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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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>> this force that everyone is talking about nationally now has already happened here. >> delia says that maricopa county would be a model for trumps roundups. she laughs off any idea that the city of phoenix or local law enforcement would stand in trumps wake. >> i started to laugh. that is just not within the realm of possibilities >> not in the state the past sb 1070 the toughest crackdown on illegal immigration. >> politically i don't see it. legally yes. >> local law enforcement already works under agreements with to check the immigration status of suspects booked in jails. she says those agreements have been rejected by sanctuary cities. >> this is the one area of immigration law that is dependent on the states willingness to cooperate. >> the sheriff led with those
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he said that pension might not change things. >> he has so many things to take care of that i think the last thing he will do is reverse course. >> phoenix pd declined to speak on camera. the department shall conduct all immigration enforcement activities in a manner consistent with federal and state laws regulating immigration and protecting the civil rights, privileges and immunities >> phoenix mayor also was not available for comment today. during his campaign donald trump met with the mother of a mesa cop and the father of a convenience store clerk who were killed by undocumented immigrants with criminal records. both parents endorsed trumps deportation plans. as we see the latest ballot totals rolling in, maricopa county is the biggest county in
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elect. this includes phoenix and surrounding cities and more than 4 million people. some of the largest counties that trump loss, los angeles california, cook county illinois and harris county texas which includes houston. for the first time in almost 30 years, maricopa county has a new recorder. after an extremely close race maricopa -- race against adrian fund this. while arizona's newest congressman is learning the ropes, tom o'halloran and the other members of congress are posing for a class photo on the steps of the us capitol building . they officially start in january but house members elect are in washington for their orientation. if you don't and central avenue today you probably noticed a group of protesters right outside the army corps of
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demonstration against the dakota access pipeline project. brandon hamilton is on the scene speaking with the protesters. >> reporter: will leaders from across the country or calling of people to peacefully protest outside of army corps of engineer buildings trying to reject the dakota access pipeline project. it is scheduled to be constructed from north dakota all the way to illinois. it will be built on native lands with possibilities of endangering freshwater sources and damaging sacred sites. those fighting against that are clearly upset. >> we do not need any more oil pipelines. they always lake. it is a question of when, where and how much. >> we don't get a do over on this climate change business. >> we stand was standing rock. water is life and we are protecting everybody's right for water and for my daughter
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everybody needs life. >> today is a national day of action for all of those protesting the pipeline. thousands of people across the country including right here in downtown phoenix are protesting this project. bulldozers are on the reservation a north dakota right now. this is one last push for them to halt construction news that just came in, construction has been put on hold to actually consult with tribal people and also further review this project to see exactly how much damage this could cause. we will see how it all pans out. of hate crime statistics give a barometer of race relations in america, we may have work to do. hate crimes are on the rise. the 2015 reporting period comes at a time of increasing tensions . hate crimes are up 7%. religious-based hate crimes are
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crimes against muslims rose the most at 67%. the highest level since the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. anti-somatic also rose 9%. >> thanksgiving is just around the corner which means plenty of good food but plenty of stress. we wanted -- we want to know what you think is the most stressful thing about thanksgiving. is a family, travel or the cooking. cast your vote right now. you will be seeing real-time results at the bottom of your those tents finally reunions, kelly led meals and you have the perfect recipe for a hospital visit. nicole discovered that thanksgiving is one of the busiest days in the er when it comes to patients with heart problems. >> the cardiologist i says he sees the 25% increase in er visits on thanksgiving as opposed to a normal day.
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>> the ham, stuffing, gravy, thanksgiving is a comfort food paradise. the calorie control council estimates average americans consume as many as 4500 calories on this one day alone. and inside all of that tasty food, salt is the biggest culprit. >> no one estimates how much thought the consuming. it is hidden. they don't think about the salt in the food. >> salt retains fluid which makes go up causing all sorts of symptoms. >> high blood pressure, heart failure. >> this could cause shortness of breath or worse. >> heart attacks absolutely. >> a lot of times as things we don't notice. the sauces are loaded in sugar and salt. >> jason is a nutritionist and trainer. many people are quick to avoid fat. but when you pull away the fat, what else do we used to make
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salt is one of the most common preservatives. >> what job for any store- bought meets especially those that are cured. gravy is a big one also. watcher portions and don't end up in the hospital. >> jason escape that -- jason davis some good tips we will post on our website. you can use coconut cream instead of marshmallows on your sweet potatoes. is next week. this means to to stay is now just days away. all month-long bashes and bridge city stores across the state are collecting monetary donation for st. vincent de paul. to see how you can help us out and join a big turkey drive next week, go to turkey tuesday. we've had this poll all
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solid number one. cooking is searching. it is now up to 33%. and some homes right now, some people are saying why is cooking stressful? >> travel is still at number 3. we will keep this up throughout the evening. let us know what you think. a cement truck goes for a wild ride and it's all caught on camera right how much are you planning on spending this holiday season. get ready for serious sticker shock. we did not make it to a record high today which is good. temperatures are headed in the opposite direction. some areas dipping 20 degrees and by the time we hit thursday. your full forecast is coming up
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it aside for your hot headlines. a crazy crash happening in phoenix today. it was caught on camera. a video with a cement truck coming around the corner. this happened at 35th avenue and camelback. the massive truck tips over nearly hitting a person standing on the corner. luckily no one was hurt.
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unconscious woman and old town scottsdale and sexually assaulting her in a parking garage. the victim told police she was in and out of consciousness and woke up in the suspects apartment. it will not allow a border wall between the united states and mexico saying the land is more important than politics. spending, which arizona city made the top 100 list for spending the most money per person? the answer to our social some the question coming up. a warm day in the valley. your forecast is coming up next. the number one cardinals fan, met jack is back and he has a problem with minnesota
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only on 12 today and 12 news at 10:00. a love triangle almost ends and murder. >> they thought i was trying to copy somebody. i had no idea. why he is sharing his side of the story.
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criminal conviction was relevant to any of the cases? according to the national retail federation vicious personal holiday spending level will be the 2nd highest and the survey's 13 year history. >> the average per person is expected to reach over $900 which is up from $805.65. so a question tonight is which
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list for spending the most money per person. it turns out that that would be gilbert. coming in at number 61 with the average spending of $1188 per person. that sounds pretty expensive. >> i want to get on the christmas list. >> we know someone who lives in gilbert.>> this is names start with a seat -- a c >> i will let you know what i want in a little bit. taking a live look right now over downtown phoenix. we can't see much of their but it was a really nice day. we are expected knows high clouds to keep pumping and across the state. thankfully we did miss a record for today. we made it to 86 degrees which is still 10 degrees above the average for this time of year.
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we have clouds and a dewpoint temperature at 28 degrees. the air is very dry out there. his a look at your weather headlines. up in the high country marcelo beginning on wednesday evening and through the day on thursday. it is going to be very windy with gusts up to got 50 miles per hour. temperatures will be crashing down, some places like flagstaff for overnight lows as we head into the teens. some areas could see showers but it is slight and the possibility of snow up above a dozen feet. here's a look at that different temperatures. tomorrow, 85. as this area of low pressure moves said we drop down to 69. and flagstaff, temperatures at 60 and dipping all the way down to 42 for a high temperature.
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if you notice, utah is really going to get most of the moisture with this. utah, wyoming and montana. the system is gracing us and we will be on the southern edge which means that winds are going to pick up. check out wind speech tomorrow. 19 miles per hour. 21 miles per hour at the grand canyon . take a look at they continue to increase. tonight, 54 in tucson. tomorrow at the grand canyon, 63. 84, casa grande the -- casagrande. >> after we dip down to 69 with breezy conditions on thursday we're back up to 72 on friday. we returned to the 80s briefly
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in the 70s with slight chances of rain on monday and tuesday. 12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. thanks a lot. let's talk some sports by stepping inside the asu huddle for the very latest. yesterday i got all of those asu fans calling for todd graham to be fired. today ray anderson told 98.7 that regardless of what happens for the rest of the season, he will be back on the sideline next season. anderson praise grand for his fundraising he's brought program and expressed confidence would get things turned around on the field. >> let's step inside the arizona cardinals huddle. the cardinals re-sign drew butler. he was weight on october 4 because of an injured calf. they reach an injury settlement & ryan quickly to replace him. healthy and eligible to rejoin the team, they made room on the
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butler averaged over 42 yards per kick placing 62 inside the 20. in the meantime, the minnesota vikings have cut ties with their place kid or blair walsh. he missed an extra point and a 27 yard field goal. he missed a potential game- winning kick and last season's playoff game. he has missed for field goals and the vikings have signed someone else. purple nor does he like anything about minnesota. >> i'm mad jack and i've got problems. these guys when 5 in a row and then they lows for in a row. we're going to go up to the vikings and crushed them in their own house. if the root dozen fallen from all of the snow you've got up there.
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going to pick up somebody, i don't know. who wears purple? little girls. little girls like purple. the going to be black and blue when we're done. i'm just say end. the cool thing is i understand you got air-condni the streets are paved. whatever. last but not least, minnesota, worst state ever. >> i'm mad jack and i am out . >> a very analytical critique. >> any thoughts?
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there is a new member of the 43rd president's family.
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warmer president george w. bush posted the picture on facebook with the new family pet, fredy bush. he and the former first lady laura visited the spca last week to thank them for the great work and they ended up bringing this little guy home. as for the family, bob and bernadette, they are finding freddy's charm futile to resist. i couldn't agree more. >> very sweet eyes. but don't they all. with an image of rockefeller center where they are getting the christmas tree ready. one week after thanksgiving. maybe we don't have that shot -- there it is. all that scaffolding around the christmas tree. there's the crisp -- there's a skating rink. we will see you
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??? always thrilling. always alluring.
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always on. talking stick resort. play in style. bill o'reilly sounds off about megyn kelly's new book. >> his defense of fox news next on extra. about megyn kelly's explosive new memoir. >> i'm not interested in making my network look bad at all. >> going off today about the book packed with accusations about roger ailes. >> he tried to kiss me three times. >> and the new president-elect. >> there's no question donald trump is thin skinned. gwen stefani. >> i was in a pile of tears and now i'm right here.
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>> incredible lost images of the future pop star, and meet gwen's mom. >> i couldn't keep her out of my make-up. >> the woman behind bono. >> i like a bit of woman in my men. from the woman of the year to the sexiest man alive, the rock. >> you know how sexy you are? >> then -- >> that's ridiculous. >> the beckhams, the travoltas, david blaine doing some serious hollywood hocus-pocus. >> do you out? >> yeah, that's why i do it. >> what happened when ben crashed matt's premiere? >> oh, no you didn't. >> now on extra from universal studios hollywood. the entertainment capital of l.a. >> new video, the first sighting


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