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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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looking at.true crume thursday - and we're spotlighting one of the nation's most wanted men...the feds say he's connected to a notorious crime that happened right here in the valley.and ?who will take the lead as donald trump on saturday night live???the answer...revealed... in the morning juice. ???adlib & toss jimmy
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a murder investigation begins this morning near 10th avenue and 12's bryan
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also new this morning -- also new also new this morning -- two people are shot overnight near 48th street and broadway.. team 12's information. the shooting happened before 11 o-clock last night. it happened at this apartment complex near broad wayway near broad waywe're told two people are in this hospital this morning because of their gunshot has non-life-threatening
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serious condition.meantime investigators have spent all night trying to figure out what this time it's not clear what the circumstances were that led up this far no arrests have been made.and no suspect description is available at this in phoenixnico santos12 today it's time for another true crime thursday here on 12 today. and this morning.. the story that has captivated the country.. and baffled investigators for more than a decade. a decade.for more than a
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after the murder.. fbi agents say jason derek brown went to his sister's house in southern california. and just as they were about to arrest him.. he escaped and they haven't seen him since. that put brown on the fbi's ten most wanted list. they're offering up to 200-thousand dollars for a tip that leads to his arrest. checking hot headlines around the valley this morning.. and a 5-year-old is dead after an accidental shooting in avondale. police say the boy found his mom was home at the time.. and called an ambulance. the boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition -- but later died. a former phoenix firefighter has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in glendale. police say 54-year-old jeffrey wilson grabbed the victim by the hair.. pulled her under a bridge near 91st avenue and bethany home road -- and then sexually assaulted her. police say his unusual mustache is what helped lead to his arrest. this morning.. we're getting our first look at the
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truck into a group of people.. as they tried to change a flat tire on the side of the i-10. 61-year-old ronald hull is facing one count of manslaughter and three counts of aggravated assault -- after the crash that killed one person. a breathalyzer test showed hull had a blood alcohol level of "point one-one-eight" at the time of the crash. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio.. raising big money for his bid to gain a seventh term in office.the sheriff has raised 725 thousand dollars in the last month.a campaign wednesday shows arpaio has collected a total of $12 million in contributions over the course of this election cycle.most of arpaio's campaign money comes from donors living in other states. ??toss to morning juice ?? so, who is running for president? if you say donald trump and hillary clinton, you're only half right. that's because for fans of "saturday night live," the key question
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impersonate the candidates on the show this fall. nbc already has kate mckinnon doing clinton. and now it has chosen alec baldwin to do trump when the new season begins saturday. in the past, trump has been played by darrell hammond and taran killam. killam is now off the show and hammond serves as the announcer. this ... could be the creepiest thing you see this depot is taking it off the shelves --- in canada.the shelves --- in canada.take a look at this.the "scary peeper creeper" is meant to look like a "peeping tom" looking in through a window.a mother thought it wasn't funny and complained.home depot apologized and says it will remove the decoration from its canadian store shelves.but you can still buy it in u-s
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time for your juicy question of the morningof the morning20 percent of people admitting to eating this, once in their lifetime.there's a lifetime. there's a decent chance tram, jimmy or krystle have eaten
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time for your juicy question of the morning.10 percent of people say they will ask someone about this on the
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how old... is too old to become a mother?we're asking that question ... because one new mom...just turned... sixty! and by new... we mean... she just gave birth to twins!! good?or just disgusting??? mcdonald's rolls out its new halloween themed menu...and we're checking it
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trivia on this national coffee day. most of us love a good cup of joe in the morning. and it got us the morning. and it got us wondering.. what country produces the most coffee each year? and how much is that? think about it and guess.. we'll have your answer in a half hour. an indiana woman is proving it's never too late to have children. 60-year-old claudette cook beat all odds twin boys this weekend. in order to expand their family, cook and her husband turned to in-vitro fertilization, and used a donor's eggs. it will be a couple of weeks before the couple can take their new children home. kudos to her...kudos to her... there is no right or wrong answer... but that story has answer... but that story has us wondering... when... or is there a time when you are too
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//musicians - parent? //musicians - like mick jagger and keith jagger and like mick //musicians - parent? //musicians - like mick jagger and keith richards... both becoming dads in their both
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//musicians - like mick jagger and keith richards... both becoming dads in their 60s.. thoughts?//is it fair for young children to young //is
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//is it fair for young
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incredibly dramatic video of a kidnapping... caught on camera. how this one ended... in two minutes... pumpkin spice everything this time of year...but in japan... they kick thngs up a notch or two.the special halloween mickey dee's menu in tokyo... it's... creepy.
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checking hot headlines right now...heavy rains and hail brought damage and flooding to parts of north carolina.a park in burlington north carolina was completely washed out. some businesses and homes were damaged by water as well. police say dozens of roads were closed due to flash flooding, and several weather related accidents were reported. frightening video out of los angeles... after a man armed with a hammer is caught on camera kidnapping a convenience store happened on wednesday.and this morning l-a police say they have arrested that guy.the man, identified as 29-year-old jose eduardo gaxiola caro, can be seen carrying a hammer. he grabbed the victim and dragged her out of the store, forcing her into his car outside.caro
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1995 honda civic four-door sedan. he took her to a cemetery where she was able to escape.caro was captured late wednesday after a short pursuit and crash. he was tased by officers. for those who just can't get enough of pumpkin-flavored treats for halloween... mcdonald's japan has begun offering its customers french fries covered with pumpkin and chocolate sauce.chocolate sauce. the new menu item, launched yesterday, is named the 'halloween choco potato'. with this combination of sweet-and-salty taste to mark its 45th anniversary in japan. it's 5?? it's 5??still ahead on 12 today - still ahead on it's 5?? it's 5??still ahead on 12 today - is the monsoon season going out with a bang?jimmy's tracking a chance of afternoon
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a swing and a drive -time tebow surprises even his toughest critics ... yet again in our shot of the morning. and are you ready for p-p-a-p? what it is and why it's trending video you have to see to're watching 12 today.
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you don't put lighter fluid on a gas grill, do you?! he's about to set himself on fire. freaky fast. bam.
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jimmy john's right now on 12news, three officers hit by a driver on purpose. today the driver faces a judge. and striking gold at the box office again? we will talk about that. it is national coffee day.


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