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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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it's an early christmas gift you never wanted.. photo radar cameras are back up and running this morning.. and we've got the locations you need to watch out for... ever worry about your house being broken into? we have five tips on how to prevent being targeted - not sure ariana grande will be talking to ellen anytime soon.. you don't want to miss her trip through a house of horrors.. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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rio vista lake in peoria ???adlib weather
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new this morning.. a deadly accident has shut down a busy valley freeway. team 12's nico santos is live with the details.. and how this could affect your morning commute.
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new this morning.. new this new this morning.. photo-radar be re-activated in the valley. team 12's bryan west has the details.. because nothing says happy holidays like a speeding ticket.. yes - four cameras in chandler are be monitored at ???? arizona and arizona and and ocotillio there is also there is also intersection ray road.morning - a captured will warning in the through november 30.on december 1 - they will be operational and citations will be handed speeding and running a red the city of chandler has american solutions, the cameras were de-in total there cameras throughout most of the located along rd, arizona ray road - for list head to 12 article live in 12 today. checking your hot
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checking your hot headlines.. an officer in the middle of a controversial shooting investigation.. has resigned from the winslow police department. back in march - officer austin shipley shot and killed loreal sina- ginee tsingine after responding to a report of shoplifting. the police report said tsingine threatened officer shipley with scissors before he fired five shots. two fires in chandler over the weekend have now been ruled arsons. both homes
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boulevard. no one lived there and no one was hurt. one of the homes is a total loss. it's time to sign up for health insurance.. open enrollment begins today for health insurance under the affordable care act. here in arizona 14 out of 15 counties -- including maricopa county -- will now have just one insurer to choose for coverage. open enrollment closes at the end of january. an arizona lawmaker says tucson is violating a state law by destroying guns turned in by residents or seized from crime investigations. mark finchem.. a 20-13 law requires that otherwise legal guns obtained by law enforcement agencies be sold. city records show that the tucson police department has destroyed nearly 5-thousand guns in the last three years. out in a flash - burglars spend just minutes inside your home - taking whatever they find valuable.. but the process of picking a place to target takes a little more thought.. team 12's kevin kennedy talked to an actual burglar on what your home reveals - without you even
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???adlib ???adlib you can score free gas this week. we've got the details coming up in your hot headlines... ellen sends ariana grande and producer andy through a haunted house.a haunted andy through and producer ariana grande ellen sends ariana grande and producer andy through a haunted house.some
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morning juice.
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best moments -
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best moments - next in the morning juice.
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checking your hot headlines.. a new study finds more than 8-cars are stolen or vandalized every hour in the u-s - with numbers spiking on weekends. progressive insurance says car owners should be especially cautious at busy events like concerts and sporting venues. and if you must leave something important in your car - be sure to hide it. the price of guacamole is going up.. that's because an avocado shortage prices from a year ago. officials say labor strikes in mexico and the upcoming avocado off-season are causing the price hike. experts say the high prices could linger until after the super bowl.. when the demand for guacamole really soars. tomorrow.. phoenix drivers can score some free gas. it's part of the gas-buddy app's "tanks-giving" event. one top secret valero location in the phoenix area will be giving away $20-
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download the gas-buddy app to get the deal. ???toss ???toss morning juice you all know - ellen loves to scare people. she does it all year round.. but this halloween.. ellen went above and beyond.. sending ariana grande through a haunted house.. with producer andy - who's quickly becoming one of our favorite
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you've got to watch the whole thing.. it's about whole watch the thing.. it's about three minutes of pure gold.. not all of ellen's scares work out in her favor.. jake gyllenhaal is on today's show and proves just that..
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you can you can catch the rest of ellen's interview with jake. that's on at 3 o'clock - right here on channel 12. time for your juicy question of the morning.. in one survey - men were asked.. if your wife or girlfriend is staring at you during dinner with her family.. what might she be telling you with her look. can you name the top three
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still ahead on 12 today.. arizona democrats are taking on the g-o-p.. why they've had it with the republican party.. he went viral after a trump rally here in phoenix.. and now the man behind this video is speaking out. more on his surprising past.. when 12 today returns in three minutes.
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get ready get ready for a busy week of politicians state... hillary clinton is looking to make her case to millennials. she is speaking at a-s-u's tempe campus on wednesday. and her running mate.. tim kaine will be making several stops in arizona on thursday.. holding rallies in both phoenix and tucson. here in the valley.. the virginia senator will be making his remarks entirely in spanish. . and just last night.. we got word that donald trump's running mate mike pence will be in mesa tommorrow morning. this comes after trump paid us a visit over the weekend. also on thursday - mitt romney will be in town for a
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senator john mccain at the cubs spring training park in mesa. doors open at 5-30 and the event starts an hour later.. now to the latest on the twist in hillary clinton's private email case.. the f-b-i says they are working quickly to go through the thousands of new emails - meanwhile.. democrats continue to investigate the timing of the f-b-i's announcment. but their party's presidential nominee is trying to downplay the news.. and focus on firing up voters instead... the nearly 650-thousand emails are connected to clinton's top aide - huma abedin. no one can say how many might be related to her private server.. or whether they're duplicates already seen by investigators.. but donald trump is hoping for
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this morning.. a new poll shows clinton is still holding onto her lead nationally. the latest nbc news - surveymonkey weekly election tracking poll found that clinton's 6-point lead remained virtually unchanged since last week, 47-percent to 41-percent. this morning.. we're learning more about the man behind ?this? viral video. discovered he's made headlines
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???adlib then toss vanessa still ahead on 12 today.. you know your a parent when you do stuff like this! next in your morning juice - we reveal who was in that pikachu costume..
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from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming your way on 12 today... photo radar cameras making a return to the streets in one valley city. where... and when this is happening... donald trump claiming the election is rigged...and democrats in arizona are already suing.yet another twist in the election tale one week before the big day.... and chardonnay for your cat? its a thing...but it's not just for ?felines....


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