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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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the busiest travel season is almost here - and sky harbor has already had several issues. what you need to know.. in today's hot headlines.. he's just two picks in.. and president-elect donald trump is already getting backlash.. what we know sfa they only have a few days left in the white house.. so what are president obama and joe biden up to? the internet takes a wild guess... ???adlib welcome ???toss ???toss weather
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weather???toss 3 welcome ???toss weather ???adlib weather new this new this 3 3we weather???toss ???toss weather ???adlib new this morning.. six kids and three dogs escape a house fire overnight in phoenix.. team 12's bryan west is live with the details...
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checking your hot headlines now.. the pinal country sheriff's office is working to find a missing kid. this is a picture of 15- year-old austin streit.
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yesterday near mountain vista academy in san tan valley he is 5 foot tall and weighs 83 pounds -- with brown hair and blue eyes. austin's family says he has a-d-h-d and is bi-polar 3 is bi-polar operations are back to normal at sky harbor this morning.. harbor this morning.. after two gates in terminal four were evacuated yesterday. gates b and c were closed after reports of a suspicious package. police acted quickly - shutting down the area for two hours. in a separate incident.. bars - accused of shining a laser pointer at aircraft. 57-year-old lam tran allegedly told police he was upset with the aircraft noise in his neighborhood. police want to remind the public that it is a felony to point a laser light at aircraft because it can blind the pilot.. putting the lives of everyone on board at risk. today the state department of transportation is making sure you stay safe if you head to the high country this holiday season. team 12's brandon hamilton
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news.. homeowners in buckeye have been dealing with skyrocketing water bills for months now. they blame the city - but officials we talked with say.. in most cases.. there's a leak and the water meters are ?not? faulty. so the 12 news verify team is putting this to the test. team 12's kevin kennedy has the story you'll see on just one station!
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tonight on 12 news at ten - we're taking you inside the test facility.. as those meters are looked over. we'll also have reaction from the customers as they learn the truth. in the meantime.. if you have an issue in your neighbor send us an email at "verify at 12 news dot com." coming up this friday on 12 today... caribe and i surprise a valley mom of 3 with a complete make-over! watch what happens when we show up at sara's door and take her away for the day! we had so much fun!! sara's story is something so many moms can definitely relate to. you'll
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team picked her and the transformation is truly amazing.we hope you join us on friday morning to see sara's story... it'll blow you away. flu season has begun in arizona. the state department of health services is urging people get thei employees take sick days in the last week.. mostly men. so that brings us to the 12 today poll question: do women handle being sick better than men? yes or no? grad your phone and go grad your phone and go over to 12 news dot com... slash your
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still ahead on 12 today.. he makes a political statement on the football field.. and yet - he did not vote.. the real reason why colin kaepernick opted out of the elon and in your morning juice.. president obama and joe biden are on their way out the door.. but before that.. the internet is taking a wild guess at how their last few days in the white house
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checking your hot headlines.. already preparing security measures for the macy's thanksgiving day parade next week. this after an article in an isis magazine calls for an attack on parade day. the article even outlines a method that involves driving a truck into a crowd. officials say its troubling - but nothing new. they assure police will use a mutli-layered strategy as they always do to keep people along the parade route safe.
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not vote in the presidential election. after sunday's game against the cardinals.. kaepernick told reporters it would have been hypocritical of him to vote for either candidate. the san francisco 49ers quarterback has sparked nationwide protests against racism.. by taking a knee during the national anthem. ???toss morning juice???toss morning juice a new trailer for the highly anticpated film "jackie" is out.. and it's giving us all chills this morning.. take a look... critics are already raving about natalie portman's performance.. and many are predicting she'll nab a second oscar to put next to the one she got for "black swan."
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december second. there's something about president obama and joe biden's friendship that people just love.. and with the clock ticking down.. the internet is imagining what they might be talking about these last few months.. so on twitter.. there are all these fake conversations the two might be having.. in most of them.. joe suggests some sort of prank to pull on president-elect donald trump.. while obama just gives him "the look." time for your juicy question of the morning.. the average woman will get rid of this after 12-14 get rid of this after 12-14 years.
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still ahead on 12 today.. our next life changer will quite literally - change your life. we break down how to ?grill? a pizza.. coming up in an hour. president-elect donald trump - not off to the best start.. why some people can't wrap their heads around his first what president obama has to say about it.. when 12 today returns in three minutes.
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now to decision 2016.. president-elect donald trump has filled just two positions.. and is already drowning in controversy.. especially surrounding steve bannon - who has been selected as chief white house strategist.. critics are because bannon has ties to an alternate right movement that include whtie nationalist elements. but trump's campaign but trump's campaign manager - kelly-anne conway.. is urging critics to
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trump may be adding a third member very soon. former new york mayor - rudy guiliani is rumored to be a top candidate for position of secretary of state. meanwhile.. president obama landed in greece just hours ago.. before taking off.. the president answered reporters' questions.. for the first time since the election. he reassured americans that he is hopeful for trump's success.. and even weighed in on the president-elect's recent appointees...
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the president will be overseas for a week-long tour to enforce america's support on a range of global issues essential to national security and stability. still ahead on 12 today.. from cookies.. to candy bars - the latest business move by oreo.. that's next in the morning juice.
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president elect trump says he wants to build that wall between the u-s and mexico.but one tribe in arizona says... not on our land. the temperatures will be pushing near 90 today...but adot...wants you to think about snow.we'll explain why this morning.... and if you've got an extra 700 bucks just sitting around ... how about picking up a pair of these???we finally know how much marty mcfly's shoes will cost...that's in the morning juice...
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from the 12 from the 12 from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming your way on 12 today... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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