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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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right now on 12 today -a deadly crash overnight in phoenix... claims two lives.we have the latest on the investigaton and what it could mean for your morning commute. ----trump's transition team - shaping up to be a lot more of the same washington political insiders.the latest on ?who is now in... the inner circle.. ----and quite possibly.... the cutest mannequin challenge its all head on 12 today... ???adlib & toss jimmy
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two people are dead... after a horrific overnight
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dunlap.that's where team 12's bryan west is right now... bryan, what are police saying this morning...? 3
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breaking news of a deadly crash near 19th avenue and 12's brandon hamilton just arrived on scene... 3
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checking hot headlines this low police officer darrin reed will be laid to rest later today. officer reed was killed in the line of duty last week after responding to a disturbance call.officer reed was 50 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. here we are nearly one week since election tuesday...and this morning...there are nearly 112-thousand early ballots and 55-thousand provisional ballots that still need to be counted in maricopa
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maricopa county recorder helen purcell.they'll be back at it this morning at nine... all is not forgiven for donald trump, following his election victory. he bashed the new york times on twitter yesterday, saying the paper is losing thousands of subscribers due to their coverage of his campaign. trump was asked about his twitter account during an interview with "60 minutes" last night. he said twitter and facebook helped him get elected, and he'll keep using his accounts-- but "in a more restrained way". in 10 minutes, we'll hear more ou obamacare and his transition team. ?? toss to morning juice ?? trending today is a great story a group of bikers now have.a group from the american legion was riding after a veterans day event in new jersey friday when they pulled over to help a stranded help a stranded motorcyclist who turned out to be the boss. yes... the in ... bruce springsteen.ryan bailey says springsteen hopped on the
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waited for a ride.he says they talked about motorcycles. springsteen even bought the bikers a round of beers. by now you've by now you've probably heard of the mannequin challenge..where you completely freeze as the camera scans the room... well kids..notorious for not keeping still..are giving it a whirl. while they're keeping their faces in place, you can see it's too hard not to move at all. time for your juicy question of the morning... according to recent studies... it'll take you 20 minutes to make this decision. probably because their are so many choices. what
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let's get to that juicy question of the morning.30 percent of all people say this is the biggest productivity killer and waste of their
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he vowed to drain the swamp of political insiders.but two of donald trump's first appointees... are about as inside as you can get.what's the deal?we're off to washington in three minutes for more on that... asprin - has long been known to help heart attack patients...but can it also help beat migraines? the truth behind that ... at 5:50... 3
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at 5:50...behind that ... the truth migraines?help beat but can it also patients... heart attack known to help asprin - has long been known to help heart attack but can it also help beat the truth behind that ... 3 ####break####
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as republicans meet later today to discuss last week's election results, the trump transition is going on as we speakl. team 12's tracie potts is live from washington with the latest announcements. ?? ad lib ?? 3 that interview, appointing pro-life judges, yes, same sex marriage, trump says it's settled law, he's okay with prosecutor to lock up hillary clinton, he says, they're good people, he doesn't want to hurt them. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: and after five days of protests in more than a dozen cities, the president- elect addressed demonstrator s... and accused of harrassing muslims and minorities?a: tba 3
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let's get to your 12 today trivia question now. and as we debate about when to start playing christmas music.. it made us think about one of our favorite songs. so our question to you.. who sings, "you're grinch?" think and guess.. we'll have your answer in a half hour.
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???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather weather???adlib 3 jimmy???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather later this morning... at
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later this morning... at 6:30.... some holiday recipe favorites. i'm taking you in the kitchen with my 2-year old twins - zakary and zoey.. we're baking one of our favorite desserts - sugar cookies. it's a kids! mark, caribe, joe, vanessa and i will all be sharing our favorite recipes with you this week.???adlib thanksgiving is right around the corner so that means it's time for turkey tuesday. all month long - bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations at their registers.. all of the donations benefit st. vincent de paul to help make sure every arizona family enjoys thanksgiving. for more on the fun and team
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when you have a headache... you take asprin.. right? well...what do you do if you have a migraine?the reason why asprin might also do the trick there two minutes. david blaine can do a lot of really great magic tricks. so... why would he swallow a live frog on tv?that weird story... ahead at six... 3 ####break####
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at six... story... ahead that weird story... ahead at six...
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####break#### 3 3 ####break########break#### 3 ####break#### it is truth week here on 12 today... and we begin with's helped heart attack patients for decades... now taking low dose aspirin is being used for a lot more.. but have you ever heard it can prevent migraines? team 12's mike hydeck found a patient who says absolutely.
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tomorrow morning we are going to look at the truth about nutrition labels... and whether they really help you make healthy choices. if you went out this weekend... you heard it. christmas music in the malls... on the radio... even a christmas movie in the theaters.are you all in... or does it make you made. question:is it too early to be playing christmas music?yes or no.go to 2 news dot com... slash your voice... and give us your thoughts.we'll update the results all morning long. the awesome weather out there
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people out to the hiking trails...what do you need to do to get ready?that's at 6:20.... ?? ad lib ?? 3 stay with us... we've got those stories... and plenty more in the next 3
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right now and 12 today, traffic crashes that have traffic tied up all around the valley. donald selects his chief of staff. prepare to be really
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aquarium. [music] live from the 12news studios in downtown phoenix, that and more is coming your way on 12 today on this monday. certainly hope you are off to a great start. jim hickey was out live in peoria. once again, he is doing a little fishing. it is c are they biting, jimmy? >> reporter: right now, it is still pretty dark. we're waiting for the sun to come up a little bit. pioneer lake behind me. we're in here in the gates. beautiful. ready to go. we will be talking about some of the fishing conditions across the valley for today. it should be pretty good. they are starting to start trout around the valley now. a lot of people are pretty excited and waiting for that. it will be cool for this morning but comfortable. again, for the next three days.


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