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tv   Today  NBC  September 3, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from >> oh, do we love her? ingrid michaelson. she's going to be with us. spent 20 weeks on the billboard top 100. >> yes, she did. and it's friday. september 2nd, first day of the labor day weekend. >> i'm going to go to new orleans to do a visit there. then heading to rehoboth beach. both places are going to be
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but who cares. what are you going to be doing this weekend? >> it just sounds fun. the greenwich polo event. it's in a beautiful part of greenwich. i've got friends over there. i was like, i'm going to get out and do something. >> and then what happened? i was excited. >> i know. nothing. the answer is nothing. yeah. but thank you for asking. guess who else is here. >> who? >> cindi lauper. breaking the mold not once but twice. not only is she a cover girl for aarp, she's a country girl now with a new album of country music. >> you know what's cool about that album, too? she's singing with so many stars. a lot of people are going country. have you noticed? steven tyler. >> it's great music.
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good-bye to bed head. dos for boys and girls to complete their look. i like bed head. i'm having a resurgence here. >> by the way, we're on a roll with curly hair. >> it's going to stop soon. all right. >> a lot of people are traveling. we were just saying a lot of people are going to hit the road. according to trip adviser, more people are planning trips this year than last year and more than half of those are planning to drive instead of fly. >> because of cost of fuel, you think? >> yeah. do you like a road trip? >> sure. short road trip. 15 minutes. >> drive to the gateway. >> short road trip to the airport for a flight. >> but everyone on the road, be careful. it the try day friday. this is unique. a popular candy. swedish fish.
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swedish fish oreo cookies. it's limited edition and only on the shelves for a few weeks. >> you think they're testing it out? >> i think so. i love swedish fish. when i'm in the airport and i want a snack, i will go in and out of the hudson news if they don't have it. i have to find it. but i don't know how it will be with chocolate. we decided -- you can buy these in kroger. great store. >> or you can get by the way, amazon food pantry, it's wild. it's just so crazy. no one's ever going to leave their house again. here comes my milk and eggs. >> and your stuff. >> and here comes your stuff. so we were going to taste this and we will. i will at least. but first we actually enlisted experts from the plaza. welcome cecilia, molly and savannah. what's your name? >> cecilia.
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experts. >> yes. >> and you love oreos. >> yes. >> do you like swedish fish? >> yes. >> who has one in their hands already? all right. take a bite on three. okay ready? don't bite it early. one -- don't think about it -- two, three. do it. okay. now, who wants to talk first? >> they've probably been taught not to talk with their mouth full. >> raise your hand if you would like to say something. go ahead. >> does not taste good. >> okay. raise your hand if you agree that it does not taste good. you like it savannah? >> it's okay. >> it's really good but it's kind of like a candy and then you taste oreo. >> your mouth has to get used to
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>> what did you think, hoda? >> i thought it wasn't my favorite oreo. i like an oreo. >> something you can always count on here. bye, children. bye kids. >> thank you for your help. you want some milk to wash that down, ladies? >> okay. >> anyone like almond milk? i didn't think so. >> okay, thank you. >> you can take it with you. >> did you see her blue eyes? beautiful. >> all three were beautiful kids. by the way, you know what i love about every one of these kids? on >> and by the way, the kids say the darnedest things, they always do tell you. >> they don't feel pressured to say it's delicious. >> nice talking to you. >> thank you, ladies. so darling. all right. there's a new hair thing, it's a trend. >> it's going to be coming around. let's pretend. you know how people like a little pink or blue in their hair, some people like to be more subtle. so this is called hidden rainbow hair. you don't have to dye the outside of your hair.
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reveal bits and pieces. allure is getting -- it's called underlights. >> and that means you can go to work and be a professional and go crazy. it's backwards. >> a secret part in the back. >> i'm walking in normally. >> let me see it. >> donna came to the house. >> and then bam! >> bam. i like that. and it gives you a little flavor. hair. but these are clip-in extensions. i didn't want to go that route. >> they look awesome. you can see it like that. they're cute. laura did them. >> would you do it? >> you know, i've always had these fantasies of dyeing my hair light lavender or a bleach blond that are trending. >> the guys are losing it. >> this is a good solution.
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>> it's the loneliest group of guys you have ever met in your lives. >> the minute you said i have a fantasy. >> she said i have a fantasy and they all died. >> i think that's my cue. >> you guys kill us. >> you know what it's time for? friday funny. all righty. what is it? >> hoda, did you hear about the cell phones that got married? >> no. >> i'm not surprised. the wedding wasn't anything special but the reception was marvelous. what did they give the guy who invented the door knocker? >> what? >> is a no bell prize. want to hear a joke about paper? >> yes. >> never mind it's tearable. >> oh, tearable. >> i want to thank the children for those jokes. >> is that it? >> yes. >> all right. she's living proof that girls just want to have fun. >> from pop icon to composer and country singer, cindi lauper reinvents herself once again. >> she's going to be sitting
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she's a grammy emmy and tony winning artist. a musical power house for the past three decades. >> and she is still finding new ways to surprise us. we of course are talking about cindi lauper. >> not only is she about to take off on the second leg of her u.s. tour, you came to us when you were starting your u.s. tour.
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>> and she's the cover girl of august/september issue of aarp magazine. in it she talks about staying true to herself, aging gracefully. we're going to talk to her in a moment about that. but first a look back at her legendary career. ? girls they want to have fun ? >> cindi lauper has made her mark on the music scene. ? that's all they really want ? >> her high energy, unique style. and that remarkable voice. ? i will be waiting ? attention in 1983 after releasing her debut solo album "she's so unusual," scoring her five top hits on the billboard top 100. and making rolling stone's greatest albums of all time. ? true colors ? >> she went on to win a grammy
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>> and later transitioned to acting and nabbed an emmy for guest starring in "mad about you." >> what crawled up your butt? >> she added tony award winner to her resume in 2013 for best original score for the broadway musical "kinky boots." ? you just can't hide from the love ? >> now with 11 studio t million in record sales, she is still rocking and rolling to a new sound. ? here i go going down down down ? >> giving old country classics a new spin for her latest album "detour." ? as i go deeper in the funnel of love ? ? as i go deeper in the funnel of love ? >> deeper, deeper, deeper. >> love it. >> welcome back. >> hi.
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>> halfway through. >> going on this southwest tour. >> country music, did you always love country music? >> no. it's just that time in country was kind of the beginning of rock and roll. that's what i've been singing all my life. and i wanted to work with seymour stein. i finally got to work with seymour stein. not only that but -- >> that was a bucket list thing? >> yeah. and i think you have to be able to finally, you know -- it's a singer's record but it's really a fun show. the way it mixed together. you know, i was worried. the only thing is when i first started, i would play, like -- because this album goes through pretty easily and it's pleasant and it's got emmy lou on it, it's got vince gill. >> my gosh. >> it's got willie nelson and allison krauss and jewel. actually jewel. i texted jewel, i still have the
2:22 am
>> she probably died. >> got your number from allison. do you still yodel? and if this isn't jewel just chalk this up to another crazy thing. i swear to god. >> she yodels on it with you? >> yeah. they told me i could learn how to yodel in three lessons like peter gabriel. again, i'm not peter gabriel. i tried but i'm just you are you. >> he's great in his own. but i just thought i want to get someone who has been yodelling their whole life. i can a little bit but not like how i wanted it. so she came and yodelling. >> she really can yodel. she really can. by the way, this is a terrific album. we were just leafing through a magazine that happened to have been given to us and who's on the cover of aarp? our girl cyndi. >> looking hot.
2:23 am
>> did you think you would be on the cover of aarp? >> no. but what i wanted was to project life. and livelihood and, you know, if you keep yourself -- first of all, i'm a singer so singers have to be athletes. >> you got to take care of yourself. >> if you don't you can't sing and it's not good. so i try to do things, you know, i wanted it to be colorful. and of course the guy who owns so we had one of his scooters. >> you hopped on that. >> that's a sexy pose. i got the say. >> we got to go, but just briefly your son's going to be opening for you now. did you ever think that would happen? >> he used to come on stage with me when he was little. and he now has a song. you can hear him. >> he's going to open for you? >> he's not opening the whole show.
2:24 am
>> fun. >> it's going to be so much fun. >> we love you by the way. >> that's in vegas. >> vegas, baby. >> come on. >> what happens in vegas. >> right? >> and arizona and phoenix. >> go to her website for all of the information. >> good to see you guys. >> we love you. >> i hope you had a good summer. >> we did. thank you. >> now to another talented singer and song writer. ingrid michaelson. she's hear to talk about her new tour. >> cyndi loves her. >> she has a hot romance with a tv star? >> yeah. guy from "nashville." >> come on. >> he's adorable.
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ingrid michaelson, she just burst onto the mainstream music scene two years ago with her hit "girls chase boys." that song spent 20 weeks on the billboard top 100. >> but she has not rested on her laurels. not one bit. she is gearing up for her hell no tour this fall. she's out with her seventh studio album. this one's called "it doesn't have to make sense." >> so true. i love your title. >> tha y >> by the way, hell no is such a great anthem song. >> thank you. >> how do these songs come to you? >> we were writing in nashville, two writers and i, and that was the first lyric that came out. it was just hell no. what are we saying it to? what makes sense? i think a breakup pretty much makes sense with the words. so we kind of built the whole
2:29 am
me. >> it reveals itself, doesn't it? >> exactly. >> and there's also a lot of depth in this cd. a lot of heart ache i think it's fair to say. >> yeah. i lost my mom. i went through a divorce. i had a lot to mourn. and i was trying to figure out how to do that. and when i realized that when i try to stop making sense of everything, i was able to breathe, i was able to have joy. defining everything and controlling everything. because i'm very controlling. and it ended up being the best decision i could make. that's why i named the record that. >> if you lost someone and listen to a couple of these songs you will nod your head because you will feel what you were going through at the time. you're going to perform for us a little later and there is a performance that's going along with your song that you're going to do for us. >> yes. >> describe the genesis of the performance we're going to see. >> well, i was watching the
2:30 am
actors that were deaf. there were people singing and acting and then there were these amazing people -- i thought it was dancing at first. i realized it was asl, american sign language, they were signing. >> which is like a dance. >> it is. i thought how visually amazing that is. and maybe i can do something with my music, something different. and i thought let's do it with "hell no." let's get these kids together. i got michael arden the director on board. so excited. there i so it took us like six hours. and we got into a studio and look at that. and so a few of them came to do it with me today for you guys. >> so excited. awesome. >> and we did -- cyndy lauper was like can we we see ingrid. she heard us talking about your boyfriend and she was wondering who he is. >> she was like you're with the broadway guy? >> a lot of people may know him from the show "nashville". >> there we are. unedited. okay.
2:31 am
don't judge. >> you guys are so supportive of one another in terms of your careers and lives. >> he's got a new series coming up this fall, right? >> "time after time". >> okay. >> you're going to perform for us? >> yes. they're going to sign for us. that'll be great. >> and give your heads a head start in the morning with effortless hair styles for back to school. >> all this after your local news. ?? ?? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs.
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it's tryday friday. millions of kids will be starting school just after labor day if they haven't already. >> and nothing polishes off that like a trendy new hair style. here to show us some of the coolest dos is celebrity hairstylist sally herschberger. >> i'm looking at your two hair styles. the curls are in. >> i just said to her you've got to zhuszh it out. >> bring it out. >> get wild, right? >> the day is young. >> all right. so a lot of people have their kids going to school, they don't have time to do their hair. kind of great dos. >> so these are really cool looks for school. i'm going to show you. >> here's the before picture. >> let's look at her before shot. beautiful. >> beautiful girl. >> what do you think looks
2:36 am
is the rage. >> i love it. >> you can drop your notebook. let's see. >> with a bandanna. >> oh, with the bandana. this is like super cool. selena gomez and all the girls are wearing it because you told me they were. >> you know. >> uh-huh, right? >> and it's so easy. >> and out of your face. you can do everything all day long with it. >> they can do their home work and not get their hair in their face. >> no excuses. >> beautiful. >> down to the boy department, let's look at a dude. let's look at the before let's take a look. i love that. >> a lot of good hair. >> great hair. >> how can he zhuszh that up a bit? >> we cut the sides to give him a more modern look because with the hair flying down in the face and making it a little greasy. >> all right. can we take a look? let's see your after hairdo please. wow. >> very handsome. >> my gosh. >> so happy. >> how much did you cut off? >> i buzzed the sides.
2:37 am
and put a little gel in like this and a little bob. >> some guys don't like that. >> you mind? >> i love it. >> yeah, baby. >> look how handsome he looks. >> gorgeous. >> and don't hide that face. >> is there any special gel you like that works? >> i like texturizing paste. it holds the grip and gives it shine. it doesn't look greasy. you just want it to hold the hair back. give it that modern . before picture. a gorgeous girl of course. >> yes, she is. >> what do you think she could do with her hair? >> well, i wanted to keep her hair long but give her a twist. literally. and ariana grande wears her hair -- all are wearing their hair in the top knot. you can do it on either side or the side. >> look at what sabrina did. >> how cute. >> is that a braid you top knotted? >> yeah. i braided it so it's not so
2:38 am
she can take a hair tie and wrap it around. or a pin. you love it, right? >> i love it. >> she's not going to want to take that out tonight. >> ariana grande or somebody does something, it's all over. >> it's crazy. >> and selena. so that's why we really -- you guys love them. >> we do. >> right? okay. >> another one here on max. let's look at max's before picture. >> max is a surfer dude. max looks great. >>t >> i felt like he needed to go a little tighter along the hairline. on the back and sides. but keep the long -- the front long. so you can push it back when you're studying or wear it surfery. >> we're going the love max. i can tell. >> can we see? >> let's see what max has got going. >> nice look. i love it. >> so handsome. >> and if you want to go messier. you just swing it down. he has super thick hair. >> great head of hair. >> he does. >> are you putting any stuff in his?
2:39 am
my son does its. don't ever do it. breaks your mother's heart. >> not when you have hair like that. especially. >> and you'll lose it eventually some day. enjoy it while you have it. >> what are you putting in his hair? >> okay. i put this in all hair types. even my own. a little bit of texturizing paste. it's dry. so it really gives you the shine and hold. you go like this and you layering. >> look what you did. >> just like that. and you can push it down and break it up. looks great, right? i have it in my hair. i'm going to do yours. you go like this. and watch how much bigger it'll get. it gives hold and style. >> we love you sally. hold on, kathi. >> oh, she's getting the balm. >> there we go. bam. okay.
2:40 am
>> bam. >> all right. back to school breakfast that your kids never know are both tasty and nutritious. >> and don't forget to see a performance of ingrid michaelson's new song with a special twist. and some special guests after this. >> thank you, sally. great. ?? stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, knee or foot pain from being on your feet. find your nearest kiosk at also available from dr. scholl's: heavy duty support for lower back pain, lightens the impact
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i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn,
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2:44 am
she's here with people from the deaf west theater performing her new single "hell no." take it away. ?? ? i should have known better ? ? i saw her wearing your sweater ? ? nice glasses fake red hair ? ? just like me ? ? stop crying stop crawling ? ? can't you see that i have stopped falling ? ? we were good at faking forever ? ? i get it whatever ? ?? ? am i going to miss you ? ? hell no ?
2:45 am
you never work out anyway ? ? my girlfriends say are you going to be sad ? ? if he calls you up you going to take him back ? ? i said hell no ? ? oh hell no ? ? i get it ? ? whatever ? ? straight up ? ? don't blame you ? ? you're not the cash and i'm not the june ? ? i'll never be the one to make you better ? ? hell no ? ? baby watch me up and go ? ? momma said that the boys like you ? ? never work out anyway ? ? my girlfriends say are you going to be sad ? ? if he calls you up you going to take him back ? ? i said hell no ? ? oh hell no ? ? in my bed late at night ?
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tight ? ? and will i be lonely when i wake ? ? did we make a big mistake ? ? hell no ? ? baby watch me up and go ? ? i always knew that a boy like you wouldn't work out anyway ? ? hell no ? ? baby watch me up and go ? ? momma said that the boys like you never work out anyway ? ? my girlfriends say are you going to be sad ? ? if he calls you up you going to take him back ? ? i said hell no ? ? oh hell no ? ? hell no ? ? oh hell no ? ? hell no ? ? oh hell no ??
2:47 am
that was awesome! >> fantastic. >> thank you. thank you. >> that was beautiful. >> ingrid, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. you guys, thank you so much. >> who would say no to a little hazelnut in their breakfast? >> i'd say nobody. three healthy, easy ideas to start your kids' day. that's after this. ?? >> sbe it's amazing out there means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what is it's amazing out there mean to me? it means looking up and being
2:48 am
straight up blue sky how beautiful is that? >> that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes over the ocean in the morning. >> watching lightning streak across the sky. >> in the roll of the thunder, it's just -- it's one of the most amazing things. >> that's what it's amazing out there means. and the memories you take away from the weather. >> and how that affects our day-to-day. what are we going to wear? going to cost in the weather has real influences on that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means to me is it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> we are meteorologists. we know what's going on with the weather. >> somebody walks up to you in the field and says thanks for being there.
2:49 am
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>> announcer: today's food is created with our sponsor nutella. spread the happy. >> one of the hardest parts of getting back in the routine of being early is preparing healthy breakfast. so our "today" food team wants to help with a few ideas that will be a hit for you because they're nutritious and a hit with the kids because they are
2:52 am
>> here to show us how easy they are is food and lifestyle expert alejandra ramos. >> thanks for having me. >> we are breaking breakfast? >> we are. >> we're going to show you a couple of things but this is all the same ingredients. >> everything here. >> yeah. three recipes with just this stuff. >> so what do we have here? >> we've got some granola, nuts, whatever your favorite kind is. whole grain wraps or tortillas. mini frozen waffles. strawberries, apples, bananas. and nutella. we're starting out with apple sliders. you take this apple and core it. probably should have practiced this before. okay. >> so you take it out, slice it up. >> and then we've got these beautiful slices. then this is our bread for the little nutella sandwiches. >> i like you call it sliders. >> bite size. then you take a little bit of nutella, just like a spoonful. you don't need that much. awesome flavor. goes a long way.
2:53 am
>> you know what else would be good? coconut. >> then you have these guys. personalize them. so fun. or a variation on the theme. >> this is our breakfast banana nutella sushi. sushi, yes. >> it's the cutest thing. okay. start out with a whole grain tortilla or wrap. spread it with your nutella. >> okay. >> and then we sprinkle it with whatever you want. i'm using nuts. you can personalize it. dried fruit, coconut. >> do we have coconut? no. >> then you put the banana in the middle? >> we start at the edge. what you want to do is roll it up tightly like this. >> like this guy right here?
2:54 am
>> i have no idea. >> oh, it looks like sushi. >> you cut it in one inch pieces. >> aren't they cute? >> eat it with chop sticks. >> there you go. >> i leave the sweets to you. >> you can chill it a little bit. she's going the love this one. >> i'm so happy. >> excellent. moving on. >> i'm so happy. why are we moving on? >> i've got something even better for you. >> you're going to love this as much. nachos? what? yes. >> look how cute that is. >> we're using the little mini frozen waffles. you just cook them according to the package and spread them out on a platter. then we just top them up with fun stuff. i've got some strawberries, bananas, you guys help me here. dig in. >> coconut would have been good. >> for the nutella if you warm it up for 30 seconds in the microwave --
2:55 am
>> makes it super easy. >> you just want this on a spoon, don't you? >> you just want the spoon. >> then you can drizzle it. yeah. get it all on there. how fun is this? >> and then you just -- >> that's adorable. >> and the kids like it because it's delicious. >> they're going to love it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all great ideas. >> and for all of these recipes go to >> oh, my gosh. we're back in a moment. >> hoda might >> go ahead, hoda. you take all the commercial time you need. ?? let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot,
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is it okay or not okay to show off a massive shoe collection? >> celebs like mariah carey has taken us inside their shoe closets. here's what we had to say about it. >> hoda, i like a beautiful shoe as much as the next person, but this kind of excess can only lead to jealousy. >> i agree it's not okay. if your shoes are your thing, then have at it. but does the world need to know? >> i agree. i don't think so. >> not that we're judg because we're not. >> no, we don't. >> because we don't have that many shoes. >> i only have four pair. >> i know. and you've had them a long time. >> exactly. >> next week, the very funny molly shannon is with us. >> also t.d. jakes and the manzo family. >> the entire family? wow. >> seems like it. >> plus all the food, drinks, and desserts hoda needs for her labor day cookout. >> have a safe holiday weekend. bye-bye.
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