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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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they have one week left to make their case...and hillary clinton.. leaving nothing to chance.she's in the valley today trying to win over latino voters... mike pence - trying to beat her to the punch...and holding a rally of ?his own this morning in mesa. we are live with that... it's a gloomy day around the office here...and charlie
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the wounds...we're looking ahead to game 7 all morning long... ? from the 12 news studios what's coming your way on 12 today... adliob a second then
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???adlib traffic today.... decision 2016 is all over the valley. hillary clinton is making a campaign stop at arizona state university... just days after donald trump was here. team 12's bryan west is live
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election day is less than a week away... and republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is holding a rally in a just a few 12's nico santos is live at the mesa convention center. pence is coming back to arizona as our state has really emerged as a battleground's all happening here at the mesa convention's one of three stops he'll be making today including new mexico, and colorado.both campaigns
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priority since it's been a toss-up state for some time the meantime the latest poll shows donald trump is widening his lead in the grand canyon state.a survey released yesterday shows trump leading over clinton 45 to 41 percent.we're less than a week out from the general the race is really on.we're getting ready to set up in the next hour or so.the secret serce before anyone can do it.doors
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checking hot headlines this morning - a change in political jobs could be on the horizon for phoenix mayor greg stanton. he has filed paperwork that will enable him to run for arizona secretary of state in 2018. but... just because he filed... doesn't mean he is committing to running...
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we are looking ahead to .. tomorrow. hillary clinton's running mate - tim kaine will make several stops in arizona. he'll be holding two rallies - one in tucson and one in phoenix. we're told he'll be speaking entirely in spanish at the one here in phoenix. also tomorrow - mitt romney will be in town for a "get out the vote rally" for senator john mccain at the cubs spring training park in mesa. doors open at 5-30 and the event starts an hour later.. ??? toss to morning juice ??? he was the star of the summer bolt is about to the star of the holidays too.the fastest man in the world... turned his many talents to acting and singing...and ... well...
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before you start thinking... is that real?no.. it's not.but it is a pretty convincing lip- sync job... right?bolt recently stared in this ad for a jamacan telecom company... that he's hung up his track spikes... it's a safe bet that his next gold.. might be ... oscar. if your pumpkin spice lattes were not enough... another sign that the holidays and --- as expected, they're sparking controversy again. last year, some people were upset over their plain old red cups, calling it a war on christmas. so what did starbucks do? they made this year's cups ---- green. the design features a mosaic connecting people on the cup. timed with the upcoming electon, starbucks says the cups were created to be a symbol of unity, celebrate community, and encourage us to be good to each other. some twitter users threatened
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starbucks of "political brainwashing" by wading into the election. brainwashing?.... seriously....? it's a cup people.... time now for your juicy question of the morning.. surveys show this is the main reason that 45-50% of people will show up for work today. it doesn't matter is you are younger, older.... male or female. what is
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cubs win! cubs win!game seven.. tonight in cleveland... a large part of the east valley ... happy this morning...our prodcuers?they aren't... and that has charlie sheen weighing in on the series.his reaction to last night's loss?priceless... breaking down last nights world series game six... in five minutes... minutes...six... in five series game nights world breaking loss?his reaction weighing in on has charlie they aren't...this morning...a large part tonight in cubs win! cubs what is are younger, it doesn't will show up the main show this is the morning.. question of time now people....brainwashing?..the election.brainwashing" starbucks of the cup, company in threatened to each other. encourage us celebrate to be a symbol starbucks the upcoming cup.connecting features a people last year, again.wa3 controversy they'recte this bolt recently rght tt nncg p-et b it a ns % a bfo y results... check out the and ... well... singing...many talents world... man in the the fastest star of the about to the usain bolt is and now... summer star of the he was th
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t mm soojo ray"orthvoe weg r- phoeni.h at ere ispki he'll be .to .looah ys.los aheag stto ale running...committing to running... and while greg stanton looks ahead two years... we are two years...looks ahead greg stanton and while greg stanton looks ahead two years... we are looking ahead to .. clinton's stops in holding two phoenix.speaking will be in town mccain at the at 5-30 and the and now... the fastest to a a rul..efe if your pumpkin spice lattes were not enough... lattes were not enough... it a war on christmas. what did starbucks they made this year's cups ---- tiplonheupures i3 hepcmi ectoprbucks says the cup created to be a symbol of unity, celatcounty time now for your juicy eon of erng. a450% of o wilw d don'maes u younger, older.... male or female.this? cleveland... of the east
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on this week's wednesday's child, we meet kelly. she's very creative and an out-of- the-box thinker. but when it comes to wanting a forever family, she's just like any other child, and longs for
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if you'd like to learn more about kelly or helping a child in foster care, please contact aask- aid to adoption of special kids at 602-930-4900. organizations like aask help families build ti children like kelly through adoption. for more information you can also visit their website at: believe it or not, baseball's world series is going the distance.the chicago cubs posted another impressive win over the cleveland indians to force game 7. the cubs went up early... then in the 3rd inning, addison russell connects for a grand-slam putting the cubs on
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win 9-3, forcing a seventh and deciding game, coming up tonight in cleveland. and believe it or not, according to reports on social media, standing-room only tickets for game 7 are going for 14- hundred dollars! and during the game last night - charlie sheen tweeted this. "who ever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the 1st pitch in any of these home games, sayin." and then he put the score -- which at the time -- was 7 to 1 cubs. you can also see he included a picture of sheen and a friend standing outside the indians
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we have a new feature here on 12 today. we want you to get interactive with us each morning.. and answer our poll questions. you just have grab your phone or tablet.. and simply go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice. our question this morning: "what are you most looking forward to in november"- election day- thanksgiving- black friday and christmas decorations. it takes two seconds to once again.. go to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice. we will give you live results throughout the morning. the countdown is on... the race... tight. the candidates? well they have less than one week to convince anyone left undecided... to vote for them. plus -- a story that impacts everyone working on our newscast this morning...and plenty of you too... the link between sleep deprivation... and your five
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with less than a week
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soon the fbi will wrap up its hillary clinton email investigation. team 12's tracie potts is live in washington this morning with that plus... where the candidates are spending their time and their money in these last few days. ?? ad lib ?? the clinton surrogates are all over the map today: president obama, vice president biden, bill and chelsea clinton, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you.
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indications are early voting's been pretty heavy?q: trump said early voters and change their ballots. is that true? and for everyone sick and for a: tba is that true? their ballots. and change can go back early voters q: trump said early voters can go back and change their ballots.
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and for everyone sick and for everyone sick out the weather channel on november 8th. the cable channel - plans to air 9 straight hours of what it calls "the most beautiful, awe- inspiring and calming weather video" ever caught on tape. picture clouds - rainbows and fall colors - set to a smooth jazz soundtrack. the weather channel says it's guaranteed to "set your soul at ease" on election day. wells fargo - making headlines again this morning...and if you have a mortgage through them... you're going to want
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a deadly attack on police officers in iowa.the tragic details of what happened overnight... ?? ad lib ??
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better.
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"the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. they have one week to make their case.hillary clinton in town later today...----mike pence... in town in just a few hours.both trying to voters their party.. deserves the white house....----and if you have had enough of the politics...we have some good news to share this morning...about a couple of pups... in a bad spot.
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