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tv   CBS News Bay Area  CBS  November 30, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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with binaxnow. the #1 covid-19 self test in the us >> live from the cbs news bay area bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . thursday is a first alert weather day as rain and wind are going to make a mess of the morning commute. i'm tracking how long that rain is going to
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last in the first alert weather forecast. >> thanks, paul. crews are scrambling to get the roads ready for the rain. they're working now to keep you safe in the storm. we wish you good afternoon, i am reed cowan. is a first alert weather today as the state gets ready for the first rain and snow we've had in a long while. the chances are getting stronger by the hour. you are looking up to disguise the skies as well , is my guess. >> so right now we are seeing clouds floating through the bay area , but that rain is still significantly farther up the coast of northern california, and this is where the heaviest rainfall accumulation will occur with the potential for 7 inches of higher rainfall, with further elevations experience in higher amounts.
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that study rainfall will make its way in, tonight, into tomorrow morning, and this will be intense run for rainfall for thursday. that is why tomorrow is a first alert weather day, because it's going to have a significant impact on track for us. that window will result in the possibility for downed tree branches and powerlines. all of this is ranking as an atmospheric river towards the bottom end of the atmospheric river range. those wood coinciding with the heaviest rain could cause significant problems early, tomorrow morning . i'll have a look at longer futurecast and look at rain chances over the weekend in a few minutes. >> think of, paul. anne makovec onthitcan our coverage . know
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wreak havoc on the commute anytime of day around the bay area. and public works crews are working to make one major road in contra costa county clear . they are clearing drainage ditches and minor slides along the road between tri-lane and el sabrante . if you're driving to that area you should expect delays up to 15 minutes. pg& e is trying to also emit power outages during the wet weather . the utility company says they are stocking equipment like power poles and other things that they might need at different yards around the region in case the power goes out. and they are keeping a close eye on one county in particular. >> it's san mateo county for us at pg&e, that's the area where we expect slightly more
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severe weather than other parts of the bay, so we are staging more resources here in san carlos at our yard here, and stockpiling equipment here, in case there are outages and impacts on the system. >> in foster city, meantime, passing out sandbags right now at city hall to help property owners avoid flooding . if you have a business there you can take up to 10 sandbags. that station will be open to the rainy season. and we've all heard the warning if you are driving tomorrow, try to go slowly, leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. if you have the option to, stay home. >> anne, thank you . remember to check on your neighbor. we are streaming always online at and on cbs news bay area. the school at tamalpais high school has remained
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closed after calls came in of a bomb threat. so far nothing suspicious has been found, but we are watching that. the opioid crisis has been spiraling out of control all over the united states, including here in california. this evening in sonoma county a nonprofit is offering training on how to use that medication we reported on so much, narcan, that can quickly reverse an overdose. kpix 5's katie nielsen says it's a mission born from heartache. >> i want you to go ahead and push it. that's it. that's done, it's very easy. >> micah learned about a medication used to reverse an opioid addiction overdose , narcan, when his son experienced an overdose.
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>> people don't realize you can be successful and be an addict at the same time. >> at the time, the medication cost $150 per box , despite his best efforts , his son died of an overdose while at someone else's house. >> that's why we want to make narcan free or more affordable. >> micah's hugs was founded to help those struggling with addiction. they received two grants so far almost 4000 boxes of narcan to distribute to those who need help. >> i would love everybody to be carrying narcan . you could come across anyone having an overdose. you could save a life. >> reporting for kpix 5 , katie
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nielsen. >> learn more about micah's hugs and lifesaving measures on let's catch you up on money news now . and a late rally on wall street after the fed chair suggested the central bank may raise its key interest rate by only a half point, in december. the dow surged on that news is 737., nasdaq, up 484, s&p 500 up 122. we will take it any time the arrow goes up . avoiding a national rail strike, but there's still work to be done. how a walk-out could affect your celebrations. and what is the beef between two bay area tech giants battling it up right now?
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all right, welcome ÷today, the house voted to adopt a tentative agreement that proposes a contract brokered by the biden administration back in september. it includes a raise over five years despite opposition from several negotiating unions. lawmakers also passed a second piece of legislation that would add paid sick leave. biden asked congress to step in , or it
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could cost the u.s. economy up to $2 billion per day. a strike would put a strain on shipments of coal and lumber and grain, even some of your holiday gifts. >> we have one piece of that, if the financing piece, if the transportation piece gets disrupted, that would be a very big threat. >> if a bill does not get to the president to sign a strike could begin next friday. the parent company behind snapchatted is calling for all of its workers to return to the office. a spokesperson for the southern california-based snap would begin a hybrid model for workers next yupik employees will be required to work from the company's offices 80% of the time, 20% of the time they can work remotely. snap announced plans to lay off some 20% of its workers all over planet earth, more than 1200 staffers. there might be a fight
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between twitter and apple. we asked editor at large to weigh in on recent claims by elon musk. >> elon musk has been rattling his saber a little bit saying he's not happy about the fact apple takes 30% of in-app purchases, they do this for everyone, and he says apple has pulled advertising from twitter lately. he says apple may delete the twitter app, because he is removing a lot of the controls or the staff who used to run the controls that are required for an app to pass apple's rules about being a safe place and not a wild west. none of this has happened, yet, but he's getting it clear he wants to raise apple's profile in front of regulators and get them to say i wonder if apple is a monopoly that needs to be regulated by us. it's an interesting tactic. he's not a big fan of tim cook right now . >> little bit of a battle here
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at home. and another battle, as vernon glenn reports, when kyle shanahan looks across the field, he's going to see familiar faces on the sideline. >> this is the red and gold report. >> the only team with a longer winning streak than the 49ers right now, the miami dolphins they have won five straight and will be at levi stadium on sunday. it's the return of former 49ers offensive coordinator, mike mcdaniels , now in his first year has coac be perfecting his craft all week to get after the quarterback. >> he would pass out like little pods, like if you see an object, like this podium, he would do a pass rush . if nick bosa walks past you in the parking lot you are concerned. >> with the red and gold report, i am vernon glenn. two words, rain jacket. and
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time for a look at our forecast with chief meteorologist, paul heggen. ab the other word, umbrella. >> rain jacket, definitely useful, the wind and rain are on the way tonight. it is going to be a wet and windy morning , we are concerned about all the issues that will result from the heaviest rain and strongest winds right during the morning rush. a little break in the action on friday, a brief drive break, and the next system won't be as organized or capable, but it will bring more rain to the bay area into the weekend. let's focus on this first system, potentially bringing showers into the bay, likely after the sun goes down. these will be hit and miss. steady rain moving into the north bay just after midnight, with scattered showers ahead of that band of rain. this little narrowband right there, the most intense colors, showing up with the radar simulation. that is called a narrow cold front rain band ,
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a ncfr, because meteorologists love acronyms. that will move across the area during the morning rush tomorrow. we definitely need the rain, but we don't want that impact on traffic . that heaviest rain band will be picking up, moderate to heavy them and winding down into tomorrow night, than that brief action will be on hold on thursday. the strongest guests accompanying that narrow rain vent in the 30-more 40 mile an hour range, and that is strong enough to knock down tree limbs and move you around on the road . both hands at the wheel, especially on the bridges. we will relax but
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still be noticeable as we head for the rest of the day as a steady rain continues to fall. how much rain are we talking about? on the low end, half an inch to an inch of total rainfall, where the train might squeeze out more moisture, talking about an inch and a half to two inches, a good soaking rain, but the potential for that will be with us, some localized flooding on some of the roads, a distinct possibility , travel, strongly discouraged , winter storm warning in effect, 1-4 feet of snow from this first system, friday morning. and another one will follow it up, with showers on saturday , best chance, saturday night, lingering into sunday and monday. but we are still waiting for it. increasing clouds overhead, but sun filtering through. mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. as the rain and wind move into
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magma both low 50s across the board, and it will be breezy, so a rough feel to the day . still cool on friday, and then the rain showers return saturday, lingering into sunday, and even monday, and another drive break taking over next week. but farther down the line it looks like other decent rain chances will head our way by next thursday. i'll have another update coming about 5:00. thank you, my friend. for the 13th year it is drag queens on ice, only in the bay area. our own star hit the ice with somebody ready to perform. >> it is a meticulous process applying the wardrobe, the makeup, the hair. all before it's time to take the stage. but this week, jubilee will sparkle in different stage ,
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this one includes some plays, this is the second year jubilee will grace the ice in the heart of the city. >> some going to do a gingerbread number. i'm going to be a giant gingerbread cookie. the question won't be will jubilee fall down, it will be will she get back up? and she's going to get back up. >> the costume is all hand made by him, and jubilee's name is carefully assigned. >> i like to make my drag feel like it is a special occasion, and people who see jubilee will see something special. it is very vulnerable, drag shows. >> after the fatal shooting in colorado on a drag queen night, jubilee is also a statement. >> fear , the only way to beat it is talk and give your
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friends grayson room. i have been doing drag , i was worried i was going to look like an idiot and fall down, and i will tell you, both of those things happened. [ laughter ] and it was still totally fine. >> despite our falls we can learn a thing or two from queen jubilee , and we can even teach each other a thing or two. not the jubilee needed to give jubilee some extra skating tips, and i ended up searching cherishing this moment with a friend. kpix 5 news. still had, she's helping her neighbors in need, because she has been in their shoes, herself.
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this is your broadcast made just for you. we always like to highlight our bay area bridge elders the people who work together to connect communities. and this is the story of a volunteer at a food bank. you know we are working
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very hard to fight for bay area families for food drive. a woman gave back after growing up hungry, herself. here is karen's story. >> sometimes the last person you whatever think is hungry is right there in the room with you. and the last person -- >> all right, you want to do this? >> a food insecurity story land at this moment, when karen let out a truth she hadn't spoken in years. >> my name is karen, i am here volunteering, because i experienced housing and food insecurity as a child. >> karen used to to be this little girl, whose single mom fell on hard times and -- >> we ended up mead, and we
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relied on the generosity of those around us , all that separated us from any type of dangers in the world with flimsy piece of canvas and a miniature dachshund. >> karen only has a few photos from this era, including this photo of her wearing a dress. >> i was worried, because all the girls had nice dresses, and i lived in a tent. i felt like a princess that day . i washed my hair with a spigot and hand soap. >> cooking dinner at home is no small luxury, when she cooks, she remembers collecting spent soda cans with her brother. >> we would redeem them at the marina for a cheeseburger, and we would share it. >> she remembers watching her
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mother's face as she would watch them eaten . >> she would tell us that she wasn't hungry or she had already eaten. my mom would tell us on friday night, eat whatever you can, just eat. >> do you still cry for that little girl? >> i do. i feel sad for her and for her brother, and for my mom. >> so what do you do when things hurt, and when memories haunt you? you live like karen, who channels the pain of hunger, when she was a child, into helping others. >> i don't believe that children and families should go hungry, not of the holidays. not year-round. and i just want to help out. >> i would imagine it is not just a bag. you are wondering whose hands goes into? >> yeah, i am wondering what children are going to go to school with a cool lunchbox, you get the name brand juice
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box and string cheese. >> bay area children make up 25% of those who need help, extended 2000s where we live, the stories of our little ones. >> you never know what people are going through, and what their story is. >> sometimes hiding in plain sight. >> people need help, they just don't show it outwardly. >> maybe the person next to you right now. we hope you will do something about that problem in our community. consider donating your time or money to our bay area families food drive. scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen. we will also have more information at karen, your story has changed lives already in many big ways. find out
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welcome back. coming up at call the 5:00. the food pantry offers some much-needed help to those on college campus. finding love can be tough in any city . where you live might play a bigger role than you think. a new study from wallet tub takes a look at the population that is single. the average price for a two person meal and number of attractions, and san francisco came in number four on the best cities for dating, followed by portland, madison, big heart to you at home. cbs eving
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news at 5:00, and streaming /7, on >> o'donnell: tonight, deadly tornado outbreak hits the south, destroying communities, as the same storm system heads north, bringing strong winds that could knock out power to thousands. >> reporter: i'm inside the tornado. >> o'donnell: roofs ripped off, homes turned into debris. tonight, residents clean up what's left. cbs' manuel bojorquez visits a community officials say has been wiped off the map. warning for parents: the family of a 15-year-old speaks out after a 28-year-old man pretended to be a teenager online and killed the california girl's grandparents and mother. >> tell our story to help your parenting. >> o'donnell: killer robots? the major american city allowing po


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