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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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. - when you see this symbol, you know you're watching television that's educational and informational. the more you know, on nbc. - today on "naturally, danny seo"... looking for a great way to get in shape? how about the great outdoors, where there's plenty of room to exercise and no expensive equipment to worry about? - then, it's one thing to eat your veggies when they taste good, but what about those that don't have much flavor? - cauliflower. - danny turns bland to grand with some tips on how to dress up one of the world's healthiest foods. - it's like an island paradise. - and do you have a favorite t-shirt that doesn't fit anymore, but you can't bear to part with it? danny demonstrates how to turn it into an awesome keepsake. - you won't believe how simple this project is.
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live a healthy, natural, good-for-you life? wow. ever since i was a teenager, i've loved finding creative ways to marry style and sustainability. do just one thing. as an environmental lifestyle expert, my books, magazine, and tips all celebrate simple and affordable ideas. that's amazing. ideas that are naturally beautiful... - that's pretty sweet. - that is pretty cool. naturally delicious... how good is that? and naturally sensational. - wow, danny. - this is "naturally, danny seo." hi, everyone, and welcome. there is no better way to start your day than a good workout. but for a lot of us, it's hard to get to the gym, or we can't afford fancy home equipment. so recently i got an amazing workout using nothing more than what nature provides, and all you need are a good pair of shoes and the great outdoors.
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ngle most important things you could do for yourself. you know, we only get one body. i think it's important that we take care of it. getting out of the gym and getting outside would benefit a lot more people if they were willing and had some know-how. - i'm here at the ranch malibu with instructor davey fisher, and davey says that there's actually things found in the great outdoors that we can use for our equipment. - it's about being resourceful and kind of doing more with less and kind of adopting a minimalist philosophy as far as your workout. - minimalist philosophy. i like that. - we're on an incline right here, a graded slope, which you uphill or carrying a weighted rock uphill to create kind of, like, a resistance exercise or lower-body cross-training. - should we start with that? we're on an incline. now we need to find a rock, and you want something bigger. - looks like we've got a couple right here. - okay, what do we do with this guy? - okay, so this is gonna be our primary means for resistance as we make our way uphill. we'll just kind of start nice and easy with a walk. - okay. - so it's just adding between
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we're gonna pause and add a little bit of a strength-training aspect to our workout here. into our squat position, i want you to drop your hips as you bring your elbows to your knees. try to keep your weight shifted back as you sink your hips back, and then stand straight up as you squeeze the glutes back there. try to go elbows to knees in a squat position. keep your back flat. and then just stand straight back up. so hips and weight go back as we drop down, and then it comes back neutral as we stand up. my back is always flat. - back flat. okay, and what is this doing? - back flat, nice and low and slow. to adapt to the uneven terrain. the surface here is a little bit unstable, so try to make sure you're keeping yourself relatively stable. the rock should go straight up and down. i'm not really leaning forward so much as i am... - oh, i'm leaning. - kind of sinking back into my hips. the hill kind of makes it tough, so you kind of have to adapt your body position a little bit to the environment, which is one of the benefits of working out outside. piece of cake. so it keeps the heart rate consistently elevated
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- what else can we do with this guy? - let me show you. your next exercise that would also be good, a weighted overhead press. want you to lock that overhead just like that working kind of the chest, the shoulders mostly, and a little bit of the triceps. overhead just like that. you can lock it out and drop it right back down to the chest. hold the rock super tight so you're forcing those muscles to work a little bit harder. you can actually control how hard the muscles work by how hard you squeeze the rock, just like this. - oh, this is like a total-body workout. - it kind of is. it's a little bit of everything. y builds and stays elevated. - now, is this gonna make me as tall as you? - prob... - [laughs] - probably not. - it's working. it's working. i'm reaching. - hold it nice and tight. last one. big press. and right back down. and here we go again. - okay. - so now this next pit stop here. go ahead and relax. we'll just combine those two now into one. again, we're gonna drop elbows to our knees in that front squat
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- gradually, it should feel like it's getting heavier. - yeah. - is it working? - i feel it. - okay, great. - i feel it. - last one here. drop, stand, and press. return to that starting position. there's a lot of nice cross-training modality as well, just because the uneven surfaces forces your core to work to work a little bit harder as we carry ourselves uphill. - okay. - that was round one. - [laughs] just round one. - all right, now, to make this a little more dimensional, go ahead and lift the rock overhead, and just try to hold it up there. ional. obviously, a little bit more risk involved, so be aware of the placement of the rock overhead without dropping it. this will involve the shoulders a little bit more. - yeah, what else can we do with this guy? - oh, there's a lot you can do. anything you could do with a kettlebell or a general dumbbell you could kind of modify-- - kettlebell. is that that thing with the handle? - sure, like a kettlebell swing. yeah, exactly. - okay. - so you're gonna drop your hips, and then i swing the rock forward as i lock out my hips in an extended position. - like this. - hips go back. hips go forward.
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and go all the way up overhead and then right back down. - i don't know about that. - there's a lot of momentum involved keeping that rock moving as consistently as possible throughout this range of motion. - davey, thanks so much. - of course. - i think this really proves that you can get healthy, strong, and fit, and you don't need equipment. all you need are some good shoes, the great outdoors, and a big, heavy rock. - big, heavy rock. less is more. - thanks. - of course. - coming up on "naturally, danny seo"... ed sink? - try this all-natural idea instead. - how to clean out the garbage disposal without using harsh chemicals. - ? only you ? - we'll be right back to the more you know, on nbc. when your laundry blooms, your day blooms. with my exhilarating scent collections. snuggle scent boosters, fabric softener and sheets. stimulate the senses with long lasting scents. let your laundry bloom.
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the new false lash look? flaunt the winged effect. new falsies push up angel mascara from maybelline ny. lashes so winged out, who needs false lashes? maybelline's new falsies pushup angel. make it happen. ?maybelline ny? . - we now return to the more you know, on nbc. - ? only you ? - "words to live by," brought to you by alex and ani. e. i went to a great school. i had options, like financial aid. i had, you know, my parents supporting me. again, that's a gift, and that's not something that everyone has the privilege to. and i just want to make it accessible for everyone. what makes me happiest is to get notes from students that we work with that say, you know, "i'm not grounded this summer," or, "i got into the college of my dreams." i think that the world moves based on help from one another.
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and so it's always been really important to me. [upbeat music] - they say that prevention is the best medicine for good health, but also, prevention is a great thing to use for your kitchen sink. if you have a nearly clogged kitchen sink, or if you just want to prevent clogs, instead of reaching for chemical drain cleaners, try this all-natural idea instead. now, what i have here is just a regular ice cube tray, but what's a little bit different is that i filled it with 50% regular water and 50% white vinegar, and the white vinegar is a natural acid. and the natural acid is gonna break down the grease and all that buildup inside the garbage disposal. the ice cubes will actually freeze the grease on the inside, so it helps to break down and be a lot faster and more efficient. so it's as simple as taking your cubes, plopping them down into your garbage disposal, and turning on the blades. [blades whirring]
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gonna be razor-sharp and more efficient and effective than ever before. now that i've got a clean sink, let's talk about a clean vegetable, and i call this one using your head: cauliflower. [upbeat music] ? ? i love cauliflower, because it's probably one of the most versatile vegetables, because if you really think about the flavor and taste of cauliflower, it's pretty bland, just like tofu, so whatever you add cauliflower crudit?, why not i actually make something i call cauliflower ice cream? yeah, ice cream. so what we need to do is actually cut our cauliflower into florets, and the reason that we're gonna cut this into florets is that we're gonna steam this head of cauliflower,
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it's important to steam this, because you want the cauliflower to be tender so it turns into a really creamy, delicious cauliflower ice cream base. now, into our blender we're gonna put some of our steamed cauliflower in. so that's about half a head of cauliflower. and the next thing you need is something called soaked cashews. now, don't go to the supermarket looking for soaked cashews. that basically means that you take raw cashews and soak them in water. the reason that you do this is that it tenderizes it makes eating nuts a lot easier too so we're gonna drain this, dump this right into our blender. now we've got the cashews in there, what you want to add is some coconut milk, about 1 1/2 cups, 1/4 cup of coconut oil. we need a little bit of good fat. in it goes. now we go in to vanilla beans. i think it's worth it to actually get real vanilla beans, and it's so simple to scrape them out.
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now what we add are the sweet things for this: maple syrup and our brown rice syrup. if you can't find brown rice syrup, just double it with the grade b maple syrup or use a raw honey, an agave syrup, whatever you have on hand. all the good sweet things are in there now, and all we have to add is a pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon of almond extract, and then 1 tablespoon of real vanilla extract. coconut, vanilla cauliflower ice cream. okay, and all you have to do is blend. [blender whirring] ooh. so here we have the base of our cauliflower ice cream. normally with an ice cream recipe, you would need one of those fancy-dancy ice cream makers. guess what. this recipe doesn't need one.
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and so you can take chopped pistachios or you could use whole pistachios like i'm gonna do. and you just sprinkle them in. we're just gonna mix it in. now there just one more final step, so you need to freeze it. we're gonna cover this with some plastic wrap. so in just a couple of hours, we're gonna have the creamiest, most luscious coconut vanilla cauliflower ice cream. the time, i already made one earlier. yum-yum. it is our frozen cauliflower ice cream. and the difference between this and traditional ice cream is that there's no dairy in this. and the one thing that i like to do as a garnish on top is take some crushed and chopped pistachios, and you've got dessert.
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'cause it's blended so beautifully. try cauliflower ice cream for your next dessert. but don't tell anyone that it's actually cauliflower. they'll be surprised how creamy and delicious this vegan sweet treat really is. - coming up next, don't get rid of your favorite t-shirts. - you won't believe how simple this project is. - make a memory, and make someone smile instead. - a beautiful upcycled all-star bowl. - ? only you ? - we'll be right back to the more you know, on nbc. i have been working in oral health care for the last 12 years. there is a perception amongst dentists that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white is a product that is 10 times less abrasive than many of the whitening toothpastes that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers. it's different, there's nobody else out there that i'm aware of that has developed whitening
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? harry's meeting clients from far away.? ? but they only see his wrinkles. ? ? he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal. ? ? better find a way to smooth things over. ? ? if only harry used some bounce, to dry.? ? yeah. ?
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. - we now return to the more you know, on nbc. - people always ask me, "what are your favorite projects? what i have in front of me are my upcycling all-stars. [upbeat music] ? ? these are diffusers, and how many times have you gone to the store, and you bought a diffuser set for you home? it comes with the container. it comes with the sticks. it comes with the oil. and sometimes it even comes with extra refill oil. so what do you do with the refill oil
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and actually just upcycle and make your own. so it's as simple as finding a glass vessel, and instead of running around and looking for those special diffuser sticks, go into your junk drawer. most of us have the ubiquitous chinese takeout chopsticks. they're actually not wood but bamboo. they have this little, tiny holes right here so that the oil's gonna go through the holes, and it's gonna travel all the way up the chopstick, and it's gonna diffuse that lovely scent into your home. your chopsticks, one, two, three, four. place it on a tray, wherever you want that lovely scent, and you've got an instant diffuser. now, let me show you a really, really fun project on what to do with old t-shirts. and yes, you can donate them to charity, but if there's one or two special pieces,
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n't believe how simple this project is. so all it really involves is getting a bowl, and then on top of this bowl, you take a piece of plastic wrap, and you want to cover the entire top of the bowl and fold the plastic wrap into the inside. the next step is choosing a fabric. t-shirts work really well for this, but synthetic materials are probably something you should avoid. they won't get that stiffness that you need to make a fabric bowl. and cutting into a big square. we're gonna snip the sleeves off. and then i'm just gonna cut it down the natural seams on the side, and then we'll end up with one big piece of fabric. you kind of just want to see what it looks like draped on the bowl, and then you have to options. if the pattern's on the outside, that means when the bowl is finished, the pattern will be on the outside of the bowl. if you want to see the pattern, reverse it so that the
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onna stretch the fabric out, so you want to go shorter when you're trimming the fabric from your t-shirt. and you don't have to be super precise, because you can always fix it up at the end. you can trim uneven edges. okay, so the next step, we're gonna take decoupage glue, and what's the rule with decoupage glue? more is more. less is bad. so i'm gonna put some on top of the bowl and we're gonna go around the edges. and the reason that we put the plastic wrap on top is so that you're not gluing the t-shirt directly to the bowl. now we're gonna center this on top, press that into place, and pour more glue. [breezy music] and you just keep adding and adding and adding till the whole fabric bowl is saturated. okay, that looks pretty good.
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so i'm gonna put this aside for it to dry. i made a second one. i took it off the bowl that had the plastic wrap. and you can see this was the shape of the bowl. and even now, if you're not happy with the shape, you can kind of bend it into place, because it's always gonna have this flexibility, and you can get it into the perfect shape that you want. and what i've done here is that there's two different varieties. one has the pattern on the inside, and they're not food-safe. they're really great catch-all bowls. so imagine bedside table, you have some keys, your wallet. or keep one in the kitchen and fill them with candy. and suddenly, your outgrown t-shirts are a beautiful, functional, upcycled all-star bowl. - coming up on "naturally, danny seo," where in your house should you look to keep your razor sharp and repel mosquitoes?
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- we'll be right back to the more you know, on nbc. ?? can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. 6x cleaning* i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans. step 2, whitens. every time i used this together, it felt like leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning*, 6x whitening** i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before.
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for a complete eye renewing effect try age perfect eye renewal from l'oreal. it renews eyes 5 ways.
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age perfect eye renewal from l'oreal skin expert paris . - we now return to the more you know, on nbc. - ? only you ? - here's a "do just one thing" tip that uses and three interesting ways that you can use it to help prolong the life of things in your home and also one to prevent something you definitely don't want to have around the house. [upbeat music] very first thing, you want to pour a little bit of vegetable oil into a small bowl. any vegetable oil will do. and then your disposable razors. the number one enemy to a disposable razor's blades
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letely ineffective. to prent this, after youe done rinsing the blades, just place it in a bowl of oil. not only is this gonna prevent rust, but also, the next time you use it, it's already pre-lubricated to really give you a clean shave, so really simple solution. the second things is eggs. the interesting thing about eggs is that they are porous. they actually can go bad quickly, because the inside of the egg will dry out, and then it makes them inedible. and very lightly just coat the outside of the egg with the vegetable oil, set it right back into the cardboard tray. and it creates a barrier on the outside of the egg, making it nonporous, and it prolongs the life of the egg for about two more weeks. now here's a final tip, and it brings us to the great outdoors. mosquitoes need very little water to breed,
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and you suspect there might be larvae on the inside, the simplest thing to do is to pour a little bit of vegetable oil inside. this is a plant-based oil, so it's perfectly fine and eco-friendly, but what the oil and the water does is that the oil coats the larvae, and it prevents them from actually becoming full-grown mosquitoes. so vegetable oil from the pantry, stop mosquitoes, keep razors razor-sharp, and keep eggs fresh thanks so much for watching, and please remember to celebrate you day with lots of beauty, plenty of truth, and always goodness. i'll see you all next week. [andy huckvale's "this ordinary life" playing] ? ? - ? and of all the ordinary lives ? ? this one i'd share with you ?
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thank you for joining us for 12 news at six. our big story tonight protest continued throughout -- continue throughout the country express their opposition to election results, most of the protest would -- protests remain peaceful well others have completely out of hand. when phoenix neighborhood we are seeing a form of opposition that's illegal and concerning neighbors, joins us now with the details. we are doing this. strategically, i can't move too much the words of trump wants to it house behind this not


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