convicted him of obstruction.
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they acquitted him of two other conspiracy charges. he faces 20 years in prison. his attorney says they plan to appeal. look at this on your screen. this is a severe storm threat and several southern states. reports of flooding, high winds, and he'll went from texas to kentucky. the national weather service received 20 reports of tornadoes coming from i merely mississippi. the line of the storms will get weaker today as a ghost of the east. many of us have family and friends out that way . these are some scary storms. >> looking at that first video , when the wind picks up like that, it is very dangerous. >> let's look at that area for all the loved ones that live off the air. it is beyond texas and kentucky. it is moving its way throughout georgia, pushing through the carolinas. the leading edge of the cold front is a very strong squall line.
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it is impacting many people. it will continue to develop this afternoon. at that point, it will push off into the water. in that system, the air is cold, dense air. the only difference is, we get the cold front, but we get them from the pacific. hours are more moist. i take that back, this is what we are dealing with tomorrow morning. the daytime highs are sitting pretty comfortably. by tomorrow, a major cold front settles in. this is the morning commute on thursday. look at the signature. it is similar. you see the front leading edge of moisture. behind that, we have cold, dense air. we will have our own version of a cold front. as we go to work and school, or just out the door, it will taper off. it will taper off around noon. we will then see scattered showers. we do have more rain around the corner. tomorrow is the big day when it comes to rain. we have
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a first alert weather day. it tapers off on friday. rain chances increase over the weekend. we will highlight that more, and talk about the rain totals as well. it is ski season. they will be dealing with a winter storm. >> take your chains when you go up to the snow. today, the roadways are dry. enjoy it while you can. here is the bay bridge, and we are off to a great start. things are moving along nicely as you hit references this morning. that is the case for most bay area bridges. the dublin interchange, i will put that up for you in just a moment. it is getting crowded on the westbound 580 commute out of the altamont pass. it does get better as you get toward 680. it is 36 minutes for the travel time. we will let you know when we get the brake lights. this is the first live
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look at the nimitz. no construction to slow you down near the coliseum. things are moving along just fine. if you are headed south of here for the san mateo bridge, you should not have any issues getting onto the span. today, in sonoma county, the nonprofit, mike as hugs is offering a training on how to use narcan. it is a medication that can reverse an overdose. this is a mission born from heart ache. >> inserted in her nostril. go ahead and push it. that is it. that is done. it is easy. >> reporter: micah sawyer is leading this training class . >> there is a stigma for an overdose when his son became addicted to heroin in high school. he said his son was a star football player . he was
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an avid weightlifter. >> people don't realize he could be very successful and still be an addict at the same time. >> reporter: he bought narcan to try to save his son if he overdosed. at the time, cost him hundred $50 per box. despite his best efforts, his son died of a fentanyl overdose as a else's house. make we made it our mission to try to find a way to get narcan to people for an affordable price, or free. >> reporter: defunded a nonprofit to help those struggling with addiction. they have received two grants from the california department of health care services of almost 4000 boxes of narcan to distribute to community to those like michaela, the loss her older brother to a fentanyl overdose in may. the mag is happening so often that it could just be walking on the street and it's a random person. they might need help. >> i would love to see everybody carrying narcan. anybody can come across somebody that is having an overdose. it is lifesaving.
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the opioid cr spiraling ou the country. that es h we look atover the last 5 years the number of overdose related deaths in our state has tripled in the time from 2220 17 to 6800 last year. they are hosting two training sessions tonight, one at 7:00 p.m. and another at 6:00 p.m. in santa rosa. you can learn more about mike as hugs on our website, supervisors are now being allowed to use remote control robots capable of deadly force. it comes with a lot of caveats. these are not new robots designed specifically for deadly force. they had an array of robots for the last 11 years. there typically used to transport equipment for video surveillance. police can
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outfit them with explosive devices in a critical event like a mass shooting or a terrorist attack. only the police chief, or the deputy chief can authorize using the robot for deadly force. >> the reality is not that san francisco is pioneering a robotic use of force that does not exist right now. >> this is a big deal. this is opening up pandora's box that could change our society in a significant way. >> they have had these robots for a while. what is new is yesterday's debate. the state law passed in may 2 inshore they get permission use military grade equipment. fans are celebrating, packed in bars across the bay area as team u.s.a. delivered a thrilling victory, advancing to the next round. there is so much excitement about this game. julia without
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on shoot, she ran into a high school custodian that could not put his phone down, even while he was working. take a look. >> the u.s. takes the lead. he will lift it up, bring it back, jump, flicked! today, while watching over students on campus , he was also watching over team u.s.a. >> the phones are usually tucked away during school hours. today, he was multitasking. >> to tell the kids to behave today so i can watch the game. after that, we can handle it. >> reporter: even a high school
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principal told me he was on board. no penalties for phone use today. >> for sure, go team u.s.a. stomach that was almost a shot on goal. >> reporter: he still had his head in the game. when it came to getting kids to class to meet their own goals. they do not seem to mind his gentle nudge. you might call him the campus coach. >> we know that he does it because he cares, not just because it is his job. >> reporter: did you hear that? you may guess, i appreciate that. >> reporter: now back to the game. >> what is your prediction? >> we just need a win. >> i was a 2-1. it was a good game. >> reporter: i remember when i was in summer school growing up . my teachers would have the world cup games on during lunch time. and sometimes during class. >> it is exciting. it worked
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out. >> that is the exciting part, it is so unique that it is winter time. it feels like it is a summer thing. it was a great game. the time is 5:11. we have details on the man that police say hijacked a minibus and hit several cars . that is [narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance, even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help and every plan offered is comprehensive, covering preventive care, doctor visits,
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welcome back . conquer nursing home has reached a $1.3 million settlement over allegations that it emitted false medical billing claims, and offered substandard care. the doj says san miguel villa overmedicated its residents , understand the facility and had an excessive amount of reported falls and injuries. we reached out to tranquility inc. that owns the villa, and we are waiting for your comments. san francisco police arrested two suspects from a deadly shooting on a muni bus. it happened back in august. one man was killed, and a woman was injured. police tracked on the two suspects earlier this month. they are facing charges of murder and attempted murder. police arrested the suspect accused of carjacking a muni
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bus. they state rickey dancy was on the bus when he assaulted the driver and took off . after the bus was stopped, he tried to run away, but police caught up with him. a livermore college is teaming up with police to curb catalytic converter thefts. the students held a free catalytic converter event. the process could help deter thieves from stealing the devices, which are filled with precious metals. to make having that catalytic converter etched could be a deterrent. if they do get caught having the license plate of the vin number etched on it makes it easier for the police to prosecute the thief. event was open to anyone in the community on a first-come first-served basis. officers say they could hold a second etch and catch event next year. now let's check on the weather. it was chilly this
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morning and yesterday. >> i know, it will get colder as well. we will ask and over the next 24 hours, we have a major cold front settling in. it will change the daytime highs into the upper 40s and low 50s. enjoy this whil have . we will be in the upper 50s this afternoon. we have low 60s near fairfield. we have mid 50s near pacifica. the we are concerned about the rain. this is this afternoon. we are partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast. we are mild this morning. tomorrow morning, that is when the front leading edge of a major cold front is expected to push his way in. that will continue to develop through the morning hours. keep this in mind, this is early. this is around four clock a.m. you will wake up to rain . it then pushes through quickly. around 11:00, notice how san francisco dries out.
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through the evening, we have hit and miss showers. we have an impressive storm. we have another one heading our way over the weekend. keep that in mind on thursday. we will really see the rain. we get a break on friday. by saturday, we have more. we are expecting about an inch of rain on average throughout the bay area. as we go through the weekend set up, we have more scattered showers. it is near 2 inches throughout the bay. we will keep you updated here in the weather center if you are going out to the sierra, rethink your plan. they are about to get hit with a major storm. they will be dealing with a winter storm warning. we are keeping a very close eye on that. let's take a live look at the santa clara senior center. you can take advantage of the warming center if you don't have means to stay warm at home. there will be other warming centers as well. they will be open today, excuse me, they will be open during the day and evening hours.
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i i am glad they have those. it is chilly this morning. here's a good news, if you're getting ready to hit the roadways, they look like this. is not bad at all. it is quiet. this is the advantage of waking up early and being out on the roadways. you don't deal with a ton of traffic. so far, so good. most of the bay area bridges are via. we have break lights through all to mom. this is the slow spot as you come out of tracy and work your way onto 580. we have slow and go speeds through the air with a 43 minute travel time from 205 through 680. i typically start with this router to give you the perspective for the super commuters. these are the busy spots . other than that, it is looking pretty good . here is a live look at 880. so far, so good. if you are taking the san mateo bridge, all is quiet.
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the golden gate bridge looks great. if you're going north or south, all the volume is on the right-hand side of your screen. that is due to construction that they cleared out of the way in sausalito. pittsburgh is getting on board with the idea of ferry services. the bay area news group says they are joining a feasibility study into expanding san francisco bay ferry service into contra costa county. it currently runs as far east as richmond. hercules, martinez, and antioch are all interested. it is 5:19. a new setback for those living in a homeless camp. you will hear from one man that says he is not getting the help of the city promised. forget max , we tell you the names that are the most popular for dogs in the city. let's see what is brewing aside, brought to you by bigelow
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the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out. welcome back. good morning. let's look at what we can expect through the afternoon. maybe you're going to lunch or brunch. whatever you're doing, expect mid and low 50s. we have sunny conditions through the inland areas. enjoy it while you have it. we have rain around the corner as we go
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through the late evening hours tonight and early morning hours tomorrow. around 2:00, we will be in the 50s from san francisco to north of the bridge. we are up near napa, we have a mild day. it will be much cooler when we wake up tomorrow. it is time for the morning mix. we will stick with the theme of food. maybe you will try these restaurants. i am always hungry at this time. three bay area restaurants are being honored by the michelin guide. joe's modern tie in oakland made the list. this honors those for offering quality food at a great value. means that diners can order two courses and dessert for less than $50. >> that is good deal. >> san francisco brunch spots , hilda and jesse's made the list. i am never been here. they serve southeast asian cuisine . all these look
5:24 am
fantastic. it is great that they are honoring restaurants that are more affordable. date night is not cheap. >> especially when you add a glass of wine or two. it adds up really, really fast. >> every time we do these lists , i don't reckon is the names. many restaurants are adding up on this list. i want to go . i will take brunch any day. >> we are spoiled when it comes to culinary options in the bay area. congratulations to those local favorites. san francisco loves its animals. you may have noticed this in the dog park. people think of their pets as dear kids. >> oh no ? [ laughter ] >> instead of giving them names like spot or duke, they are giving their pets human sounding names. luna is the most common, according to the registered dog data from the animal shelter. it has been near the top spot since 2017.
5:25 am
bella came in second, followed by charlie, lucy, and coco. not be san francisco without a few pets named jerry garcia, carl, or bagels worth, or ducky noodle the doodle. >> can you imagine being at the dog park with that name? [ laughter ] >> how fun would that be? >> in the bay area, i've noticed many people with pets named after the giants. you get a lot of buster . my dog is named hunter after hunter pence. >> i named mind after dave . i have another one named jennifer, because it is cute. the mag i won a topper, and i don't know why i named him that, it just came to me one day. >> we have katerina and leo. >> she is italian, in case you are wondering. netflix is launching the
5:26 am
that 90 show. they release this first look. check it out. >> hello grandpa, hello grandma. okay kids, the basement is all yours. is the mack lights on, shirts on, no dancing. >> no dancing? you are like the guy from footloose . >> the basement is back. it is about 15 years later. there is a new generation of teens. the new show was created by the original creators , and their daughter, lindsay. the show premieres in january. that will be great. >> that is rough. when i read that, i was like oh no, that is not happening. [ laughter ] >> a lot of the original cast like donna and eric are coming back. >> it is cool that they will be part of the show. it gives it
5:27 am
credibility. you always worry about that with a new show. >> i wonder how many new people will pop in . >> a lot of big names came out of this show. it is 5:27. the holiday spirit comes to san francisco with the help of drag queens. i laced up my skates and hopped on is a look
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at your top stories. a fight over enforcing immigration laws reached the supreme court. two republican-led states are challenging long-standing policy on immigration . the white house paused deportations unless individuals committed acts of terrorism. texas and louisiana lawsuits as the guidelines were too costly and
5:30 am
prevented agencies from doing their job. >> immigration policy is supposed to be the zenith of federal power, and it is supposed to be the zenith of executive power. instead, we are creating a system where combination of states and courts can bring immigration policy to a dead halt. >> there is no indication on how the courts illini. the justices did acknowledge that there are limited resources for enforcement of immigration policy. a decision is expected this summer. the senate voted in favor of the landmark , respect for marriage act, ensuring same-sex and interracial marriages are recognized in every state. several republicans joined democrats in passing the bill. it now goes to the house where it is expected to pass as early as next week. william and kate, the prince and princess of wales arrived for a three-day visit in boston. they are giving out
5:31 am
environmental award created by william and british biologist, david attenborough. their lending support to boston's efforts to fight climate change. on friday, they will present the prize. welcome to the u.s.. we are keeping our eyes on very severe storm system. it is not for us, but the other part of the country. the mack throughout the states, as we extend into the coming days, we have seen severe storms. let's take a quick look at what is going on. we have severe storms with heavy wind and rain continue to threaten the south. or casters have issued tornado warnings. this is anywhere from texas into kentucky. while often the west, snow cause dangerous driving conditions. >> reporter: these images show the destruction after a confirmed tornado strike injured at least two people
5:32 am
and damaged multiple homes in caldwell parish, louisiana. near jackson, alabama, meteorologist captured video of what appears to be a twister. severe storms in parts of that date brought marble sized hail. these chairs were flung downe streetissuina call for wind warnings. multiple tornadoes touched down in mississippi, according to the national weather service. police and first responders blocked off a rainsoaked street, where county officials say several shoppers were temporarily trapped inside of a damaged grocery store. tens of millions of americans are still under the threat of storms throughout the south , parts of the pacific northwest and midwest have been pummeled by snow. drivers in minnesota face slick and treacherous conditions. >> i got stuck. it took me about an hour. i did have a friend with me. >> we were sliding.
5:33 am
>> reporter: minneapolis, st. paul, and others minnesota declared snow emergencies , with the more snow expected by the end of the week. the storm is moving south across alabama, georgia, and the florida panhandle. that is bringing in potentially damaging winds, heavy rain, and more tornadoes. we have cold air and high winds sweeping through in the coming days. let's zoom in a bit closer to that storm. that whole squall line is pushing through the carolinas this morning. all throughout georgia, tornado warnings have been issued. as we look at the daytime highs , we have our own system pushing its way and as we wake up and go through the afternoon . we have a cold front settling in from offshore. that will give us a much needed rain as we go through the overnight hours tonight and early morning hours tomorrow. let's time that out. today is partly cloudy. it is not bad here in the bay area.
5:34 am
that will not be the same case tomorrow morning. around this time, the commute to work and school, wherever you go out the door in the morning will be impacted by heavy pockets of rain tracking off to the east as we extend into the thursday morning forecast. that will clear up as we go through the afternoon. we have hit and miss showers expected. it is a very strong system. backing it is cold, dense air. we have daytime highs in the upper 40s and 50s. we will keep you st. in morn orr, back in the bay area, i know you are talking about all the stuff going on in the south and the midwest, we had a scary scene in santa cruz, where a big chunk of a pedestrian path fell into the monterey bay below. westcliff drive is a stretch where a lot of people bike, run, and walk their dogs.
5:35 am
a portion of the sidewalk sheared away off of columbia street on friday. thankfully, no one was hurt. many people are hoping it serves as a wake-up call about erosion. >> what we have here is the opportunity to separate one direction of traffic and dedicate the other to biking. it would be pretty incredible. to make the westcliff drive adaptation would move the path inland. it was unanimously approved last year. a lot of people use that area. that is something to think about. >> as you wake up this morning, and you take the freeways, here is a live look at a traffic camera. as you go westbound , at through ultima, lot of brake lights and busy conditions . it does stay busy coming out of tracy, getting on to 580. you will get a breakthrough the livermore valley. as people connect, you
5:36 am
will see some slow and go spots. look at that travel time in the red. it will take you 40 minutes to go from 205 through 680. everything else looks pretty good this morning. we have a holiday traffic pattern, based on people taking time off . christmas is around the corner. the golden gate bridge is looking good. everything is quiet as you work your way in both directions. police are awaiting autopsy results on the three family members killed by a former sheriff's deputy, austin lee edwards. edwards is accused of fishing a teenage girl online and killing her three relatives in southern california. >> reporter: it was a difficult, and an emotional return for family members of the trio murdered inside of the riverside home. detectives and crime scene specialist, and members of the arson unit did another search of the burned property before the doors and windows were boarded up. they
5:37 am
make the family was going to have this house boarded up for safety reasons. our detectives came out here to do a secondary walk-through, while it was light, and not as smoky. >> reporter: grandparents, mark and sherry, and their daughter, brooke, were murdered the day after thanksgiving by a deputy sheriff from virginia that was praying on a 15-year-old that lived here. according to authorities, austin edwards posed as a teenager online, and stocked the daughter brooke. he drove across country in this red kia, showing up at their doorstep. the detectives have done an initial interview with the 15-year-old about the moments leading up to the triple homicide. a cause of death has not been given. >> we believe she was in the house. we don't know if she was right there when it happened. again, it may take us a while to try to figure
5:38 am
that out. >> reporter: there was another heartbreaking discovery made at the house. an animal services officer removed the remains of the deceased family dog. >> that is such a tragic story. the deputies killed edwards and issued after tracking down in the desert. developing this morning, closer to home, setback for dozens of people living in a san jose homeless camp. a judge lifted a restraining order to stop the city from clearing it. we have reported on the situation near columbus park for months. you may remember the city shut down the largest homeless camp that was sitting in the flight path. many of the campers moved right across the street to vacant baseball field. now the clock is running again for campers to figure out the next move as colder weather and rain is
5:39 am
moving in. we spoke with one residents that claims the city has not followed through on its promises. >> reporter: at 46, rudy ortega never imagined he would end up here. >> this is my place right here. >> reporter: for 7 years, he has been living at columbus park in san jose, along with his two two i was. back in 2015, he was working as a property manager when a dispute with his landlord cost him his job and his home all in the same day. he has been living here ever since. >> what i is what i have earned with my own two hands. i have been dumpster diving for 2.5 years. >> reporter: everything he owns has been stuffed into his car, away from the watchful eyes of authorities. >> reporter: you sleep over here? >> yes. >> reporter: the city took most of his belongings during a sweep, promising to put them in storage, free of charge. it
5:40 am
seems no one has paid the bill, and now the storage facility is threatening to throw his stuff out. they make everything i was going to sell to make money for the holidays. >> reporter: rudy is one of 100 people. it is unclear for how much longer. for months now, the city has been trying to clear out the park. other residents here sued, claiming the city illegally ransacked or destroyed their homes and belongings. a judge lifted a restraining order, in its work to c th told kpix 5 they are working on an updated timeline on the abatement. the city says they are working with the county of santa clara, and nonprofit partners living in columbus par housing opportunities. it is little comfort for rudy, that wants his stuff back. he is under even more pressure to find a new place to live. >> it has been really hard, yeah. i try not to think of it. i think of it as an adventure.
5:41 am
san jose says they are developing a safe parking spot for those that want to stay in the air iv -- rv. a san francisco tradition of drag queen's on ice returns for its 13th year. as a professional figure skater, i know it is not easy to learn to skate, and do it in front of an audience. i did hit the ice . >> reporter: the making of a drag queen is an art. jubilee is a masterpiece. this is a four hour process meticulously applying the wardrobe, the makeup, the hair , before it is time to take the stage. the time pays off when jubilee gets to shine. [ applause ] >> reporter: this week, jubilee will sparkle on a different stage. this one includes some
5:42 am
blades. this is the second of the jubilee will grace the ice in the heart of the city. >> reporter: i will do a gingerbread number. i will be a giant gingerbread cookie. the question will not be if it jubilee well fall down, it will be, will she get back up? it will be very inspiring. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is for the drag queen's on ice performance at union square. >> it became necessary for me to ice skate to be in a drag show is completely normal in terms of dragon needing you to suddenly learn something brand-new. that is one of my favorite things about it. >> reporter: in the cost him , this is all hand made by him. in the garage that he uses to doll of jubilee. it is a showcase of the passions he holds dear to his heart. he met with drag, you proportions. you wanted to be very visible. you don't want it to look normal. i need big gumdrop buttons and giant oven mitt shaped hands, and of course,
5:43 am
g. >> reporter: it jubilee's na is carefully assigned every time she performs. it is a celebration for her audience. >> i like to make my dragon feel like a special occasion. those that see jubilee, are seeing something special. >> reporter: it is a gift, and something special. it is something we celebrate here in the bay area. >> drag is incredibly vulnerable. even though you don't look like yourself, there is always a concern with how you will be perceived. >> reporter: after the shooting in colorado on a drug queen night in an l.g.b.t.q. club, jubilee is a statement. >> would just keep going. all this comes from hate. the only way to change as to meet people and be out, and do classic things like talk to your neighbors and give people grace and rim. we are not the only group that is targeted. this is something that quite a few people can feel like they have a place. >> reporter: this is jubilee's journey to perform on the ice.
5:44 am
>> reporter: i am doing drag when a new opportunity came. i was worried that i would look like an idiot and fall down. i will tell you, both of those things happened. it was still totally fine. [ laughter ] >> reporter: despite our falls, we can learn a thing or two from queen jubilee, to glide through life a bit smoother. we can even teach each other a thing or two , not the jubilee needed it at all. i put down my camera for a few minutes during our interview to give jubilee some extra skating tips . >> just hold, you can put up in arm. there you go. >> reporter: i ended up cherishing this moment with a new friend. >> that is perfect. jubilee did very well for just learning. >> he got those skates from his boyfriend, because he wanted to learn to skate. he goes on the
5:45 am
ice a couple times a year. he can do this performance. you've got to love it. it is so cool. it was fun. he is right person. i enjoyed my time with jubilee. you can see drag queens on ice in the union square. i have to sleep, please go for me. it will be an amazing show. to make that statement you said , that is so important. he is very positive. that is something we can all learn from. up next, policy that will make it easier
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please slow down. pay attention. how would you feel if that was your mom? flashing lights mean move over. welcome back, here's a money watch report. leaders in congress say they are prepared to pass legislation to prevent a national rail strike. president biden says a work stoppage during the holidays in december would disrupt shipping and deal a heavy blow to the nation's economy. today, the house will vote on a tentative agreement that biden administration help to negotiate between real companies and unions earlier this year. the agreement rages raises wages and provides medical leave. many liberals have expressed their discontent with this agreement.
5:49 am
for the first time, the federal government will back mortgages of more than $1 million in high-cost areas like california and new york. this will go into effect next year. the increase could make this cheaper for borrowers purchasing one unit homes. more units could be eligible to be sold to investors. this move reflects the rapid rise of housing prices even as the mortgage market recently cooled. for many people's mortgages are over $1 million just to get something very, very simple. that is very helpful. we are tracking cold temperatures. we are also having rain. let's break that down, hour by hour. you can get a good idea of what to expect as we go through the evening hours. we have plenty of rain to the forecast. we are waking up right now with 32 degrees near napa. we are below freezing in santa rosa. even up
5:50 am
in fairfield it is cold. it is warmer down south. the daytime highs are jumping into the upper 50s and lower 60s. we have rain returning to the forecast as we going to late evening hours and early morning hours tomorrow. we do have some right around the corner over the weekend. let's break that down but the first system. this is tomorrow morning, around four clock in the morning. i know we are fast forwarding. today's partly cloudy. this is the front leading edge of the cold front that we are waking up with tomorrow morning. this will continue to push its way through the bay, getting heavy pockets of rain. this could pose threats on the road if you're driving too fast. allow space behind you and in front of you, and take it extra slow in the morning. it does taper off and clear up fast through the afternoon. at that point, it is hit or miss showers. backing a huge system up is cold, dense air. daytime highs would be significantly cooler than today. we are expecting
5:51 am
upper 40s and low 50s. we are expecting an inch of rain with the frontal system. once we going to saturday and sunday, we are expecting more rain. we are adding up totals near an inch and a half near san jose. even more impressive numbers as we go through the south bay . we are looking at 1.5 inches there. the system will track to the east. that will impact all of the sierra. in total, we are expecting 55 inches of snow on average . the big reason why they are dealing with the winter storm warning that starts over the weekend. will keep you updated on this in the weather center. tomorrow, get ready, we will the soaker. today, enjoy the dry roadways. here is a live look at conditions that the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. the backup is welding very slightly. it is getting busy out there for folks going into
5:52 am
san francisco. the other slow spot is the ride toward the dublin interchange , approaching 680. it is crowded here. you will see the brake lights as you go out of tracy and into altamont. it is down to 12 miles per hour. we are tracking 880 as you go through castro valley toward hayward. you can see the connector to 92 with the brake lights. with no major crashes to slow you down. the 49ers will host the dolphins. when kyle shanahan looks across the field, he will see familiar faces, starting with mike with daniel. vern glenn has the red and gold report. this is a volkswagen red and gold report. the only team with a longer winning streak than the 49ers right now is the miami dolphins. they have won five straight. they will be at levi's stadium on hyundai. it is return of the 49ers offensive coordinator, mike mcdaniel. now in his first year as head coach in miami. he
5:53 am
knows from experience that nick bosa will be perfecting his craft all week to get after the quarterback. >> he would do pass rush moves on those little pods. if you would see an object like this podium, he would do the pass rush move on it. if nick bosa has a pulse, you have to be concerned. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪
5:54 am
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check this out. look at this. this is a wild scene out of southern california. this is a man climbing the ritz carlton . he made it near the top of a 54 story skyscraper. he put up in antiabortion rights flag. he was arrested. the police were there and arrested him. it turns out this is the same guy that climbed the salesforce tower back in may. you may remember that. police are waiting for him. that is scary. the time is 5:56. it was a win or go home for team u.s.a. the excitement was thousands of miles away here in the bay area. and elaine market come to the south bay. how will it pay tribute to a civil rights icon? ♪ [ music ]
5:57 am
>> you are probably awake now. you are
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this is upping opening con policy. we break down what it means for the police department and the use of robots. a northbay families trying to reverse the trend with rising opioid -related death in california. >> we made our mission to see if we can find a way to bring narcan to people. >> how heartbreaking tragedy is bringing this family to a new purpose? if you miss the rain, you don't have to miss it anymore.


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