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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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left or right - no one knows which way we'll go.. but that might change today.. as two high profile politicans come to town. and a thief breaks into a car to steal.. a candy bar? we've got the whole headlines.. plus.. jimmy kimmel has done it again! the best moments from this year's halloween challenge - that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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we did it once before with a clinton - but will arizona turn blue for another this november? team 12's bryan west is live with hillary's big push for latino voters - today in tempe... she is making an all-out pitch to arizona's latino voters using her speech here at the intramural fields next to asu's fitness complex.the event is an early-vote rally... it is set up for according to an aide with the campaign ---- she will be introduced by the parents of slain army private damian lopez-rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant who was awaiting his american citizenship when he was killied in iraq in 2007.the parents brought him to the us from mexico as a child.the campaign is also going to be releasing a battery of new campaign ads including... 27 million strong which focuses on the 27 eligible latino voters in the us.the hope is to take what could be a swing state and turn it blue for the second time in the state's history.polls show her in a dead heat against republican nominee donald trump. her running mate virginia senator tim kaine will be
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at the maryvale community center.both pushing in the state as a last-minute effort ahead of tuesday's election tempe, bw 12 today. the trump campaign is looking to turn the tables in their direction.. today.. trump's running mate - mike pence will be in mesa for an event. that's where we find pence is coming back to arizona as our state has really emerged as a battleground's all happening here at the mesa convention's one of three stops he'll be making today including new mexico, and colorado.both campaigns have really made arizona a priority since it's been a toss-up state for some time the meantime the latest poll shows donald trump is widening his lead in the grand canyon state.a survey released yesterday shows
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45 to 41 percent.we're less than a week out from the general the race is really on. we're getting ready to set up in the next hour or so.the secret service will do a security sweep before anyone can do it.doors open at 8event starts at 10 ms clinton's running mate - tim kaine will make several stops here tomorrow.. he'll be holding two rallies - one in tucson and one in phoenix. we're told he'll be speaking entirely in spanish at the even here in phoenix. also tomorrow - mitt romney will be in town for a "get out the vote rally" for senator john mccain at the cubs spring training park in mesa. doors open at 5-30 and the event starts an hour later.. checking your hot
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- stolen from a local shelter.. have been found safe. the 11-week-old cattle dog mixes were taken from the arizona animal welfare league about a week ago.. and just yesterday.. a couple of good samaritans spotted the puppies in a canal behind the shelter. a-a-w-l says the trio were very hungry and will need to be evaluated by a vet. police still have not tracked down the dog-nappers. one thief took his craving a little too far in kansas. police say the thief broke into a man's car to and here's the really bizarre part - the thief left a note to the victim.. explaining that the door was unlocked so they grabbed the candy - and only the candy. the victim tweeted a photo of the note and kit kat's brand account actually responded and offered to send him a replacement. this morning.. researchers believe they've found the skeleton of amelia earhart and it could reveal new details about her final moments. they say the skeleton is that of a castaway.. meaning earhart ?may not? have died in a plane
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time. experts say the bones' measurements are "virtually identical" to that of earhart - ?but? they have not yet been proven to be hers. you might not have to plug your phone in to charge it - ever again. the tech world is buzzing this morning that the i-phone 8 will charge wirelessly. the feature is currently being tested but experts say there are a lot of challenges working against them. other i-phone 8 rumors include a bett and a faster processor. and don't forget - you could score free gas today. it's part of the gas-buddy app's "tanks-giving" event. one top secret valero location in the phoenix area will be giving away $20-worth of free gas while supplies last. you must download the gas-buddy app to get the deal. it's a story you saw
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massive spikes in their water bill.. and now those homeowners are taking their water woes - straight to the mayor.. but as team 12's ryan cody explains - it's not
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currently working on a plan to find the root of these billing issues - until then.. the fight then.. the fight continues.. if you have a problem that you want team 12 to verify.. send us an email at "verify-at-12-news-dot-com." ???toss matt still ahead on 12 today.. president obama is fan of free tacos.. the reason why - coming up in 15 minutes.
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jimmy kimmel is now enemy "number one" to kids around the nation.. we've got some of the best moments from this year's halloween challenge. that's just ahead in your morning juice.
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new feature here on 12 new feature we have a
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we have a new feature here on 12 today. we want you to get interactive with us each morning.. and answer our poll questions. you just have grab your phone or tablet.. and simply go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice. our question this morning:"what are you most looking forward to in november" - election day black friday and christmas decorations. it takes two seconds to cast your opinion. once again.. go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice. we will give you live results throughout the morning. ???toss morning juice big news for fans of harry potter.. the word is out that johnny depp makes a cameo in the new "fantastic beasts and where to find them" film - but that's not all! depp will also appear in ?at
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franchise. warner brothers managed to keep this all under wraps until just yesterday - when journalists started seeing early screenings of the film. this is not the first surprise of the new franchise. last month - the author - j.k. rowling announced they would be making five movies - instead of three.. and apparently.. that was a surprise to even the actors.. listen to this...
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you can catch the full interview today at 3 o'clock - right here on channel 12.. and see "fantastic beasts" when it comes to theaters on november 18-th. ok guys - this is something we look forward to every year - jimmy kimmel's halloween challenge. this has been going on for six years now and it gets better and better each time.. here are some our favorite moments from the latest
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time now for your juicy question of the morning.. surveys show this is the main reason that 45-50-percent of people will show up for work
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?? traffic ??
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still ahead on 12 today.. it's starting to feel a lot like christmas.. the two iconic trees that are headed to some pretty famous
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president obama sure loves free tacos.. what he had to say at a rally yesterday.. that's coming up when 12 today returns in three minutes.
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checking checking checking your hot headlines.. it looks like we're going to have a game seven. the chicago cubs held on last night against the cleveland indians. tonight's game will settle it once and for all. that starts at 5 o'clock local time. everyone is talking about the world series - even president obama. at a rally yesterday.. the president reminded the crowd that for every base fans can get a free taco... it might be a little early for some to start
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on its way to d-c. the 80-foot spruce was chopped down yesterday.. and is now making its 3-thousand mile cross-country journey from idaho. one of the season's most famous trees has been selected. this norway spruce will soon be standing at rockefeller center. next week.. it will be cut down and driven to the big apple. once it gets there.. the tree will be decorated and crowned with a swarovski star. you can watch the tree lighting ceremony on november 30-th - right here on n-b-c. we have a new feature here on 12 today. we want you to get interactive with us each morning.. and answer our poll questions. you just have grab your phone or tablet.. and simply go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice. our question this morning:"what are you most
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- election day- thanksgiving- black friday and christmas decorations. it takes two seconds to cast your opinion. once again.. go to 12 news dot com... slash your voice.we will give you live results throughout the morning. the morning.throughout results throughout the morning.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu.
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unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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they have one week left to make their case...and hillary clinton.. leaving nothing to chance.she's in the valley today trying to win over latino voters... mike pence - trying to beat her to the punch...and holding a rally of ?his own this morning in mesa. we are live with that... it's a gloomy day around the office here...and charlie


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