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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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and immigration violations but a problem. investigators with the u.s. attorney's office in virginia where the case originated, the fbi, and phoenix pd say none of that is true. they say no one is investigating any kind of human trafficking here. but they won't say what the case is actually about. >>reporter: he started walking back his comments this afternoon saying he was telling us just what he was told and it was all preliminary so far no agencies will admit to giving live in ahwautukee, william pits 12 news. people in buckeye upset over skyrocketing water bills. we're live with the latest. charlie. >>reporter: mark, 6:00 tonight is when dozen ands dozens of buckeye residents expected to come together at city hall and
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they're trying to figure out why some people's water bills costing into the hundreds of dollars. one of the people we've been following is jeff hancock fighting high water bills for the last two months and the city is giving hip the run around and he was hoping that by having city workers check for leaks he could take a few steps forward in getting this resolved. our cameras were rolling and the workers weren't happy to see us. citizens become more and more frustrated. this yielded very little answers for jeff who is expected to pay his $400 water bill tomorrow. now, coming up at 6:00, we'll give you more -- show you more about what happened during that discussion with those worker ands also give you an update on jeff's story. live from buckeye, 12 news. >> got to be frustrating. thanks, charlie. is there something out there that you want 12 news to
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verify @12 a terrible halloween trick a group of trick or treaters hit by paint balls in phoenix. it happened around 7:30 near 31st avenue and sweet water. a silver suv drove by and started shooting. ass many as four kids were hurt including five year-old logan white. >> i got hit by a paint ball. is stinged. >> somebody would target them and think that's a good time to, you know, hurt kids. >> if you know who may have been driving that silver suv, just go ahead and call phoenix police. right now, let's take a look at your hot headlines. a wrong way driver is being blamed for a deadly crash on the loop 101 in north phoenix. two cars crash head on near 35th avenue happening around 3 this morning. both drivers killed and
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their names. explosion at a gas pipeline in alabama could cause prices at the pump to go on up the east coast. one person killed and i've others hurt when a construction truck hit the pipeline yesterday causing the blast. the pipeline's closure is not expected to cause gas prices to rise here out in the west. today is the day, it's the ballot. it is a mad dash to get out the vote here in arizona. both presidential campaigns hitting our state hard in the final weeks of the election. graham is here with tonight's campaign report card. program. >> this is what it feels like to be a battleground state in the presidential race.
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gonna leave. politicians are the new snow birds. they're flocking to arizona in numbers we never see before a presidential election. in just the last four weeks, bernie sanders, chelsea chin ton, michelle obama, donald trump jr. twice, mike pence, tim kaine twice, hillary clinton once, and donald trump twice. have made or are making campaign stops here. >> if our supporters all get out and make heard,. trump is saying the same thing act the gop race for the republicans. >> we're ten days away from the change you've been waiting for. >> trump launched the big final push for votes on saturday, next three days are packed. trump running mate mike pence at the mesa convention center at 10:00 a.m. wednesday.
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in tempe at 6:30 p.m.. tim kaine gives a speech in spanish only at 2:00 p.m. in the marryville community center then off to tucson. on friday -- >> really polite. asked if we needed help. gave us water. >> donald trump jr. expected back in the valley for the second time in a week. when we last saw him, he was pushing a stranded car in mesa off the street. no word yet on place for donald trump jr.'s appearance. give not word that the clinton campaign might send bill clinton to arizona in these final days. check both campaign's websites for more details. brahm, 12 news. >> thank you. our treats for troops campaign is happening right now. why issue chance to show support for our troops who do so much through uso arizona. >> do so much for military members across the state so we
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>> we're introduced to a local airman with a special mission before being deployed. >> airman first class delvin is proud to serve his country. >> i feel like a soup hero. i walk differently, my tone, everything feels different. >> called to duty as a member of the arizona air national guard, he's preparing to deploy over seas. >> guess what i got for you? ut very important project. >> it was a warm sunny day -- >> he's reading a story to his 4 year-old daughter and twin two year-old boys with a little help from uso arizona. >> uh oh, the little kitty is in trouble. >> armed with a video camera and books for all ages. volunteers from uso arizona record these special moments. >> he stopped the engine and
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kitten. >> so deployed service members can stay connected to their kids. >> it's called united through reading. >> having this recording that the child can listen to over and over and over is the perfect way to keep them connected to their mom or dad while they're deployed. >> oh, goodness, i wonder what's gonna happen. >> reading to his kids today took on a much bigger meaning. >> eye kind of teared up a bit and way more moment than i ever considered it would be. those little things we take for granted, birthdays and all the little things that are important. you know what i mean, it all kind of came to me in that moment. >> whenever you need us, rider said, yelp for help. >> they'll be apart during this deployment, they're proud to serve our country as a military family. >> i think it goes beyond myself and the whole family,
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and the sacrifices they made. >> as he finishes the story. >> that was a good book. hope you guys enjoyed that. >> he adds a special message to his wife and kids so they can hear it every day. >> i just want you guys to know that i love you so much and i miss you dearly, and i'll be home soon. i mess you. bye bye. -- miss you, bye bye. >> 12 news. >> what a sweet program that is isn't it? >> yes. >> you can help out the donating your leftover halloween candy for our treats for troops campaign. >> and bring your donations to any hungry howies locations through november the 4. those will go to support uso million tear programs that reach throughout our state. >> we thank them for taking this program with us and partnering up with us. still to come on 12 news at 5, fewer football fans tuning
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is the dropoff in ratings because of the increase in penalty flags? duke way weighs in on the debate. up close and personal with sea lions. how they train the animals here. here's a look at today's social soundoff question, what are the top cities for home brewing beer? we'll reveal the answer coming
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the odyssey aquarium is one of the valleys newest attractions that opened in scottsdale a few months ago. >> now they're imsiting us for a look at hundreds of different animals. >> crystal is live right now. hey, crystal. >>reporter: hey, there. guys, we got a little trick here for you.
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umm-hum, it's ella. weaver live at the training facility. you can check this out when you do a blind the scenes tour. jess, what do you and your team do in here? >> we demonstrate a lot of behaviors and work on those, especially our medical training behaviors so just something normal but really what we do is just spend quality time with our animals developing and nurturing that relationship that's critical between our staff and >> she was rescue. we found her on the beach we think the day of her birth because her umbilical cord was attached and we think people chased her mom off. she's thriving and doing really well. >>reporter: before we send it back dough yo, ella has a special good-bye for you.
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ella, kiss good-bye. blow kiss. >> oh. >>reporter: back to you guys. >> she is talent. >> southeast adorable. >> thanks so much, crystal. it's a great attraction. i took my girls during the grand opening and just so many cool things to see there. saw the doyle dory fish. one of their favorites. anything outside temperatures on target especially the high temperature for the day. 82 degrees on phoenix. we have a weather disturbance. an area of low pressure that is part of the jet stream but very soon is gonna be disconnected from that so will turn into a cutoff low so it's cutoff from the jet stream and will allow
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arizona here for the next few days what that's gonna go for us beginning late wednesday night, thursday and friday, will bring a chance of rain. this is primarily more important for the high country because that's where we're expecting most of the rain. could see anywhere from half an inch to inch and a half especially along portions of the white mountains and then here in the valley, we're gallon that have a chance of rain -- gonna have a chance of rain all though slight. thunderstorms are possible. in addition to regular see lightning strikes and also thunder. 53-60 tonight. cooler, partly cloudy skies across the valley. tomorrow, 77-82. keep these really nice temperatures going tomorrow and really for the next few days, along with that chance of rain, we get up to about a 20 percent chance on thursday and it's about a 15 percent chance on friday and right now, the weekend is looking good. all though, things will be warming up just a bit. back to the 90s there on monday and tuesday.
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>> thanks a lot. all right. nfl tv ratings are down. a number of different reasons have been given but how legitimate is this one. the game has become unwatch you believe because of the referees. now, has the perceived number of flags adversary affected the game and has the quality of officiating >> oakland were flagged 23 time ands the buccaneers were typed three other penalties. >> holding, offense, number 66. ten yard penalty. second down. >> somehow the raiders managed to win the game but the coaches and players were irate with the men in stripes after the game. josh 45 man was flagged ten tames for hands to the face.
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brandt freeman. >> i got to know. he's official 88? he sucked. just gonna be honest with you. gonna be straightforward. he was terrible and i feel like he should be re-richardson manned. some of the plays going on out there was terrible. >> in carolina, neither the cardinals or panthers were happy with officiating. the card 23458s were penalized including three in a drive. >> all i said was are you freaking kidding me? that's three flags in a row and he took his hat off and threw another one. i got to keep my composure there. i've said a lot worse to refs without getting flags. i let the frustrations of some of the penalties they were calling affect me and i lost my cool and i can't do that. >> panthers quarterback cam newton was not happy with the
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the knees by calais campbell which didn't draw a flag and mercy, cam didn't use any words when addressing the media. >> it's not fun. it's not fun. it's really taking the fun out of the game for me. honestly. at times, i don't even feel safe. enough is enough. >> well, the league agreed with cam newton today saying calais flagged for hitting him blow the knee and fans, players, coaches all clearly upset with a high number of flags referees are throwing out there this year and i tell you what, it's making the game unwatch you believe for all of us; right? >> yeah. >> i was getting frustrated watching the game. >> but it's kind of a dam inside yo do, and dammed in you don't. if you don't protect the players enough in the case of cam newton. >> sure. sure. you need the referees to legislate the game but, mark,
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maybe a tackle is six inches. >> it's the ticky tack flag. >> yeah, way too much. many. >> aagree. i agree. >> coop has spoken. >> take that to the bank. 'til ahead, it is turn back the clock tuesday. tell you the five ways all guys
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers
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his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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today we're talking about fives ways that men can look younger. number one is especially important here always wear sunscreen. harmful uv rays can break down skin fibers which cause it to sag. >> number two, lose the booze. alcohol can dehydrate you making your skin look dull. >> number three, shave. a bittish study found that men with facial hair looked about ten years older than they are and shaving helps remove dead skin cells. number four, exercise. going for a jog can help reduce
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slow down cell aging. >> and full-timely number five and this makes foal sense, eat better. a big one here is to try and cut out excess sugar from your diet because that can lead to inflammation which can make you appear older. >> weren't we just talking yesterday about pairing halloween candy and wines. >> definitely a mixed message. >> how does this fit in request that? >> get the alcohol and sugar and hitting autothe groups. >> maybe you do that and afterwards do all this to make >> today is turn back the clock tuesday. yesterday was monday madness. >> right. all right, up next on 12 news at 5, looking to relieve some of the stress caused by all this election madness? >> yes, please. >> how one business is letting
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and coming up on 1 news at 6:00, the water crisis in buckeye. >> we'll be live at a city council meeting where angry homeowners are trying to figure
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spiking. it's a story we've been verifying since the start and continued to dig into. a golf course in texas, this is genius, they're offering up some relief to stressed out voters. the owner hung up giant pictures of the two presidential nominees as targets on the driving range. plenty of people have been out there taking out their frustrations but the real question is, which candidate has been hit the most? >> do we have an answer or >> i don't think we do. >> what could that say? the worst golf players? >> oh my goodness. >> thanks everybody.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school
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paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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tonight, the final-week frenzy. after days on defense, clinton comes out swinging, and trump responds, as both campaigns hit the home stretch. tonight the battleground map, where it stands, with time running out. gas shortage fears. a massive explosion knocks out one of the gg america, used to supply over a dozen states. drivers could end up paying the price. windows warning. microsoft's new alert to customers about hack attacks linked to russia. and tonight what nbc news has learned about putin's efforts to rid russia of a big american name. the pot vote. marijuana on the ballot from coast to coast. red states, blue


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