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tv   CBS News Bay Area Morning Edition 6am  CBS  November 30, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this is upping opening con policy. we break down what it means for the police department and the use of robots. a northbay families trying to reverse the trend with rising opioid -related death in california. >> we made our mission to see if we can find a way to bring narcan to people. >> how heartbreaking tragedy is bringing this family to a new purpose? if you miss the rain, you don't have to miss it anymore.
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we will break that down hour by hour in the full forcast. enjoy the roadways. it is getting busy on the morning commute. we will have a complete look at traffic, coming up. here is a look at your top stories. the san francisco supervisors approved a policy to allow police to use remote-controlled robots that are capable of deploying deadly force. it comes with a lot of caveats. these are not new robots, designed specifically for deadly force. the police department has had an array of robots for the last 11 years. they are typically use it to move equipment or for video surveillance. police can outfit them with explosive devices in a critical event like a mass shooting or a terrorist attack. only the police chief, assistant chief, deputy chief can authorize them to use deadly force. san francisco police announced arrest in a deadly shooting on a muni bus back in august. at 20 old man was killed, and a 62-year-old woman was injured. police tracked
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down the two suspects at a hotel earlier this month. the 23-year-old man and 21-year-old woman are facing charges of murder and attended murder. a severe storm threat in several southern states this morning. we have the video on your screen showing just how scary it is. there is flooding, high winds, and hail going from texas to kentucky. the national weather service received 20 reports of tornadoes coming from mississippi, primarily. the storm will get weaker as it goes to the east. to make that video does not even look real. that is a very scary situation. >> let's start off with that, we will track that storm as it pushes throughout the whole south. anywhere from atlanta, all the way into washington, d.c., the storm is pushing its way off. check in on your loved ones this morning, as we are waking up. you can see the heavy stuff going on. you can see the frontal edge is really
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giving strong squall lines. that front leading edge has some of the strongest thunderstorms that area has seen in quite some time. backing that is a lot of cold, dense air. you are thinking, wow, it is a shame for that situation, but we are dealing with our own cold front as we wake up this morning. we have one right offshore that is pushing its way in. that is the big reason why we have rain chances returning to the forecast today and tomorrow. let's look at this hour by hour. today, it is partly cloudy. it's not that bad of a day. enjoy the warmer temperatures. once we wake up tomorrow morning, it is completely different for us, especially going into the commute hours. we have heavy, dense pockets of rain pushing to the east . i will break this down a bit more in the next 15 minutes, so you can plan properly. it will impact the roads. pack your patience. i know you say that, but give yourself extra space. that is
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the big thing to hit on tomorrow. >> it is, they say three cars or three seconds. you will have enough time to slam your brakes in case something happens in front of you. it is good to pay attention to that. tomorrow is one of the days, maybe you could work from home. it is the on the roadways. this is the usual stuff that we deal with every single day at the bay bridge. if you are a commuter out of the east bay and you go into the city, you know to expect. it is about a 15 minute commute from the maze into san francisco. we haven't no crashes. we had a hick up near treasure island. it did not cause a major impact to traffic. this is what to expect. here is another perspective as you come off of the other end into the city. we have the skyway. it is crowded this morning. also crowded is 580 toward 680 at the dublin interchange. give yourself more time if you are commuting out of tracy. and epic win for team
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u.s.a. players and coaches celebrate on the field with fans going wild as the u.s. moves on to the round of 16. store! >> christian square the one and only goal in the 38th minute. it came at a cost. he took a top shot on that play and missed the second half. he is vowing to be back on saturday for a knockout game against the netherlands. downtown san jose has been transformed into a miniature world cup village, sponsored by the earthquakes and local businesses. we joined in on the fun during yesterday's match. >> reporter: i was supposed be working at home today. i'm sure i will get my work done after a couple of drinks and the u.s. beat iran. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it is the 2022 world cup soccer tournament. it is here, in san jose, california. w.h.o. we are
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hosting another world cup viewing party in san jose. it has been an incredible turnout with 17,000 people coming through , watching all the games and supporting whatever country they want to support. >> i do remember world cups like in 1990 and 1986 where you could not get five full watch a game. it shows how big the sport is now. >> reporter: merchants are loving this, and so are the fans. >> we believe, i believe, they will win. >> reporter: u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. ! >> i am from england. >> are you nervous? >> i did get excited . >> reporter: a los or ty would send them home. [ applause ] >> reporter: they did it, there's nobody that love that
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more than the folks at the old wagon saloon. >> we have our business back. it is pretty great. it is wonderful, a busy day. it is only 11:00 a morning, it looks like saturday night. it is amazing. >> reporter: next up ? we have the netherlands. >> i am very, very stressed. i cannot wait to watch the next game. >> reporter: in san jose, reporting for kpix 5 news. on saturday, you would have to start at 9:00 a.m. that is when i told i'd be somewhere at saturday morning to watch the game. to make arab and people at 5:00 a.m. for some of the matches. we had one for 2:00 a.m. the games are early. they are so much fun. you have to be dedicated. >> 9:00 i am on a saturday , yay. a new landmark is underway, new tribute coming to
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oh my! and for a limited time, get hbo max included for 1 year. even you in 22c. flight attendants, prepare for streaming. drop everything and get to the xfinity black friday sale. click, call or visit a store today. the bay area beat, the opioid crisis has been spiraling out of control across the country, including here in california. look at these statistics from the last 5 years. the number of overdose related deaths in our state has more than tripled . it went from 2220 17 to more than 1600 last year. those are very
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sobering numbers. there are ways to fight back agai trainin use narcan, a medication that can reverse an overdose. as katie nelson explains, it is a mission born from heartache. >> insert it in the nostril and go ahead and push it. that is it. that is done. >> reporter: micah sawyer is leading this training. >> there is a stigma around addiction and narcan. people hide and keep it underground. >> reporter: he learned about narcan, medication to reverse an opioid overdose when his son became addicted to heroin in high school. he said his son was a star football player and an avid weightlifter. assuming people don't realize that you can be very successful and still be an addict at the same time. >> reporter: he purchased narcan to try to save his son if he ever overdosed. at the
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time, it cost him $150 per box. despite his best efforts, his son died of a fentanyl overdose at some of the else's house. >> we made it our mission to find a way to bring narcan to people for free, or a more affordable price. >> reporter: he and his wife created the nonprofit, micas hugs. they have 4000 boxes them nor can narcan to people for free. >> this is happening so often, could be just walking on the street. it is a random person. they might need help. >> reporter: i would love to see everybody carrying narcan. there is nobody that should not carry it. you can come across anybody having an overdose. >> reporter: they are doing a training session wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. there are additional sessions in december. you can find more information about those on our website, narcan can save a life.
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a plan to give san jose a landmark. it will pay tribute to a civil rights icon. you are looking at the renderings of the breeze of innovation. it looks cool. the proposed design has hundreds of rods that generate electricity and light. after community feedback, that the developer plans to move the proposed landmark from downtown to the plaza day cesar chavez. they have the support of the family. the grandson of chavez says it could be a way to share his grandfather's legacy with a wider audience. >> we are looking for folks to come from all over the world to visit the bay area, you can visit here, we can introduce him . those that may not know who he is, they can learn about his work and the impact he had on this country.
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>> some of the ideas include a stage for live music and an educational component about the legacy of cesar chavez. any to fundraising get the location change approved by city council in january. >> it is beautiful. :i think so as well. that will be a statement piece. we are focusing on the rain making a statement here. i am excited. it will be tricky for folks on the roads. there are always pros and cons when it comes to a strong system. the lawn will be very grateful. the drought monitor will always be grateful for an extra inch or two of rain. this comes at an inconvenient time tomorrow. we will break it down so you will know what to expect as we go through the commute hours. we will start with a live look from the hotel camera. we have a beautiful sight to see. we have mostly clear conditions as the sunshine begins to rise. we are partly cloudy conditions returning as we go through the afternoon. the daytime highs, no matter where you live in the bay are in the upper 50s and
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low 60s. you keep your layers handy. you might need a hair tie as well. we are partly cloudy conditions through the afternoon. take a look at the frontal system. we fast-forward at the clock to 5:00 in the morning we are dealing with heavy pockets of showers. this is highlighted in yellow. we will also see this track to the east during the commute hours to work or school. this will continue to push to the east. it does taper off near noon. do not be shocked if you see a sprinkle or two of showers. we are dealing with remnants left over from the cold front. these will track to the east, going into the late evening hours. by friday, we catch a break. do not get used to it. once we go into saturday and sunday, that is when rain chances return to the forecast. we have a break with rain chances returning to the forecast over the weekend and as we kick off next week. these are the rain totals that
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are expected by tomorrow system. notice how we add to the numbers throughout the weekend. this is by monday. we have very impressive numbers across the board. it will take everything. if you are thinking of going to the sierra, be extra, extra careful. they have a winter storm warning throughout the sierra. they will get upwards of 60 inches of snow. we have crazy snow totals. we will keep you updated as well. tomorrow is a first alert weather day. be cautious during the morning hours. we will keep you updated tomorrow. we'll keep you updated on the radar. now, over to you. will make sure you are good to go. the roadways are dry. that is a good news if you are getting up early to work or school. if you're making that track on the bay area freeways, we are seeing a client for the dublin interchange. that is the slow crawl. super commuters are seeing busy conditions . we're down to 19 miles per hour. that is slow as you connect to 580. if you are traveling on 880
6:18 am
southbound, that is slowing down. other than that, most of the nimitz freeway looks good in both directions. i do want to draw your attention to the commute along highway 37. we do have a crash, westbound, blocking the left lane. we are seeing quite a few brake lights building behind it. if west 37, give yourself extra time. you will get stuck in the backup. at the bay bridge, metering lights were turned on at 5:45 this morning. it is busy getting into the city. ♪ [ music ] we have exciting news, bay area band, metallica, is out with new music. what are they sharing about their plans? we have more on that, coming up. we will see what is brewing outside. this is brought to you by bigelow benefits t,
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welcome back, let's take a quick look at the lunchtime forecast. it is pretty mild for us from the coast off to the bay. we are partly cloudy skies. often the inland areas, it is sunny and warm. the big weather story for us is the rain pushing it tonight. keep your eyes peeled for that. for now, over to you. we will be ready for that rain. it is time for the morning mix. metallica made two big announcements. one of them could disappoint some bay area natives. >> ♪ [ music ] >> who doesn't need a little metal in the morning? >> that is the new song for
6:23 am
metallica. that will be on their new album, 72 seasons. it comes out in april of next year. metallica announced a two year world tour. currently, the only california dates will take place in los angeles on the 25th and 27th. that could change. a lot can happen over 2 years. hopefully they will add more shows, bringing them here to the bay area. we do love metallica. >> los angeles is a completely different area. >> they do have a new album coming out and they want to promote it. they are based out of los angeles, but their roots are here. >> i was really surprised . >> maybe a big surprise will happen. to make the fans are speaking up. >> we are speaking up. otherwise, we will all be in the car going down to los
6:24 am
angeles. [ laughter ] >> i cannot tell you how many metallica shows i have been to. >> this was a long time ago. i am dating myself. >> wow. >> if you're watching or listening, bay area please. apple music released the top music list and data with their very own most listened to tunes. ♪ [ music ] >> at the top of the chartres chart is kayla roy and justin bieber. they are telling users to check out their own replay this week. that is they are all turn negative to -- alternative to spotify . stay is a catchy song. >> when it comes to the topic
6:25 am
global charts, hip-hop is number one. pop is second. r&b, and then latin. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i contributed to that. [ laughter ] >> we all have our vices, demons, guilty conscience. sometimes they involve candy. >> this is a snickers every day. i had to come back and i have to purchase that, you know what i mean? listen, i try to catalog all of this. i try to tell you stories. go tell oprah.[ laughter ] is to make that is duane johnson in hawaii. in the video, he posted on instagram, he said that the store used to be a place where he would pocket a king-size snickers bar as a teenager. he said they were his a
6:26 am
pre-workout food. after decades, he is making amends and try to make good on this. he bought every snickers bar on the shelf and did a little grocery shopping for everyone inside the store. >> what a cool surprise for everyone. >> i want to know what he did with all of those snickers bars. he just handed them out. he is from hayward, any story from him is a local story. [ laughter ] >> that was something i learned recently was that he was from hayward. that is really cool. >> what we going to say? >> us on instagram, he tried in and out for the first time. how is he from california and that is his first time? >> it might've been for the instagram post. >> i was working out in southern california. i am running, the trainer comes over to check on me. he says by the way, that is the rock next to you. >> what? >> i was like 15. i was like no way? >> he is such a nice guy. to
6:27 am
see him in that moment, he is so chill. that was a 24 hour fitness in a small town. he is a cool, humble dude. he was working 15-year-old amanda. >> that is my little claim to fame. it is wired wednesday. we are speaking to jennifer dali about what you need to know this holiday shopping season. >> i like to make my dragon feel like it is a special occasion. those that see do believe you like they are seeing something special. >> a san francisco tradition returns. i introduce you to a skater
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pay attention. how would you feel if that was your mom? flashing lights mean move over. let's look at today's top stories. there is a tentative deal to get a quarter of the 48,000 striking workers back on the job. this includes hefty raises for researchers , and 5000 academics by next october. these are two of four groups of student workers walked off the job on november 14 over pay and benefits. union officials emphasize that both groups with the tentative agreements are still on strike in sympathy with the other two groups.
6:31 am
the senate vote is 61 to 36, in favor of the landmark, respect for marriage act. this ensures same-sex and interracial marriages are recognized in every state. that is a big thing here. the vote was bipartisan with several republicans joining democrats in approving the bill. this is one of several issues that democrats are trying to address before they lose the house majority next year. let's take a live look at the santa clara senior center, we can take advantage of the warming center if you do not have the means to stay warm at home. there will be 11 other warming centers through santa clara county. you can check out the full list on the emergency management site. they will be open during the day and early evening hours. it will vary by location. mountain view has an overnight shelter program for women and families. these will be a very big deal in the coming days due to all of the rain we are getting. it is getting chilly. it is just cold. that huge rainstorm pushing closer to us is the front leading edge of a cold front.
6:32 am
backing it is cold, dense air that we will feel all through the bay, whether you like it or not. winter temperatures are around the corner. we have a mild look right now outside from the hotel camera. we are partly cloudy skies for now. through the evening hours tonight, by early tomorrow morning, that is when the heavy rain storm is expected to make its way in to the whole bay area. let's time out. we are more on the way after that. we will talk about that in the next 15 minutes. as we extend this afternoon, it is partly cloudy. this is upwards of three clock through 5:00 a.m. , this will span all through california. south lake tahoe is getting snow. in the bay, we have heavy pockets of showers. this will continue to track to the east this afternoon. we will talk about how long it is expected to last and the rain expected to come . we have plenty of that
6:33 am
across-the-board. the roads look good. you and i will be very busy. >> oh yes, copy, send it our way, we will need it. they make you will need to as well, if you are stuck in the commute. >> things are not as bad as what we are anticipating for tomorrow. the slick surface makes it rough. let's draw your attention to 880. that icon is a popping in here. it does make sense, this is an area where we do not typically see brake lights. there is a crash there. it is likely blocking lanes. i will keep an eye on that. in the meantime, use 580. it does look great. we have no delays along 580. if you are coming from 580 toward oakland, that will work well for you this morning. 880,
6:34 am
north of there, it is getting crowded. this is a live look near the coliseum. it is moving okay. this will slow down as you get closer to the bay bridge. it is a new setback for dozens of people living in a san jose homeless camp. a judge lifted a restraining order that stopped the city from clearing up. we have been reporting on the situation near columbus park for months. you may remember the city shut down the largest homeless camp that was in the flight path. the campers moved right across the street to a vacant baseball field. now the clock is running out for the campers to figure out their next move as colder weather and rain is moving in. we spoke with one resident that claimed the city is not follow through on its promises. >> reporter: at 46, rudy ortega never imagined he would end up here. >> this is my place right here. >> reporter: for 7 years, he has been living at columbus park in san jose, along with his two chihuahuas back in 2015, he was working as a property manager when he says a dispute with his landlord
6:35 am
cost him his job and his home, all in the same day. he has been living here ever since. >> what i have here is what i have earned with my own two hands by dumpster diving for 2.5 years. >> reporter: everything he owns has been stuffed into his car , away from the watchful eyes of authorities. >> you sleep over here? >> yes, on the bed. >> reporter: the city took most of his belongings during a sweep, promising to put them in storage, free of charge. it seemed no one has pay the bill, now the storage facility is threatening to throw his stuff out. >> everything i was planning to sell to make money for the holidays. >> reporter: rudy is one of 100 people living here. it is unclear for how much longer. for months, the city has been trying to clear out this park. rudy, and other residents here claim the city illegally ransacked or destroyed their homes and belongings. on thursday, a judge lifted a
6:36 am
restraining order, allowing the city to continue its work to clear the area. the city told kpix 5 there working on an updated timeline on the abatement. the city says they are working with the county of santa clara, and nonprofit partners to connect the people with housing opportunities. it is little comfort for rudy, that wants his stuff back. he is under more pressure to find a new place to live. >> it has been really hard, yeah. i try not to think of it. i think of it as an adventure. san jose says they are developing a safe parking spot site for those that want to stay in their rv. the city is also talking about using two other stations as a site for more tiny homes. this light rail yard in san jose, and this station in the south part of the city could be used for temporary housing. the idea is to get people a private room
6:37 am
and bathroom , and support to find permanent housing after a few months. city council is set to discuss this this afternoon. a san francisco tradition of drag queens on ice returns for the 13th year. as a professional figure skater, i know it is not easy to learn to skate, and do it in front of an audience. i hit the ice with a skater preparing to perform tomorrow night. >> reporter: the making of a drag queen is an art. jubilee is joe's masterpiece. this is a four hour process meticulously applying the wardrobe, the makeup, the hair , before it is time to take the stage. the time pays off when jubilee gets to shine. this week, jubilee will sparkle on a different stage. this one includes some blades. this is the second year that jubilee will grace the ice .
6:38 am
>> i will do a gingerbread number. i will be a giant gingerbread cookie. the question will not be will jubilee fall down? it will be, will she get back up? it will be very inspiring. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is the 13th annual drag queens on ice performance at union square. >> it became necessary for me to ice skate, this is very normal. [ laughter ] in terms of drag suddenly needing you to learn something brand-new. that is one of my favorite things about it. >> reporter: at the cost him, this is all handmade. he had makes it in his garage. it is all a showcase of the passions he holds dear to his heart. >> interacts, you want proportion. you want it to be very visible for the audience. you don't want it to look normal. i need big gumdrop buttons and giant oven mitt shaped hands, and of course, a wig. >> reporter: jubilee's name is
6:39 am
carefully signed every time she performs. this is a celebration for her audience. >> i like to make my dragon feel like a special occasion. those as he jubilee feel like they are seeing something special. >> this is something that we get to celebrate here in the bay area. >> dragon is very vulnerable. even though you don't look like yourself , there is always a concern with how you will be perceived. >> reporter: after the fatal shooting in colorado on an l.g.b.t.q. nightclub on drag queen night, jubilee is also a statement. >> we just to keep going. it all comes from hate. the only way to get rid of that is to meet people and be out, and to do the classic things like talk to your neighbors and ask questions. we are not the only group that is being targeted. this is something that quite a few people can feel like they have a place. >> reporter: just like the journey to perform on the ice -- to >> when a new opportunity comes, i was worried that i
6:40 am
would look like an idiot and i would fall down. i will tell you, both of those things happened [ laughter ]it was still totally fine. >> reporter: despite all of our falls, we can learn a thing or two from queen jubilee to glide through life a bit smoother, and we can teach each other a thing or two , not that jubilee needed at all . up and down my camera for a few minutes to give jubilee some extra skating tips. >> you can hold. you put it up here. there you go. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i ended up cherishing this new mama with a special friend. to make that was fun. what do you teach? >> come on, let's learn. >> he is great. i know, when jubilee is out there, it will be quite a show. i cannot go,
6:41 am
because after sleep for work. i hope you guys go to enjoy that. it will be a great show. that is something to support . these things are important. it is so motivating and inspiring when you get to talk to people like that. you can see drag queens on ice tomorrow, december 1 in union square. >> i made a new friend as well. that is always nice. the market just opened up. we'll take a quick check on the big board. the dow is down 69 points. here's what is coming up on cbs mornings. good morning, it is good to see you. up ahead on cbs mornings, david has a story that will touch your heart. he introduces us to a woman that spent most of her life searching for her biological parents. because it is david, you know there is an emotional twist. also, gabrielle is here to discuss why she took such a challenging role in her latest film, and the powerful message
6:42 am
he wants to send parents? drew barrymore will be with us live in studio we also have ross matthews.
6:43 am
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welcome back. thank you for sticking around on this wednesday morning. it is 6: 46. we start by taking a look at the big board. the dow is in the red. stocks are opening a bit higher this morning, as we wait to hear from the federal reserve. leaders say they are prepared to pass legislation that would prevent a nationwide real strike. president biden says a work stoppage during the holiday in december would disrupt shipping and deal a
6:46 am
heavy blow to the nation's economy. the house will vote on a tentative agreement that the administration helps to negotiate between the real companies and unions. this will raise wages, but lacks provisions for paid medical leave. many prounion liberals expressed their discontent with this agreement. black friday and cyber monday set records on paper. inflation takes its toll. it t sh tting asonat r fos of the wired wedny. jennifer jolly joins us live with those details. good morning. i hope you got some shopping in. it looks like you did. >> i absolutely did. perhaps a bit too much. i still have some left to do. high inflation and excess inventory means the rules of holiday shopping are different from seasons past. many of the top deals are going on. retails call this entire week cyber week. if you have
6:47 am
more shopping to do , there are incredible technology deals left to be had. if you have some technology tools in your back pocket to save more money. you start with some rouser extensions called paypal honey, you can at the extension to your desktop or mobile device. it will automatically discover the best working coupons, playing them at checkout. you can earn cash back. another one i really like is slick deals. anyone can submit a deal and 12 million savvy shoppers that and vote on the best ones. those will rise to the top and become front-page deals. they guarantee to score amazing finds. there is also this one for a few years. if you have not used it yet, you are leaving money on the table. it checks price history on amazon so you know a deal has come through. if it goes lower in the future, you have a price
6:48 am
match. you don't have to guess if you are getting the best deal possible. what about shopping in a store , in person? we don't see that as often. >> i know, if you are in my favorite bay area store like target, walmart, or best buy. download the stores app. while shopping, use it to scan the barcode of the item you want to purchase on the shelf. it is almost always lower. and sometimes hundreds of dollars lower online. take a screen grab of that i pressing the volume and power button at the same time on ios and android devices. show that photo to the person checkout, and they will give you the lower online price. they said amount, call up the website where says, yes, they will.
6:49 am
also, price matching is a good one for those stores as well. >> reporter: that is what this is. this is price matching 2.0. very neat. we know headphones, smart phones, video games are popular for the holidays. what are the unique gadgets that you found this year? >> there are so many. i have hundreds of gadgets. i have gone hands-on with almost 100 in the last week alone. one that stands out due to the times we are living in is this. this teaches kids ages three and up, social and emotional learning skills. he touch the little foot and it guides children through breathing exercises. you inhale when the light gets brighter and exhale as it fades. it is a very relevant tool. i have a friend that has been using this with one of her little ones since we started to try it out together. it has worked some major wonders. another one i recommend is from the world largest prolific pc maker. this
6:50 am
is the idea pad duet, five in one tablet. it is very versatile, and it is solid for work or streaming. it also has 11 hour battery life. it starts in the $300 range. i typically say, don't bother with a laptop if it is under $400 or $500, but this is an exception. these guys are making headlines for the standout sales during the holidays. there is this a little tony box. this is a top-five trending toy that i really like because it is screen free. any time you get kids to use more of their imaginations, and a little less screen time, it is always a win. this is super new. you can use the other figures with it and the brand-new plushy's that came out two weeks ago. these are deals in the $70 range. >> that is cool. we have so many cool kids toys this year.
6:51 am
i got my niece a 3-d pen thing. now my boyfriend wants one. there are some really fun things that people want to play with. >> reporter: i hate to admit it, but i love playing with all of the tech toys. i found a really cool one that let you draw on paper and upload it into a video game on a mobile device through an app. kids, and i met me, you can draw these incredible characters. it is insane how cool these things have gotten in a short amount of time. santa has become really cool. they make you can watch and read more with jenny and her weekly columns on her website as well. jessica, what is also getting cool is our weather. i know, let's start with this live look outside. we have a beautiful sunrise this morning. we are halfway through
6:52 am
the week with rain around the corner. this will impact our weekend. keep that in mind if you have the ski trip planned this weekend, you will likely want -- you may want to push it to next week -- i had to say that. we have a cold front going through the morning hours. we will forecast this all day long. make sure you tune in , even in the afternoon. this will push to the east. look into the distance, just beyond the future cast panel. you can see snow near south lake tahoe. they will get about 60 inches from thursday into next monday. back here in the bay, went to talk about rain totals. this is an impressive set up for us. the daytime highs are in the upper 50s and low 60s. once a cold front pushes through, we have 40s and 50s. to add to that, rain totals we are expecting tomorrow are sitting at about an inch. we
6:53 am
have very impressive totals. as we going to saturday, and sunday, we will add to these. anything helps, right? this is what i was talking about earlier. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra. be very, very cautious if you plan to go out that way. make sure you have your chains and pack properly. in my opinion, i would hold off until the following weekend. we have a very strong system settling in. as we look at the daytime highs, we have low 50s tomorrow in upper 40s expected all throughout the microclimates . we are starting to see wetter conditions around the corner. we will keep you updated on that for your first alert weather forecast. we can use the wet weather. it does not make it fun on the roadways. pack your chains or consider going another weekend. look at the roadways now. closer to home, if you're working your way along 880. this is near davis. we have a crash blocking one lane. traffic is low. if you are
6:54 am
headed south right at the 92 connector, we have reports of a hit-and-run crash. that is on the right-hand side of the roadway. it is getting busy in both directions. definitely plan for that. we have a live look at the nimitz. things are crowded near the colosseum. after that you will see brake lights through the bay bridge. the slow approach is coming off of the east shore freeway. we have pockets of slowing on 80 out of richmond and down through berkeley and as we get to the bay bridge. traffic is backed up. you have cars heading into san francisco. before you go out the door, here's a quick checkup travel times. you take 80 from highway 4 to the maze, you need 25 minutes. the 49ers will host the dolphins. when kyle shanahan looks across the field, he will see some familiar faces on the other sideline, starting with mike mcdaniel. vern glenn has the red and gold report. this is the volkswagen , red and gold report.
6:55 am
the only team with a longer streak of winning and the 49ers is the dolphins. they have won five straight. they will be at levi's stadium on sunday. it is a return of the 49ers offensive coordinator, mike mcdaniel. he is now in his first year as a head coach in miami. he knows from experience that nick bosa will be perfecting his craft all week to it after the quarterback. >> you would do pass rush moves on sanitizer. you know like those little pods? if you would see an object, like this podium, he would do the pass rush move on it. if nick bosa has a pulse, you are concerned. if he walks past you in the parking lot, you are concerned. with the red and gold report, i am vern glenn. ♪ [ music ] >> we know
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6:59 am
let's look at the roadways now. we will start off with travel times. it is quite busy out there. we are seeing slow and go spots. this is a 46 minute commute. that freeway shot is pretty busy. let's take a quick look at rain chances as we extend into the forecast tonight and into tomorrow morning. that is when the major storm will push his way through. the partly cloudy skies , actually looks clear from the skimmer. we will deal with partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. really, the rain is round the corner through the late evening hours tonight. do not be shocked if you're waking up to heavy hitter patter on the roof. we have a strong storm pushing
7:00 am
east. this will give us 20 of rain and giving plenty of snow to the sierra. we will you updated on that in the weathe welcome to cbs mornings and hello to you on the west coast. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. breaking overnight. an outbreak of severe weather brings heavy snow, rain, and high winds including destructive tornados. stormy skies and some of those could become severe. large hail, high winds, a tornado risk as well. for the first time in de


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