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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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morning juice... ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather
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six kids.... ranging from a baby to teenagers are able to escape an overnight house fire. team 12's bryan west is live near 83rd avenue and osborn.... with how they survived 3 3
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checking hot headlines this morning...and the arizona coyotes could be on the move... ... to the east valley. the team wants to relocate to tempe...and have struck a deal to build a new arena in tempe near the a-s-u campus. the coyotes need 200 million dollars from arizona taxpayers to build the 400 million dollar arena. legislature would have to approve those tax breaks. it has been one week since election day... and here in maricopa county... they are still counting votes. county recorder helen purcell says there are approximately 45-thousand early ballots left to be counted. there are also an estimated 55-thousand provisional ballots left as well. and in the race for her seat... purcell currently trails democratic challenger adrian fontes by more than 21-thousand votes. a local catholic school is blaming the presidential
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principal of brophy college prep academy in phoenix.. sent a letter to parents this week.. condeming what he describes as racist comments toward black.. latino and muslim students. in the letter.. he also denounces the harassment of student trump supporters who he says have been called racists. new this morning... it's hard to believe with the weather today.... but we get plenty of snow in arizona.and team 12's brandon hamilts for the winter-weather travel season. 3 3 3
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?? ad lib toss to juice ????
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to juice ?? is prince harry's new girlfriend... meghan markle psychic?she just might be.... last october.... she played a rapid-fire game with a magazine and was asked to choose between replied... ?harry. that was ?before she even met him... the two eventually did meet a couple of months later... and now are in a serious relationship... no word yet... on if harry will propose to her... but one source close to them says... it's possible..?? ad l ib ?? seems like everyone has done the mannequin challenge...and now... you can add britney spears to that list.she shared her take on it yesterday... on instagram.... with a clip of
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during a rehearsal...??? ad lib ??? time for time for your juicy question of the morning... the average woman will get rid of this after 12-14 years. a fickle woman like tram... might dump this every 2 to 4 years. what is
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time for your juicy question of the morning... half of all women say they hate when a man does this. what is this? president elect trump... still putting together his administration...but so far his choices... are not being well received by a lot of people. we are off to washington to talk about that... those choices... not sitting well...but there is one thing we can all agree on...and that's cinnamon frosted flakes...oh... yeah....they're out today... and we'll check them out at 5:50....
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and we'll today... and we'll check them out at 5:50....
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president obama is weighing in on his successor as the donald trump transition takes shape. at the same time.. the president-elect is taking some heat for a controversial choice for one of his top advisors. team
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?? ad lib ?? 3 ?? ad lib ?? criticism is pouring in on president-elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as chief strategist. bannon's "reitbart news" website is a favorite of extremists and white nationalists. defends him. president obama declined to weigh in on bannon. but he president advice on how to heal a divided nation.reports that steve mnuchin -campaign finance chair - considered as treasury secretary. conservative radio host ingraham as press and rudy guiliani and former u-n john bolton as secretary insiders say the trump transition is schedule. trump's children - his closest part of that team. an official confirms to nbc that the transition team has inquired if it would be possible for them to get security clearances.potts in
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president obama lands overseas this obama lands overseas this morning, he's reassuring our allies that mr. trump will honor our commitment to nato, despite what he said during the campaign?a: tba
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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thanksgiving is right around the corner so that means it's time for turkey tuesday. all month long - bashas' and food city stores across the state are collecting monetary donations
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of the donations benefit st. vincent de paul to help make sure every arizona family enjoys thanksgiving. for more on the fun and team competitions.. visit 12 news dot com slash turkey tuesday. pizza....and grilling.two great things that go great together...we'll show you how to grill your own three minutes... the new beauty and the beast trailer is out...and no... we aren't talking about jimmy .... we'll take a ahead at six... 3 ####break#### 3
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####break#### only on 12 news.. homeowners in buckeye have been dealing with skyrocketing water bills for months now. they blame the city - but officials we talked with say.. in most cases.. there's a leak and the water meters are ?not? faulty. so the 12 news verify team is putting this to the test. team 12's kevin kennedy has the
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station! 3 3 station!
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tonight on 12 news at ten - we're taking you inside the test facility.. as those meters are looked over. we'll also have reaction from the customers as they learn the truth. in the meantime.. if you have an iss i send us an email at "verify at 12 news dot com." new this morning-- apple pay will support the ability to make donations to non-profits. some of the non-profits that are launching with it include doctors without borders, st. jude's children's research hospital, and united way. donations can be made on both your iphone or apple pay on the web. participating non-profits hope the holidays will have a big impact on their ability to raise funds. today is america recycles
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recycles day is a program of "keep america beautiful". today, consumers are asked to take the #berecycled pledge to "learn" about what you can recycle in your community, to "act" by recycling more and to "share" by encouraging one family member or friend to take the pledge. you can take the pledge online at america something new is coming to the cereal aisle for kellogg's frosted flakes fans... it's cinnamon frosted flakes. the kellogg company says the new flavor was 100 pert with cinnamon ranking as the top flavor request among frosted flakes lovers. the new cereal will begin to hit store shelves this month and will be widely available in january. n-b-c's tamron hall is expected to get the first on-air taste of it this morning on the today show. here on 12 today... we have 30 life changers that everyone needs to know to make
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and tastier. this morning- culinary instructor linda hopkins of les petites gourmette shows us how to grill pizza in your own backyard. 3
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a tip to tell when your dough is ready to flip- it should puff up a bit. for a recipe from up a bit. for a recipe from linda on how to make some homemade pizza dough- go to our website, 12news dot com. escaping from a house fire... that's what six kids managed to do...we're looking at that ... in five minutes... arrested... for having not one, or two.. but ?three tigers!the tiger lady's ......tale... at six.
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and our 12 today poll question is up and we want you to weigh in.when the flu bug bites who handles it better?men or women? log on to 12 news dot com slash you voice to vote. stay with us... yo'r today... 3
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you're stay with us... voice to vote. 3 slash you 3
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still ahead on 12 today, six kids and three dogs are safe. all thanks to a working smoke alarm. >> and the arizona coyotes want your help. where they want to move and how much it can cost taxpayers. >> show me the girl. >> look at her. what if she's the one? the one who break the spell?


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