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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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taxed... so you wouldn't drink it?we're talking about soda taxes... this morning...on 12 today. ? from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming your way on 12 today... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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new information this morning as over a hundred 150 students are out of their 12's brandon hamilton is live in tempe. 3 3
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it's been almost six it's been almost six years since the shooting of gabby giffords at a "congress at your corner" event in was a moment that every arizona and american remembersthis morning -- an exclusive interview as she fights to battle backteam 12's bryan west is live with more... it's been almost six years since the tragic shooting that nearly took her life and now the former congresswoman is speaking out.... gabby giffordt tucson - for her first local interview since the shooting in january of 2011 where 18 people were shot and six died. she has worked to recover from a traumatic brain injury she sustained in the shooting... she has limited use of her right arm... walks with a limp and still struggles to find the right words for what she wants to say. but she's been busy - riding her bike... doing yoga twice a week... learning spanish and attending political events. while she is still healing... she and mark say they're focused
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the dynamic duo is currently working to get a permanent memorial built in downtown can hear more of the interview - tonight on 12 news at in the satelitte center, bw 12 today. here are you hot headlines this morning.... we have new information on two young the street with their mom on the way home from a park in chandler, saturday. pamela hessel-bawk-er passed away .... now her family tells 12 news ... 3-year-old ryan has been moved out of the i-c-u ... and is improving. but 1-year- old audrey is still in a coma, and is undergoing another m-r-i. loved ones have set up a go fund me account. if you'd like to help -- just go to our website, 12 news dot com. the former professional m-m-a fighter... accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in
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rodolfo ramirez entered that plea in court yesterday. ramirez is accused of kidnapping an intoxicated woman by carrying her over his shoulder to a parking garage and driving her to his apartment before sexually assaulting her. a close call outside a gas station in phoenix -- when a cement truck flips over! take a look at this incredible security camera video... you can see the truck fall onto its side -- almost hitting someone walking nearby! fortunately ne here is your 12 today poll question of the do you cook your turkey? - grill it- fry it- bake itgrab your phone and grab your grab your phone and vote.just head on over to 12 news dot
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?? toss to morning juice ?? it almost sounds too good to be true.... fresh baked cookies... in your kitchen... without ever turning on the oven? believe it... ?chip.... it's like the easy bake oven many people had when they were kids... and keurig coffee makers we have now as adults. here's how it works... the cookie dough comes in pods that you drop in the machine. then -- using your phone -- you scan the right recipe... and boom!!!! fresh baked cookies in 10 minutes. but here is the catch - the creators of it are in the middle of a kickstarter campaign... to bring the machine to mass production. ??if they can eventually reach their goal...of 100- thousand dollars... it will retail for just under 250
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when you order pizza to be delivered, you wait for that car to pull up -- but now, you might be waiting for a drone to drop it at your door. in new zealand, dominoes made their first official pizza delivery by drone...the pizza chain is partnering with drone delivery start up, flirtey...a team of
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dominoes is going to test drone delivery in australia, belgium, france, the netherlands, japan and germany. time for your juicy question of the morning... the average person will do this two to three times a week. it usually takes between five and ten minutes. studies show women tend to do this more than men. what is this? ???adlib???
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want to get back in shape... but the first thing you do when you get to the gym... or out on the path?pull a muscle. well show you some ?dynamic stretches... what will help prevent those injuries and get you going.. the right way. it's been talked about before...but now several cities are actually moving forward with a soda tax. idea -- and should we do it here?that's what we are talking about at 5:20. 3 ####break#### 3 ####break########break####
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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it's workout wednesday here on 12 today.. and here on 12 wednesday it's workout it's workout wednesday 3 here on 12 today.. and how many times have you started working out.. only to feel tight.. and maybe even pull a muscle? it could be because it could be
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why personal trainer bobby hodge from advanced training is continuing to show us the right way to do a dynamic warm-up. bobby :05 - :10 3
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several cities across the country - voting ?in a soda tax last week. the reasons why - are simple - to cut down on health problems in the future and collect much needed revenue now. t
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talking about we are 3
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is it worth it? we are talking about that... in three minutes. 3 ####break#### 3 ####break#### 3 several cities across the country aretaking aim at soda and sugary drinks. in chicago... the cook county board of commissioners is considering a penny-an-ounce tax... designed to raise revenue. but it's being promoted as a way to reduce
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colorado... they just said yes to a soda tax. the tax could raise three-point-eight million dollars a year... which would go toward programs promoting healthy lifestyles for kids. so... the question we are asking this morning....should we consider a soda tax here?//
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from harvard researchers estimated the tax could save cook county some 222 million dollars in health care costs over the next decade -- ?if people actually shift away from sugary drinks.// should local government get involved in what you eat and drink... even if it saves money in the long
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from quite possibly the ?worst sandwich ever created.but yet... it's so good that it now has it's own app!the story behind the mc- rib... in your morning juice. he's only been president-elect for one week...and already there is big trouble in the trump transition camp. who is definitely
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right now on 12 today -one arizona state dorm... looking like a hurricane hit it
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donald trump's transition team is going just fine...or is it? depends on who you ask... as turmoil in the trump transition grows.-------love it... or hate it.. there's no getting around it.and now... there's an app to help you find it.what is ....?it???? find out in five minutes... ???adlib & toss jimmy


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