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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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good morning, unprecedented event. donald trump and hillary clinton set to go head-to-head on the debate stage for the first time tonight. a record 100 million expected to tune in to what will be an epic personality. can trump prove he's fit for the job? can clinton show she's trustworthy? both camps weigh in. breaking overnight, evacuations under way in the midwest as rain swollen rivers spill over their banks, thousands of homes at risk. floodwaters set to rise even higher. and remembering the king. golf icon around old palmer has
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masses with his go for broke style and winning personality. a fan base so strong they came to be known as arnie's army. prib unites are pouring in today, monday, september 26th, 2016. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on morning. that was tough news to wake up to this morning, one of my not only golfing icons and idles but idols in general, around old palmer. >> he did so much for the game. we'll look back with a lot of affection in just a couple of minutes. we certainly will. let's get right to the state of the race, just 43 days to go until the election. as we said, the stage is set for tonight's first presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off over at hofstra university on long island. the moderator, "nbc nightly
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>> the stakes cowl not be higher. look at this brand new bloomberg politics pole just out this morning. here's what it shows, clinton and trump tied, 46% among likely voters nationwide. >> the audience will be massive, upwards of 100 million viewers expected to tune in rivaling the super bowl. that would easily surpass the 80 million viewers for the highest rated presidential debate ever, jimmy carter and ronald reagan showdown back in 1980. we have every angle of the debate covered in a moment. managers for both sides. let's begin with nbc national correspondent peter alexander at the debate site. good morning, peter. >> reporter: matt and savannah, good morning to you. finally, the first debate. in effect, this is the job interview for these two candidates. the commission on presidential debates on sunday determining that hillary clinton will get the first question tonight. you can't overstate the ponce of these debates.
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the debates will be very important in determining who gets their support. tonight, showdown, what's most likely to be the most watched presidential debate ever. both campaigns expressing confidence. >> when the lights are bright like they are now, she brings the a plus game to the table. she is going to be very, very good tomorrow night. >> the babe ruth of debating. he shows up and swings and does a great job. >> reporter: for hillary clinton and donald tr predebate tragedy. trump less traditional. aides think he is best when he isn't over prepared. clinton's prep more structured, a real time mock debate saturday night. 90 minutes without a break, starting at 9:00 p.m. playing trump, veteran former philip reinus.
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know me, they know that i say what i believe and i will do it. >> we can't be the stupid country anymore. we're laughed at all over the world. >> reporter: during the day sunday, the candidates taking a break from debate prep meeting separately with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. clinton's 39th debate, dating back more than a decade. this is trump's 12th but first one-on-one. every w and for good reason. politico finding both candidates prone to stretch the truth. over five days. clinton made 8 erroneous statements but over the same period, trump, who gave more speeches and interviews, made 87 erroneous statements. trump in an interview sunday asked whether his controversial charitable contribution followed the law. before taking the stage bode
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cuban accepting an invite from the clinton campaign. trump responding saying he might invite gennifer flowers, the former arkansas state employee who had an affair with then governor bill clintonon. >> you saw his reaction which is to do his favorite sport, dive in the sewer and go for a swim. donald trump accusing the clinton campaign try from trying to distract from the issues. >> gennifer flowers will not be night. >> back live now in setting the scene, we want to show you the stage there. you can see the two podiums, they are matching, hillary clinton will be on the right. donald trump on the left. in fact, his is a little bit taller than his to offset what is a ten inch height differential between the two. there are seats for 1,000 audience members in this room. for all of the critical things, these two candidates have had to say to each other over the course of the last 18 or so months.
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aides on both sides tell me they believe the last time that these two had any real interaction in person was 11 years ago at trump's wedding to melania. >> thank you. as peter mentioned, trump has never debated one-on-one. clinton is a seasoned debater. we began by asking if he is feeling confident. >> first of all, even seasoned debaters are not used to debating donald trump. this is a very different debate i don't see this much as winning and losing, but more about how the candidates present to the american people on how they'll be president of the united states. we ask donald trump to stick with the facts, that he give clear plans, and does he have a command of the issues. this is how we think the candidates should be judged. what we don't want to have is a double standard where donald
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know, is getting judged on the fine points of policy. >> both of these candidates have proven that they can land a punch and the polls are very clear, these are the two most unpopular candidates in presidential campaign history. so my question to you is, is hillary clinton thinking about tonight in terms of bringing trump down a notch or two again or do you feel like the work she needs to do is really about building herself up and addressing some of these deficits she has, for example, with trust >> i'm glad you asked the question. hillary recognizes she does need to earn the voters trust. it is a good opportunity to do that. we want this to be the issue and we want them to explain their plans to the american people. we saw at the convention when hillary had the opportunity to talk about not just the things she is going to do but her long history. it is part of a longer mission to help kids and families. she does really well. we're looking forward to that. that is why we don't want donald trump's lies and distortions to be a distraction.
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checked so that hillary can focus her time on what she wants to do. >> what are her rules of engagement the? what have you laid out in the debate prep in terms of getting personal and getting negative? we know that mr. trump has been willing to go there over the last year or year and a half. what are her rules of engagement? >> again, it just depends on what donald trump shows up to the debate and we don't know that. and that is where hillary is going to have to make calls minute by minute. >> is she willing to throw the first punch? said, is to prove to the american people she can make a real difference in their life, to talk about the things she wants to do as president. what i'm concerned about is donald trump has so far not presented real plans. he hasn't taken clear positions, and he has run a very negative campaign. so, and look, donald trump is an experienced reality show entertainer, so he may decide that this is a chance to show those chops. that is his choice but we want
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possible to talk about how she will make a difference. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> our conversation a bit earlier. let's turn to his counterpart with the trump campaign. kellyanne conway with us this morning on a long day for everybody involved. >> it is a fun day. >> you heard what robbie mook had to say. they're concerned that trump will be graded on a curb. do you agree or do you think he is being underestimated tonight? >> robbie and i are living in donald trump has been criticized all weekend long. i think that the clinton campaign has been gaining the wrath, talking to the media saying it is your job to make sure that are donald trump is fact checked and real time. i'm surprised the campaign manager would try to lower expectations that dramatically for his own candidate, but look, they know that campaign debates are not hillary clinton's sweet spot. yes, she is experienced at doing them but the experience hasn't necessarily been beneficial.
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formally, can you name anything from a debate that you have seen in hillary clinton that really moved you or you remember and they can't. she has been in 34 of them. >> her strategy will depend on what donald trump will show up. is it the aggressor, the guy willing in the past to hurl insults or is it going to be the reserved donald trump, the reigned in that we've seen on occasion, not often but on occasion. >> donald trump is his own rs successfully for many years, matt, and he will answer the question as they're asked. i mean, he has a right to defend himself. >> which do you think will work best in this debate tonight? >> i don't see there are two versions of donald trump. he won't be robotic and scripted which we know hillary clinton is and that is a problem in debates like this because people want to see a future commander-in-chief and president of the united
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that haven't been preprogrammed in their head through all of this secretive debate prep and mock debates but somebody who can weigh the consequences and options and make a firm decision. that is why your own commander and chief, he got many more questions than secretary clinton got because her answers are so lengthy and lawyery. >> they have a lot of time tonight. they have plenty of time. >> trump obviously has shown and demonstrated a willingness to go there in terms of bill clinton invite gennifer flowers. >> why did he do that, savannah? they invited mark cuban which is fine. they have their right to invite whoever they want but they tried to make it a controversial invite. sitting in the front row. >> okay, fine, they invite mark cuban, a rival. you're a pollster.
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have you said not go there. >> i won't discuss private conversations but we were putting the clinton campaign on notice that if they wanted to make this a debate, a conversation between two candidates being what would be president. giving their policies to those who respect and deserve. they say the economy, terrorism, healthcare, corruption, government, education, all very important to them and i disagree with my donald trump hasn't put forth plans. he is talking about policies. in the last month, probably 15 different issues, he has been out there talking about the issues. she is running the negative ads about him right now where she can take that ad money, a quarter of a billion dollars, being spent by her campaign and her super pacs right now. she could take that and say here is my view on obama care. here is my view on ed kapgs. she is trashing him. >> as he is about to amp up his spending which we is about to happen.
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the ads will be positive policy ads. >> you'll see him interacting with folks and he puts forth what his policies are. the child care tax policy. >> they won't be negative ads. >> he will counter punch if he needs to but not to the extent that she has. hillary's entire campaign is anti-trump ads. they promised to be more up lifting, optimistic, we just haven't seen it. >> >> thank you for having me. we'll have a lot more on what is ahead in a few moments. lester holt will be the moderator. it starts aft 9 eastern, 6 pacific. >> it will be a good night. let's go to mr. roker for a check of the weather. >> we've had floding in iowa. this is cedar rapids or cedar falls iowa and manchester. look at the flooding.
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banks. the rain has stopped, thankfully, but the flooding has not. and so sand bagging operations are in full swing. and you can see, folks trying to stem the tide. right now, it is a losing battle. hopefully the weather can will cooperate. you can see clear skies right now in much of iowa. however, we have this cold front pushing through. that is going to be bringing more heavy rain stretching from the great lakes all the wayow into the mid section of the country and moving into the northeast. the great lakes will stay wet around this upper level low and we may see another system develop along the coast in the midweek. we need the rain in the mid atlantic states and the northeast. upwards of four inches possible by friday. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree.
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answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry. i just want to let you know that uh, i fulfilled the promise that you held me to. love you. (beep) p and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to some sad news overnight.
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popular athletes of all time has died. the golf legend, credited with revolutionizing the game he loved on his way to becoming an icon. >> a less than classic swing. a charming personality and hollywood good looks. together, they helped make arnold palmer golf's first super star. palmer burst through black and white tv sets in his colorful personality and style helped change golf from a game of elites to the one to the masses. to fans, he was simply arnie and they were arnie's army. >> he made golf cool, made it attractive, made it exciting. they were a perfect marriage. arnold palmer in television, ushering golf into the mainstream. >> palmer paved the way for today's golfers like tiger woods, who tweeted overnight, it
7:17 am
the game than the king. >> arnold palmer grew up in pennsylvania. in 1999, he told me his dad a country club greens keeper turned pro taught him the game. >> i can see it right now. i can really see it and feel his hands, his hands were much the same as mine. big and fairly strong. when he put my hands on the club the first time, he looked at me just as i'm he said that is how you grip a golf club. just keep them there. >> that grip brought palmer 62 pga titles including seven majors. in 1960, his come from behind victory at the u.s. open, over 200 legends jack nicklaus is considered one of the greatest moments in history. his long time friend jack nicklaus saying arnold was
7:18 am
sport. he took it to another level virtually by him self. palmer also transcended golf, winning the presidential medal of freedom in 2004, comparing golf grips with then president george w. bush. palmer became just as well known for his pursuits off the course. he popularized a drink known as the arnold palmer, half tea, half lemonade, and he created a multi million dollar busins golf courses around the world. iconic status going far beyond the game. >> he had the it factor and it was com bustable. he was a star. >> overnight, president obama tweeted here's to the king, who was as extraordinary on the links as he was generous to others. thanks for the memories, arnold. >> thank god for the game of golf and what it has meant to me. >> thank god for arnold palmer.
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nbc sports. good morning to you. >> hey matt, hey savannah. >> jones, hogan, sneed, a lot of other great golfers. he had impact like none other. why? >> i think your obit said it all and i was just about to cite the same three guys. jones, hogan and sneed who proceeded him. he was the first golf super star of the television era and he had th that almost burst through the television screen and to a lot of people, golf was kind of an elite country club sport where arnie was a man of the people. arnie's army was just regular people and you could see those mannerisms, hitching up the pants and going for the broke. sometimes you would get himself
7:20 am
shot. other times he would charge from behind and whether he won or lost, the army was always with him. he won seven majors as you mentioned, he might have won ten or 11. he lost the u.s. open three times in playoffs. he won four masters but lost another one on the last hole when he double bogeyed it and lost by a single stroke. that only endeared him to the people who followed him. he was that kind of guy that ju impressive, i might add. it seems like his legacy is what he did for the game itself in terms of, as you mentioned, broadening the appeal and bringing it to the masses. >> no question about it. statistics can not capture the essence of what some athletes are about and arnold palmer falls into that category. it is the impact that he had and the time where he came along, a
7:21 am
and early '60s when television was emerging and golf on television was becoming popular, he was, the nickname was true, he was the king. jik nicholas over took him by every measure but his impact on golf was tremendous. i knew him but not well because i didn't cover that much golf but every time i encountered him, not surprisingly, he was gentlemanly and gracious, but i heard this story so many times, matt, from sports writers who maybe not so much, but i heard the same story independently over and over. i was a young sports writer, somebody would say, for the east hobokin gazette and i was the last person waiting in the locker room to interview him, waiting for hours and hours and he was patient with me, he remembered my name, the next time he saw me, he remembered my name. he had time for the biggest and the smallest and that is what i
7:22 am
>> i think you're right, bob. >> playing golf with him, when he walked up the fairway and put his arm around my shoulder, that was it. you could check me out right there. i had made it. it was fantastic. thanks for your memories. we appreciate it. >> thank you, matt. >> all right. coming up, we'll get back to politics and ask the question, how much can one debate really swing an election. the high stakes riding on clinton and trump's big showdown tonight. >> on rawson reports, are your kids lunchess could be? are the back packs way too heavy? your guide to make sure the school is a success.
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? 7:30 now on this monday morning. september 26th, 2016, it is a lovely fall day. great crowd on the corner of rockefeller plaza. here is a headlines. arnold palm has died. known as the king. he helped bring the game of golf into the mainstream. he won more than 90 tournaments including seven majors during his career. palmer was 87 years old. >> and the baseball world is mourning the loss of jose fernandez, star pitcher for the miami marlins. the 24-year-old and two others were killed early sunday when their boat hit a jedi at high speed off of miami beach.
7:31 am
on sunday while tributes of moments of silence were held across the rest of the major leagues. >> the big story of the morning, politics. all eyes on hofstra university on new york's long island tonight. the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump gets under way. the candidates spent much of the weekend preparing but each took time on sunday to meet with benjamin netanyahu. >> today's campaign moment offers proof that no detail is too small. fo hillary clinton is ten inches shorter because of donald trump. wabc reporter rita cosby tweeting this up close photo showing the podiums of very different sizes, the idea is to help the candidates look more proportional for tv viewers. >> what else should you be looking for? hallie jackson has that for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi savannah, good
7:32 am
want to watch for for tonight. first, for donald trump, can he persuade voters he has the temperament to be commander-in-chief? that is one of his biggest negatives with the american people, so if he can prove that he can look presidential behind that podium, it could help him. as for hillary clinton, given that she struggled when it comes to trust worthiness, can she show she is honest and likeable and third, if hillary clinton can get under trump's skin, how will the unpredictable candite this is a major or break night that could rival some of of the biggest debate moments in politics. remember richard nixon, sweaty in 19960 and in 1988 there was the lloyd benson slam against dan quale. you're no jack kennedy and al gore's heavy sighing earned heavy criticism against former president george w. bush. through it all, a major night. tonight will be trump's 12th
7:33 am
neither has experienced anything like this, an estimated 100 million people tuning in. two podiums. one night for the history books. savannah? >> hallie jackson at the debate site. nicolle wallace is here with her take. >> good morning, guys. >> i don't remember a build up for a debate like this but we haven't seen a campaign like this ever. before we get to what each and to do to come away with a win. what are the stakes on this one debate. >> enormous and morning after morning talking about the roller coaster ride that the whole country has been on this year. i mean, this is, like, the one where they start at the top and drop and leave the stomach up there. this is really sort of going to bring this race down to earth. it will crystallize in a lot of people's minds. we talk about the choice but no one has ever seen the choice. this will be the two of them on the same stage being asked by people in the same moment. >> it seems like people are anticipating this epic showdown
7:34 am
this big fight. for both of the candidates, neither comes in with a halo over his or her head. they have work to do in terms of making an affirmative case for themselves. do you think we'll see that tonight? >> listen, i think there is so much talk about the knock out punch and who is -- these are punchers, these are fighters, they prevailed in the primaries because they ultimately knocked out the opponent. no one questions their ability to deliver a slug above or below donald trump's case. what they need to do is work on their own problems. for him, r that is the question of presidential nature, presidential temperament. he needs to show, i think some remorse about some of the more outrageous statements and insults. for her, it is not that she needs to show that she can be trusted. i don't know how you do that in 90 minutes. she needs to show that she can address her own questions about whether or not she is --
7:35 am
break down the notion that she is secretive. >> you worked on campaigns in the past, worked on debate prep. how nerve wracking is this morning? this kind of a morning? >> people talk about election day being the day that you can't look at food, this is the single worst kind of day. you have zero control. you know, you've done all of your preparations, you've gained about every scenario. senator senator obama at hofstra. i spent the day going from avoiding reporter's calls, no offense to feeling like we did everything we could. it really is, it draws the sort of numbers it draws because anything can happen. >> it will be the longest 14 hours in history between now and then. thank you. you can watch the debate on nbc tonight.
7:36 am
tim kaine. >> let us turn now to mr. roker for a check of the weather. >> we start in the northeast with really frosty temperatures. frost and freeze warnings. you look out west where the jet stream is up to the north and we've got high temperatures, low humidity, red flag warnings and heat advisories. santa ana winds in the south and so fire danger, a real big possibility for one day but then look at how the temperatures cool down by wednesday. 71 in san francisco, fresno goes from 197 and to 83. so much cooler as we get into
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>> that is your latest weather. always get that forecast you need. check out the weather channel on cable. >> thank you. coming up, a special report all parents need to see. >> good morning, i'm jeff rossen, coming up, your back to school check list from heavy back packs causing child injuries. we're weighing them to sugary lunches. we're taking a look inside. address? the pop quiz, next. a better moment of proof. victoza? lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take.
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we're back at 7:42 rossen reports time. this morning the start of a special series aimed at making your kids' school year a successful today. >> today jeff rossen here with important information. goong to you. >> goong. it is back to school and we have you covered this morning from your kids' safety to their health. turns out as parents many of us are making simple mistakes every day. i know i lunchbox to what they would do in a real emergency. this morning gathering your family around the tv, it's one stop shopping to make sure you are all prepared. your kids are heading back to class. and you know what that means, heavy backpacks. >> your backpack weighs 16 pounds. >> it's just because i have all my books in there. >> sugary snacks.
7:43 am
important basic safety information? what's your mom's phone number? >> i don't know. >> don't worry, it's the rossen reports back to school checklist. step right up, kids, come on up. >> and we're covering it all. first up, those big backpacks. >> more books in them causing more injuries, neck, back, shoulders, knees even. 14,000 injuries a year. that's almost 80 for every single school day. >> and experts say backpacks should be no of your child's body weight. that means for a 50 pound kid that's no more than 7 1/2 pounds. but just look at these numbers. >> do you think this is heavy? >> yes. >> it feels heavy. let's weigh it. 16 pounds. your backpack weighs 16 pounds. >> my mom says i'm not -- i'm not supposed to carry it because it's too heavy. >> after kid. >> 19 pounds. does that feel heavy on you?
7:44 am
too much weight. >> 20 pounds on your back. >> it's these textbooks, here is another textbook, two binders. hold on. another binder. >> do you have to take all this home with you every day? >> i just wanted to be prepared. >> it's always good to be prepared. maybe leave some of it at school then you don't have to walk around with as much on your back. >> all right. >> done. see you, buddy. one of the things weighing them down, their lunchbox. experts say what's in there could be hurting them, too. boxes out of your backpacks and put them on this table for me. >> doctors say children should have less than 25 grams of added sugar per day. >> okay. so we've opened up all the lunch boxes here, we are not saying whose is whose. >> 24 grams of sugar. almost everything that you need in one meal. this one 19. this juice, 16 grams of sugar.
7:45 am
in it. >> that's double the entire day's intake in this lunchbox. >> exactly. >> did you see anything here you like. >> i did find a good one. i love this one. we have a burrito that's homemade, apples, peppers, we've got fruit and nuts, we have water and we even have a little treat. >> so there is a little piece of chocolate in there. >> a little bit. that's fine. >> kids want snacks. >> i want a snack, too. >> just don't break the bank on sugar. >> exactly. >> the biggest lesson of the day, something kids c their parents' emergency contact information. we found a kid who do know it. >> what's your home phone number? >> 301- >> is she right, mom. >> she's right. >> nailed it. nice job. >> but most don't. >> what's your home phone number? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? that's okay. mom will remind you later, okay? >> what's your home address? >> i don't know. >> do you know mommy's phone number?
7:46 am
important wake-up call. >> this is a good reminder that i have to teach him the phone numbers and all the emergency contact information. thank you for reminding everybody in america. >> we are all in this together, this is my daughter sloan for another demo and a bonus tip. big thanks to the st. elizabeth catholic school in maryland for helping us out. it's not how heavy your backpack is but how you are wearing it. look how low it is low kids are wearing backpacks. experts say -- turn around this way -- they say that the top of it should be at shoulder level and the bottom should be no more than two inches below your waist. does that feel okay? can you tell move does this most mornings and not me. that's going to help out. turn around this way. so now that's how it looks now. do you see how high it is now? much better. >> come on over here, love.
7:47 am
matt and savannah. do you see the difference? it's lower back pain and these kids are getting injured. >> does it feel better when it's up like that? >> yes. >> it does. okay. good. >> we're bringing her right to school. >> that was my question. exactly. >> sloan, great to see you. >> good job. >> jeffrey, thank you so much. >> thank you. just ahead, she cannot resist how ellen just broke the prank war truce with matt, again prank war truce with matt, again i might add, but first t when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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it is 8:00 on "today." the stage is set. donald trump and hillary clinton get ready to face-off in the most highly anticipated presidential debate in decades. the candidates are neck and neck in the what will each need to do? we're live at the debate site. plus, royal road trip. >> thank you for welcoming us so warmly. >> prince william, kate, and their kids head north of the border as their trip to canada makes headlines around the world. and is it a boy or a girl? >> i think savannah is having a boy. >> a bouncing baby boy.
8:01 am
>> i think savannah is having a -- because she told me. we've all made our guesses. now we're about to find out the answer as savannah reveals the gender of her little bundle of joy. today, monday, september 26th, 2016. >> foreign minister huntersville alabama to new york city, roll >> we're stopping by "the today show" on our mother/daughter trip. >> happy birthday! >> happy birthday to us! 60 and 40. >> charlie's angels here in the plaza! we're back now, 8:00 on a
8:02 am
2016. we have an enormous predebate crowd down in the plaza. >> i know! >> i love it. >> we have roll tide people back here. alabama fans. >> coming up, her voice is as recognizable as she is. the great kristin chenoweth is here for a live performance. >> we need a check of the morning's top it is time for the news at 8. >> and this is andrea mitchell at hofstra university where donald trump and hillary clinton are facing off tonight for the biggest debate of their lives. donald trump and hillary clinton after months of sparring from afar, but training for the heavy weight political bout in strikingly different ways. aside from both meeting
8:03 am
prime minister benjamin netanyahu, trump is with advisors getting help from roger ailes, getting questions with chris christie and rudy guiliani. >> he is being himself. and that is what he want. he is taking clinton on over her family organization, iraq and benghazi. >> hillary clinton's casual relationship with the true is well known to >> trump appeared at several rallies, clinton spent several days huddled in a nearby hotel holding mock debates and a real time dress rehearsal, saturday night. 90 minutes without a break playing trump, clinton's long time former aide. a scrappy new yorker, aides say successfully pushing her buttons. clinton's game plan to challenge trump on his business deals and praise for putin. >> you're going to see the need
8:04 am
questions about those ties. whether ties to russia or tax returns. >> hoping to answer questions concerns about her honesty and likability. >> she recognized she has a lot of work to do to earn trust. >> both debating in mind games like clinton inviting mark cuban to sit in the front row and trump upping the ante tweeting he might invite gennifer flowers. >> you saw his reaction which is to do his favorite t, mike pence says that won't happen. >> she is traying to distract attention, her campaign trying to play games with front row seats and donald trump is not about that. >> reporter: explosive issues are likely to include gender and race. donald trump's latest comments about the birther controversy and of course, the clinton e-mails. back to you. >> thank you very much. a little something for everyone tonight.
8:05 am
lester holt will moderate. that is tonight, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. now to the ongoing protests in charlotte over the deadly police shooting. the mayor lifted a curfew put in place after last week's incident. emotions are running high following the weekend release of videos of that shooting. nbc's gabe gutierrez has been on the story from the start. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: there were peaceful protests overnight but now back to normal after the most difficult week in recent memory. this, after police release new videos over the weekend. the question remains, was keith scott holding a gun? this morning, fewer protesters but the outrage remains high in charlotte after the police shooting death of keith lamont scott. >> it don't matter what color your skin is, they cannot do
8:06 am
>> reporter: earlier, under a massive police presence off the field demonstrators kneeling during the national anthem at the carolina panthers home game sunday. star quarterback cam newton wearing a martin luther king t-shirt during warm ups. >> we are searching for the truth. >> reporter: charlotte is still under a state of emergency at the community picks apart three videos of the shooting. in this police dash cam footage, two officers can be seen with guns pointed at scott who is inside the white suv. body camera video shows the uniformed police officer trying to use his baton to break the passenger window. scott gets out, walks backward, hands at his side, four shots ring out. police say they are looking for another man when scott parked next to them, rolled marijuana into a blunt and held up a gun. investigators say they found scott's dna and fingerprints on a loaded weapon at the scene. they also say he was wearing this ankle holster. a freeze frame appears to show
8:07 am
we see, he was in possession of a handgun. >> he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> none of the recordings show scott pointing a weapon at officers. >> we are left with far more questions than we have answers. >> this morning, lawyers for scott's family say the videos are inconclusive and no matter how long scott took to get out of the car, they say, he did not deserve to die. savannah? >> gabe gutierrez in charlotte. thank you. coming up, we'll talk about a b president obama. >> all right. and then, 25 years later, where the baby from one of the most iconic album covers ever is today. >> coming up on "today" william and kate are in canada and they brought their children. find out what they've been doing. on the road again ? [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ? on the road again ?
8:08 am
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8:12 am
we're back. this is a first of the duke and duchess of cambridge, their first trip overseas as a family of four. >> they arrived in canada and are quickly taking that country by storm. keir simmons is in vancouver. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. one of the focuses of this trip is young people and particularly importantly the mental health challenges many of them face in this tough, tough world, but one of the focuses, too, for the
8:13 am
are two young people. last time they came here they were newly married, the prime minister of canada telling them it's one thing to fly when you are on your own, it's quite another thing as every parent knows to fly with young children. a rare glimpse of prince william, kate and their children together. kate carrying princess charlotte now 16 months and apparently teething while three-year-old prince george walking from the shield their children from public occasions and it had been a long flight. canada's prime minister failing to get a high-five. william encouraging his son, only mom managing to get a smile. >> catherine, george, charlotte and i are very pleased to be here. thank you for welcoming us so warmly. >> reporter: the family suffering unwanted publicity back home, a man arrested in the uk after reports that kate's
8:14 am
hacked, her photos stolen. even royal phone numbers could be compromised reports say. kate carrying on, flying to vancouver, this time without the children. kate reportedly says george and charlotte were super excited about flying here to canada. i guess they figured the kids weren't quite ready. william promising to pass on a gift. >> he will love this. >> reporter: while simply meeting a moment for one little girl. >> she smells so good. >> reporter: and how did she smell? >> like flowers. >> reporter: later the couple met vulnerable parents in the city's downtown east side. >> it's a huge burden. >> reporter: this year they launched a charity helping young people with mental health issues. >> your children are amazing. >> reporter: duke and duchess connecting with canadians including the country's young
8:15 am
the stage. so the royal children stole the show. today they head to the rain forest. the weather is unpredictable. it may be a difficult trip. hopefully they're getting well-needed rest. being parents, the other possibility is charlotte has been up for hours and george is running around like a 3-year-old does. >> a 3-year-old with jet lag. keir, thank you very much. now to some other stories trending today, president obama's most controversial position yet. he was on cnn last night on anthony bourdain's show who asked him a question. >> is ketchup on a hot dog ever acceptable? >> no. i mean that. that's one of those things like -- let me put it this way, it's not acceptable past the age of 8. >> my daughter is 8. she put ketchup on eggs the other day.
8:16 am
point? >> an intervention. i think i just have to say, that's not acceptable. i'm sorry. >> if that isn't a man not running for re-election i don't know what is. >> it's a guy who knows hot dogs. >> i consider the hot dog a vehicle for ketchup. >> i'm with you. >> a receptacle. >> the eggs i get. >> it should be golden spicy brown mustard. >> you want a little? >> al, pour your wine. >> that's right. >> other toppings i would question before ketchup. >> this is a hot dog. that is a mistake. >> all right. i mean, you really can't go wrong. you can eat a good hot dog plain. >> this is a cold hot dog. >> i'm going to save my calories. >> here's a problem. >> care to rethink this one? >> i'm back. let's talk about a photo
8:17 am
orlando. hillary clinton greeted the crowd with a wave. she was met with a telling sign of the times. rather than receiving waves in return, she saw a large crowd with backs turned toward her. they're all trying to take a selfie. the photo on one user put together then and now photos showing the difference a decade makes. ten years ago before the age of selfies, mrs. clinton was greeted with actual faces and now she sees nothing but what we say around here, elbows and you know whats. smartphones and the backs of people's heads. >> it's so true. even on our plaza. we're like, hi, people are like, oh, hey. >> you saw firsthand when the pope was here. >> everybody goes this way now. >> remember when the pope was going down the church aisle and
8:18 am
>> i do. >> not christmas, not a holiday, many state of the union getting a nice gift, it comes in the form of three words. good-bye to home work. >> the associated press is looking at what is apparently a trend of school banning home work. they want to leave kids with more time to play, read and sleep. one principal said they're just kids. they're young and they just put in a full day's shift at work. we don't believe in adding more to their day. we also feel we are squashing interests in learning. proponents say it reinforces what kids learn during the day. >> reading at night is a good thing. i'm for the rest of it. >> a little home work. >> moderation. >> we remember being able to do your home work and still have time to go out and play. >> right. >> kids now have three, four hours of home work. >> you kill the home work, a lot of them will go to the tv. pop start. this is the 25th anniversary of
8:19 am
album from nirvana gave us classic songs like smells like teen spirit and come as you are. another iconic part of this album which featured a naked baby swimming, that baby is all grown up, he's 25 and he re-created the photo for the anniversary. he's telling "the new york post" he wanted to do the reshoot naked but the photographer thought it would be weird. he wore his trunks. we all said collectively, thank you. game with friend and family. she made sure to cover her bases on the kiss cam. she takes off her hat and glasses, turns to her right and goes for it with her boyfriend. she said she always wanted to be on that kiss cam. she made the most of it. >> she shared this photo showing her show enjoying the game with jerry sign fell, jonah hill as
8:20 am
degeneres may be up to her old tricks. this is what happened on the "today" show. >> i don't understand the process to be perfectly honest with you. >> i'll explain it. holding on to an object, i'll make a stronger connection with the person. >> that's phenomenal to me. i spend a lot of time doing this. that's a shiny hiney. you can clean down there. >> you know. >> i never even heard of that. >> let's not detract from what's happening. ellen is back to her ways. now the eight ball is in your corner. that's your pop start. >> i may just say --
8:21 am
>> i say bud light. >> mr. roker, time for a check of the weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by deep water horizon, starring mark wahlberg. experience it in i-max friday. we still have to worry about the tropics. 97-l, development of 90% in taking it into jamaica and puerto rico. we'll be watching this closely over the next several days. we have strong storms in new england making their way through
8:22 am
and that's your latest weather. matt. >> all right, al, thank you very much. fitness trackers are more popular an ever. nbc's joe lin katz is here. >> we track our sleep, heart rate, steps and now silicon valley taking on another major task, helping women get pregnant. from counting steps and staircases to heart rates and calories, wearable tech is on the wrists of nearly 40 million americans and now that tech is entering the bedroom to help women get pregnant. a new device making waves is
8:23 am
body has the best shot at making a baby. >> how does it work? >> it's actually really easy, you just wear it during the night, put it on before you go to sleep and wearing it during your sleep and in the morning you look at your phone. we are so used to technology everywhere around us, can call a cab and track your steps but we want to apply this in a meaningful area. >> it is fda regulated and tracks nine physial factors including body temperature and pulse. doctors monitored 41 women whoho wore the bracelet as they slept and say they were able to identify a woman's fer tile days with nearly 90% accuracy. 34-year-old lauren is an early user of the device and companion app. she and her husband andrew hope to have a little one soon. >> we try and do all these things right. it makes me feel a little bit more empowered and a little bit more in control of this process. >> 20% of women in the united
8:24 am
those couples having children later, about one-third have fertility problems. popular apps like glow, ovia and clue track ovulation, another new device called know when uses a saliva test to track a woman's most fer tile days. >> some doctors warn a fertility wearable to be a spontaneity killer and put more pressure on couples. >> whether or not you are using an app or some sort of technology when you're trying to conceive you are whether you want to empower yourself with knowledge of your body is your individual choice. for me i want to know. >> reporter: but ava still new and the results are limited. >> what's exciting about ava is it will actually allow a predictive opportunity to let a woman know that the next few days will be your more fer tile days. it may not necessarily
8:25 am
noninvasive. >> she believes the data is for more than just conceiving. >> i think understanding your body is beneficial in this process. i think that's really good for the woman and i think it's also good for the couple. so hopefully it happens soon. >> i love you. >> fingers crossed. >> yeah, fingers crossed. >> now, the ava fertility bracelet is about $200 but there's concern about the security of all that data. what happens to it, the companies we've talked to say e protect that data but we know nothing is ever fully secure. so be aware of that if you get one of these. >> especially now. >> it could be a real convenience for a lot of women. >> definitely. the more you know, i guess. >> thank you very much. just ahead, a tasty way to save some money. alton brown kicks off "today" food discount dinners, that's right after these messages, your local news and a look at your
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. we have a great morning out here on our plaza. charlie has joined. always good to have him out here. good morning, everybody. >> coming up, we love it when kristin chenoweth stops by, we will talk to her about her broadway show, new album and she will perform live for us in the
8:31 am
busy whipping up a cheap dinner for your week knight schedule. and then how to guess a baby's gender. what a woman eats, how she's carrying, we will put them to the test and then the big reveal, savannah will tell us if she's having a boy or a girl. >> the best way to test the theory is try to out. first let's get a check of the weather. >> i have to show this picture this is spectacular. just fill in the caption. >> what had you said to me right before that picture was taken. >> i didn't say anything, but you said, what was i thinking? >> that makes sense. >> all right. let's show you what you've got for your weather coming up for the week ahead. it's going to start off a stormy week in the eastern half of the u.s. with plenty of sunshine through the plains, then as we get toward the latter of the part of the week much needed heavy rain on the mid-atlantic
8:32 am
down. toward the end of the week we have more rain. temperaturewise much above normal temperatures out west, cooler than normal down around texas and the great lakes, continues that way toward the mid part of the week, the heat continues out west and then by the latter part of the week cooler in the northeast, mid-atlantic states above normal through the plains. that's wha charlie having some fun with
8:33 am
need that weather you go to the weather channel on cable and check out your forecast. this is world ftp awareness week, that is a serious form of dementia affecting people in the middle-aged area. don knew house lost his wife suzy to that disease, his brother sy was recently diagnosed with ftd as well and don is here along with d huey assistant professor of psychology and neurology at columbia university. good morning. >> good morning. >> your wife, i believe, was diagnosed in 2003, is that correct. >> that's correct. >> she passed away last year, what were the symptoms she was dealing with at the time of her diagnosis? >> at the time of her diagnosis she was having language problems. she had trouble understanding speech and she had trouble speaking. >> and then over the decade, the next 10 or 12 years, what was the decline like?
8:34 am
completely and she could not understand speech. she also had behavioral problems, she became aggressive and finally she lost the ability to care for herself and she was wheel bound -- wheelchair bound. >> doctor, i think a lot of people have heard of alzheimer's disease, but much fewer or many fewer have heard of ftd. what are the similarities a >> they are both similar in the sense that they are dementing disorders, disorders that progressively affect thinking and behavior, but they are different in two very important ways, one is that while alzheimer's disease is a disease of the elderly, the older you get the higher your risk of getting it, frontal temporal dementia is a disease of middle age, the peak age is between 45 and 65. another important difference between the two is that in alzheimer's disease it is a
8:35 am
memories are usually pretty good, it manifests as changes in language as mr. new house said or behavioral or moat or changes. >> where do we stand research-wise in terms of finding a possible cure because there no cure at the moment. >> well, it's an exciting time. we don't at the moments have any treatments, but we have a wonderful patient organization aftd which wasar and government organizations to fund a research plan to develop treatments. one thing that all of us very much want to advance is awareness around part of the reason for that is that it is frequently misdiagnosed with a psychiatric disorder or alzheimer's disease. the reason for that is people don't think of dementia affecting younger people and they think dementia equals memory which is not always the case. >> i mentioned your brother sy
8:36 am
he has lost most ability to people and understand speech and he also has motion problems. he needs either a wheelchair or walker and somebody to help him walk. >> i'm sorry to hear that. i know you're doing an awful lot to raise money and awareness and we appreciate that. >> we are doing that. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> for more information on ftd go to our website still ahead we're revealing the gender of savannah's baby, but first this is "today" on
8:37 am
? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel. ? come in to village inn every wednesday for free pie wednesday and enjoy a free slice of pie with purchase.
8:38 am
we're back. time for "today" food. this week it is all about discount dinners. not the way i would describe alton brown. >> wait a second. i'm cheap. i'm easy and delicious. i think it's okay. >> we mean that in the best possible way.
8:39 am
"every day cook." tell me about the book. >> the book is a culinary self portrait. it is the every day food that i cook every day for -- if you were to come to my house and have breakfast, lunch and dinner this is what you would be having. >> we're doing a chicken pick cat at that recipe. >> it's a well-known dish, it is pounded out chicken or veal with a -- finished with a sauce with lemon juice and capers but i make mine cheaper and i use this dish because actually they provide a lot more flavor and they stand up to pounding a lot more than chicken breast. nobody actually likes chicken breast, that's my theory. >> we do it because we think it's leaner, that's why we pick chicken breast. >> the difference between the breast and thigh is actually not that much and in the end once the dish is put together there is a lot more satisfaction here, but the big thing is in order to build the sauce properly you
8:40 am
a freezer bag and pound it. this is a part of what picata is about. that's go to tend rise the chicken, give more surface area for browning and embed it with flour which is going to build the sauce. >> is that a boneless thigh? >> i bone mine myself. when it comes time to do the cooking a little oil in a very hot pan and a little butter. oil will keep the butter from burning, that's not really true, it's more about flavor and about not having as much of the milk solids from the butter. to brown this kind of thing you really want to keep the pan constantly moving. i usually do this in bunches, three pieces at a time, you keep it moving over high heat. americans are afraid of cooking with high heat but it develops a lot of flavor. after 90 seconds you flip them and they end up looking like this.
8:41 am
going to magically cover that up and pretend that it never happened. what we end up with is the ground thighs, take those out, same pan, add eight ounces of mushrooms, three tablespoons of capers. >> i love capers. >> pickled flower bud from a mediterranean plant. once those are browns the chicken goes back in. >> can i show our tasters down stairs. we have a >> hoda asked for ketchup. >> that's fine if you buy the book. >> i don't want ketchup for this. the lemon is perfect. >> this is important, this is a braised dish which is like a stew, we need to tender rise and build a sauce. i have chicken broth with white wine. that is going to work with the flour that was already on the chicken to make a sauce, about seven minutes later this is what we've got. >> it's beautiful.
8:42 am
creamy looking sauce. >> you can finish that with butter if you wanted to but i don't. number one, i think that this is enough sauce. to me sauce that's on the plate at the end of the day is not worth anything. i like it to be right on top of the meat and clinging to it. >> i love it. >> this is what we end up with, that can be served on rice or pasta or nothing at all to be really honest. hit it with a little parsley and that looks like a dinner party for 4 bucks. >> it really does. alton brown, thank you so much. >> you should eat some. use the big fork. >> and i will mention all the reese piece are on i have to get some shrooms in there. >> mushrooms are really cheap and add a meaty flavor so i can actually cut back on the chicken, add more mushrooms and you get that umami that savory flavor. you are pregnant, you will eat anything. >> that's not true. >> they told me you were like
8:43 am
hall. does the baby really need that? >> you're coming back next hour. >> i am going to make another dish which is going to be my chicken parm shawn meet balls. can you really guess by looking at someone boy or a girl? >> boy. >> we will test out that theory and a lot more and i will go ahead and tell you what i'm having but first this is "today"
8:45 am
it's 8:45 with expecting "today." this morning the question lots of people have been asking since i revealed. >> one last look. >> baby number two is on the way. take a look. >> back in june i made a big announcement. >> are you pregnant? >> well, yeah, i am pregnant. >> but what's the gender of the baby? everybody has a theory. >> you're definitely having a boy because you look beautiful and girls steal your beauty when
8:46 am
are the more likely it's a boy so i think it's a girl, then. >> i think savannah is having a boy because i desperately want to teach him how to play golf and her husband doesn't play golf. >> i think savannah is having a -- because she told me. >> i have about a 100% track record in guessing the gender of "today" show babies of my co-hosts. so i think savannah is having a bouncing baby boy. >> savannah is having a boy. >> savannah is going to have >> boy. >> oh. >> she's carrying is differently. >> she does look different. >> she's been watching football and head butting people. >> i will just go with another girl just to be different. we'll see. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> never mind the super stigs what about the science. >> we asked dr. natalie azar. >> if you crave sweets it's a girl. >> no. if you're more nauseous it's a boy. >> no. >> if you sleep on your left side you're having a boy.
8:47 am
out front as opposed to wide? >> no. >> still even she couldn't resist. >> that leaves me to my next question, what do you think i'm having? >> i think you're having a boy? in the end we crowd sourced it. >> who thinks i'm having a girl? >> okay. and who thinks i'm having a boy? >> wow. okay. sounds like i'm having a >> what is it? >> so in my hands i have a blue shake and a pink shake. >> okay. >> would you like to do the honors? >> okay. you guys, i didn't really want to make a big deal of this or anything about what it was going to be, but -- oh, my gosh, what is that? >> it's a boy! >> yes.
8:48 am
>> we popped for a plane? that's pretty good. >> we're having a boy. >> the masses were right. >> i know they said there is no science to it -- >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> i have to say to matt excellent secret keeping. >> thank you. >> we are so excited. >> what's his name? >> i'm not telling that i'm definitely not telling. >> since everybody would have an opinion. >> that's right. you have to keep it to yourself. we are so excited. >> do we take the pink shoe off there. >> eat the pink shoe. >> what did mike say about a boy? >> he is so excited. he's like, let me talk to my son. he is like, attention, son, you know -- >> it's so exciting. we feel beyond blessed to get to have a baby and to get to have a boy and a girl. >> did you explain it. >> she says baby brother. that was one of the reasons we
8:49 am
upheaval for a little girl to have to have a new baby, we have to tell you what kind of baby. so baby brother is on his way. >> if you would be to kind as to consider having one more boy we would have a four-some. >> hotel uterus is closed. >> that's making news. >> why don't you just write the headline for the post. >> coming up next a live performance from winner kristin chenoweth.
8:50 am
8:51 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> all right. we are back. it's 8:51. one of our all time favorites is here, kristin chenoweth. do you have anything to say ? ? let's give the boys a hand ?? >> i have do the low five this time. >> themmy and tony winner has made her mark on the stage and movies and tv. >> and she has just released a brand new album "the art of elegance." is this a bad time? you say this album is you. without sounding sarcastic most artists don't say this is someone else.
8:52 am
i think this is because this is some of the music that i cut my teeth on. in oklahoma we had dolly par ton and randy travis but my parents were playing count bay and gershwin and coal porter. now in my 40s singing it feels different than in my 20s. >> i think when you watch her sing you're always emotional but these in particular seem strike a chord with you like no other before. >> we sing because we can't speak it anymore is what i always tell my young students. that's truth and i'm singing because i've lived, you know, i've lived and that's a good thing. >> and you have a new show my love letter to broadway. >> it's going to be on broadway in november so everybody should come. it's just me. and maybe the baby. >> exactly. >> but my uterus is open. that's the line of the day.
8:53 am
favorites "smile." >> kristin chenoweth. ? smile though your heart is aching ? ? smile even though it's breaking ? ? when there are sky you'll get by ? ? if you smile through your tears and sorrow ? ? smile and maybe tomorrow ? ? you'll see the sun come shining through ? ? for you ?
8:54 am
gladness ? ? hide every trace of sadness ? ? although a tear may be ever so near ? ? that's the time you must keep on trying ? ? smile, what's the use in crying ? ? you'll find that life ? if you just smile ?? ?
8:55 am
? light up your face with gladness ? ? hide every trace of sadness ? ? although a tear may be ever so near ? ? that's the time you must keep on trying ? ? smile, what's the use crying ? ? you'll find that life still worthwhile if you just smile ?? [ applause ] >> oh, my gosh. we are a ball of mush over here. you should have seen the lovy
8:56 am
>> have a blessed day today. >> better time. enjoy. and, again, the album is "the art of elegance." we're back after these messages,
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" take kate mckinnon brings the laughs to the big screen in mastermind. and then bad santa is coming to town. plus chicken parm balls with alton brown. >> announcer: from nbc news, in the "today's" take, with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza into welcome to "today" on this monday morning, september 26th, 2016. billy bush, al, tamron and away we go. i think we were trending about
9:01 am
savannah guthrie announced boy. you thought girl. how did you know? >> i just did. >> you have a great track record with picking. >> the ladies on the show i have 100%. >> do you look at the position of the tummy? >> just comes to me. >> i don't think any of that works. >> with deborah everybody said she was having a boy and i said girl. >> were you surprised? >> no. >> not >> that was impressive. >> it was supposed to happen last week but they had to shut down the air space because of the u.n. so we pushed it to this week. now the whole city knows. >> she is not revealing the name. smart to do so. >> no good can come of that. >> congratulations to savannah. tamron hosting the global citizens festival over the weekend, rihanna, metallica, kendrick lamar.
9:02 am
i host it had with our buddy willie geist, we hung out all night long. >> how long was it? >> our call time was when talk shows get there. >> deep. >> 1:00, i didn't leave until i was 11:00. i was hosted a birthday birthday the night before and the guests didn't leave until 4:00 a.m. >> leelah texted me and said, dad, there are so many old people here. >> oh. >> and i said, y? she said this group metallica, there are so many old people. >> laila was my favorite not of your children but one of my favorites. i love courtney because she feeds me. let me tell you something, metallica, i was ready to put my leather jacket on. i never felt so emotionally expected to hard rock in my life. >> why? >> this he killed it. when you are file the vibration
9:03 am
soul. i can appreciate any kind of music and i'm a sucker for a rock star but i was -- oh, i was like shredding. you should have seen me. >> wow. >> i know, my hair -- >> they haven't lost their edge. i saw guns and roses at coachella and i was like, okay. >> they all look like they pump iron and kendrick lamar of all of the acts -- and rihanna was incredible. he had the crowd global citizens festival is to bring awareness to extreme poverty throughout the world making our world leaders commit to campaigns, action, to eradicate diseases. you know, help girls who are the victims of violence around the world. while it's a fun time it is of course a remarkable opportunity to partner with nbc and msnbc. thank you for showing up for the old people's night at central park, laila.
9:04 am
spoke in sioux city, iowa, for catholic schools there and then the next morning got up sunday, yesterday morning, got up early to fly home. i flew through chicago. i had this view off the side of the plane that was just un -- do we have that video? >> i think we have -- take a look at this. >> that's your video from an iphone? >> that's my video from an iphone. >> beautiful. >> flying into chicago. it was like the sky was on fire. it was unbelievable. >> what was causing this? >> it's just >> oh. i was like what is causing this? >> almost like nothing to interrupt the drank quilt of that moment. >> except then i landed in o'hair and i run into my nemesis. >> you have a nemesis. >> mike tirrico, he was on his way to do sunday night football night in america. >> twins. >> and i hear this voice. al. al. would not be denied. >> but i knew once i got home i
9:05 am
dinner together. >> i saw that. >> we made sunday night dinner. nicki helped me crush the captain church for this captain church seared tuna, lee lay saut?ed the eggplant, deborah made the salad and i finished it off with the kale and that was dinner at our house. the taste of tirrico has been removed. >> the sweetness of family life. >> by the way, you are a control fr t >> to let them in at all is a beautiful thing. >> i needed their psychic energy because of my nemesis. >> does he know he is your nemesis? >> he knows. he is my newman. >> if tirrico were here he would be discussing with us the passing of the legendary arnold palmer, it's the last thing i read before going to bed last night which was painful as a golfer but also as a guy who opened up the game to everybody and the drink.
9:06 am
palmer is like the default drink. >> it's perfect for everything. >> it is so good. >> by the way, he said it was three-quarters ice td tea, one quarter lemonade. >> is it still a arnold palmer if you put vodka in it? >> i don't know. >> like on the golf course after you're done, i don't play golf -- >> i go right to a cold beer. here is something you'll like, he met his wife winnie, three days later she was 19 years o nobody on her side of the family showed up, all the palmers were there but none of winnie's family was there because they said she made a mistake, forget it, he is the wrong guy and sure enough he was the right guy they were married until she died in 1999, he was a good man. the king they called him because he was the every man. >> i'm ignorant to golf and the history of golf. when i started reading about
9:07 am
transcends the sport and you read about their life and legacy. you know good people when you read about them. he was just magical what he did for the sport. >> at least in my lifetime he was the first athlete who was a global brand. >> oh, yeah. >> to the point growing up in queens there was an arnold palmer dry cleaning establishment. >> really? >> he had a chain of dry cleaners. >> he was a huge businessman, oh, yeah. >> brilliant. are going to be watching of course you will, probably, too, the debate is taking place at hofstra university in hempstead, new york, it's a 90 minute format, it's donald versus hillary, they will be 15 minute pods, six of them moderated by lester, it's a dead heat right now, according to bloomberg politics 46 each. it's dead tied. do you think, tamron, that large or significant numbers of people will be moved or could be moved
9:08 am
minds? >> by all accounts the swing of this race has been unprecedented, hillary clinton hillary clinton was up double digits in colorado, the democrats decided not to invest, her campaign said we are out of colorado, we are going to win, it's blue, she is only up like two points there. the swings have been incredible. tonight is supposed to be about temperament, about experience and about specifics and that's why the conventional wisdom is that donald trump won't be that aggressive character that we saw in the primaries, but that's always thefl straight shooter as his supporters believe he is that's what they love. so who is going to show up? what personality of donald trump will show up? >> he has thin skin, though. i think if she pokes him, pokes the bear even a little bit or he perceives that she's he can poking the bear i think he's going to fall away. >> that into irs into the temperamentment trap. >> she should be poking the bear. >> i think she should be -- what do i know? i'm the weather guy.
9:09 am
>> i think she should be pushing who she is and why you should vote for her. i think people already know donald trump and, you know, they've got to make that decision. >> which is interesting when we say that. i live in this cable news world, you think that everyone watches every poll all day but in reality 100 million people estimated to watch this tonight and potentially a majority of them just tuning in, which these numbers mist guy me. cable news ratings are of the blogs are up, we are seeing a resonance of this conversation on the political race, but, i don't know, there are -- >> my money is on lester holt. >> listen, he is solid as a rock. >> lester is in a tough position, every moderator to me it seems they lose, everybody jumps on the moderator including the candidates. >> the commission in charge of the debates came out clearly yesterday with a letter, they have made the rounds saying that the role of the moderator is not to be a fact checker. they don't want the moderator to
9:10 am
saying. i'm with al. i think, you know, lester holt is solid as a rock and i think anybody who will be immune to -- 50% of the people are going to hate what you do no matter what because they have perceive you to be biased. >> and he's going to bring his bass. >> if all fails he will break out the bass. up next we will tell you what made an entire crowd turn their back on hillary clinton. oh, boy. and from "ghostbusters" to the comedy master minds kat glowing from the emmy win.
9:11 am
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9:13 am
all told take your selfies. >> really? >> i've been on the campaign trail. the odds are not -- i think they were told -- >> that's a good point. >> we have all been on the campaign trail. the odds of all of those -- >> not me. i have avoided it. >> look, they have her on that box so that everyone can get their selfie. >> you're absolutely right. because they've also got -- >> it makes it not such a good story, though. if they just turned -- >> i think they did it a >> they did on their own. >> i love it. >> the other photo -- >> this photo, it just -- i actually taerd up when i saw it. over the weekend the grand opening of the african-american museum in washington, d.c. which was a phenomenal occasion but this picture went viral. michelle obama giving the most tender hug to former president george w. bush who was at saturday's museum at african-american culture in d.c. with everything that's going on
9:14 am
potentially see tonight with the debates, from charlotte to just everything, to see that -- can we put it up one more time. >> their families are very close. >> they are. >> they have a very close relationship. >> the campaign i'm beds say that michelle obama has a genuine affection for president bush and he has -- they just seemed to bond because their spouses are on the other side, laura bush and president obama on the other side but they just have this connection. >> the protocol puts them together but of course -- >> it's just a photoha >> absolutely. >> political discord. >> it finds us. >> how about this. you can't get enough of loyal royals blowing off prime ministers. >> it's actually a trend that continues. >> from a hug to a dis. >> little george gets off the plane, lands north of the border in canada, prime minister trudeau looking to connect with the little fella, maybe a good photo op. high-five. >> not so much. >> low five. >> no thanks. >> now about anything.
9:15 am
they tell you when you meet a little kid you have to go down low but he is like i'm a royal. >> this kid is growing up every day twice as fast as every other kid. >> he is a three-year-old coming off a plane jet lagged. i am not a show pony. >> high-five? >> to perform? to do tricks, to make you laugh? no. >> where are those little goldfish things, give me a snack, anything. he is so sweet. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. and we've got heavy rain d the way up into the great lakes. we're going to be watching this system. we need the rain in the mid-atlantic and northeast. we are going to get those storms coming in later this afternoon into this evening and then pushes on through, but we will also be looking at a lot of wet weather through the great lakes. rainfall amounts upwards of 4 inches in parts of the mid-atlantic and then we may see a little something developing off the mid-atlantic coast as well which keeps it wet right on
9:16 am
we're not going to be browning meatballs right now. we are on the air live right now, alton. we're on right now. >> we are on right now. here we are. >> we are doing a little tease. you are going to be helping us make a warm hearty dinner for a cool fall evening. >> or breakfast or lunch. >> chicken parmesan meatballs [ distorted voice ] progressive claims to show people their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money.
9:17 am
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this morning on "today" food a filling meal the whole family will love. celebrity chef alton brown is here. an easy recipe straight from the pages of a new book that is very personal this time, "every day cook" this time it's personal. >> that's my book. >> this is >> not every day. weekly. >> when you're home. >> this is my home cooking. this is what i actually do. >> everybody is excited about this recipe. >> i love chicken parmesan and i love meatballs is why not make them all into one thing and it's incredibly simple. i was hoping that you would help me do some of the work. >> i will. >> one of the things that i do is i make an herb oil every week that's got everything from basil to rosemary to thyme, i warm it
9:22 am
that. this is a chicken meatball, a pound and a half of chicken, three ounces of parmesan, two and a half ounces of pa in. co bread crumbs and dried herbs, a little salt, a little garlic powder, a little oil and one egg and i'm just going to grab one of these if that's okay. using your bare hands, sir, i would like for you to start mixing that together. >> okay. you know, your best tool for doing this. a lot of people don't like messing with chicken like this so they can use a potato masher but i think they would be missing something. i have some strained out here because the flavor base in this oil is what we're going to use to build the rest of the dish. one of the things that a lot of folks don't like to do or don't understand is how you go about breading this kind of meatball. what i'm going to do, i already
9:23 am
golf ball size. i'm going to get these on a panned and bread them or try to bread them. i'm going to use a little more of the panco bread couple and more of the parmesan and dump right on top of them. i have oil getting hot here. there we go. when i do this a literally put the pan down and shake it in a all of the bread crumb is gone and it will make a little while. >> the meatballs go away, later. that's some stuff on your expensive shirt. >> that's all right. >> a lot of people try to pack it on with their hands. it doesn't work. that looks -- you are doing a very good job there. >> that's why you're alton brown and i'm al roker. >> which means i can't do the weather. >> okay. >> the thing about browning meatballs is you don't try to
9:24 am
that they get a little firm on the outside. >> don't be a frown of the brown. >> overpacking the pan is a big deal, too. i want them to be able to move around. every few minutes give them a little shake. that's all you have to do. but if they start sticking one of the best tools you can have in the kitchen, this fish turner. uz how it's flexible, all you have to do is flip them over. once the meatballs are done they go into two tablespoons of the oil plus a pint of your favorite spaghetti sauce, 4 ounces of mozzarella goes on top, 400 degree album. scoot out, roker. throw me a towel. and in about ten minutes we get something that looks -- move that towel. so much towels in this kitchen. go. >> all right. >> boom, boom, boom.
9:25 am
it with kale salad, you are done. >> alton brown, you are the man. recipes coming up, kate mckinnon after your local news. alton brown, ladies and gentlemen. gentlemen. there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition- like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough rdinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition.
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9:30 am
most talented and funny comedians though she is in new york. she is the most -- >> the most. >> just got the emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy series. >> after her starring "ghostbusters" back on the big screen -- >> they couldn't keep me away. >> like all the characters in this film sh he is a bee bit off. >> how did you all meet? >> if you must know a couple years back i was at a youth praise concert at church and i saw the most handsome man that i had ever seen in the world, he
9:31 am
we went on a date and then we fell very, very, very, very, very, very, very deeply in love and then he died. >> it's clearly not the man sitting next to you. >> no. >> with the bangs and everything. >> i know. >> what year is this? this is 1980 -- >> that's a good question. >> tom brokaw is in it a sort of a nebulous time period that harkens back to the beautiful jeans of the '90s. were those fun to wear. i mean, i was up in those and they were up in me. >> they are back in style in year. >> uh-huh. >> except for you, you are not
9:32 am
galifianakis. he had hillary clinton between two ferns. >> we are all adults and can share her. >> did you see zach intervening your doppelganger. >> i'm not down with tpp. >> you are supposed to say, yeah, you know me. like the hip hop group. >> don't tell me what to say. >> fine. lose. >> well, this has been a lot of fun, mrs. clinton, we should stay in touch. what's the best way to >> she killed it. she was great. >> she's got -- she's got a wonderful -- she's a very good comedian. when she came on the show we did a sketch together and she read it the first time and we looked at each other like, oh, my god, she's really funny. >> she's nailing it. >> the clip of it. hold up. >> that's what we do. >> where will you be watching tonight, kate? i know you're watching.
9:33 am
will be central -- >> saturday night first show so we're watching tonight in the office as a group. >> really? >> this is our work. this is the work of being an american citizen and so we're going to do it together in the office. >> a good party. >> hopefully there will be popcorn, maybe pizza. i don't know. i don't dare dream. >> will you be in character as hillary the whole time as you watch reacting to hillary as hillary? >> whenever i do watch her i do repeat all theen some of that. >> wow. >> that's great. >> please snap chat that or something so we can see it. >> i don't have snap chat. >> you are not social at all? >> you'll see it on the show on saturday. >> oh. >> the ultimate sketch. >> october 1st, "snl," watch it. going to be a good show, guys. >> you're in this master minds is very funny, i didn't know it was a true story or maybe i did, it was a long time ago because when tom brokaw came in, this is
9:34 am
$17 million. >> yes. >> i didn't know that actually happened. we turned it into a wild comedy, we have kristin wig in there who is your sole sister when it comes to socially awkward characters. >> the best. she is the funniest woman alive. >> the outtakes on the dvd must be sold separately. >> we did get to see a scene together and let's say there was a lot of toothpaste in my face. >> toothpaste or something else? >> in act toothpaste and it got in my eyes. >> you know how to tease the movie, "snl." >> would you make a good criminal do you think? >> i would not. i did steal a roll of duct tape once. >> what was the occasion? >> duct. >> i was angry about -- i was angry at the pharmacy about something which i can't say, but i did -- i took a roll of duct tape. >> was this recently? >> no, this was ten years ago. >> you were angry at a pharmacy
9:35 am
>> i will show them. >> all statute of limitations has expired because i have just said it on tv. so i have to go return a roll of duct tape. excuse me. >> kate mckinnon, ladies and gentlemen, the movie "harder minds". >> what did you do with the duct tape? >> i use it. >> on what? >> my ducts. what else? >> my ducts. >> if it was any hold outs that thought it was duck, it was duct spot on. >> congratulations on the emmy. >> thank you. al -- >> you seemed stunned and shocked. >> stunned does not begin to cover it. i was truly -- i do not have any memories of that moment. i blacked -- >> this is the first time i'm seeing this. >> really? this is the first time? >> yeah. i don't want to watch myself cry. why would i do that?
9:36 am
emotional and i just -- i blacked out. i don't remember what i said. >> well, then, roll it back. you said some wonderful things. >> we will get you a dvd of it. >> thank you. i'd love to know. >> you can duct tape it up to the wall. >> you are not on social media. >> i did hear about that. i did hear that they made a shout out. so shout out to them as well. >> to hillary clinton. >> my special girl. >> by the way not only kate but you have jason kristin wig. >> leslie joe ens. >> it's a packed -- it's so funny. and the director jared hess is one of the funniest guys alive and it was great. it was a great time. what more can you ask for? >> "master minds" opens on friday. the season premiere of "snl" october 1st. >> watch that back to back. do your friday night, do your saturday night and have fun.
9:37 am
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is about a con man played by billy bob thornton who matches hatches a hand to play san tan and rob the maul he works. the sequel "bad santa" 2 hits theaters. i got a chance to catch up with the cast to get a preview. >> we left on bad terms. >> you tried to murder me. >> the but film "bad santa" 2 reunites audiences with the con man who hatched a mall. he is back and better than ever. >> it's been 13 years since we last saw willie. why did you decide to bring him pack now? >> well, we knew when we made the first movie that we would like to make a sequel some day. over the years we did think about it and every time people see me on the street it's like, hey, when are you guys going to do another "bad santa" so we knew that the public wanted it.
9:42 am
what? >> willie, it's me, thurman. rrpg for the sequel brett kelly. >> thurman murman is a lot of the same that he was, he has changed a little bit but for the most part he is still very -- a very, very special boy. >> i'm 21, officially a man. >> you're 21 already? that's creepy. >> brad, you know, plays murman. he looks exactly the same. i've never seen anything like this in my lifetime. >> and joining the cast oscar winning actress cathy baits playing billy bob's long lost mom sunny. >> what's it been 15 years. >> mom. >> i had seen "bad santa" years ago and ironically i saw it again before i knew that i would be invited to play billy bob's mom. it's one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.
9:43 am
colorful language, let's say. >> since now that i know sunny really well i've started to rewrite some of the dialogue to make it more colorful. >> so you added to it. >> of course i did. >> bless your heart. cheap little [ bleep ]. >> another welcome addition christina hendricks as diane, a love interest. >> is there a billy and diane. >> romance is an interesting word for it. >> i'm a good girl but sometimes i need to be bad. >> i guess everything is in the eye of the beholder let's be honest it's not romantic. it's naughty. >> it's foughty. >> 'tis the season to be naughty. here is hoping i made the nice list. and "bad santa" 2 hitting theaters on november 23rd. let's see, any winterlike weather out there, christmaslike? not really. we have wet weather along the
9:44 am
fairly dry, showers around the great lakes and gulf coast. into the midweek more heavy rain along the mid-atlantic coast, showers in the southwest, the sunshine continues out west and beneficial rain moves into the northeast and new england, great lakes as well, sunshine through the gulf. temperaturewise it stays warm out west, below normal around the great lakes, below normal through the southwest and texas and by the latter part of the week chilly from the northeast
9:45 am
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food allergies among kids is becoming increasingly common in the last decade but new evidence suggests given children two of the most highly allergenicds reduce their risk of developing allergies to those foods later in life. we brought in nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's break down what the study says, how do we change the timeline or what is the suggestion? >> tamron, basically what the study showed it was a meta-analysis which means it looked at and reviewed 146 studies of over 200,000 kids and found that there was a decreased
9:50 am
introduced earlier on in life. now, what does that mean exactly? >> define. >> earlier on in life for nut products it's 4 months to 11 months and eggs it's between 4 and 6 months. it's important to put this study into context. the background here is that from about 1999 to 2009 there was a doubling of food allergies, everyone you know has a child with a food allergies. >> peanut allergies. >> exactly. with the recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics in 2000 that we should limit the exposure to allergenic foods in our kids, same thing when i had a baby in 2005 i was not supposed to give him peanuts until age one or two. >> now the study bucks that. >> right. but then as we found out the allergies were doubling rather than being reduced so the aap changed the recommendation in 2008 to say we should start
9:51 am
foods what about kids who fall in that higher risk, i have a lot of friends whose kids are high risk. >> what does high risk mean? it is an infant that has a first degree relative, a parent or sibling who has a history of eczema, asthma, food allergy or allergic rhinitis or hay fever. those are the kids at higher list. this meta-analysis included low risk kids and also high risk kids. say if your child is high risk it's safe to do it and i think the take home message for parents is this, if you've had a child since 2008, you've probably already been told by your healthcare provider that it's okay to introduce these highly allergenic foods, we will put a graphic up of what that comprises. the take home is important, if you think your child is at high risk, meaning your other child has a history of peanut allergy it's probably okay -- we want
9:52 am
you the guidance of why you are healthcare professional don't just do it right at home. >> to remind parents the foods are milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, soy nuts, wheat. if you're giving kids the eggs what do you do? >> most experts would say eggs have more than one allergen, probably it's the egg white more than the yolk but practically speaking you can't separate the egg white whole egg. >> when you're doing this consult with your pediatrician, your child's doctor, but in the end if you are a parent and want to give a little something what should you immediately start looking for? >> an allergic reaction to a food can sometimes occur a few minutes after exposure, it could be hives, it could be difficulty breathing, gi symptoms, right, it's a food allergy so they may have an upset stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, but it can also
9:53 am
>> and the thing that's interesting about it is just if you have had a mild reaction the first time it doesn't automatically mean that you will have a mild reaction the next time, it could be a more severe reaction. if you think your child had as had a reaction to a food i would not rechallenge them at home without first consulting an allergist and your pediatrician. >> fascinating information. >> very interesting. >> thank you so much. we are back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
what's going on? >> we've got a lot of estrogen coming up. >> yes, we do. >> we have sutton foster who is so darling in the show younger,
9:56 am
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