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tv   12 News  NBC  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the first travers winner to take the breeders' cup classic. let's go to mike. >> mike: tom, thank you. a lot of buzz down here, obviously, after the win by arrogate and the hardware to show for it now. juan carlos capelli from longines has the presentation. >> thank you very much. congratulations. fantastic race. >> i'll ask you to hand that back because belinda, representing santa anita, has a beautiful trophy to pass along. >> congratulations. >> this is great. this feels beautiful. >> garrett, what does this mean to not only win the classic but to beat california chrome in this race? >> well, first of all, i'd like to just pass on an awful lot of our admiration for california chrome and what a fantastic race. i think we have a very exceptional horse that we're very proud of, but that's what it took to beat california chrome today. and we obviously didn't do it until about the last ten yards,
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the ground since then. >> and three in a row for that man right over there, bob baffert. what can you say about bob? >> he's very, very special. that's why we came here. it was to get trophies like this. and i'm also going to pass on the same accolade to mike smith, who i think now has ridden ten grade 1 winners from 15 or 16 grade 1 rides ever for juddmonte, and that's pretty special. >> nick: caps off a spectacular breeders' cup weekend as well. congratulations toou involved with arrogate, winner of the 2016 breeders' cup classic. tom, back to you. >> tom: all right, mike. a perfect ending to what was really a tremendous rendition of the breeders' cup, 33rd one was one to remember. >> high expectations and i wasn't let down by yesterday or today's result. i can't wait for a rematch. >> chromies shouldn't hang their heads. based on the running time, california chrome ran the best race of his life and arrogate still ran him down.
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classic. special thanks to equibase, the industry's official database for thoroughbred racing information. coming up next on nbc, it's "dateline." and later tonight, it's an all-new "saturday night live." january 28th, horse racing returns to nbc with the world's richest thoroughbred race, the inaugural running of the $12 million pegasus world cup invitational. so, for our entire nbc sports crew, this is tom hammond saying so long from the 2016 >> connecting arizona, 12news starts now. >> good evening. we are now just three days away from the election. and today, a big decision coming down from the supreme court. the u.s. supreme court ruling in favor of a law that bans
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arizona. now, just last night, the court of appeals ruled against the law making it legal. but then, in a few hours, the arizona attorney general filed a motion with the supreme court asking for an emergency stay on the ruling. that meaning bat roll collecting is now illegal in arizona. and, the ballots that were collected last night during the legal time frame can be turned in monday to be counted. dr. ben carson was in phoenix this opponent donald trump. carson spoke at the arizona republican headquarters focusing on encouraging people to vote and to change the dynamic of the government. >> he said before we turned it into form of comment, the people of america would recognize what they were about to lose. and, a rapid grass roots movement would start and people
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>> tomorrow, bernie sanders will be campaigning for his former opponent hillary clinton. he will be speaking at a rally tomorrow morning at 11:45. a family is sharing their grief, but also thanks the community for their support. this after a 16-year-old girl was killed riding her bicycle. nico santos joins us live from buck crash. >> hey, yes, this is definitely a sad story. we are essentially standing where the crash scene happened. the roads are back to normal, but there is still evidence o the crash. we understand that a driver hit the bicyclist here behind us at the intersection of yuma and i
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the victim chloe schneider. buckeye police confirming the driver stopped and cooperated with the investigation. but, chloe was taken to the hospital with extensive injury. her mom terming us that the impact of the crash knocked her helmet off before she hit the ground. so sadly, she was pronounced dead at the hospital. she said chloe made friends wherever she went and made such an impact. i because of being able to say that we knew her personally. i don't think that her death is going to change her impact. >> i just know that chloe is watching from above seeing all of these people who cared about her. and just know that ... it warms my heart she touched to many. keep your kids safe. it just takes a second! >> reporter: this certainly is a tough sound to hear from the
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this. coming up on 12news at 10:00, we are going to learn more about chloe's love for sports. if you want to help the family with financing for a funeral service, go to nico santos, 12news. >> all right, thank you very much nico. now, taking a look at today's hot headlines. mesa police are investigating after a four-year-old drowned at a house in university and valvista. a group of people marched support of protesters at standing rock. the group walked from wes plaza to cityscape. in support of those protesting the pipeline in dakota. a vigil was held for sergeant paul tuozzolo in new york city. he was shot an killed in the line of duty just yesterday. for many, it is a mystery
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years. where are their missing loved ones? tonight, many families may have gotten one step closer to getting answers thanks to missing in arizona day. team 12's monique griego has more on this second annual event. >> reporter: a room full of resources for families in desperate need of relief. this is the second annual missing in arizona day event. right now, in this state alone, law enforcement says there are around 2,000 unsolved missing person's cases. >> there's also about 1300 unidentified bodies aware of. now, some of the cases could be linked and it could be a story. it could be a photo. it could be dna that helps us to close the cases. >> reporter: at today's event, law enforcement agents are gathering any information they can to hopefully get them some answers. >> it is a one stop shop for them to make sure the missing person's report is generated. we can obtain a dna sample from them. >> reporter: last year, the
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person's case for nine different families. while the endings are not always happy, many families are happy for any sense of closure. >> some have had to wait a long time. 10 to 20 years. so that burden is off. it may be sad, but now they know. >> reporter: if you have a missing loved one and want to find out more, go to and click on this story. switching gears now, if you are looking for something fun there is a great event happening in scottsdale. the grand prix gives you a chance to take a trip back into the 1920s and enjoy some racing and also, some great weather. team 12's matt pace is check it out now. >> reporter: this is definitely are you want to be. we are just to the southeast of goldwater and camelback. and look behind me. we have the racers out here. of course, we have everyone dressed up like they are in the
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incredible event. the race is tomorrow. but there's also a lot going on tomorrow as well. in fact, i want to bring in jack here. kind of the big wig. what is going on? there is a gatsby lawn party. >> yeah, it will carry through the entire race tomorrow. great vendors. drink, food, available. wine tasting so i recommend you get out. get your vip tickets in southwest human development. so, come on out tomorrow and join us for the race >> reporter: the weather will be perfect. look at the planner tomorrow. anything you are doing, it will be perfect. 79 degrees at noon. 84 degrees is your forecast high temperature. absolutely gorgeous temperatures. coming back out here live to scottsdale. see the trophy? we are actually going to race coming up in just a bit. i have gotten my gear and i think i will be taking home this trophy, because jack and i? yeah, we will be racing. >> what? i was actually just going to ask you, can you race? [ laughter ]
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>> i want can't wait to see it! coming up, a mesa sixth grader fighting for his life gets a special surprise from make a wish and his community. and, catch a flight with patrick peterson. cameron cox shows how the quarterback is changing lyes in sports. paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing.
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man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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>> welcome back. right now, let's head out to scottsdale where matt pace is getting a look at the grand prix. >> reporter: yeah, we are in the race gear, we are actually in the car now. these are the cars they will be racing. you remember jack from a couple of minutes ago. tell us about the cars.
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original. >> about a three quarter scale of the 1920s racer that we were inspired by. we are sitting in the two steel cars racing tomorrow. they are made right here in mesa. every part is made here in mesa, arizona and built in america. we will be displaying them and running them big time tomorrow. >> reporter: that's the cool thing. there will be 30 to 40 cars on the racetrack. >> we have 35 car racing tomorrow. the flag drops at 11:00. we at 10:30, a lot of fun to watch. practice at 9:00 a.m. come out early. bring the family, free admission. bring the family out. watch all the action. >> reporter: and it is going to be a lot of fun and the weather will be absolutely perfect. in fact, look at the high temperature for today. we are talking about a very nice temperature, still a little bit below average for this time of the year. but, things are going to be a lot better out there. in fact, the next seven days we are actually looking at temperatures warming up a
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then, we will slowly start to cool it back off. but you know, we were talking earlier on, we were actually going to race these. i just got into this. first, just quickly explain how do i draw it? >> pretty easy. gas on the right, brake on the left. >> reporter: we are going to go right now. so, we are actually going off this way. you go first and i will follow behind. we will see what happens here. this could be kind of scary. well, hopefully, it continues here. but you could see how fast these things beating me there. as we take a lap around. i don't think i'm going to get that trophy. we will find out here. i'm speeding up a little bit. and i have to tell you trisha hendricks, this is a little scary out here. this is just one of the things you will see out here tomorrow at the grand pre. you have to come check it out for sure. and you know what? as i keep going around, i can't hear a thing. but, are you following me? >> yeah, we are getting a
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because it looks like you are all business. right? cam, what do you think? >> matt, put both hands on the wheel! >> yeah, exactly. safety firs first. [ laughter ] think asu has it rough this year? think again. wildcatters start thinking about next year. plus, fat rick peterson is there, but this trip was bigger
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>> let's start with the best thing i saw tonight. get up for the block. vanderbilt and n. centerment blocks the field goal. bobby wagner did this to them a couple of weeks ago. cunningham doesn't touch the center. auburn wins this one, 23-16. it is a weird weekend here in the valley. everybody is off or out of town. sun devils getting a much needed bye week. they are on a losing streak. and host utah in the final home game of the season. meanwhile, the wildcats will be
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in december. but first, who is up for dropping some pumpkins? the washington state physics club having some fun. it reminds me of the wildcats season. just a mess. especially the quarterback, brandon dawkins started the game, but did not finish. got benched. anu solomon. remember him? he didn't do much better. fumbles the ball in the red zone. check out rich rod's reaction right there. tough season, coach. meanwhile, wazoo just ke scoring. 38-7 at the half. wazoo wins this one 69-7. hey, ever been to weaver state? it is beautiful there. just 30 miles north of salt lake city. nau taking care of business once again. kendall taylor with the touchdown. nau wins 33-20. their fourth straight win keeping their playoff hopes alive. and the cardinals are on a bye week. bruce arians giverring the team the whole week to rest up.
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visiting twitter. john brown went back to his alma mater, pittsburgh state, which is in kansas, by the way. tyron matthew, mentor, and peterson went back to baton rouge for lsu and alabama. that game is going on right now. hey, speaking of patrick. going back to lsu is almost like going home. so, in the city he loves the most hit hard by the worst flood in a century back in august, peterson wanted to help. he teamed up with win, in fantasy and helped promote two fantasy football tournaments earlier in the season. the goal to raise money to help the baton rouge area foundation. this morning peterson boarded a flight to louisiana with a check for $42,500. he was also joined by three users who each won a travel trip to go watch lsu/alabama with peterson. >> it will be an experience. can't even tell you.
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can you please tell pat that we appreciate everything he is doing for the baton rouge area? because pat has his own foundation. but no, he chose baton rouge foundation. >> i feel like it is my second home. i definitely wanted to do something to help. to help those victims an also though show those guys what the families and the community means to me. >> 42 grand. a lot of money. catch more of our conversation sports tonight. hey, from a great thing to the worst thing i saw today. labor fans selling shirts supporting art brows. baylor fans. they read cab meaning coach art briles. he was fired over his role in the baylor sexual assault scandal. they implied the blackout uniforms were to protest his firing. this is about as tone deaf as
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of the victims. >> wow. >> it was just very tough to see on twitter today. >> supporting? >> yeah. >> wow. >> disgusting from baylor. real quick, changeing the subject. tonight, saturday night live, cubs players are going to be on saturday night live. so tonight at 10:00. we will show you more reactions from around the valley. >> i can't wait. all right, thank you very much cam. coming up on 12news at 6:00, a special day for those with red hair. why you should be celebrating.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress.
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aid, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust. red hair today and people are really excited about it. we have received a lot of pictures on social media as people celebrate their red locks. you can share your pictures. just use the #beon12 and you can read nine fun facts about red hair on does strawberry blond count? >> i don't know. i will have to go read
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>> we will find on. 12news is always on on and on the 12news app. we will see you right back here
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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? ??? "i can probably count the number of days it rains here in arizona, but, on one of those days, you might be looking for an adventure, and we've got the perfect one for you! lets go on "octane raceway is a great racing entertainment experience, a lot to do all
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swooshing] "all right, so scott, last time we were here, actually we weren't here, we were at your old location and the carts were gas-powered, that's really one of the big differences between the race carts." "they were, and our new scottsdale location, they're all electric-powered, they're green, they're great, a lot of fun; they're just as fast as our old carts, and the acceleration is even better. the secret to speed at octane raceway is to be smooth, people na go as fast as they can on a corner, not always the case, they definitely wanna try to brake as they go into the corner, and then as soon as they hit the apex, they wanna be smooth and accelerate out of it, so smooth is fast and fast is smooth. the carts at octane are fast, they go up to 40, 45 mph - it feels like you're going a lot faster because the seat is less than 2 inches off the ground, so the thrill of the speed is definitely there, as the walls
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difference is is that this track is outdoors and indoors, right?" "it is, we're the only track in the united states that has a permanent indoor/outdoor race track so each lap starts off inside, goes outside under our covered lane and comes right back in, it's a great time. in arizona, the beautiful state we live in, one of the challenges is 'do you want to be outside or do you want to be inside? here at octane raceway we've solved that, our racetrack is both indoor and outdoor, so every lap, you start off inside, and you go outside under a great, we've got that one solved for groups that are both here visiting from in-town, from out-of-town as well as in-town." "okay, now i'm feeling like a serious- why is that funny to you? okay, like this?" if you've heard of helmet hair [snickers], you get a hoodie and some headgear, and some abuse. ?rock?


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