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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a chillingdiscovery --
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a gruesome
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discovery ofhuman bones found is
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the hospitalafter he was hitby c
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know...with what we team 12's jen avenue and investig ###break### minutes. 12 today is the morning juice. 12 today is juice. 12 today is back in two minutes. ###break###
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new this
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new this morning... police are doing an investigation near 41st avenue and union hills. team 12's jen wahl is live with what we know...
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president barack obama is in israel today for the funeral of shimon peres. the president attended the service this morning and delivered a eulogy for the israeli statesman. in 20-12.. the president said no other individual had done as much over the years to bring our two nations closer together. perez died wednesday at 93. the teenager accused of shooting three people at a south carolina school on wednesday is set to appear in court this morning. the boy will be in juvenile court. the judge has not decided whether cameras will be permitted. two students and a teacher were hurt in the incident at townville elementary school. one boy remains in critical condition. tulsa police officer betty shelby is expected in court today for her arraignment on first-degree manslaughter charges. shelby is the officer who shot and killed 40-year-old terence crutcher -- an unarmed black man, two weeks ago.
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the shooting showed crutcher walking away from officer shelby with his arms in the air. her attorney says shelby opened fire when the man began to reach into his s-u-v window. police have said crutcher did not have gun on him or in his vehicle. heavy rain caused several freeways to flood in detroit. lanes on i-75 and other freeways were closed due to major flooding. video shows a submerged car being pulled from the flooded lodge freeway. police say several cars have been totaled and that three drivers had to be rescued. they say most of the flooding is due to debris caught in the storm drains. after weeks of rumors -- lady gaga has confirmed she is heading to the super bowl. the pop singer announced via twitter that she will be performing the half-time show. no word yet on who else may be taking the stage with her. last year..
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???toss morning juice kelly ripa kelly ripa has been a one- woman show for the past few months -- but rumor has it.. the "live with kelly" producers have someone in mind to replace michael they're allegedly looking at john cena -- because he's been so well-received on the show in the past. t-m-z caught up with cena.. and asked him straight up -- would he do it? this is what he said...
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who could forget cory feldman's break-out performance on the today show?! seriously -- people cannot stop talking about it. well now.. corey and his funky dance moves are back. feldman surprised attendees at lucky strike live in hollywood -- with a cover of pink floyd's "money." the video quality is not very good -- but we promise you.. that's him. here are some of his best moves... and we have all decided that jimmy q is going as cory that jimmy q is all decided
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and we have all decided and we have and we have all decided that jimmy q is going as cory feldman for halloween -- because he has it down. jimmy show us some
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moves... time for your juicy question of the morning. a recent survey shows people will 15 today doing this. what is this?
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weather???adlib weather weather weather???adlib this? what is doing this. what is this? ???adlib weather weather???adlib ???adlib weather all this week.. we have had amazing beauty secrets
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beauty products because it's naturally antibacterial and antifungal. so today's d- i-y beauty secret... use coconut oil as a cheekbone highlighter. just sweep a small amount of organic coconut oil on top of makeup and leave it alone. it makes your skin look more glowy. still ahead on 12 today.. shocking new details on just how many election systems were hacked around the country.. plus... the city of phoenix is suing over this ad.. so what's wrong with it? we'll explain in three minutes.. you're watching 12 today... ###break###
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morning.. n-b-c news is learning that there have been more hacking attempts on election systems than previously disclosed. the department of homeland security confirmed over the summer that both illinois and arizona had their elections tampered with -- ?but? now officials are saying that there have been other attempts in more than 20 states. d-h-s has yet to say who was responsible for the failed attempts -- but they have breaches here and in illinois. intelligence officials tell n-b-c news there is now "no doubt" the russian government is trying to influence the election. the city of phoenix has sent donald trump's campaign a cease-and-desist letter -- demanding they pull this t-v ad -- that shows the republican candidate talking
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officers.. insinuating that trump has the endorsement of phoenix p.d. the letter claims the campaign violated federal and state law by using copyrighted material.. including images of the city's logo.. badge.. police department uniforms and employees -- without permission. phoenix mayor greg stanton -- telling 12 news in a statement -- "the letter speaks very strongly for itself. the trump campaign should cease and desist immediately." this morning.. we're tracking several rallies -- right here in arizona. trump will be in prescott valley -- for a campaign rally thistuesday. that's the same day his vice presidential pick -- mike pence -- squares off against hillary clinton's vice presidential pick, tim kaine. and libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is coming to phoenix for a campaign event this saturday. then -- the following saturday -- kaine will be in phoenix for a private fundraising brunch. now again.. you can watch the vice presidential debate -- right here on 12 news. that starts at 6 o'clock local
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and speaking of vice presidents -- joe biden was on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. the two talked about biden's concerns with the first presidential debate and the election.. in general. when it was all over -- the two shared an ice cream cone... you can watch the whole interview on n-b-c-dot-com slash "the tonight show". patrick peterson plays conductor for the day.. we've got the details in the morning juice.
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the monsoon is coming to an end.but that doesn't mean the chance of rain will stop.jimmy is working on your updated weekend forecast.
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a good idea? and does tom brady have a best friend?which two hollywood mega-stars fight over who the quarterback loves more? ???adlib welcome welcome ???adlib welcome ???the monsoon ends today -- adlib & toss jimmy


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