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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a shocking sight to some.. local anti-trump protests escalate from chanting to burning flags. we've got the details in today's hot headlines.. plus.. if you've got the day off - we've got the veterans day events you'll want to check and the internet always finds a way to make things awkward.. what social media had to say about melania trump's meeting with michelle obama. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome this morning.. jimmy q is getting his shake and bake on.. he's out at the phoenix he's out at the phoenix international raceway gearing
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beautiful day... 3 3 3 with nascar in town.. we are talking about drivers are
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12 today poll question. we want to know.. who drives better?-women-menor jimmy q. grab your phone and go 3 over to 12 news dot com.. slash your voice to vote. we will be updating the results all morning long. checking your hot headlines - right now.. police are investigating a road rage incide it all started with a 9-1-1 call - the woman on the phone telling police.. a man rear-ended her on thomas road - near scottsdale road. when an officer showed up -- the suspect took off - going the wrong direction down the street! that's when the driver ran a red light and hit an s-u-v.. spinning it into the patrol car's path. police believe the man was intoxicated. anti-trump protesters in flagstaff are causing controversy today - after one of them was caught on camera.. burning the american flag.
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chanting things like "dump trump." not all protesters we talked to.. agreed with the burning of the flag. in fact - many of them hoped for some sort of unity to come out of all the division. tonight - the arizona capitol dome will be lit green in support for veterans. officials say it will stay this way for the rest of the month - as part of the "greenlight a vet" campaign. the movement hopes to spark conversations about how our veterans are treated - and to remind civilians of the sacrifices vets have made. a-s-u's newest k-9 helper has a very fitting name - tillman. the german shepherd puppy was introduced at last night's football game. tillman is in training to replace the current bomb- sniffing k-9 - who will retire later this year. speaking of football.. 12 sports insider jay taylor is here to talk about last night's game.. can we start with this amazing play by arizona state's n'kial
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and the arizona cardinals take on the san francisco 49ers this sunday.. what's your
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this fun friday - also happens to be veterans day.. and there are tons of events
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what's going on today... this particular parade started back in 19-97 .... and has grown every starts here along central avenue ?just south of bethany home road.ending at 7th street and indian school the parade route is about two and half miles long.tens of thousands of spectators are expected t parade begins at 11 a-m. besides this parade. there will be ceremonies and other events in tempe chandler scottsdale mesa apache the west valley avondalegoodyear has a 'salute our troops run' glendale with pearl harbor displayspeoria with a 5-k sun city is also getting in on the celebrations.businesses around the country and in arizona are honoring our men and women who serve with veterans day deals freebies and discounts.for a complete list of celebrations. just log onto 12 news dot com. 3
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join us next week for some holiday recipe favorites. i'm taking you in the kitchen with my 2-year old twins - zakary and zoey.. we're baking one of our favorite desserts - sugar cookies. it's a great way to have fun with the kids! this airs on monday as we kick off "in the kitchen with team 12". mark, caribe, joe, vanessa and i will all be sharing ???adlib still ahead on 12 today.. its veterans day - and if you're a current or former member of the military - don't pay to eat today. we've got three places giving away free meals.. get ready world - there's a new kardashian out there.. we introduce you to little "dream" - coming up in the
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and one week from today we debut something special here on 12 news. tram and caribe - the 12 news mom- tourage. make sure you tune in next week to check it out. 3
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you're looking at live pictures from our nation's capitol.. where several events will take place today to honor our vets. president obama
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for the annual wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. and he'll make a formal speech after that.. and we want to know how you're spending the day - or who you're thinking about today. send us a picture of the vet or active service member in your life - using the hashtag "be on 12." if you have the day off - and want something to do.. we have three places that are giving away free food to vets.. or active military members.. buffalo wild wings is offering a ma boneless wings with a side of fries - that's free to anyone who has a valid military i-d. and at denny's.. active, inactive and retired military get a free "build your own grand slam".. from 5 a-m to noon.. then there's i-hop. they're offering a free order of red, white and blue pancakes from 7 a-m to 7 p-m. for more veterans day freebies - go to 12-news-dot- com. well - this is awkward..
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yesterday.. the trumps visited the white house.. and while donald talked with president obama.. melania sat down with michelle. their meeting was closed to the press - but that didn't stop the internet from making jokes.. like this one - which pokes fun at melania's speech from the republican national convention - which parts of were copied from michelle's 2008 speech. fast forward - four years.. this could get even more uncomfortable.. some people on social media are already pulling for michelle to run for the kardashians welcomed their newest addition into the world yesterday.. little "dream kardashian" made her instagram debut just hours after being born. before that - the family had a little fun in the delivery room -- with an epic mannequin challenge.. if you haven't heard of this before - it's when a group of people freezes and another person films the
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time for your juicy question of the morning... the average man touches this five times an hour without realizing it. what is
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?? traffic ??
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with nascar in town.. we are talking about drivers are 3 talking in town.. we with nascar traffic with nascar in town.. we are talking about drivers in our 12 today poll question. we want to know.. who drives better?-women-menor jimmy q. grab your phone and go 3
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results all morning long. ???toss jimmy 3 still ahead on 12 today.. it's a long weekend for it's a long still ahead 3 3 ???toss jimmy
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still ahead on 12 today.. it's a long weekend for some of us - so if you're looking for something to do - we're talking about what's
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coming in 20 minutes. who will be in donald trump's cabinet? it's the question on everyone's mind right now.. in just three minutes.. we break down the politicans he has in mind.. 3 ###break###
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###break### now to decision 2016.. president obama and president- elect donald trump spoke for about 90-minutes yesterday. the president says his administration wants to do everything they can to help trump succeed - so the country can succeed...
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president- elect donald trump definitely has a lot of work ahead of him.. he's got 4-thousand positions to fill and a working list of only three to five people.. team 12's katy tur has the details...
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in the meantime - hillary clinton is getting some fresh air.. yesterday.. she was spotted taking a hike in the woods. a disappointed supporter happened to be in the same area at the same time.. and got a photo with the former secretary of state.???toss vanessa what started as a school project - has turned into an internet trend.. we've got
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morning juice.
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right now on 12 today... it took two full days... but arizona has finally declared a winner in the presidential race. a day to celebrate those -- who give of themselves.. to protect us. we're taking a look at the different veterans day celebrations across the valley this morning.
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captivated...two eagles...stuck in a storm on top of the other...that story in the morning juice... ? from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming your way on 12 today... ???adlib welcome 3 welcome ???adlib welcome 3 ???adlib & toss jimmy


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