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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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homegrown terrorism.. a teen accused of plotting an attack here in the valley - will learn his sentence today.. and it's off to the races.. the boat is.. we're live at this unique event for fun friday.. that moment when you find out you've been you find out you've been singing your favorite song all wrong... yeah.. that happened to ellen on her own show.. we've got the video in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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weather ???adlib weather new this morning.. the teenager suspected of plotting a terror attack in the valley - is scheduled to be
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santos has the details.. less than a already took a plea a judge just how long he will spend mahin khan pleaded guilty to three charges terrorism conspiracy to commit and conspiracy to commit involving weapons.he was arrested back in june after an investigation joint terrorism task force. court documents show -- investigators learned about communication from khan and an unnamed person.investigators say he requested weapons claimed he was trying to contact members of a terrorist groupand that he also requested directions to 'pressure cooker' bomb.two of the charges carry a minimum combined sentence of seven years and a maximum sentence could mean 12 years and three pl suspratn - checking hot headlines headlines at 10:30.this morning set to start his sentencing set to
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checking hot headlines now.. a jury of 11 white people and one black man has been selected in the trial of a white police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man. cellphone video shows 34-year-old michael slager shooting walter scott eight times after he fled a traffic stop in south carolina. slager is facing 30 this morning.. the country music association is being accused of giving into racism. fans say the c-m-a awards' social media account ?intentionally? deleted posts about beyonce's award show performance - after receiving racist comments. u-s-a today reports that once word got out - the c-m-a started to include photos of the performance in new posts. the association has also released a has also released a statement saying they never erased any mentions never erased any mentions of beyonce's performance.
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revealing the details of her alleged sexual harassment by her former boss - roger ailes. in kelly's upcoming book "settle for more" - she says ailes offered to advance her career in exchange for sexual favors.. and allegedly implied he would not renew her contract when she refused his advances. kelly also writes about one instance when ailes attempted to grab and kiss her multiple times. the book is scheduled for release on november 15-th. harvard has suspended its men's soccer team after players made sexual about members of the women's team. an investigation by harvard's student newspaper found the men were rating the attractiveness of female players and giving reasons for their decisions. the team - which is currently in first place in the ivy league - will forfeit the rest of its games this season. this morning.. chicago welcomes home its world series champs. after more than 100-years.. the city will have a parade to celebrate the cubs' win. the parade kicks off 9 o'clock arizona
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let's talk sports now - with 12 sports insider jay taylor.. jay - game 7 of the world series was the most-watched baseball game in 25-years. 40-million in 25-years. 40-million people tuned in.. compared to about 15-million last year. do you think we could see interest build in baseball - or was this a one-time thing? get this - the winning
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than $3-million dollars if its ever sold at auction. that makes it one of the most expensive pieces of sports memorabilia ever.???adlib ???adlibever.memorabilia sports pieces of expensive most it one of the that makes auction.ever sold at dollars if its million more than $3-valued at game ball is the winning get this - thing? get this - the winning game ball is valued at more than $3-million dollars if its ever sold at auction. that makes it one of the most expensive pieces of sports memorabilia ever.???adlibever.
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weekend couldn't get here any faster.. seriously though - this is us running out the door when the show's over.. and it's also where we find team 12's bryan west this morning. bryan - what's
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still ahead on 12 today.. it's the final stretch.. and the candidates are pulling out all the stops.. we've got the latest from the campaign trail.. in 15-minutes. it happens to the best of us - even ellen! justin singing the wrong lyrics.. the song they were talking about -- that's next in your morning juice.
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morning juice don't you guys just hate it when you find out you've been singing lyrics to your favorite song - all wrong! what's worse? when you get called out by the person who actually wrote the song.. check this out...
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you can catch the rest of ellen's sit down with j-t.. that's at 3 o'clock - right here on channel 12.. and shhh! you didn't hear it from us - but mario lopez makes a surprise appearance. let's talk about another guy now who can go by just the initials in his name -- neil patrick harris. fans are freaking out after netflix released the first official look of n-p-h as the iconic children's book villain - count olaf.. check this out...
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the first season of "a series of unfortunate events" comes to netflix this january. time for your juicy question of the morning.. 75 to 80-percent of these are
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our call 12 for action team helps people solve problems every day - but a lot of them can be prevented in the first place. team 12's stacia naquin joins us now with the one thing that could
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we are less than a week away from the election. and this morning.. we're taking an unsciti today's question - who will win the maricopa county sheriff race? the incumbent - sheriff joe arpaio.. the challenger - paul penzone.. or someone else. it's simple to vote.. just go to 12 news dot com slash your voice. all it takes is a matter of seconds to weigh in. we will have the final results.. right before the today show. still ahead on this fun friday.. there's something for everyone at the box office.. in 20 minutes.. jay taylor and i are giving you a preview of this
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7 candidates in 8 states.. hillary clinton and donald trump are not taking any voters for granted.. the latest from the campaign trail - when 12 today returns in three minutes.. ###break###
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donald trump ?junior?
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he's planning to
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gilbert water tower plaza.gilbert water event at the campaign host a planning to he's the valley trump ?junior? donald decision 20-16.. now to now to decision 20-16.. donald trump ?junior? is returning to the valley today. he's planning to host a campaign event at the gilbert water tower plaza. that starts this morning at 10-45. yesterday.. hillary clinton's running mate - tim kaine made a historic speech
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spanish.. becoming the first major party nominee to do so. the candidates are in full swing today with just five days to go. hillary clinton rallies voters in pennsylvania and michigan. tim kaine is in florida.. meanwhile - the president is in wisconsin and bill clinton is taking over colorado. both jay z and cher are holding concerts for clinton in ohio and boston. and donald trump has a busy day. he's holding three campaign events - one in new hampshire.. another in ohio and will end his day in pennsylvania. taking an unscientific.. poll of 12 news viewers. today's question - who will win the maricopa county sheriff race? the incumbent - sheriff joe arpaio.. the challenger - paul penzone.. or someone else. it's simple to vote.. just go to 12 news dot com slash your voice.???toss vanessa still ahead on 12 today.. the trailer we've all been waiting for is we've all been waiting for is finally out - we're talking about "wonder woman". get your first
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