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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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spikes in the water usage and 87 on sitemeter inspections have been performed so far. they are focused on looking at ways they can alert customers when they spot unusual water usage increases. >> we are responding to what they told us within the last couple of weeks. the 2nd piece of that is we can do things automatically>> electe recalled as long as petitioners collect enough ballot voted signatures which is 25% of the ballots cast in that election. more than 1400 signatures are needed. there are stipulations that a new official must be an office at least 6 months before a recall. and the mayor's case, this is consecutive and those rules do not apply.
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of statements for each candidate explaining why they want their seat to be recalled. they expect to have those statements no later than next week. for the last week we been bringing you stories about servicemembers suffering from ptsd who are being denied the va benefits. a group of lawyers is banding together to try and get those veterans by taking on their cases for free. we are live in the newsroom at the uphill battle they are now facing. thousands of dollars trying to get the discharges upgraded. within a year here in arizona there could be a network of lawyers taking those cases for free. >> you come back and have these dreams and start thinking about what you went through over there and you just want to get rid of it.>> i have been blown up. i have watch my friends die i have had people close to me
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care who you are. >> more than 120 more than 121 120,000 benefits cannot collect their benefits because they suffer from ptsd. they have other than honorable discharge because of their condition which is called a bad paper discharge. the only way to fix it is to appeal it to a review board. >> it is a long shot >> they don't have a basic go back to they don't have services available or chapels or hospitals are doctors. they go back to rural america where they have no contact even with their unit for weeks at a
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this kind of work done. they don't have the funds to pay for it. that many attorneys will help with this type of legal problem. the likelihood of success is likely in the 10% range. when you are successful, the rewards are gripping. just go into it knowing that your chances of success are pretty limited. >> the forget to check out the and tire investigation on . sign the petition to close that loophole . is called there are 10,500 signatures in just a few weeks left to convince congress to act on it. newly released 911 recordings and police body camera video refill and tense moments before and after a double murder and mesa. a man accused of killing his wife and a good samaritan who tried to help along a stretch of the loop 202. part of the story may be disturbing. >> from 911 tapes mesa operators received the first
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problem heating up. >> you're in a verbal confrontation quick >> the call drops and the operator reconnects a short time later. >> stay with me. >> no. everything's fine. >> everything was not find. the suspect, a spec -- upset that his wife called 911. >> seconds later as they approach loop 202, loses control of the suv and the crashes. operators managed to get her back on the phone when she says, he has a rifle in the colonies going to shoot me. >> thomas notices are crash and stops as she approaches his truck for help. >> nascar killed at the scene and are nellis died minutes later.
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that wright was taken into custody without incident. >> right was charged with 2 first-degree murder charges in the death of his wife and thomas ornelas. his next court date is set for december 1. let's get a look at your hot headlines. a close call outside a gas station in phoenix today when a cement truck flipped over. >> take a look at this surveillance video. watch you can see that truck falling on its side and almost hitting somebody walking nearby. this up in this afternoon near 35th avenue in camelback. nobody was hurt. a not guilty plea today from the former mma fighter accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in old town scottsdale.
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picked up an unconscious woman and carried her to a parking garage where he sexually assaulted her. arizona's newest congressman is getting used to his new job. tom o'halloran and the other newly elected members of congress pose for a class photo on the steps of the us capitol building this morning. although they don't officially begin until january, house members elect are already in washington for their orientation. one week after election day helen purcell has officially conceded her race against adrian fontes. both sides were watching as a final ballots were tallied over the past few days. today he talked about what it means to him for the first time in 28 years. miracle at -- maricopa county will have a new recorder. >> this victory belongs to a whole lot of people. we have had people from all sides of the political aisle coming together to make this happen. the idea of protecting democracy belongs to every
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that to me is the most important part of this. >> he released a statement that says i want to congratulate adrian fontes on a hard-fought race and will give my word that i will do everything i can to make this a seamless transition. you can read her full statement at do you go to work when you are sick? >> no. i try not to. >> i it. according to the cdc, more than 100 million sick days are lost because of the flu adding up to $7 billion per year. brian west talked with the local doctor and professor about not going to work when you're under the weather. >> dr. kelly reynolds with the university of arizona face timing with us and telling us about her 2013 study to see how germs travel in an office. she infected one workers hand with the surrogate virus.
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workday, half of the surfaces were positive for the virus. >> think of all the services you touch at the office and the multiply that every time one of your coworkers touches the same surface. think about it. what was the last time you wipe down your mouse? >> people go to work for a they feel like they have work to do and they feel like it too important to the team. it is better to stay home. >> if you are so important to the team, avoid getting the team sick. >> wipe down your desk. wipe down your keefe -- your keyboard and so -- and cell phone. >> the spread of the flu we worry about. when i sneeze or cough, if i
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feet or so. if someone accidentally sneezes on you, try to clean up. if i have a flu nics on the countertop it can be alive for up to 2 hours. get ready for the holiday travel rush. how many people are expected to head out of town this thanksgiving and white most of them are choosing to hit the roads. from the best the worst. he will have his top-five surpin which arizona city made the top 100 list for spending the most money per person? we will have that answer coming
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if i have a flu and i sneeze on
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it's hard to believe but thanksgiving is just about a week away. and with that the stress of the holidays. what is the most stressful thing about thanksgiving? family, travel or all of that cooking? tell us what you think. cast your vote at tell us what you think. cast your voice. family is in the lead. then travel with 11% and cooking 30%.
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according to aaa this holiday the roads and air will be the busiest that we have seen a nearly 10 years. a big factor, those historically low gas prices. >> we are expecting nearly 49,000,000 americans to be traveling more than 50 miles away from home. the majority tell us they are going to drive. >> las vegas, san francisco, san diego, rl don't forget to donate to turkey tuesday. all week long we will be collecting money for st. vincent de paul. to see how you can help, go to tuesday. >> we got our team set and ready to go.
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a pretty warm day out there. so far it looks like we're not going to make its to the record high. so far, 86 has been our highest temperature. if we do end up at that, that will be 10 degrees above average but still falling short of today's record. flagstaff that have a record high temperature of 72 degre prescott with high temperatures near 80. temperatures are already calling down there. things will change for us. this is high pressure. that will shift to the east and we will see this trough of low pressure state to the north of us. the tail end of that system will do a couple of things. pick up the winds as we head into thursday and coolest down significantly. the high country getting the brunt of this by thursday and gusts expected up to 50 miles
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overnight lows in the teens and there's even a chance we could see some rain and snow at about 8000 feet. we are talking a high tomorrow around 60 and dipping into 42 degrees on thursday with those winds. meanwhile, up to 59 with high clouds and tomorrow temperatures will be gorgeous. 82 about 85 degrees. and start to recover over the weekend. upper 70s and low 80s next week. time for a little top 5 and 5 nfl style. week one of the 2nd half of the nfl season officially came to a close last night after the giants one-point win over the
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let's do this. at number 5, the biggest surprise on the coaching job was turned in by head coach bill belichick. i know it may be difficult to look at him as a surprise but he won those super bowls with tom brady's is quarterback. without brady for the first 4 games this season using to first-time starters, belichick and the patriots won 3 of the 4 games >> at number 4, the most surprisingly bad team during the first half of the season and the defending nfc champion the carolina panthers. who saw this train wreck coming. they struggle to protect cam newton and they've gone from being the highest scoring team in the lead to one that sits near the middle. their defense is no longer menacing and they are big-time danger of missing the playoffs completely.
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of the season. the oakland raiders. derek car is having an mvp type season. he has a pair of dynamic receivers and props to the head coach who has a young exciting team playing at a very high level and how about this. they are perfect 5 and zero on the road. >> a number to the biggest surprise player, dak prescott. their offense of line is good and ezekiel elliott is a level no one could've predicted. he has been of force both running the ball and throwing the ball. his poise and leadership are off the charts. this fourth-round draft pick for mississippi state is making them forget about the man tony romo. >> straightahead, i will give you my number one arizona cardinals surprise. i will give you a hint. he plays on the defensive side
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my number one arizona cardinals surprise player from the first half of this season. i am talking 2nd year at sideline maker marcus golden. he has been every bit of his last name. his ability to rest a quarterback has been an unexpected surprise. the cardinals made a big off-
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golden is right behind him was 6. he has produced 2 forced fumbles and 12 quarterback hurries. he's up in the cardinals defense elevate to another level. it is turn back the clock tuesday. tonight we're talking about 5 habits you will want to avoid to help make you look younger. >> not getting enough sleep cannot only make you older but it can also be really bad for your health. take sure to get your 7 to 8 hours per night soft spot for suites. experts believe it can make your skin look tall and wrinkled. make sure to limit how much sugar you enjoyed. >> you're stressed out and often -- more often than not. stress 2nd goal weight and delete -- could delete -- delay healing. it is important to find ways to
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>> you only exercise to lose weight. exercises one of the best turn back the clock agents around. many people stopped after they reach their weight loss goals. key but your workout even if -- keep up your workout even if you lose all those pounds. >> antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can help you stay long but they only remain active for a few hours and need to be continually replenish. eat those fruits and vegetables every da guys? we show them to you yesterday. the sea cows became trapped after the earthquake in new zealand. we have an update and we will
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coming up at 12 news at 6:00, millions of undocumented immigrants to beat we are verifying this issue and watch for the results. tonight on 12news at 10:00, no matter how much money you shell out you want to get what you pay for it when it comes to your pets. one valley family says they got ripped off when they spend hundreds of dollars for a goldendoodle only to discover the truth using the dogs on dna. it's our omg video of the
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3 cows becoming trapped on a small patch of grass after the powerful earthquake that hit new zealand. we are happy to tell you that they are safe. a farmer and some helpers attracted the animals and they were able to get them out. the cows were thirsty but otherwise, they were okay. >> a good ending to that story. >> 12news is always on. get the latest news as it happens wherever you are on
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developing news tonight, trump transition in turmoil. the president-elect's team plagued by in-fighting. first a shake-up, now reports of a purge. all in the family, learns the trump team has asked about top-secret security clearances for his children. should they have access to america's most sensitive information? focus tonight centering on the role of trump's powerful son-in-law jared kushner. deadly airport shooting. an employee gunned down, flights grounded as police hunt for a killer. and hitting home, mortgage rates spiking after the election, pushing buyers to act. homeowners racing to refinance.


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