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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 1, 2023 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thursday. better look while you can. it might not return for millions of years. for more, download the cbs it's wednesday, february 1st, 2023. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking overnight, torture suspect dead. police track down benjamin foster, the man accused of kidnapping and beating a woman. how they say he tried to hide during an hours' long standoff. ice storm. winter weather leads to crashes, canceled flights, and power outages in the nation's midsection. what's on tap for today. road to the white house. a former governor is expected to announce her bid this month becoming the first gop challenger to former president trump. well, good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with a severe ice storm affecting millions of americans
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from texas to west virginia. watches and warnings are in effect today as states brace for more snow, sleet, and freezing rain. the wintry weather was blamed for at least two traffic deaths in texas yesterday. in austin alone police said that they responded to more than 200 crashes. over in arkansas, the governor already declared a state of emergency. some school districts have canceled classes while others hold remote learning. omar villafranca has more on the severe weather. >> reporter: a dangerous winter storm is gripping the south, snarling travel from texas to kentucky. creating chaos on the road -- >> slow down, don't take these roads for granted. >> reporter: and canceling thousands of flights. texas bearing the brunt. thunder sleet and freezing rain reported across the lone from state making roads look more like ice rinks. >> it was so slushy, i thought -- i was driving through an ice scene. >> reporter: officials blaming the wicked weather for hundreds of crashes. at least two people are dead.
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>> because of icing, many roads in texas will remain very dangerous for the next 24 to 48 hours. anybody who needs to be out driving need to be cautious of the conditions. >> reporter: txdot is using more than 2,000 trucks and other equipment to clear the roads but is still warning residents to stay home. nearly half the flights going into and out of dallas are canceled or delayed for hours. and tens of thousands of customers are without power. the governor assuring residents that the grid is keeping up with demand. >> there is not anticipated to be any challenge to the power grid in the state of texas. >> reporter: but some are relying on old-fashioned horsepower to keep moving during the storm. across the river in arkansas, the governor there has declared a state of emergency. schools across the region will be closed on wednesday because of the weather, but the storm is expected to move out of here on wednesday.
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omar villafranca, cbs news, memphis, tennessee. breaking overnight in oregon, the search for attempted murder suspect benjamin foster is over. police say the 36-year-old died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound following a standoff with police. foster is suspected of kidnapping, beating, and torturing a woman last month. there were fears that he was using dating apps to find victims or people to help him avoid police. authorities said during last night's standoff foster barricaded himself underneath the same home where the woman was found unconscious and near death. she remains in critical condition. thousands of people are expected in memphis today for the funeral of tyre nichols including vice president kamala harris. nichols died three days after he was severely beaten by memphis police officers after a traffic stop last month. bradley blackburn is in new york with more on ths. good morning. >> reporter: hi, anne-marie. those thousands will honor tyre nichols today and join members of his family who have been
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grieving for three weeks since his death. they gathered last night in an historic church to continue their call for change. vice president kamala harris will be among the thousands that are expected to attend the funeral. tyre nichols at the mississippi boulevard christian church in memphis today. >> we're focused on celebrating tyre's life. we cannot and will not allow the way which he died to define the totality of how he died. >> keep fighting for any son. >> reporter: nichols' family and civil rights leaders issued a call to action at the mason temple church where dr. martin luther king jr. delivered has final speech. >> we are going to continue to fight this fight around police brutality and killing until we get federal laws changed. >> reporter: but on capitol hill, it's still unclear if the narrowly controlled republican house and democratic senate can reach a deal on new legislation.
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>> you can count on us to introduce measures that will further accountability. >> we should have simple legislation that we can agree upon. >> reporter: in memphis the police department says it will release more audio and video of the violent nichols arrest after its administrative investigation concludes in the coming weeks. the police department has now requested that the five ex-officers charged with second-degree murder in the incident also be decertified. two other officers have been relieved of duty pending investigation, and three fire department employees were fired for not following policies and protocols. and cbs news has learned another memphis man is preparing to file a lawsuit against the memphis police department and the city. he says the same five now-ex-memphis police officers charged in the tyre nichols murder also beat and arrested him three days before nichols. anne-marie? >> wow. bradley blackburn in new york. thank you. police in omaha, nebraska,
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shot and killed a man who opened fire inside a target store. investigators say the man was armed with an ar-15-style rifle and more than a dozen ammunition magazines yesterday. he entered the store and fired multiple rounds. responding officers confronted the suspect and killed him. shoppers and employees scrambled for safety. >> i was scared that this is how i might die at work. it was just terrifying to be honest. >> target says all shoppers and employees were safely evacuated from the store. no other injuries were reported. former u.n. ambassador and south carolina governor nikki haley is preparing to announce that she will run for president. haley could release a video indicating her plans as soon as this week according to people familiar with the situations. there are also reports that she will hold a campaign launch event in charleston on february 15th. she would be the first republican to declare their candidacy against former president donald trump.
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cbs news has obtained video excerpts of former president trump's deposition in the new york attorney general's civil fraud investigation. >> this is the greatest witch hunt in the history of the our country. anyone in my position not taking the fifth amendment would be a fool, an absolute fool. >> the $250 million lawsuit accuses trump, three of his children, and the trump organization of a long-running scheme to inflate the value of their properties. trump pleaded the fifth more than 400 times refusing to answer questions about his or his company's finances. >> the valuations contained reflect false value statements. is that correct? >> same answer. >> the trumps have denied any wrongdoing. an attorney for trump had no comment on the video release. the civil case is set to go to trial in october. we are learning new information about the discovery
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of documents marked classified in an office once used by president biden. sources tell cbs news the fbi searched the washington office last november, days after lawyers for mr. biden discovered about ten classified documents there. the material was from his time as vice president. the sources say the search was conducted voluntarily without a search warrant. the fbi's search had not been previously disclosed. between 25 and 30 documents marked classified have been discovered at the office and the president's wilmington home. embattled new york congressman george santos says he's temporarily stepping down from his two congressional committees. it comes amid ongoing investigations over his personal and campaign finances and lies about his family background and work experience. he told a private meeting of republican colleagues that he was sorry for being a distraction and looked forward to clearing his name. >> are you confident that you will be cleared? >> yes.
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i have nothing to hide. his new york district say he should resign. it includes 71% of republicans and 89% of democrats. prosecutors in santa fe, new mexico, formerly filed involuntary manslaughter charges against actor alec baldwin in the deadly 2021 shooting on the set of "rust." baldwin and the firm's weapons -- film's weapons specialist were both charged in the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins. now investigators say baldwin missed mandatory firearms training before filming began. they also say that he was distracted by phone calls to family during on-set training. prosecutors allege more than a dozen safety violations on the set. if convicted, baldwin could face up to five years in prison.ngaun boulder hes in a house.
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dallas zoo were found alive. they were found yesterday in the closet of an abandoned home in nearby lancaster and returned to the zoo. now police went to the home after receiving a tip. the monkeys disappeared monday after their enclosure was cut. so far no arrests have been made. and "people" says a five-foot boulder crashed into a home in hawaii narrowly missing a woman. security video shows just how close the boulder came to the woman as she was walking into her living room in honolulu on sunday. the boulder tumbled from a nearby hillside and plowed through a cinder black wall outside of the home. it scraped a car before crashing into the house. >> i heard the loud boom, and apparently the boulder passed right in front of me which i didn't know. i didn't see it. all i heard was the boom and then somebody asking me if i was okay. >> the woman and three other people in the house were not
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ the federal reserve is expected to hike interest rates once again for the eighth time since last march. but the increase, which will be announced today, could be the smallest as inflation continues to cool down. short-term rates are expected to go up by .25%. with more in today's cbs "money watch" report, here's dan lieberman. >> reporter: wall street closed higher tuesday with strong earnings and encouraging inflation data pushing the s&p
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500 to its best january since 2019. the dow added 368. nasdaq was up 190. s&p 500 gained 58 points. digital payment company paypal says it will cut about 2,000 full-time jobs citing a challenging macroeconomic environment. it joins other tech companies that announced tens of thousands of layoffs in january alone. it will make the cuts over several weeks. paypal is the parent company of venmo and other brands. mcdonald's saw higher traffic during the fourth quarter with store sales rising 12.6% beating wall street's expectations amidst higher prices. adult happy meals and other limited time promotions helped with sales, but the company warned higher food prices, labor, and energy costs will weigh on its margins this year. barbie will introduce a new chelsea doll with scoliosis as barbie's little sister as the brand continues to make strides to be more inclusive in its
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lineup. the doll features a curvature in the spine and a removable back brace. the hope is to help normalize back braces and celebrate the importance of inclusion. barbie will work closely with specialists in the medical field to ensure accuracy of the doll. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this wednesday morning. i'm dan lieberman, cbs news, new york. for the first time since the stone age, a green comet will pass by earth tonight. it will come within 26 million miles of the planet and may not return for millions of years. the comet was discovered less than a year ago, nasa says, and poses no threat. the agency will observe the comet hoping it provides clues about the solar system's formation. >> we're expecting new discoveries, and we're really excited to see what those data looks like once it comes in. >> the comet is expected to brighten in the northern hemisphere tonight. it appears green because of how its chemical composition reacts
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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dr. phil is calling it quits with his daytime talk show. he's been hosting "dr. phil" for 21 seasons. repeats will continue to air through next year. dr. phil, who got his start on "the oprah winfrey show" in the '90s says that he will continue with his podcast and has hinted at a future primetime tv project. he said "i've been blessed with over 25 wonderful areas in daytime television. this has been an incredible chapter of my life and career, but while i'm moving on from daytime, there is so much more i wish to do." points from breaking the nba's career scoring record. last night james had 28 points in an overtime victory against the knicks. he also had 11 assists, moving him to fourth place for most assists in nba history. and coming up on "cbs mornings," an exclusive interview with tennis legend serena williams as she talks
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from cbs bay area news, thi is the morning edition. it is wednesday, february
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1. dozens gathered to remember a young teen killed. kamala harris will join thousands for the funeral of tyre nichols. we are learning new information about the officers charged in his murder. >> i am very excited. from 1 to 100, i am about 90. >> only 90? >> actually, 99. >> we introduce you to some young performers joining the chinese new year parade. we loo at the important life lessons they are learning along the way we have two separate traffi alerts. we have one blocking lanes on 880 and another on highway 4. we are keeping a close eye on the rain totals. we have rai around the corner. we will brea down the storm in the full forcast. latsis


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